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Deal or no deal? Hermann Hreidarsson...

So, we have some 15 players out of contract in the summer (or seeing their loans with Pompey end) it is almost time to decide who deserves a new contract and who does not deserve the drippings from my nose, well ours noses!

I was going to look at them all together, but I think I will do them one at a time... Simple question, and as the bearded one would say, 'deal or no deal?'

Hermann Hreidarsson

Looked odds on to have left the club in the last transfer window let alone making it through until the end of his contract this summer.

He stayed, and is back into the side and showing the qualities that he has and the qualities that are needed, also back in as is our need for a 'proper' and 'disciplined' left back at this point in time.

A fantastic player to have around the squad for his character if nothing else, which is infectious, you always know what you are going to get from the big Icelander.

Time looked like it might have caught up with the 34-year-old earlier in the season when he did play but he is now showing that he can still get up, down and around the pitch with the best of 'em! To be fair the same looked to have been the case last season when he first came in, and 'might' be the same next, but when the Herminator gets up and running he is a fabulous player to have on your side, he never gives in!

The ability to play virtually anywhere across the backline and at a push, if really needed, in midfield, means the fella offers plenty of versatility.

Deal or no deal? Deal.

I love the Herminator, he epitomises the Pompey spirit and all that is good about it, a real heart on the sleeve performer who never gives anything less than 110%.

All signs had pointed to no deal, he will not be any younger, he most probably will not be a regular next season - so might well want the move as much as anything else. He would not be on a fortune money wise so would be well worth a deal.

Yep, I would go with deal but I had suspected it would be him saying 'no deal' due to his desire for regular football, that said he has been saying recently that he does want to stay as he loves it here, so fingers crossed...

These are my thoughts, what about yours? As always please share them below...


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday February 22 2009

Time: 6:17PM

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DEAL, DEAL, DEAL!! He is an example to the rest of the squad with is sheer effort. Played through the Cup Final with broken jaw. He is the only real left back in the squad and is useful at set plays. DEAL - no doubt.
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22/02/2009 18:24:00

Deal for me. The timing of this is interesting, because a few weeks ago my answer would have been different. He wasn't first choice for a while but has come in and scored against City and it was his deflected shot that went in against Stoke. He'd be a great person to have in the squad who can come in and do a job in event of any injuries.
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22/02/2009 18:25:00

deal him in, epitomises fighting spirit, and fires the crowd and players up
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22/02/2009 18:30:00

just to clarify dave you think it should bed deal right? lol!
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22/02/2009 18:30:00

Gino, do you know what mate i was exactly the same... i actually wrote all of the 'deal or no deal' articles some 2-3 weeks ago i reckon, and initially i had no deal - i wanted the deal but felt he would say no to it, no i feel without a doubt he must be given a new deal and will sign it...
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22/02/2009 18:32:00

Deal for me too. I'd like to see Herm stay. He was out of sorts because he wasn't playing. Passion, commitment and strong mental attitude can't just be fashioned out of thin air. But Herm has these in abundance and he's not a bad footballer either.
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22/02/2009 18:32:00

totally agree with you paul, and altho not mentioned the firing up of the crowd did mention the 'epitomises' thoughts.
not sure we will have many saying no deal really will we?
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22/02/2009 18:33:00

ooh Rug this is a hard one.. Up to three weeks ago I would have said that he had a great first season for us, picked up a cup winners medal but with the perm signature of Belhadj, No Deal - Now I'm not too sure. As you say he has shown that he can do it (and for me) his passion is so evident it smacks you in the face.. Forget Sean Davis this is the guy you need next to you in a scrap... BUT he is 35 in July.. We have signed Belhadj .. and it would be unfair to keep him next year and see him not play regulary in what surely would be his swansong year... Umm all things considered I think we buy him a gold watch and with a heavy heart say a big thank you but allow him to go ply his trade in glasgow and pick up another trophy to show his kids... There's no room for sentiment in Football No Deal
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22/02/2009 18:34:00

agree cornypomp, the herminator has so many fine qualities, and qualities that us pompey fans love but he is also a decent footballer too! has just about everything we need, and with the right person helping him down the left - and belhadj could be the man as he will learn - he could potentially go on for a few years yet!
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22/02/2009 18:36:00

