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Sven shows interest .. Well almost

Yes Ladies and Gents as I predicted when a certain Mr Adams left Sven Goran Eriksson has (at last) shown his hand with regard to taking the managers hot-seat at Pompey

Well actually he hasn't but Athole Still the former England managers agent has been exclusively quoted on as saying, in relation to the Pompey job..

"He is looking forward to getting back into club management and wants to be back in The Premier League.
"It's a club with money and a club that looks like it will have ambition, which is very important to any top manager.
"Of course it would be a club that interests him."

As we know Eriksson has long been associated with taking over at Fratton and no sooner had it emerged that we have a new owner then he is in the frame again.

Personally, as I have gone on record as stating before, I would welcome Sven with open arms. I think he has all the attributes we need both to stabilise and move forward and it seems the bookies agree as he has immediately shot towards the top of their favourites list.

But enough of my ramblings what do you guys think?

Is Sven the answer, or would you prefer Bilic or Matinez, Maradonna or Strachan or should we stick with Paul Hart

Let me know your thoughts below

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The Journalist

Writer: Chix Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday May 28 2009

Time: 6:39PM

Your Comments

Well people ... could it be that after all this time of stating that Sven was up our sleeve I am goning to be proved right ... Bring it on I say .. but what say you.
oh a bit light that colour - It this better?
So many good mangers to choose from. If eriksson took over i wouldnt be dissapointed he has a good track record at club management. I personally wouldnt mind Bilic , Martinez, Maradonna all young passionate and possibly would attract some good gems to our club.Like i said time and time again anyone good apart from PAUL HART
stfc ballboy
its gonna be good for Pompey to get a new manager like Sven quickly to set up a new team in the summer and make his summer shoppin list earlier before other settled clubs do their business
I think Sven would be an excellent choice, amongst others, he is a superb club manager. He did a great job at city his face just didn't fit.
If we brought sven in, I would be very very confident about next season, and our ambition for the future.
Yep bring it on. As we move up the ladder of footie, we need a manager that can cope with it. Any more deluded fans out there how think Hart should get the job, smell the coffee, or is oil or camel ****, whatever. Bring in Sven & players take notice of us. Time to buy chix a beer!
I'll have that beer if it comes off Matt ;) Also, given Sven's previous job as Coach of Mexico he is well placed to understand what talent lies in South America.. Something that Dr Dosh is keen to exploit is he not. My only worry is that the new owner might plump for stability and actually keep Hart in place... nah he wouldn't .. would he ?
Chix in his element. As SGE's agent he has been dying to write this article for months!! Sven with Kidd as no2 would suit mosty and bring the top players flooding in. As to buying Chix a beer Matt with his fees collected he should buy us a pub!!
lol Dave... But just think fellas, if Sven were to come to Pompey he might sign some players he's signed before .. Elano, Petrov, Corluka, Geovanni .. and a certain Zimbabwean national team captain called Benjani now wouldn't that be good
Can we get someone else please. What about Big Phil ? (and I don't mean Brown, but he'd be better then Svvven).
are you incapable of writing in a normal colour chix like... oh i don't know black =p lol but yea i agreed with you back then and i think i probably agree with you now actually specially since the good dr has come in and sven being the money grabbing SoaB that he is lol
I think Sven will be ok but he struggles when it gets tough so its important that Kiddo stays; Hart back to the kids and a nice new academy and that should be alright. Sol into coaching or off either way a replacement is needed. The Diarra replacement Mullins out and the original article back in ( ok ok I'm dreaming). Billic would work for me but not Maradona
I'm a City fan and I know Sven is a great manager. His players love him and he is capable of lifting a club so quickly it is amazing. Most City fans didn't want to lose him and it was a Thaksin Shinawatra decision when he found he was not going to get hold of all the cash he said he had. Our current manager talks in terms of years to get a team into the top 6. Eriksson doesn't think that way. He would do a great job for you guys if you get him and back him.
incapable of writing in a different colour Pompeym@ of course not - It's just that I prefer to break things up when I'm holding court ;)

Big Phil, Toronto are you serious .. if so why.. What can he offer that Sven can not?

