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Pompey statement - Al Fahim offer accepted!

Pompey have officially confirmed that an offer from Sulaiman Al Fahim has been accepted.

The t's still need crossing and the i's dotting but a deal was agreed with the Arabian billionaire in Rome last night according to the Pompey site with the following statement released...



Portsmouth Football Club can confirm that it has accepted an offer from Dr Sulaiman Al Fahim to buy the club.

This follows initial due diligence and negotiations with Portsmouth executive chairman Peter Storrie on behalf of club owner Alexandre Gaydamak.

Peter Storrie concluded the deal with Dr Sulaiman Al Fahim in Rome on Tuesday night.
A period of formal legal and financial due diligence will commence next week so that the transaction can be completed as soon as possible.

The club cannot make any further comment on the future structure of the club until this period has been completed.

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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday May 27 2009

Time: 7:46PM

Your Comments

If the rumours about Al Fahim buying us coz the Spinnaker Tower reminded him of home are true, perhaps it wasn't such a waste of taxpayers money after all. Play Up Pompey!!!!
Fantastic news, been following this since 3pm. This now changes everything. We can look forward to having a lovely summer & a very bright future. Forever Pompey.
Agreed -This has been an amazing afternoon..this story came completely out of left field .. Happy days are here again ! (fingers crossed)
Just dont know how to feel, I guess I feel numb. Too good to be true! Problem is, my biggest loathing of Chelsea is that they are where they are now due to money, not a solid youth set up producing home grown talent. Hope we dont become one of those teams that are ruining football by offering silly money and obscene wages!!
But then again, maybe I'm just being Victor Meldrew!! and maybe I should be thinking...WOO HOO!
Blimee Matt. We were getting very worried about you. Thats the brightest posting you have made in a year!
no pompey4me, i agree with your first post, lets hope its a steady growth.
I say. Wasn't it kept quiet? Only last week Storrie told us he had an American Consortium he was dealing with, and things were on track for July.! I did wonder whast had happened to the other "far eastern"interested party - and now we know!
cheers ruffcider, you're right yo know, that is how I feel. I've fallen out of love with the game due to players such as Drogba etc, hope we build steadily and bring our own youth through!
spot on simon, totally agree... i know i keep saying the same things but said this in a forum thread:
'im not interested in spending millions and billions and being linked to so and so, lets do things right, bring through players bring in a couple and keep the rest and were laughing... oh and get the ground (redveloped not moved!) sorted out and training facilities - then, all being well we can not only develop players, but keep them too.'

this is fantastic news as it means the 'uncertainty' is gone, we had to be sold, if not we were screwed - billionaire doesnt mean he will plough in millions and millions for players - spend some money on players this summer, get the training ground and redvelopment done and thats a massive plus.
mind any time, ever, i would love them to bring back diarra......if im allowed one, 'at any cost' purchases!!!
This is so exciting, and i am having fun with it. But I also hope that the growth is steady. It should mean we can do what needs to be done to progress. There's been a lot of rather down people on this site lately, this should bring smiles to their faces.
yep, please bring back my Diarra & send Mullins to Leyton Orient. This just changes everything. The world is a better place & the sun is just smiling over all things Pompey.
GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!! Stuff the Champions League final Play up Pompey!
SO are you feckin minted now?
Just got back from my rubbish golf day to find this out HAPPY DAYS!
I only wish he had come this time last year, so we didn;t have to sell: muntari, diara, (maybe defoe). we had a very VERY good team, and a pasionate (he seemed to be at the time... filthy liar!) manager. Now we have to start all over again.
oh, and as some people have said - this was the guy that was passionate about football in the man city take over bid. Where will it leave them?
WOOOOOHHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! shove that up your ass Harry!!!!!
This is great news! lets hope it goes through with no issues! I also hope that the press & other teams will ***** off when it comesto our top players!
I've been out and about and hearing snippets here and there and OH MY GOD! Could this news be any bigger? I absolutely LIVE to see big fat Frattonenders in club shirts with anti-malnutrition slogans. That is so much funnier than anything we came up with with our shirt designs (I am not belittling the problem of malnutrition, would be glad to contribute towards minimising it but at the same time, find the jokes where you can) Like many, my first thoughts went to "Fed UP of Sandbanks" but am also so chuffed with Sasha for this. It's like your wife telling you that she's leaving you and taking the car with her but she's left an Aston Martin in its place (was going to extend this witha busty blonde and a set of golf clubs but think I was going too far)
hopefully now Glen and Peter etc wont be going anywhere, lets pick the best from the teams that have gone down, i'd had Tuncay, Martins etc and lets consolidate, find some good young players, get the ground and academy moving, stick Hart back where he was best and bring in Ranieri.....
They've just fished a body out of Pool Harbour ( suspected suicide ) The unidentified victim was said to have left a Bentley parked on the Quayside...
Great news at the right time! Milan saved us from extinction and, with Jamie's dad, took us back to the top flight. Sacha, with Jamie's dad, took us to the next level, a top 10 Premiership side and FA Cup winners. Now I can stop having nightmares about relagation next year and dream the dream again! I shall sleep well tonight!
sort of makes the latest poll a bit useless really don't it =/ LMAO but feckin great news, something to get way too over excited about again haha
GREAT NEWS - I am so pleased - I just want confirmation that we'll have a decent transfer kitty - this also paves the way not only for a great transfer window but a GREAT manager (such as Bilic) coming in too. The deal was done in Rome - were they out there scouting Lionel Messi? Hope so. My article the other day though, if it was written today would have a totally different tone!!
I's the Star and Crescent on our badge! That's been the clincher. Allah be praised!
I must admit to feelings of apprehension if not despair when I knew we were safe just wondering what the hell was going to happen if our squad was decimated for the new season. But out of the blue we have this remarkable news...JOY. I do hope Glen stays now, I really do.
Just seen the picture of Sulaiman al Fahim on the BBC website and - b****r me if it isn't Peter Kay!
Me again...reading about him on Wikipedia and his spirulina thing, I would like it to be known that I have a tub of spirulina tablets which are meant to be good for when you get a cold or virus (but they taste like fermented seaweed) so I al already beginning slavish devotion AND the man is EVEN YOUNGER THAN SACHA! Which means he's loads younger than me!
do you know i never got wind of anything until about 5:30? chuffed to bits, just hope it provides us with stability and means we don't have to cash in any assets, what is everyones thoughts on storrie now?
Best news ever hoe ranieri comes in and brins some top players in and some young.Who needs hart now back to youth he goes keep kidd on and top 5 here we come !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 PORTSMOUTH F.C
stfc ballboy
Dear Uncle Peter,
As you know I have never doubted your devotion to your job or the club you work for but I have to say that this little bit of genius is better than anybody could have expected. You are a top, top bloke and I just hope you remember those (well just me actually) who stuck by you when you you were being slated and accused of lying by so many other. Uncle Peter I salute you on a job well done.

