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Claims made of Eriksson approach?

It was being reported by The Telegraph, the version, earlier this evening that Sven Goran Eriksson could/would be offered a deal that would make him our highest paid manager in our history. On the table would be a 2m a year contract with a 1m bonus should he keep us up - but no approach had been made...

An hour or so later sky sports news claimed that they 'understood' that an approach to Mexico had been made for the former England manager - but nothing official was being said by Pompey, who of course already said that they would not comment on the managerial situation until a new manager was in place.

Paul Hart is in caretaker charge at the moment, but he has already voiced his opinion that we need to move fast and get someone in place sooner rather than later.

Eriksson is under pressure with Mexico, but his wages still seem to be a major stumbling block and paying him the sort of money he would command seems unlikely - even if we overcome this obstacle then we have the matter of not having any money for him to buy players in the summer, and he would want this, and of course would not want to sell others as he would probably have to!

'Reports' claim that some senior players, who had worked under him with England, had sounded him out - quite why Sacha Gaydamak would be asking them is a little strange, but at the same time being in touch with those that will have to play for him might not be such a bad thing?

One thing that is for sure is Gaydamak must get this appointment right, as selling a championship club is going to be even harder than selling a premier league one appears to be!

Could he be making a last ditch, almost no holds bared effort to ensure this and he is putting his eggs in the Eriksson basket, or is this nothing more than mere speculation? Could there be something else afoot?

For me, for what it is worth, I would prefer him to most other options that are most strongly linked but to be honest I cannot see it happening.

I could only maybe see him coming in if a takeover is imminent and maybe this could be very close to happening? So his being appointed would probably give us more hope that this is coming, and along with it the kind of funding to finally achieve the new ground - or redevelopment of Fratton - and training facilities, both things we so desperately need. Not to mention having some money to rebuild and maintain our current squad to get us back on the track that we were on...

Time will tell I guess, as said though it is vital that we bring in the right man - if this man is the Swede, so be it but if we can pull it off lets keep the contract length to a shortish, yet fair level!

I still think this is 50:50 at best, but who knows...