Russellm, I couldn't agree more about Kiddo and have said before that I reckon he came on the 'assumption' that Sven 'might' follow.. Hope Hart stays too but in the Academy where his skills lay

Sinbad, thanks for your comments mate I know a few Citeh fans really well and not one has a bad word to say about Sven.. but who is better Sven or Hughesie?.. Just out of interest of course
Ask the Mexicans mate ! You probably don't get as much coverage of that part of the football world as North America does, but from all accounts he was the swine that started it all was Swedish. As for Big Phil, he didn't get a proper look at Chelsea I reckon. He did a terrific job on the Portugese nationals though did have a whack of talent with which to do it. I suppose like everyone else, I just want to see exciting football and Sven's England teams didn't do much for me. Money can't (nor should) buy you everything. I'd rather be a perennial mid table team that thrills than a top 4 club any day. Anyway, good luck to AL. Let's hope he spends his coin prudently.
Oh yeah, Hart should definitely get his old player development job back, with a hefty raise. None of this good stuff would have happened had the Adams Family stuck around and we'd been relegated.
Nobody could really think we would keep Hart in the job now, it was only going to happen cos we didn't have any money. I do hope he goes back to the academy though with a big pay rise as a thank you for keeping us up. It would be good if Kidd could stay on, and in that sense Sven could work out well for Pompey after all - we'll just have to wait and see! Perhaps Dr Al Fahim has some ideas up his sleeve of his own.
up I wander if ...CARLOS TEVEZ, will be a Pompey player soon. Man Utd will not pay the £25m, he did not return to England with the squad, and Kia will take anyone’s cash...its just a thought, as it would send a signal out of intent to future targets just like Robiniho deal did for Citeh, and with the possibility of Mr Maradona having some influence/part of the set I could easily see this happening
plymouth graham
Toronto My understanding of Sven troubles in Mexico were due to the fact that he played Mexicans who played aboard rather than those who graced their own leagues and although results didn't exactly go his way (due to him experimenting in friendlies) he did receive the backing of the Mexican FA .. for his methids at least.. didn't he ? Have to say I agree wholeheartly with your comments re Hart and also spending prudently though

Tracy I reckon Dr Dosh has more than one idea up his sleeve - Oh and nice touch re payrise for Paul Hart .. if for nothing else but to keep him at the club. We really do need his skills in the Academy
PlyGraham Somebody else mooted that idea to me this morning. I can't really see it happening though, He'd (Tevez) would want a bigger stage than Fratton with a World Cup coming up .. wouldn't he ?.. But as for Maradona being part of the set-up... well who knows ...but just sounds a little absurd to me
Agree SGE and Brian Kidd would be a great team. Paul hart did the job to keep us up , (I am sure if we where in the Championship this consortium would not be interested) and as the Doctor mentioned he is looking at developing local talent and Paul is the best man for it. We now need to keep hold of the world class talent we have .. Distin ,Johnstone , Jamo and Crouchie ... and bring in creative midfield players ......Inieste at Fratton Park anyone !!!!!!
I'd be happy "just" bringing back manuel ferndandes...
but hey, I'd be happy with anything!
...careful Carpet....that's what the Mexicans said :-)
Welcome to Vital Pompey Harfin I can see we are going to get along .. I just posted this in one of our forums

I'd settle for keeping James, Johnson, Kranjcar (just) and Crouch (as well as Distin) and then add young Fabregas (esque), young Messi (esque) and young Van Persie (esque) type players to fit around the rest of our squad .. Oh I'd also move Kaboul to Centre Half..

