Portsmouth - If you listen to the fans, here's what we say!
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'If It's Football, It's Vital'

If you listen to the fans, here's what we say!

Dr. Sulaiman Al Fahim has yet to officially take the reigns at Fratton, but he has spoken of his desire to listen to the fans, well we here at VitalPompey towers are fans, and we have something to declare.

I would like to speak on behalf of what I believe is the majority of Pompey fans over the globe, my message is this...

Some of us cannot make any games home or away, some make the occasional trip when finances afford, there are the season ticket holders, and there are the loyal band of home and away supporters, but from Alton to Adelaide, there are Pompey fans clinging on to any tit-bits of news we may find.

Now Dr.Sulaiman Al Fahim, yo may not be aware as yet, but the main organ we depend upon beside the internet is about to be taken away from us, this very organ is in fact, or will be, owned by yourself in part, it is informative, un-biased (in the whole) and has provided us with some of the best Pompey moments over the last few years.

I'm talking of course about 107.4fm the Quay, by day a middle of the road radio station, but come 6pm weekdays or 3pm on Saturday and it is Pompey through and through and has become part of the Pompey fabric we depend upon.

So Dr.Sulaiman Al Fahim, if you really want to listen to us fans, please keep the Quay on air matchdays, it means more to us than you can realise!

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The Journalist

Writer: paultsmouth Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday June 2 2009

Time: 9:46PM

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If everyone leaves enough comments, remember we have Peter Storrie's e-mail, we can forward this as a sort of petition, feel free to add what you want
Report Abuse
02/06/2009 21:49:00

have i missed something ... the quay no longer doing matches ?
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02/06/2009 22:03:00

You missed it! Their contract is up and they are being priced out of a new one, next season it is Radio Solent or nothing!
Report Abuse
02/06/2009 22:05:00

Hear Hear. They've stopped no pessimist, argument over cash I think. Would very much like it to stay on the Quay!
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02/06/2009 22:05:00

oh god, please dont leave us with just Solent. They are terrible!! As much as i dislike all the morons who call in to 'stick your oar in', the coverage on the quay is excellent.
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02/06/2009 22:11:00

Love the Quay, I actually listen all day aswell. Love the guys doing the commentry and football hours. If you need to save money, just sack that good for nothing, self proclaimed fan in the stand (who's views echo nothing else I've ever heard) Mark Mudie. SAVE THE QUAY...SAVE THE QUAY...SAVE THE QUAY...
Report Abuse
02/06/2009 22:12:00

god yes please save the quays coverage, i don't know what i'd do without it sometimes (well apart from listen to solent =S)
Report Abuse
02/06/2009 22:25:00

Agree 99% with pompey4me - I dont listen all day (ot a great fan of radios) but it's second to none for a matchday (or rather WAS). Mark Mudie is a complete t!t and I reckon that he only goes for the free tickets
Report Abuse
02/06/2009 22:29:00

Must kep The Quay. It is invaluable to me for away matches. I keep tuned into The Quay in my car all the time.
Report Abuse
02/06/2009 23:11:00

Totally agree we despertly need to keep the footie hours and Pompey live.
Report Abuse
02/06/2009 23:23:00

nicely done paul!
this is what i said on the 'facebook' page about this issue: 'Sometimes it drives me mad with the 'phone calls' they get on the Quay, but then again I guess my articles on Vital also drive people mad at times - so, swings and roundabouts!

The Quay do a fantastic job all in all, Pompey have to let a local station keep this, it is criminal for them not to... not sure if it is the Quay not being able to afford it, or us asking too much money - the impression I'm getting is we are asking for more than the Quay can afford, and they are already paying 'possibly' over the top as it is?

'If' this is the case lets not let greed ruin this for everyone - I am fortunate to get to all home games and a good amount of away ones, but not everyone is so they rely on this!

Anyway, rant and speech over...'
Report Abuse
02/06/2009 23:26:00

It is now gonna be broadcast on GOAT FM.
Report Abuse
03/06/2009 07:58:00

Email Peter Storrie.
Report Abuse
03/06/2009 09:09:00

that is going to be the plan tim, but paul wants to know what the backing for this is first... so we need backing to be able to put to him.
Report Abuse
03/06/2009 09:13:00

The Quay is the best outlet for news the club have - The fans adore it and it has always attracted the input of players, managers, directors etc. Please don't let it go, especially as it may just about kill The Quay off as a radio station whom i presume gain most of their funds from advertisements during the pompey hour and on matchdays! Save The Quay!
Report Abuse
03/06/2009 11:22:00

I retract my first statement... vitalpompey are the best outlet for news the club have :)
Report Abuse
03/06/2009 11:23:00

The quay's football hours and mathcday commentry are probably more important in attracting fans and expanding our brand than building a 50 000 seater stadium, as Al Fahim has said he wants to do.
Report Abuse
03/06/2009 11:34:00