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday February 10 2009

Time: 11:35PM

Your Comments

Hope not - Sven = Ikea, new Ikea in Scumhampton - he'll be there all the time and that's not good.
I'm sorry to have to say this but here goes: I read an article this morning where Fat Franks' uncle was, once again, airing his views on Pompey. One of the things he said is that Sasha has seen the score on Saturday, panicked, and sacked Adams without having a coherent plan in place. To me, this sounds about right, because if there were plans afoot, surely they would have been in place before TA was sacked. Seems to me we may have shot our bolt and find ourselves grubbing around for someone to come in and take TA's place. I don't think there is an imminent takeover, what Franks Uncle says sounds about right to me.
Hang on fellas .. I will explain all.
I've been researching this further since Sunday when I first predicted he would come.. Hence my original tip even before Adams sacking was official - Here is the low down on Sven and the timings of Admas sacking and the reason why Sven will come to Pompey Last week Javier Aguirre left Athletico Madrid. Now.. Svens position in Mexico has been dodgy for a month or so to say the least.. but Aguirres availability has put a whole new twist on it. Aguirre is a national treasure and the Mexicans would love to have him as manager but obvioulsy don't want to sack Sven.. Enter Pompey.. Aware of the situation they tap up Sven (remember he is excellent at lying about approaches - He said live on BBC tv that Man City hadn't spoken to him only 18 hours before his appointment) anyway.. If the Mexican FA can get Sven to leave 'by mutual consent' then Sven saves face and MFA do not have to pay his compensation and can appoint their darling .. Sven gets out unscathed and returns to England to be with Ulrika (or is it Nancy) anyway.. Everybody wins.. BUT there is a twist ....Aguirre himself has expressed a desire to manage in the premiership so it actually could be HIM we are waiting on.. i.e he waits for the US v Mexico result and should Sven win and retain his job .. Aguirre comes to Pompey .. If Sven loses and leaves (by mutual consent) then Aguirre goes to Mexico and Sven to Pompey.. again everybody wins!! My theory explains everything - Even the wages - We give Sven a short term contract say 1m but offer him a bonus say 3m if we stay up - This will (long term) save sasha money as the amount he pays Sven would be far less that what he would lose if trying to sell and Championship club (it's a gamble but a pretty educated one) So there's my theory.. and there's not a hole in it - Sven IS coming to Pomepy just like I said he would on Sunday night !
Ummmm! I would imagine Sven would want some sort of severance from the Mexicans. These negotiations will run and run, especially if Storrie is involved.
Bloody Hell....Chix you're a genius!!!!!
Nope he'll be here (maybe not by Saturday - although I think he will) but certainly by the Stoke game ... Seriously Gandor It wouldn't surprize if the Mexican end is already tied up, but they just haven't gone public as not to unsettle the players before Wednesday game - They want Aguirre and will pay to get him .. even if it means paying off Sven too.
I have been involved with Mexicans in the past and know someone who deals with them on a daily basis. Tricky ********s. Mind you, so is Storrie!
Gandor - I spent some time their too .. loved it and really didn't want to come back .. but you are correct very tricky ********s..
Don't do it Pompey!!! You will be just another notch on the charming snake's bedpost. He'll flatter to deceive, give you a great time, then leave you in a complete mess.
we're already in a complete mess! a little more can't hurt eh?
We're used to it fifthcolumnblue!
Thanks cornypomp - You just watch it come off and remember that VITAL POMPEY had Sven as a target even as Adams was being sacked (My article Sunday night) Even before the bookies and the red tops picked up on it .. Oh how I wish I was a gambler !... Mind you I was wrong about Big Sam (before Tony) so maybe I don't ;)
Dunno about you SUAC but I could do with a good time !
Chix, interesting comments on which I have to agree with you. It would be cheapper for PFC to bring in someone like Sven, Rijkaard or Mancini on a short term contract with a big bonus for keeping us up than get relegated and lose out on so much tv money etc...
Nice one Chix, and I reckon you are right. I also reckon the takeover deal is going to be concluded at the same time we announce his arrival. As I said in an article yesterday, a work colleague who is a steward at the club reckons there are two potential buyers with one wanting Sven in charge. If that takeover is close part of that deal would be to appoint who they want, especially if they coming in with 'loads of money'. Thing is also even if they are not, the wages for Sven aren't going to be much more than what say Crouchie's on, and he's not likely to get injured and not be able to take charge for few games like a player, although at his age and bedroom antics, that could be a realistic situation.:-)
Let's all support the Septics tonight then...if they beat Mexico, Sven will want to hop off the continent pretty sharpish.
sven has started his 'denials' - american need to win tonight to do us a favour, nothing against mexico mind!
talk of a 2.7m release clause is being mentioned, we will not pay that will we, be we also know how much sven loves money so will he walk away without a fight?
