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Deal or no deal? Sol Campbell...

So, we have some 15 players out of contract in the summer (or seeing their loans with Pompey end) it is almost time to decide who deserves a new contract and who does not deserve the drippings from my nose, well ours noses!

I was going to look at them all together, but I think I will do them one at a time... Simple question, and as the bearded one would say, 'deal or no deal?'

Sol Campbell

The man has been a rock for Pompey but father time seems to have caught up with him badly in the past year or so. That said I feel mental issues as much as physical issues have been his downfall. When the captain is 'happy' in his own mind he is often happy on the pitch, when his 'mind' is not right, he does not often look right on the pitch.

I must admit I am torn, I often say it is time for him to go, but his experience could still be invaluable to us next season - and I feel this could well be a struggle, but that is for another day...

I think as much will depend on the size of the wedge he wants. Anything upwards of 60,000 will be what he is on per week, he would have to drop these wage demands significantly to even be considered being given a new contract. He does not need the money, so if he will drop this there could still be a deal to be done?

Deal or no deal? No deal.

Tough call, and a big call but I think this will be 'no deal', lets just hope we part amicably...

These are my thoughts, what about yours? As always please share them below...


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday February 18 2009

Time: 10:50AM

Your Comments

deal... we should perhaps try to give him a wage cut - but in all honesty, he will be helping out our younger defenders in training, and he has also been our most consistent centre back this year. despite his age.
carpet, for me no 'maybe' about it - sol takes a paycut or i would not even be entertaining the thought of him getting a new deal, then again this is not my decision is it...
the youngsters 'should' have been learning from sol over the years, but i just do not think we can justify keeping him for that purpose alone, if so then he needs to become a coach, or at least player/coach to justify.
would agree tho, despite his indifferent performances this season sol has probably been our best defender this season - central defender that is!
No Deal! Think that we would need someone like him but definately on a wage cut. If he won't accept a wage cut then get rid of him. Unfortunately, when you're in the hot seat, the banker won't offer anything on condition, so I'm gonna take my chances and no deal.
Deal, on his day, he still has what it takes to be an international candidate, just needs the right manager to play him in the right games, etc
Deal for me too. With distin looking off form and being obviously disillusioned i wouldnt be suprised if he left in the summer (no doubt a bid from spurs will be on the way) i don't think we can afford to lose both. I'd offer Sol a contract which pays based on the number of games he plays or maybe even performance related. He'll probably have better offers from elsewhere though. the geordies have been sniffing around him for ages!
rug - I have given up on knowing/commenting (too much) on players wages. Sol Campbell i have heard is on 105 000 a week, 60 000 a week - or even as "low" as 40 000. obviously he would need a MASSIVE pay cut if it was 105 000 a week that he was on...
Midge, i hear what you are saying - at times this season sol has looked every inch the world-class defender he has been in his day, others i would fancy myself to do a better job than him...
agree that the right manager would get the best out of him - but another prime example of the need for him to take a big pay cut, as we could not justify paying him huge amounts of money if we were planning on using him for say 75% of games max could we..
SUAC51, if sol is motivated by money - and for me he is not, then he will most certainly go elsewhere as he 'should' still have just about enough about him to convince another side to pay him top money - not sure a performances related contract would be the answer tho, simply a pay cut to a more 'sustainable' monthly amount...
carpet, i too have heard varying amounts, but there is almost no way on earth that sol is on 100,000 per week... half that and put a touch more on and i think we get closer to what he actually is on...
i heard stories of arsenal 'paying half his wages' up until last summer, which 'would' explain the 100,000 theory, but even that seems a crazy theory!
