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Stop the sniping fellas!

We all too often get on at the media for their snide comments, articles and remarks about Pompey, but I think we also need to look at some personalities within the club and ask them to stop doing similar things...

I was open with my support for Tony Adams, and desperately wanted him to succeed - maybe this was more as I wanted him, and us, to be able to stick two fingers up at Jamie's Dad - and was bitterly disappointed when he was sacked, not that it was a surprise in many ways, but because I thought he had earned at least one more week. However I am also willing enough to admit ultimately that the right decision was 'probably' made, even if the timing was not right, and moving him on 'might' have stopped an alarming slide that threatened our season?

Paul Hart and Brian Kidd have come in on a temporary basis and there impact was visible to be seen - they were barking out clear and concise orders to the players and they were responding to them, they had no option but to as they would do what they were told or they would be told again and again... This experience told, and would have clearly made a difference but lets not get carried away by this as Citeh were poor.

Without a doubt the team looked more united, and this showed. Maybe Adams could not get out of the players what he should have and maybe his methods were what caused the problems, but they are all vastly experienced so surely should have been able to have raised their game when they went out on the pitch? Nevertheless I do wish these players would stop taking sly snipes at him!

As said, maybe what they are saying is true, but in some ways it almost seems as they are using this to justify shoddy performances that we have seen a fair few times this season. We are talking about experienced professional, international footballers - these are no rookies. They might not have liked what they were being told but when all is said and done they are paid to play for Portsmouth Football Club and they are the ones that go out onto the pitch.

I have not liked the comments, which are being spoken more and more as time goes on - and these are not rehashed comments, these are comments made at different stages before and after the weekend game. Many of these also making comments are players that made individual errors that cost us - and these errors could not be cut out by no amount of coaching - with these players also players that were 'apparently' fully behind the manager when he was in place!

One swallow does not make a summer, thoughts of caution I have following the weekend win, lets see what the weeks ahead bring as they will tell us more about how good or bad the previous manager was, but for senior players to keep coming out and slating Adams in public, for me, is bang out of order and what happens behind closed doors, in many ways should stay there - although to be fair Adams himself has made a few comments since leaving, which maybe were not needed.

I guess in many ways we now live in a football age where someone is always looking to lay the blame with someone else...


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Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday February 16 2009

Time: 9:57AM

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im not saying jamo is the only one by using his image - but he has been the most vocal in these sly snipes to be fair...
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16/02/2009 09:59:00

I'm afraid to say these days, players have too much power and influence and TA has fallen the same way both Ramos and Scolari did. If you lose or upset the players, they won't play for you and the inevitable happens. This is why so often a new man comes in and things change. Terrible really, as a pro you should play for whoever the club puts in charge.
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16/02/2009 10:08:00

Player Power: Any Club who gets themselves into this situation is riding for a fall.
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16/02/2009 10:18:00

Did anyone see Grant on Goals on Sunday, as he made a big point about player power and how managers are suffering these days.
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16/02/2009 10:25:00

I always think, no one does themselves any favours by slagging off fellow pros. They must meet up with each other at some stage. Also doing our dirty washing in public doesn't help the club. It's personal & should be kept that way.
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16/02/2009 10:30:00

Good article Rug, I am getting a bit fed up with players having a snipe at Adams now over his training abilities. These are experienced pros and not 18 year old acadamy lads getting ther first run out in the first team. Previous weeks performances have resulkted in inexcusable errors by these blokes who as pointed out couldn't be trained out. It was a good win by any standards on Saturday, but there are still worries over the defence as a better attacking line up would have ripped us open. Sol looks tired and did make a couple of errors, but fortunately got away with them, he was also lucky not to get booked for diving when Bellamy supposedly pushed him over. That was right in front of me but a perfect 6 for artistic content though.
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16/02/2009 10:35:00