whatever happens we will probably not see anyone in place for citeh - what is being billed as 'another twist' has apparently seen brian kidd joining the coaching staff, coming out of semiretirement. he of course worked alongside eriksson with england until he had to move on under health grounds... another sign?
Well he is coming out with the whole I'I have a contract till 2010' line at the moment so I still reckon it's not as done as you think Chix.
Chix you may not be a gambler, but when I read your article I checked with willhill and they had sven at 12/1 ... so i lumped a small sum of english pound on it! so come on sven, lose this match (do you really care about mexico??!?!?!?!) SSN say sven isnt keen to come though! :s
Take a closer look at what Sven has said and you'll see he's not actually ruled it out, hes just said "I have a contract", exactly I'd expect him to say coming up to tonights qualifier. Win or lose i'm hopeful he'll have changed his tune by tommorow morning!
Chix my money is still on Bilic - yesterday when I woke up his odds were 25/1 and by the time I was tucked up in bed with a hot water bottle they were 4/1. Odds slashed that much in a day surely means something? Perhaps someone saw him at the Farlington Hilton!
Well I'm sure 'The News' will have the 'facts' as they are always sooo accurate or we couild ask Peter Story teller, as he always comes out with the truth and I'm sure if he has said that we haven't spoken with anybody at all, then that must be the truth HA!!!!!
We are being linked with some high profile managers, which must be a good sign. I'd rather have Sven than Souness!!!
i am not going to do an aritcle about 'sven playing down the link' as altho i must admit i am still not convinced we will get him, i am no less convinced by his comments - which, despite the spin put on them are not him 'rejecting pompey' he has just said, like SUAC51 says, he has a contract and intends to see it through - does anyone seriously expect him to say anything other than that...
re: bilic, PFCGino, did he not already say that he will be leaving his job in november is it? whenever the world cup qualifiers end - 'combining' croatia and pompey until then, a la hiddink at chelski, isnt something that is totally out of the question is it?
Chix, I'm hoping you're right - it all stacks up. Hope you had a few quid on him when he was at decent odds. Gino, a reason for not appointing Bilic is that he has NO experience of club management, whereas, Sven is one of Europe's most successful club managers - a point often overlooked because of his short-comings with England.
Bilic could combine the two - plenty of managers have done it before and will do it in the future. Bilic wants club management, and Pompey is ideal in my opinion as there's no pressure. The reason I think it's no pressure is because relegation is a real possibility, and we look prettty much dead already, so if we go down it won't be exactly unexpected by most people - but if we stay up he'll be a Messiah. PFC have a squad capable of staying up, so the odds would be in his favour. and NinjaTim, Bilic has turned Croatia into one of Europe's top sides - they can beat anybody on their day and that's proof enough to me he's a good man-manager - just like Jamie's Dad (who don't forget managed him at West Ham, so something's probably rubbed off)
Good call Chix! Love the essay! :) Im bored writing my own essay, but its for college... Not anything worthwhile!
lol i do hope your right chix but over the last month or 2 i've grown a bit more... 'realistic' so i'm not gonna get my hopes up just yet, hopefully we'll see bu the weekend
Sven is in my kitchen hiding from the press drinking tea... he is here, the one on tv tonight at the mexican game is the looky likey honest, isnt that true sven... Hmmmmmmmm Yesssss......
I agree with PFCGino. I would love to see Bilic at Pompey. He could motivate the players and should we stay up, hopefully he'll steal his fellow countrymen Modric and Corluka from Jamie's Dad's team. He would certainly make watching Match of the Day more interesting as well!
I fancy a little bit of, how you say, Svengali !! I'm sure, would be very nice, if the conditions are right, do Portsmouth have enough good looking babes for his appetite....IKEA opens on Thursday, meatballs are makes sense Chix. SGA's Blue and White Army. If we get Sven, I would see that as a sign that a buy-out is v close
Sven or Bilic get my vote!
Great info Chix. I think the 'I have a contract till 2010' statement is all part of the negotiating process. How strange - to be supporting the USA to win a "soccer" game against anybody - but such is life as a Pompey fan.
I too love Chix's essay on the subject. Flawed? maybe but brilliant in any case. I think he is looking through Sven tinted spectacles.
'I always said I have contract until 2010, after the World Cup. In football, you never know what will happen but I have a contract,' no sven, you never know what will happen........i cant believe the press have said that hes turned us down, hes certainly not fully committing to mexico.
Chix's essay is very good I must admit. Although I'm still backing Bilic 100%. Peter Storrie was also at West Ham when Bilic was there, so there's another Bilic/Pompey link.
Yep, if you put those words into the mouth of Harold R in, say, beginning of October 2008 "I have a contract until 2010, you never know what can happen" then you can see how worthless they are. Just like the "pompey till I die" cack.