PS. Mum wants to know if you'd like beans or mushrooms on your toast in the morning
"The sun'll come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun...!" We all need to start singing crap songs from musicals to express the enormity of the change which is likely to befall us. At one point I thought we'd all be digging down the back of the sofa to scrape together enough money to buy new players. Now, things look completely different.
And to top off a great day, Ronaldo has a face like a well-smacked arse
lol at the dear uncle peter part chixy, yep hats off to him but i will still say 'hmm' nevertheless...
I would still be very happy with a top 10 finish next year.
Guys, wrote this in the forum, he's the guy Piers Morgan met in his series. When he met the major players in Dubai, this guy was the major, major money man!! So, he's the richest of the super rich!
HOO FREAKIN RAH!!! I've been way to depressed to comment on any of the articles on this site for months. But this is fantastic news. Onwards and upwards. And please, please, lets start playing decent football agin!
and another thing...will this mean an end to the weekly competition with the prize of a weekend at Butlins?
*I say "still" - at the moment, I would be elated with a top 10 finish. what I meant was "if we were to go out and spend 30million in the transfer market on top quality players, I would still be very very happy with a top 10 finish"
happy days
In response to HSB... Oi! Sulaiman Al Fahim ... Consider yourself at home, consider yourself one of the family, we've taken to you so strong.. it's clear.. we're.. going to get a along
yep HSB, the star & crescent is a prominent image in the Arab world & with my probable holiday to Dubai in October, all is well with the world.
Al Fahim ... Al Fahim ...
Every morning you'll greet P (FC)
Small and white, rich and bright
You look happy to meet P (FC)
Portsmouth of Old may you bloom and grow
Bloom and grow forever
Al Fahim ... Al Fahim
Bless my home team forever
And another's all turning out to be a bit of a contrast to the fortune of the other lot at St Mary's.
We're getting Arabs in the morning Ding dong the Guildhall bells will chime Pull out the stopper Let's spend a whopper And get a top five finish next time.
Pompey twinned with Dubai. How wonderful.
As-Salamu alaikom! Oh my God! I am crying in excitment here! Wow, what a news... I am shaking and calling everyone i know. Oh, Diarra yes, come back, and maybe Muntari? Crouch can now remain, and maybe Johson will be tempted to remain too........ Yippeeeeeeeee!!!!! POMPEY POMPEY
Pompey Malta
who will be manager ??? how much transfer kittty ??? will niko and that stay ???
stfc ballboy
yOU'RE ALL OVER-REACTING, THIS MIGHT BE THE WORST THING TO HAPPEN TO pfc IN 1000 YEARS. Oops, sorry, having trouble with the caps lock. Why asume this guy will spend his own money like that gangster, Abramovitch? Wasn't this the same reaction when Sasha took over - he nearly bankrupted the club! Sorry to be pompey pessimist mk II.
what a difference a day makes. hopefully we can all look forward this summer to some solid improvements. Let me get another beer!
Et_tu - this man is a businessman who will invest wisely and build slowly but firstly will stabilise the club. No need to fear Sasha has done great for us if not himself personally but this will move us to a new level and beyond.
Oh come on guy.... how come you are still being pessimistic even after a great news like this???? the past is gone!
Pompey Malta
I have to agree with Et_tu_Pompeii. Although I'm relieved about the fact that it looks like we're going to get a buyer I am also trying not to get too excited. There's no word whatsoever on potential transfer funds and although he was involved in the Man City takeover who the hell knows how much money THIS guy actually has? I would love to be really excited but I just think we should be QUIETLY optimistic right now instead of risking having a red face later on when it all turns out to be not quite as good as we all expected!
Chix, your knowledge of musicals is disturbing.
someone pinch me....the dream has turned all bright and blue again. don't play poker with Gaydemek, he keeps aces up his sleeve. Play Up Pompey, the return of Fortress Fratton is upon us again.
Fratton del Sol
Go visit the ManC site and see what they have to say about our new owner. They don't like him very much. It was apparently him who mooted the Kaka bid and others........ Bit worrying, but at the moment I'm too happy to care. Thats all for another day.