Carps I'd be happy with him too .. lol Toronto
Thanx Chix
i would be happy with henry,bentley,elano,viera,delasandro,gutierez,upson, and that would do me. james,johnson,distin,kaboul,belhadj,bentley,viera,elano,gutierez,crouch,henry. that would be pukka.
i would have slight reservations about eriksson, the guy is a mercenary without a shadow of a doubt but you cannot doubt his management record, in club football it is 2nd to none really, well to many...
the guy is known the world over, commands respect and for me this 'appointment' would show that we really mean business!
bilic isnt someone i would say no to either, but the thought of maradona is just crazy if you ask me - yep, the fella is one of the greatest footballers ever but knows nothing about club management, little about management fullstop, that is putting aside the facts that he knows nothing at all about the english game and how it works, speaks no english whatsoever and just does not fit the required bill, it wouldnt work, plus be couldnt leave the argies, they would lynch him wouldnt they...
You're more than welcome Harfin. Welcome too to PompeyHusslerI love that line up .. Henry and Crouch together.. who knows? Henry once wore a Pompey shirt didn't he!

Welcome back fron work Rug Busy day ? I'm off to bed soon but before I go I must say that I reckon Maradonna could play a role.. but not (as you stated quite rightly) as manager.. it's Sven all the way for me .. mercenary or not.. but I think you knew I'd say that ;)

Cheers for the chat fellas.. I've enjoyed it.. back in the morning
lol thats much better chix, the purple doesn't hurt my eyes at all ;p and rug as i said a money grabbing SoaB lol noone's mentioned raneiri (or have i missed) i think he'd make an awesome manager, people forget he layed the ground work for morinhio's chelsea aka terry, lampard, cole etc.
I agree with Rug. Erickson is a mercinary and it didn't take long for the Saudi's to sack him at city did it..... I don't think this one will happen.. more likely Hughes/Ranieri, or possibly if there is a god Frank Rijkard
Anyone notice that Dr.Who? has employed Mace sports, thay are a PR firm, this is specifically to stop him making outlandish comments and speculative signing claims?
Happy to oblige Pompeym@ Now let's look at Ranieri. I don't think he's a bad choice but I would be worried about his 'tinkerings' he was known for it at Chelsea and he undone all the good work he'd done at Valencia because he couldn't leave things alone. He did OK for a short spell at Parma but THEY decided not to keep him on but then again at Juve he made then successful but then mucked it up again to an extent where the fans wanted him out.. Nah he wouldn't be a consideration for me and although I felt sorry for him at Chelsea I don't think he's the right man for a long-term job

Harrisman I'm certain that is wasn't the Saudis that sacked Sven - It was Shinawatra I'm sure. As City manager Sven became the first in forty years to win both derby games and also achieved the joint highest Premier League point total in the club's history.. not that's what we want surely. As for Hughes he is not available he has been given a target (6th) for next season already so he won't be going anywhere.. and to be honest what would be the point (for him)

Good spot re Mace Sports Paul must admit I hadn't notice that but I dare say it is a wise move otherwise we might find ourselves linked to all sorts of wierd and wonderful (yet unrealistic signings