No deal from me I'm afraid. I think as has been pointed out he can on his day be an asset, but more often than not he is found trying to track back having been caught out of position or spending more time trying to claim an offside with his arm in the air, rather than keeping to job in hand and stop people like Torres getting headers in. Can't see him accepting a pay cut so let him go and bring in Cranie or Kaboul
i must say that good points raised about distin potentially leaving too by SUAC51 - we cannot afford to lose both can we, but distin is the one under contract so would be the priority to keep, and if he keeps his trap shut and focuses on his football we should start seeing the distin of last season, and not the 'doughnut' we have seen this time round - against a poor citeh side he looked better, lets see how he - and of course sol - cope against stoke this weekend...
Sol is one of Britain richest footballers and can afford to take a reduction in his wages as his career reaches its end. Deal for me at the right price and then coaching?
We are not safe by a long chalk, but that said who do we keep and bring in if we intend to continue to play at this level. My ultimate belief is if we don't have the right stadium we won't be playing Premiership football. It is a simple as that. I don't have the answer, but it seems endless, but neither do Pompey. Here endeth the lesson...
I think he should be offered a new year long contract. Ok, there have been occasions when it's looked like his legs have gone and then hell come back and play a blinder. I don't think he's motivated by money and hell be well aware he's best days are behind him but overall i feel he's better days outweigh bad. He's still a big influence in our back line and i'm waiting to see how he performs against Stoke...
Deal but with a pay cut to reflect the fact that he will not be a starter for every game. His influence within the club and among his fellow players will still be useful though. In his absence, who is ready to step up to the mark?
If he takes a massive wage cut, with a lower basic salary and bonus's for games played, then I'd resign him. I've heard he's on 85k a week, but i think that rumour comes from Football Manager 2009.... If he wants to go into coaching I'd like to see pompey give him a try and send him on the courses. He can still be a good ambassador for the club!
Very torn on this one - on his day he's solid as a rock, and recently we've missed him when he hasn't played sometimes, especially with Distin in 'doughnut' form as well. But then occasionally his age shows and he makes dreadful mistakes that cost us. As for the wages issue, it depends if we get new owners or not. Players will leave in the summer, we just have to replace them. I agree with cornypomp, give him a one-year deal, but if we haven't sold the club, and therefore are still skint, then this will definately have to include a pay-cut.
He's not bad on his day, but no one else will take him on at his quoted wages, so if he took a pay cut, a deal would suit both parties. Don't envisage him liking a paycut mind, its not the money its the drop in 'importance' ranking, amongst his colleagues that hurts players the most
Super Bock 1898
no deal, take a look at our results recently, a lot of conceeding, i think he has a lot to do with that, his confidence lacking (adams or no adams) i think the club are financially insecure and sol is one of the biggest earners. he will be the first to be told his contract is not being renewed.
Deal for me - There is still at least on more good year to be had out of Sol. Maybe time to hand the captains armband over, but he is as much a rock in our defence as any player.
Deal for me, i think things haven't looked so good for him this season because the midfield has left the defence much more exposed. With the whole team doing it's job properly i think he still has plenty to offer.
Steve C
blarmy, good point on cranie - i think that he has potential to be a much better central defender than a fullback, not sure i rate him as a fullback tbh... 'maybe' another year guiding him, wilson and so on will do them and the club benefit.
eastneydave, isnt sol in the top 5, most certainly top 10 richest footballers i think isnt he... i do agree that he isnt movitvated by money, or at least should not be anymore!
we managed before without the top, top 'star names' in a stadium not fit for the premier league didnt we tho pompeygray, so could we not do so again?
im really sure that we will be taken over, and whoever does do this 'will' surely have to be able to get the ground and training facilities in place...
cornypomp, UKTony, Bowlsey and tracyc all in agreement that he is given a new deal then, but on reduced wages. the idea of throwing in some coaching is also a good ideal, something that i would very much agree with.