OK, may not contribute to the forum as much as some of the other members but felt I HAD to on this issue without shadow of a doubt. Don't get to go to many games at all as I live in Derbyshire BUT on a Saturday afternoon The laptop is switched on, the earphones go in and I'm listening to that commentary (hopefully) without interruptions from the wife. SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT PULL THE PLUG ON THE QUAY'S COVERAGE - IT'S MY LIFELINE TO GETTING TO THE MATCHES WITHOUT ACTUALLY GOING - ALTHOUGH WISH I COULD BE THERE IN PERSON - MISS FP SO MUCH
Report Abuse
03/06/2009 11:40:00

well said dkm316_247, no matter how much or how little you use vital pompey, your opinion, like everyone elses is exactly what we need and want on this issue... like you say, the quay is the 'lifeline' to so many people.
Report Abuse
03/06/2009 13:26:00

Don't Pompey own part of the quay seems crazy not having the games on?
Report Abuse
03/06/2009 19:10:00

keep the quay !! but the fact is that they only offerd half the amount of money to pompey fc as they did last year . so why would they accept that? what hey should do is buy the quay out right and then give it to the fans !!!
Report Abuse
03/06/2009 22:38:00

All good old Quay radio, Southern Counties radio and Radio Solent! Takes me back! How does it feel from a fan of the second richest club in the world, to a fan of the fourth richest club in the world!?! I doubt you'll do what Mr Abramovich has done, but Pompy has a special place in my heart!
Report Abuse
03/06/2009 23:43:00

Its hard to imagine next season without the Quay's coverage, we always know they'll be there if we can't get to a match, and we can always listen to people pouring their hearts out after the game, whether its depression, anger or sheer joy. Much as we moan about opinions we don't like, its great to have those opinions expressed. And the football hours, five hours a week of pure indulgence, going over in detail every little detail about Pompey. Its become a part of being a Pompey fan to have the Quay, and they were even there with us on the European tour. I'm even going to stick up for Mark Mudie, cos I don't know why he gets such a hard time. Please Doctor Al Fahim, sort something out for the Quay to continue.
Report Abuse
04/06/2009 19:38:00

It would be a shame if it's just about money when you think the club won't be that desperate for it now. We have to allow as many fans who can't get to the game to listen to the match commentry & air their views.
Report Abuse
05/06/2009 11:31:00

As a fan from Holland (became fan after having lived for six months in Portsmouth) I can't go to matches and am completely dependable on the Quay for live match coverage. And I have to say, they do a tremendous job. It would be a shame if they wouldn't get the match coverage for next season. I don't know how the other stations will perform, but I do know that the broadcasts of the Quay carry the true Pompey spirit.
Report Abuse
05/06/2009 15:53:00

As soon as I get in the car after a match, I put the Quay on. I know that generally you get the moaners on, but it is part of the Saturday afternoon ritual. Can't give that up!
Report Abuse
06/06/2009 13:02:00

well guys if this is the case then i VOTE FOR THE QUAY ... they were in partnership with the club ... and they do a damn good job - especially with the online stream! they are of course biased to the club - but are also critical of the team in bad times - they say it how it is - something i dont think any other station could do!
Report Abuse
06/06/2009 19:21:00

Yes its the job of a local radio station like the Quay to be biased in favour of Pompey, otherwise they couldn't carry the Pompey spirit as well as they do. Not sure Solent could ever carry that off, after all, the blood they bleed is red and white striped.
Report Abuse
06/06/2009 20:16:00

Save the Quay - we must listen more in the week as it has no listening figures hence no advertising revenue. The Pompey coverage must be saved though.
Report Abuse
06/06/2009 21:25:00

rename/rebrand it pompey radio?
Report Abuse
06/06/2009 23:38:00

107.4 The Quay is so important to us Pompey Fans. Please don't take it away from us. A huge amount of Portsmouth is plagued by poverty and there are thousands of homes that cannot afford luxuries such as the world wide web. This radio station is the lifeline to thousands of Pompey supporters so please don't take this away. Listen to the the fans. Keep 107.4 on the air!
Report Abuse
07/06/2009 08:28:00

Dr. Sulaiman Al Fahimis not the sort of man to miss opportunities -- and having, more or less, your own radio station to promote Pompey will not be missed by him at all. When he fronted ADUG into Manchester City he was accused of being too aggressive, optimistic and abrasive. Give him a radio station to play with and I think you'll not be able to keep him and his team off it!
Report Abuse
07/06/2009 18:43:00

Quay Radio is the reason I became a Pompey fan. Being an American, and in this for so many years 'football starved country', I am now able to listen and watch to matches from all over the UK both on the telly and over the Internet. Only one or two commentary providers ever gave me the feeling that I should come back and listen again on a regular basis. As I had no club to support in English Football, and did not want to simply pick one of the 'big four', tuning in to listen to PFC on the Quay became a priority. The Pompey Live team presented the match fairly, and were informed, bright, and bonafide fans of PFC themselves (unlike 5 Live or Radio Solent). Do the right thing and put 107.4 The Quay back in charge of Pompey commentary.
Report Abuse
08/06/2009 20:54:00

Arab money can keep anything afloat! lol
Report Abuse
10/06/2009 11:19:00

Report Abuse
11/06/2009 23:03:00


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