I for one was very surprised by Jamo's outburst. I've always had a tremendous amount of respect for him, both on and off the pitch. He's an intelligent man able to speak fluidly on numerous subjects other than football so, was really taken aback by his views on TA. I think he was wrong to do that and i really hope we don't here any more of it from anybody else.
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16/02/2009 10:45:00

intrestingly, they were all very complimentory about tonys training compared to jamies dads....
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16/02/2009 11:18:00

The players are only doing what the supporters have been saying. Jon Nickelson has a good article on it in Football365 today.
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16/02/2009 11:22:00

They should shut the **** up and get on with the job they're so ludicrously well-paid to do. I have respect for David James but there was nothing to be gained from what he has said. His thoughts on Adams did not need airing in public.
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16/02/2009 11:48:00

Sometimes these days, not just in football but elsewhere in the world of sport (look what happened to the England cricket team for example) it seems, to coin a phrase, that the lunatics have taken over the assylum. It's spreading like a virus! Seriously though in most companies and organisations if you are disgruntled about things you go through the proper channels, air your concerns and grievances, everybody gets together to try and find a solution then everybody gets back to the job in hand, in this case keeping Pompey up, and it stays within the organisation. Kind of "what happens in Vegas .... ". I work for a retail giant who shall remain nameless and we know not to air any views we may have about the company in public as it would be dealt with accordingly. Perhaps it's time some of the sporting superstars were taken in hand likewise ... ? Isn't there enough on Pompey's plate already without all this spouting to the media? Shame on them!
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16/02/2009 16:48:00

I think certain players have a convenient scapegoat now, if the errors they had been making were because of being asked to do something unorthodox then i could understand it, but the truth is the errors that were costing us were simple day to day footballing skills not anything complicated. So for me there sniping at Tony is just a way to try and hide their own complicity. It's far too early to start sniping anyway we've won 1 game time will tell the true story.
Steve C
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16/02/2009 17:06:00

steve - I know this is going to sound harsh on tony (but I DO think he would have made a very good manager!) - I think that in blaiming tony for players mistakes, they in a way will be able to pycologicly convince themselves it wasn't there own fault (which it was). and as far as PFC is concenred, if the players can get over there bad patches, by whatever means, it is a good thing. Even if it reflects badly on our unfortunate previous manager. Psycology plays a VERY important role in football. (just ask david james!)
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16/02/2009 18:55:00

They can blame him all they like in private but he deserves more respect than to be blamed for it publicly via the hands of the media. At the moment the Media can't resist any chance to rip in to Pompey or anybody associated with them. So Club and players alike should not be giving the media any ammunition to unsettle things anymore.
Steve C
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16/02/2009 19:16:00

I would agree - I don't think that we should be slagging him off as a manager. in public anyway. BUT, the players were a complete disgrace under him - they couldn't do anything, and right now, I think that whatever helps them get out of that sorry state is probably a good thing. even if it means being reidiculasly unfair on our hoplessley unlucky previous manager.
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16/02/2009 19:28:00

I agree that it needs to help but they could just blame him in their own minds and not publically and achieve the same result.
Steve C
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16/02/2009 20:08:00

This sort of thing has a nasty habit of coming back to bite you in the ass. Given that we have only one won game, I think it's imprudent to invite things to bite you in the ass.
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17/02/2009 01:04:00

Well put Phil and Steve. They should keep their mouths shut and let their performances on the pitch do their talking for them.
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17/02/2009 10:38:00

I take the points that the players must take responsibility for poor performances and about airing dirty laundry - but I also like to get an idea of what went wrong. We were told the players all supported Tony, which whilst its right that they should say that, clearly wasn't true. Who is to blame if the players keep making mistakes and don't play to the best of their ability? The players? Yes of course. The manager - also yes, and its his job to sort it out - Tony was clearly failing in that. Its true throughout football that if you 'lose the dressing room' you won't succeed. But let's hope that the talk stops now and we move on and concentrate on Stoke.
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17/02/2009 14:44:00

Tracyc I cannot agree with you more on that point - Adams lived and died by the sword, but as for preferring to walk his dogs that managing Pompey, no wonder he's gone.
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01/03/2009 12:08:00


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