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Adams sacked?

The News is reporting that Tony Adams has been sacked as Pompey manager?

There is nothing on the Pompey Site, nothing on the BBC, nothing on sky sports or anywhere else but The News claims that they can 'exclusively reveal' that he has been relieved of his duties...

Until something official is confirmed - and I would have thought this would be on there if he had gone? - I will not believe it, but I will say that I am bitterly disappointed, even gutted that this step has been taken after the defeat against Liverpool at the weekend - a defeat that can be in no way attributed to him!

I hope this news is wrong, as I am genuinely gutted and saddened by this 'news', even if many would be pleased, and if it is wrong then actions will be taken against the so called 'Pompey backing' paper...


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday February 8 2009

Time: 10:48PM

Your Comments

Snap - Rug go with your and delete mine,.. I'll go watch Match of the day 2 :)
it says it on sky sports news, just not their website makes me thin its not true?
MOTD 2 say they will try and clear up the TA situation before the end of the show!
On MOTD2! Oh dear!
Shocked, they must have someone coming in.
It does seem odd MFFP .. why now and not last week surely they (peter and Sasha didn't really expect us to beat Liverpool .. I wasn't a lover of the 'three more games' strategy but thought it was probably right ..
Typical Pompey timing
Gutted if its true. It is just so not fair.
Just emailed Sky Sports .. can I get on MOTD and Sky Sports in the same evening... that'll be some coup for Vital Pompey !
Its now on Sky Sports Yellow Bar and i hope friggin Distin and Coruch are Happy. Crouch has under performed for a player who wants to bi int the national team, for a few games now, and Distin was at fault Saturday (Along with Crouch), and also at Fulham. Look in the mirror guys, you let Tony down.
adams record is awful!!! he came.. he tried.. he failed.. fix it now or we go down...... get Grant in ....
I feel sorry for Tony, but lets hope this is a turning point in the season.
the fella deserved at least 2 more games before a decision was made - genuinely am gutted!
'if' true i will never believe another word that comes out of storries mouth after his 'denial' on friday...
It might not be Storrie's decision rug, I'd say he has his hand tied behind his back.
reckon that means metgod is gone too?
Can't believe the southampton fan e-mail was read out. that's cheeky. And here we go lads, vp on motd very, very soon.
Interesting.. I don't think he would have been sacked .. I reckon he's fallen on his sword.. under a bit of pressure ...but 'Mutal Consent' will come out I reckon...
when are the club going to confirm something? or have they on sky sports news?
If its true, then it was a bit quick, he just got some reinforcements in, the team looked to be playing better, i thought he would have been given a few more games to prove his worth. Id say the decision has come directly from the top.. Dont forget Sacha wants to sell, a premiership club is worth a lot more than a championship club
Let's hope Chix and Paul haven't said anything that is now void...
i would suggest they have said plenty mate that will now be 'irrelevent'...
Oh boy .. I virtually pleadged my undying love for him ! - I don't wanna watch it !
are u all watching motd 2 now?? will try and find a live stream
If its true, then its a stupid decision, unless we have someone really really good waiting in the wings. Don't know much about it, but how much upset can a team take in one season and still function properly?
Well done lads! Flying the 'Vital' flag high on MOTD! Pity about Adams though....
Nice work getting on MOTD rug!
Cheers Bamberini .. I'm gonna watch it now and come back a superstar.. either that or a blubbering idiot !
well done boys, good work - its just a shame that we have seen adams sacked so soon after this?
"Adrian, you're going down boy!". Quality.
Good job there chix, Paul, you look nothing like the picture of you in my head!
Hello everybody, no time like the present to register. Do you reckon Sacha has sacked Adams so that it will be easier for potential new buyers to put their own people in place?
hello Pompey_GS, tbh mate i cannot see the club being taken over until we are safe/the summer - when we WILL be safe. i would have thought that keeping TA until this happened would have been the best bet - who is going to come in knowing the club could be sold and then they might be out of their arse, unless the takeover is all but finalised, so these new backers have decided who their man is?
Definatley! or he himself has chosen to leave
I think Chix agrees that the camera puts a good 10 years on you
well pompey joe and i watched the liverpool game at chelchester's house( a Vital chesea&chesterfield member) as we do not have sultana spits,and chelchester said, we pLYED WELL BUT OUR DEFENDING WAS SO POORIT HAD TO BE COACHING ISSUE especially as its the same back four as last year, well that could be argued. the point i wasnt to make is that he rated Avram grant as one of the best guys hey had had defensively maybe that is the way forward. Plompey joe has to be fair always called for Curbs to get the job. Me....i am disapointed now as ive grown to like and respect TA, however i always had my doubts. I think we will go for A Grant, i think Curbs would be ok in the short term-look at Charlton and what has happened to them since he left. I suppose Ince will be another name mentioned but i doubt he will get a chance. i would love Martinez from Swansea, but i doubt it, and De Matteo, would be a great shout. Chix any chance you running one of your articles. The King is dead, Long live the King.
plymouth graham