When I started to type there were no comments on the board .. looks like I've gone out on a limb .. I'm now 'ducking' under my kitchen table awaiting the onslaught.. but I'm sticking to my guns.
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22/02/2009 18:37:00

as said in the article Chix 'i love the herminator' - man love of course - and as also said above my initial reaction was 'no deal' for similar reasons to you, but if he can accept that he might not be a regular and wants to sign a new deal then he would be happy i guess?
all this said is my heart ruling my head...
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22/02/2009 18:39:00

Yep .. It is .. Don't get me wrong I think the guy is great too (my player of the season last year) but I also think we have signed a replacement and we should not drawn by (albeit excellent) short term form .. If he was that good and that valuable to the club his contract wouldn't be in doubt now.. Still No Deal .. but as I said let him go with hapy memories .. he'll always be remembered with a fond heart ... Be strong .. be tough .. You know deep down I am right.. All of you ;)
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22/02/2009 18:48:00

Give him another year, he's a far better player than bellend is at the mo. Got to admit we are so much more solid with him in the side.+
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22/02/2009 19:12:00

1 year deal, with option of another
plymouth graham
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22/02/2009 19:31:00

Chix you are a brave man. Heart says DEAL and it needn't be Herms OR Belhadj, surely....even if he ended up as cover for defence next year, rather have someone with passion. Sometimes love is all you need...
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22/02/2009 19:33:00

Deal! He's done enough lately to earn it. We need strength in depth, we can't just rely on Belhadj. And he's a great character to have around.
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22/02/2009 19:44:00

deal, hes first choice left back, and has blue blood, ild have him over belhadj everyday of the week, and i think hes got a couple years left in him aswell, belhadj at left mid. you cant buy that passion and determination, look at defoe, he was on the money but when it wasnt going his way he was off, no heart. we should never have got rid of benjani, oneil, or taylor, and they all love it here. anything other than a deal is a mistake imo.
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22/02/2009 19:45:00

If Kanu deserved a deal last year then Hermann more than deserves one this year. If we don't want to continue playing him on the left, then move him in to replace Campbell or Distin. Deal.
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22/02/2009 20:18:00

DEAL - I love him, what a great asset he is, and a great role model for others. And if the worst happens, he'll also be great in the Fizzy Pop League.
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22/02/2009 20:45:00

i like him, would HAVE to say Deal! would be brilliant if he did stay he will reaally help our season if he plays often!
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22/02/2009 20:50:00

i'll put it like this if he wants it then give it to him but he MUST know he probably wouldn't be playing regularly we need to be honest and up front with the guy and let him make the desicion and also let it be known that we will not resent him leaving in anyway. but as long as all that is accepted then deal (i thought you said it was gonna be hard rug ;D)
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22/02/2009 21:12:00

Chix...he's staying mate. I've just written a forthright letter to "Mr Storyteller" demanding he gets a new deal........as if that's gonna make any difference!!!!!
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22/02/2009 21:39:00

Anyway..he's got to stay now, he's winning the poll to be next years captain..
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22/02/2009 21:44:00

A few months ago, i thought No.. but now, definatley Deal! If all the lads play with his heart we aint ever going down.
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22/02/2009 22:21:00

Sadly people I think for a number of reasons Chix is right. Of course I love it at Pompey and of course I will continue to give my all and yes I AM fit and WILL go on for another few years yet.. but will I sit around hoping for a game .. No I won't. Most definately not - I'd rather take my chances with another club and play regularly, I would even be happy to drop a league and return to say Ipswich or Charlton or maybe try Scotland for a year - The thing is I need to play as the one ambition I have left is to surpass R˙nar Kristinsson caps record for Iceland and I can not do that sitting on the bench at Pompey and not being match fit. I will od course be very sad to leave as will Ragna and the girls - But life goes on
Hermann Hrei­arsson

Ah ha at least somebody agrees with me! Thanks Herms I was beginning to waiver but having read what you said I think you are right - Time to move on and go enjoy the rest of your career playing rather than watching footb [Edited by hickin]
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22/02/2009 23:00:00

ermm, not sure where I stand on this, but......DEAL, DEAL, DEAL, DEAL, DEAL, DEAL, DEAL, DEAL......Is that clear?? lol. First name on the sheet for me, I've been wanting him to come back in this year, he's still fit and will do well as our first choice left back next year, Deal him in, Bellhadj still has miles and miles to go before we can consider him a reliable defender!
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22/02/2009 23:34:00

along with Johnson our best player at the moment and a true fighter. Pure passion. DEAL!
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23/02/2009 06:46:00

deserves it more than 'shrug the shoulders' Sol
Report Abuse
23/02/2009 07:26:00

For a player to look at vital and reply shows more passion and commitment than you would expect from a normal 'pro'----- Deal
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23/02/2009 12:46:00