Super Bock 1898, sol is a proud man - but would he not raise his image if he did accept a paycut to stay with the club? i know he might not top that 'order of importance' but would the respect for him not grow?
pompey--pessimist, whilse i have blamed sol and blamed him highly i think that distin is as much - maybe more so - to blame. both looked rock solid last season, they have often looked like they have never played together. i think alot of this goes down to sol's 'mental state', when he is happy in his game he often plays better, when he is off and throws a wobbler he is a loose cannon... alot depends on the stability of the club, if someone comes in it makes the decision easier, but still an important one, if sacha cannot change then his hopes take a knock.
totally agree sneakay, 'if' he does stay - and it would be nice for him to have 'one more good year in him, you seem confident - then the armband needs to be passed, we need a proper leader and sol isnt that, nor is distin for that matter...
taking a paycut and losing the captaincy, would he deal with both? to be fair when he got it from dejan this was because he would not be assured of a starting place, if sol cannot be assured of this next season he wouldnt get it would he...
I think that he should be offered a contract as a player/coach or a pay as you play deal. However I feel the same way about Linvoy, or just appoint Linvoy straight into the youth system coaching. Sorry second point is off topic.
thoughts that i have also shared this season Steve C, as dodgy as sol - and distin - have looked at times the defence has certainly been exposed far more due to the lacking of that defensive shield in midfield... pedro, muntari, diarra and so on is somewhat different to what we have seen this season - it took his leaving for me to appreciate it, but muntari offered so much protection for us last season and we have really, really missed that!
it is a good point about linvoy pompeywa, without a shadow of a doubt he deserves some sort of role with pompey, even if it is as am ambasador for the club and not a coach. just being a part of the club would inspire people - maybe sol as a player coach could do the same... im not sure we would take both on as coaches tho?
well guys, thanks for all the comments thus far - ive tried not ot miss anyone out with my replies to theirs, i think i need to do it in different colours tho like chix does tho...
well, i said no deal - im sticking to that at the moment, but 'if' he takes a paycut under the current ownership then we would still keep him i think, and this could be essential given next season would probably be a struggle too... 'if' we are sold then it will be easier to give him a deal, but i think he would have to accept being more of a 'bit part' player and losing the captaincy. the idea of his becoming a player/coach sounds good too.
as said, alot depends on what happens with the ownership of the club i guess...
You know, Rug, that comment about the midfield exposing our defence is very well made, it's probably what has cost us most of the defensive lapses, and have left the back 5 exposed and taking the blame. Time the captaincy passed on really as well, Sean Davis?, but I can imagine this would be difficult to do without it becoming a big deal and causing upset - that's if he is offered a new contract anyway. I might suggest a poll about the captaincy.
tracyc, i agree with you about the midfield exposure, but the captaincy is a different matter altogether. Who ever is captain needs the stature to go with it. As much as i rate Sean Davis for his graft on the pitch, he hasn't got what it takes to captain the team. Only my opinion of course. Having said that i haven't always been impressed the way Sol has handled the's a hard one.
Well thanks for your comments on my career people it's interesting to hear what you all think. From my perspective I don't think I can offer much more physically than I do at the moment and with turning 35 in September is it gonna get tougher and tougher to maintain the level of performance required to take Pompey onto the next level. A one year contract on a reduced salary wouldn't really appeal neither would a coaching role. If I'm honest I think I may just try a year or two in France and then concentrate on my movie career. I've had more than my expected amount of good times as Pompey skipper and lifting the FA Cup for this proud club was an unexpected highlight that I, and no doubt you will all cherish for years to come. So for me, if it is offered I'd probably say thanks very much, it's been great but NO DEAL
Sol Campbell