Exciting but I hope we don't become another club which promises a lot but fails to win on the pitch. We need to build a team and a tight ship. Great news for the future of the club but isn't the new owner the pillock that was spouting transfer rumours ever hour about Man City? I seem to remember his dream team.
Wow! what news!! this is great, i hope we dont start offering crazy money for players though.. but F%$#in hell, bring on the transfer rumour mill
He was the guy mooting/spouting transfer rumours, but which of us can honestly say we've never been a bit of a "pillock" when we get enthusiastic about something? To give him his due, he seems to have learned his lesson well (or perhaps he's just a lot more conservative when it's his own money) because his language this time has been very much more muted, and very much in line with the stadium expansion/training ground/youth scheme focus that so many of us want. Incidentally, one interesting thing I dug up on him is that he's started some kind of footballing academy in Abu Dhabi. I wonder if we might benefit from the talents who are trained here? Could be interesting.
Phil, it sounds as tho he has cut his teeth on ManC and has learnt from it. (hopefully).
All hail the sacred virgin goat, the downside will be the halal hot dogs you will be eating at half time.
just spit out my tea all over my plush desk in Bangkok........PUP
like I said the other day on one of the other threads..... rijkard rijkard rijkard. and guillit as midfield and get that diego maradona trainging the young what a difference a day makes..
This is will certainly make the prem more intresting next year.I hope you buy some good players.
Great as it is he is only worth 311 million acccording to the independant...that is not a i would not expect too much in the way of player recriutment. It also means there are plenty of others with more money who could buy spurs..WHU..or Saints
plymouth graham
I hope nobody buys spurs. i am glad for you guys and you needed someone badly but i hope no like this ever comes near my beloved spurs.we have a lot of money and hence we dont need a suger daddy Billionaire. Otherwise what ever sucess you achieve , other fans will accuse you that the sucess was purshased
If Sasha writes off his 30m and this guy pays out the other 35m to the bank and buys the club for a token figure there is still plenty of cash left for new plays maybe 270m now that will by a nice squad.
In the cold light of the morning excited as we may be I think we need to know a little more ... Excited yes but also very cautious we still need to hear what the fella has to stay .. Et-tu is right to play it down a little .. Lets wait and see what the summer brings, but it does seem that our immediate worries are behind us how he stabilises and takes us forward is yet to be known (to us) .. I'm still singing though..
Hart back to the Youth Academy / Kidd kept as coach / New manager - entice David Moyes with some lolly to spend / Training Facilities / Fratton Park redevelopment / Re-sign Diarra / Keep Johnson, Kranjcar & Crouch / Whole bunch of decent players 25yrs and under; left back, centre back, right midfielder and 25 goals a season striker - PLAY UP POMPEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mokoena?? - In your dreams mate, spoke too soon LOL!!!
his value seems to keep going down. oh well. I don't think theres even the slightest chancve of attracting david moyes, but if we can get sven, I would be happy. I don't care that much about how much we spend, and safety next year should still really be our top priority (along with some good football), and getting the training ground and stadium plans sorted.
Can't help but be excited, rubs a lot of salt into the scummer wounds too. We get a billionaire & they can't attract a fly to their pile of ****.
...and as i said his value is going down... suddenly it shoots back up again, and I find out he is backed by a large consortium of rich asian investers... brilliant!
Sky sports are reporting that Suliman want's Sven as Manager, well he worked with Brian Kidd before, & Paul Hart could go to the youth squad again. whoever we get, this has to be the first step, so the Manager can acess the sqaud as soon as posible as others are working on this already.

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