We're going to have to buy someone to replace him, so why take the chance? Reminds me of the Carragher arguement when playing for England. If it ain't broke don't fix it, stick Belhadj on the wing ahead of him. Niko is as good as off it seems
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23/02/2009 14:53:00

Love Hermann to bits for his attitude & commitment, & his humour with the fans, but he is 35 in July, & lets be honest he does get caught on the turn with smaller wide men he comes up against, would miss his pressence, but to be fair to him, I don't see him as a regular in the prem next season, & if you love the game its no fun sitting on the bench, & yes I did say prem because thats where we will be, so with great sadness I would be in chixs camp with no deal
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23/02/2009 19:42:00

belhadj (despite his age!) still has a lot to learn, and Herman is CERTAINLY a more "steady" left back (although he does have a horrendous relegation record. should we be worried?). The question of "would he be used" i think is something we can't really awnser, as we don't know his fitness levels. however from what we HAVE seen, there is nothing wrong with them, so why not offer him a contract? Add to that richard Hughes has just signed a new deal (harldy a "first team" player?), and actually, I think herman would see a lot more of the first team that richard would next year. I say (without question!) DEAL - and I am stunned so many people think he is not worth the new contract offer!
Report Abuse
23/02/2009 23:09:00

penton, graham, hammersmith, tracy, ruffcider, Phil, Et_tu, MFFP, pompeym@, nodster, 4me, southport, harrissman, dedmans, Pompeyscum and carpet all very much in the 'deal' camp, and rightly so...
reasons vary, but most agree that he is someone that deserves this deal, if 'others' have/will get new deals then, and sentiment aside, the herminator deserves one and would be worth one...
he may well know that he would not be a 1st team regular, maybe he would be, but if he was happy with that then so should we - i guess it also depends on who comes in as the new manager and what they want tho!
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24/02/2009 08:05:00

Hermann, yuou yourself feel you should not get the deal - or would not sign it... no one is assured of 1st team football, so in many ways you should not be in any different a position than anyone else, despite your age. if you are still up for it, and good enough you will get games here, or anywhere... we will see.
Report Abuse
24/02/2009 08:08:00

yong, another 'brave' man - or is a rational thinking man like the founder of the 'no deal for hermann camp' :-)
Report Abuse
24/02/2009 08:09:00

all in all, and i can understand reasons for him not getting a new deal - the negatives are genuine concerns and fair enough but the positives outweigh these and im sticking with 'deal'... that said i have this niggling feeling that it may well end up being 'no deal', maybe because the herminator decides that is the case as he will want to play more regular football elsewhere, which he might feel he wont get here...
good debate on the herminator here tho guys, the next installment will probably be added today.
Report Abuse
24/02/2009 08:12:00

Will we be getting the views of the player himself first this time? Quite a scoop that.
Report Abuse
24/02/2009 12:30:00

Herman - nice use of the letter ­... never seen that one used anywhere before, although i beleive in Iceland it is used to represent "d" or "dh"(?). Chix, I have re-read your reasons why not to sign him - and decided that actually... we SHOULD still offer him a new deal. If he chooses not to take it up, or says he wants to play for celtic/rangers, that would be up to him, and I would say "bye" on good terms. However, as far as Pompey are concerned, I still can't see any reason why we wouldn't want to offer him a new deal at the very least. He WOULD play some games, and he certainly would have many uses for the team - not least for making us a MUCH more solid unit defencivly. I will maintain (along with all other "rational" thinkers)... DEAL
Report Abuse
24/02/2009 18:43:00

You'd love him to stay even as a great squad player but HH may be tempted with a new deal/new challenge elsewhere. Whatever happens, he was here when it mattered, with some great matches & goals last season & of course the FA Cup win. This time around is being a hero in our 'hour of need'.
Report Abuse
24/02/2009 22:58:00


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