Well looks like the man himself has spoken fellas .. Seems he wouldn't take it even if offerred which is just as well really as I was going to say No Deal too..
A great debate by the way Rug and love the format .. Look forward to the others
rug whilst I agree with you on Distin as well and the state of players minds I tried to look at this objectively. deal or no deal. and i think about it again and i still think no deal. which suprisingly puts me in a minority! i just think 60000k (quoted) or anything over say 20-25k is too much and it could be used to reduce the wage bill and/or bring in someone else whos younger and still up for the physical (running) part of the game. happy state or not he IS too slow and now has a habit of putting his arm up to con the ref for offsides when it clearly is onside. we lost to villa because he came out of the area to challenge for a header, which he lost, then he stood there as we all watched heskey (who isnt exactly 100m gold olympian) skip away. for me that showed a lack of determination. yes, he is the captain, and yes he could coach, but I think he will want to retire somewhere else and I think it would be mismanagement to offer him a contract. if we HAVE to offer I say 1 year no more than 20k a week for a player/coach role without negotiation. :)
Whatever we do or don't do with Sol there needs to be succession planning for a CB starting asap. When it's gone wrong in defence, it's pretty ugly so we need to shore up the defences especially as Jamo can't last forever either
I am hoping Kaboul will be ready to step up next season. Hopefully Sol, will have calmed the young Morrocon down and have him ready to take over. Sol's time is definatley up
I know he would say no, but I think we should have offered him a deal. he has been a good servant for PFC and we gave Kanu two one year contracts, so why not Sol? I still think he has something to offer. Wish him luck weith his film career, but can't see it myself. Maybe cameo roles, I suppose.
he would be good in the new terminator movie?
deal-i cant imagine distin will be here after the summer, his body language seems different to almost all the team, even including the win last week, so retaining a titan of defensive experience like sol is very important.....depending on his wages. Although herman is a must for me too, weve let too many players with portsmouth under their skin leave, hes a warrior.
It's going to be an awkward summer. Distin will be out of here like a shot! Sol is to slow and too expensive. But the most shocking thing for me this week has been the revelation that it's emerged that Djimi Treore is on 23k a week!!!!! How much???!!!! no wonder we are plagued by mercenaries and a wage bill big enough to sink the QM2! If Treore is on that; how much is that Topper Lauren on?...Get rid of all the dead wood, and lets start running a proper business!
im still waiting for that poll tracyc, good idea so do send it through...
Sol Campbell, thanks for your honest assesment 'sol', i can call you sol right... lets see what the summer brings eh.
thanks Chix , i often write what i want to say then leave it at that, but i thought i would take a leaf out of your book with this 'deal or no deal' series and interact with the views expressed a la you...
i was not pleased with his contriubtion to that villa goal either pompey--pessimist, as i told people around that time all to often he is coming out of defence looking to win the ball, if he is doing that he has to win it and never looked like winning it in that instance...
well if djimi is on 23k a week - well according to the papers - can we really see sol accepting less than that, or slightly more for that matter?
Any excuse to get cheap ;-)
hammersmithblue, i always thought martin cranie was going to be sol's long-term replacement, but now im not too sure - the broken leg seems to have set him back and maybe he isnt good enough... we have some decent defenders coming through, and while to a degree i think marc wilson would be wasted as a central defender - his ability on the ball and crossing almost makes him too good for that - he could be the one. just not quite sure where his best positon is yet? maybe it is somewhere just in front of the back 4? altho that said he 'might' be able to spray the ball around from the back, and ive seen him switch play across the field with some fantastic 'beckham like' passes, he did it against chelski in the league cup this season... so, 'maybe' wilson is at the top of the list to step in?
i think that kaboul has the makings of a top defender nodster, so i would not be concerned with him coming in.
we do not know that sol would turn down a new deal Gandor do we? when you compare it like that, to kanu, it seems fair, but fairness will not come into things now, we are a 'business' and not a charity, im sure that big, big pressure was put on by 'him' to get kanu given new deals, but he has now gone and if offering sol a new deal is beyond our means i think we have shown that sentiment isnt going to be shown anymore... it all depends on who owns the club at the time i guess?
the signs are pointing towards distin leaving too so agree ruffcider and pentonpompey - getting rid of both vastly experienced players would knock pompey but 'if' we cannot afford to keep sol he will need to go, even if wanted, and 'if' distin does want to go i say let him - and anyone else for that matter that does not want to be here. we do not need/want players here if their heart is not in it, hopefully distin will find that 'heart' again but im not sure...
we are going to slash the wage bill this summer, rough calculations of defoe, diarra, kanu and sol going would save us some 800,000 or so per month on them alone i reckon, based on 50k each per week - with the like of lauren and traore added we should be saving well over 1m on wages alone, slashing 12m off the wage bill per year will help, those that come in will be on much less, promoting a few youngsters would help too - and if good enough lets get them in!
extra points... would i do that! in all seriousness the more you post in the same threat the more posts it takes to gain points so im probably gaining very little points this way anyway.
well guys, i think im all 'soled out' now - thanks for your comments, i will be moving onto the next 'victim' shortly, i think i will make it one 'every other day'...
Certainly the cold blast of change will blow thru the club this summer. Can we afford it can we afford not to? Big players with massive influence are not easy to replace. They can't go on forever but who comes in. If we go down then it will fall apart anyway. Though I think we will stay up, you wonder what we will be left with. Sol & Distin leave. Don't be surprised if Glenn Johnson gets sold, Niko will go. That dosen't leave much if any real quality. We have to have a new buyer sooner rather than later or it will be dire period with Sasha still in charge!
i think when distin goes (which i just believe he will) i think a year with sol and kaboul, kaboul learning, and with back up of younger defenders, breaking in from time to time, would be best imo. sol is and always was one of the best english defenders of his generation, the wages would have to be reduced, but he deserves the option.
Got to agree with the fact that if Distin departs a contract extension should be offered, Kaboul need guidance, I always felt that this would come from Distin, but what with all the noises he is making, who knows?

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