ah man, i feel so far away now.. will have to try and watch this somehow.. it is still yet to be confirmed anywhere, but if Rug says its true then it must be
sorry typing faster than my fingers
plymouth graham
im sorry but no amount of coaching can legislate for distin's air kick, and he has done a couple in recent weeks - he made at least 4 howlers yesterday, luckily for us only the 1 got punished! sol's 'arm in the air' wandering around in the box and crouchy's (bless him as he never gives up) poor back pass all cannot be coached, these errors cost us, no amount of coaching could have prevented this crazy individual errors...
So, who do you want instead of Adams?
Millie Miller
haha yeah so down a bit Graham, i was getting lost reading that ;)
thats the thing nodster, i looks like this is true, but nothing official has been confirmed as far as i can see and am aware - i think it must be tho as too many are running with it not to be true...
We need someone with experience, ideally in scrap situations, someone that can turn the players doubt into confidence! i would prefer Grant over Curbs
Grant for me over Curbs, thought he did a great job at chelsea all things considered, i mean following after Mourinho, and like Plymouth Graham said, he is good with defending, though i thought the same about Tony Adams. We'll see anyway i'm sure we are in for an action packed week, rumors wise, which is good as i always miss the transfer rumors when the window closes!
i had to make sure it wasnt april fools then.. yeah, imsure there will be a big stoy with this one.. Football is such a fickle game
Looks like Metgod is going aswell with Paul Hart and Guy Whittingham taking over temporarily!
Plymouth Graham .. I'm inspired.. I'm on to it
i wouldnt have thought curbs would have been on motd2 tonight if something was already in the pipeline, so do not think he has been approached. it will be either him or grant - i keep saying it i know, not keen on either but would go with curb myself.
martinez just doesnt have the experience so i do not think we can afford the risk on him, or di matteo for that matter... we WILL go down if we appoint ince, trust me he will not keep us up...
Adams could also have lost the dressing room, we don't know. There might have been pressure from the players which incidentally would be ironic as they're to blame as well.
I'm really disappointed (if it's true) that Adams has gone - I really liked his scarf. But seriously, I know he's been given quite a lot of time, but the timing stinks as he has only just been able to field a team of his own (although not even that yet as Pennant couldn't play on Sat)! I have not been inspired by any of the names mentioned tbh - I see Sven has now been thrown into the hat!
The Scum letter was read out because Bobbin is a bloody Scummer, he is a season ticket holder.
He should have never taken the job in the first place.
anyone notice how curbs on MOTD2, avoided the questions like the plague... hes either been contacted, or is avoudin the Q coz he wants his big compenastion package from west ham and dont wana seem greedy!
Well I guess now we get to find out whether those of us who said that blaming Adams was a massive oversimplification of a complex problem, and that sacking him would just create more dissatisfaction, more infighting, and more uncertainty, were right or not. Given that there will soon be jobs available at Man City, Chelsea and Spurs, all of whom have huge budgets, I'll be very interested to see who is going to give up the possibility of getting one of those jobs to come here.
BTW, if no one has mentioned it already. It is on the BBC site now.
Mail are saying that Curbs can't join any clubs until his compensation claim against West ham is settled!
My surprise is wasn't done at Xmas after the awful games at home to Newcastle & West Ham. A new man then would have had the Jan tx window to work with & the FA Cup to defend. Now however comes in, can't add to the squad & has a desperate fight to keep us up.
i wouldn't mind Curbishley or Sven, they would both be good in my eyes.
still nothing official tho - but too many are running it for it not to be true?
if we were sacking him why not have done this after fulham - why give him '1 more game' to turn it around, given that this game was against liverpool! to have been 'expected' to win that or he was out seems bizarre...
the club have almost certainly had someone lined up, with or without TA's knowledge?
And God said to Adams build me an ark, but i'm taking away your saw and your hammer and i want you to build it out of driftwood. Players stupid schoolboy errors have brought thia about, It's a story that seems to come from the News and we all know how accurate they can be. changing manager is not going to stop individuals errors, whoever comes in can't buy anyone so my humble opinion is we should stick with Adams.
Steve C
Do feel a tad sorry for TA, as mentioned above by Rug, he couldn't legislate for the stupid back pass by our international forward, or the school boy miss kicking from our normally rock solid defender, however there is always a fall guy so I guess thats TA. Can't say I'll ever trust Storrie again after hearing him on the Quay stating that the rumpours of TA going were all totally unfounded and that he would be in charge, bla bla bla, If it wasn't in his hands totally then he shouldn't have said anything at all, Reckon that Grant will get appointed, and I guess we could do worse and in fairness to him I thought he was treated terrible as Cheetsky, 2nd in the Premierships, Final of Carling Cup and Champions League, mind you though he had inherited a good team from Mourinho. Guess the next couple of days will be interesrting.
Sven?? is he really rumoured to take the job.. if so, we might see his lover Beckham in Midfield
Man we have some awful names being linked to us!

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