Bilic ain't coming to pompey because he said 2010 World Cup is his primary objective with Croatia after that he leaves.... we wish him best of luck in future bla bla bla, end of discussion.
Fair point K19 but that's in November - another chance won't come up. Pompey is a HUGE opportunity for him to prove something and I think he'll take it!
brian kidd has joined pompey as a coach and was assistant to sven ...... hmmm the plot thickens!
"I always said I have contract until 2010, after the World Cup. In football, you never know what will happen but I have a contract," he said. "I have always said that Mexico will be in South Africa. "It's very important to start winning but I don't think that my future depends on getting a good result [against the USA]. Life will go on. If we lose, we will have nine more games to qualify to the World Cup. But I repeat, I'm not thinking about a defeat. "Myself and the team are only focused on what's going to happen tomorrow. But it's not bad to be linked with such good jobs. It's worse that they would never mention my name. So that's okay."
brian kidds joined......i agree pessimist, its very thick at the moment, and in his statement he brushes on pompey, then changes the subject asap, then returns to say it flattering......i think usa will have a few more supporters tonight. the english core to our team will be lifted, alot, if hes appointed, and by all accounts, deflated if grant came. it really looks like pompey are preparing for his arrival.
Am i the only one who thinks that Sven is not the right man for the job. Sven would take us forward next season but i'm not sure he's got the fighting spirit to keep us up.
Steve C
steve - aparantly yes :-). Sven could lead us forwrard, inspire the players, give us confidence... IF we cou;ld get him, it would be fantastic. In regards to having someone in place BEFORE we sacked the manager - that is illegal. Just ask Martin Jol, who was fairly upset when it emerged that "new-scum" were lining up juande ramos to replace him BEFORE he was sacked.
No Steve I don't think Sven is the right man - he won't give a toss about Pompey and if we go down - he won't care if we go down or not. We need someone passionate and up and coming yet proven, like a certain Slaven Bilic.
slaven bilic will be no different to tony adams - so if we appoint him (he wouldn't leave croatia anyway - irelevant of money (if he wanted money, he wouldn't still be there coach would he?)) we may as well have kept tony adams.
bilic is too much of an unknown quantity in the premier league,and weve just had one of those, itll have to be someone whos had a go before and done well with it. couldnt see them appointing someone not experienced in the league a second time.
Sven has apparently turned down a move to Pompey according to BBC, but he may be out after Mexico lost 2-0.
Watch the interview Nods.. He doesn't turn down the job at all .. what he wasy is that he has a job already !! - The US defeat means Mexico has won just one of their last seven.. Surely it's time for him to leave and come to work with us !!
do not quote me, and of course 'sources' are not always right but 'word on the street' is that the pressure is squarely on him now and a decision on his future will be made by the end of the week - friday, 10pm our time...
Bilic is not an unknown quantity at all - look at his record with Croatia! Sven may have the experience but I still don't think he has the passion to keep us up. That said, if Sven does join, I hope to God I'm proved wrong!!
Of course he is an unknown quantity in terms of the day-to-day demands of club football. Bilic has NO club management experience whatsover. He has made a huge a sucess of leading Croatia which is, in no small part, down to the strong sense of positive nationalism fostered by the Croats. Sure, he could POSSIBLY succeed with Pompey but do we need to take the risk now? Sven's motivation may not simply be money, it may well be a case of maintaining his reputation as one of the most successful club managers in Europe. Furthermore, so what if it is the money? The cost of going down would be catastrophic so, even if it cost 10m to hire a top club coach(which it won't) that is chicken-feed compared to the coat of going down, especially if we don't come straight back up. Any appointment will be a risk, given our current plight but it's really a case of "**** or bust" now and we should move heaven and earth to get a proven club manager and shrewd tactician on board ASAP.
I see your point Ninja, but I don't agree I'm afraid. Whilst yes, investing in a top manager would offset the cost of going down, being saved is STILL not guaranteed. Adams' sacking after the Liverpool game came as a shock to everyone for the reason that he started to look like he was getting things right - the only reason we lost that game is just sheer bad luck, nothing else. Don't think that a shrew tactician is what we need at the moment - confidence will be low with the defensive errors that were made against L'Pool, but other than those errors tactics were almost spot on. Bilic coming in would motivate the players no end. We need someone who is going to be jumping up and down on the touchline, someone who will really connect with each individual player and get the best out of them, and I really don't see Sven doing anything like that at all.
Chix - Are you still maintaining your theory re Sven coming?

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