Robpog Avram Grant?... No surely not .. Why do you think he'd be a good choice ? Kiddo I'm happy with though
there is no contest here i think...Swen ticks every box there is. 1. Like it or not he is a top name.-brings publicity and interest of the top people( not mere supporters, the real high flyers) 2. His club record is excellent. Citeh fans cried when he left...not the Boro result. 3.Players respect and it appears love him. 4. his knowledge and influence of the world game would attract players to a run down ramshackle 2nd/3rd rate club. as they would believe we were on the way up. 5. Kiddo could stay.. the only other real candidate that i could see who could fit Pompey's bill would be Old Hairy himself.. Personally i would love to see martinez of the Swan's as i think he may have a great future. Chix maybe you could do one of those betting things you did in the summer..with transfers etc..this is whatsome brightspark has put on a *POMPEY* The new owner will give Paul Hart 60 million to spend. OUTS: David James (West Ham) FREE Linvoy Pimus (Charlton)100,000 Djimi Traore (Birmingham) 1 mill Lauren (Real Mallorca) 500,000 Noe Pamarot (Lens) 500,000 Herman Hreiddarsson (Celtic) 1 mill Jerome Thomas (Preston) 800,000 Arnold Mvuemba (Monaco) 600,000 Richard Hughes (Aberdeen) 600,000 Glen Little (Reading) 500,000 Hayden Mullins (Hull) 2 mill John Utaka (Wolves) 3 mill David Nugent (Preston) LOAN INS: Joe Hart (Man City) LOAN Gabriel Milito (Barcelona) 5 mill Sylvinho (Barcelona) 1 mill Habib Beye (Newcastle) 1.5 mill Sunny (Valencia) 3 mill Edu (Valencia) 2 mill Alan Smith (Newcastle) 1.5 mill David Albelda (Valencia) 5 mill Jonas Guttirez (Newcastle) 8 mill Jermaine Pennant (Liverpool) FREE Chris Eagles (Burnley) 4 mill Leroy Lita FREE Tuncay (Middlesboro) 9 mill Daniel Sturridge (Man City) FREE Felipe Caicedo (Man City) LOAN site..i think he is insane
plymouth graham
a few words were missed above...these are NOT MY PREDICTIONS..just an example of what someone else has said
plymouth graham
It's not really a suprise that as soon as it looks like we have some money Sven chucks his hat into the ring. Always only interested about where he can get his next redundancy pay-off from. No thank you.
Bilic all the way for me. Yes he still needs to be tested as a club manager, but I think he can achieve great things. He has a great international record.
Just for fun as well i want to chuck a few more names in that are on the odds list in the bookies.
Jamie's Dad
How about any of them?
to be fair to sven, he seemed failry keen on joining back when tony was sacked - to the point that I actually thought he would come. The thing with apoining a new manager at pompey, is that he needs to be a big name manager. We arn't in any way a "big club" - or even an average sized club. To get players to come to play in front of 20 000 fans, when we arn't even in the europa league is always going to be dificult. so we need something else to attract players in, and sven could be that man!
and as I said elsewhere, YES, sven is a mercinery. but who isn't these days? at least you know what your getting!
well,.. Carpet you seem to be seeing things the same way as me.
plymouth graham
certainly do graham :-)
yea carpet that sums it up niecly really lol and LOL sneakay jamies dad!!
I would go for Bilic, have always said that and always will. Sven wasn't interesed when we had no money, and now we do he is?! Come on guys, what a superficial git. At least Bilic will come because he's passionate about the game, and not for the Prawn Sandwich dinners post-game with Arab Billionaires.
If Bilic is passionate about the game, he will stay at croatia, and lead them to the 2010 world cup... no?
Surely there is something better than Sven.. I have a feeling that he has lost the drive he once had.
No Carpet - as an international manager you are very limited in what you can do (no transfers etc) - he's taken Croatia as far as they as a team can go I think - plus he's been there donkey's years so probably wants a fresh challenge (he's already said he will leave them after the qualifiers - opens the door for a job-share between PFC and Croatia)
nodster...i think that happens to most men of a certain age...
plymouth graham
so the runners and riders are. 1. Gods gift to women, all the way from sweden, Englands own Big Swen. 2. the BBC man, The chelsea also ran, Sascha chosen man ,yes its Avram. 3. Its the bloke who's ear ring makes him look like hes Chav'in But Krahjar say he's worth Having, Its the Crotia man Slavin. 4. ,MONEY...HAS GOT SUCH A PULL...AND I'LL TAKE YOU FOR A FOOL.It's Hairy from Poole, coming back up the road to rule.
plymouth graham
I am glad hairy's surname was not Platt, or Hunt, or Myres.
plymouth graham
Graham mate you should go on Britain's Got Talent - do a PFC Rap lol
het my man gino, that would be a beano, but my wife she know, she said JeeeZ No!!!!
plymouth graham
Graham - Billic is much more of a ladies favourite than Sven (yuk!). But its looking like its going to be Sven if there is something in the rumour mill for a change. Imagine that, Chix proved right after all this time - how jammy's that!
Glad you said that Tracey, Sven makes me heave. Now Billic.......!

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