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MOTD2 come calling again!

Those of you that have been a part of this site for some time may well remember way back, what seems an eternity ago now, in November 2007 I think it was when the Match of the Day 2 crew made contact with me asking if I, or anyone I knew, would take part in a feature they were running to be screened on that weekends MOTD2 show.

At the time I recall that we were on our fantastic unbeaten run, unbeaten at home that season and on a 13-game unbeaten streak altogether - a run that seemed like it was never going to end! Queue the visitors Spurs and the MOTD2 team and this run ended... Well, not only ended, but ended with the most shocking displace you would be likely to see!

Well with us now on a similar sort of run, but in reverse of course, in as much as we cannot buy a win they have come calling again - ahead of the game with Liverpool on Saturday they wanted to interview a few of us from Vital Pompey.

Last time we had Chix, eastneydave, storagematt and Dave - Matt's mate. This time they again originally wanted 4, so I threw this open to my editorial team and the plan was to have Chix, eastneydave and paultsmouth do this, I was 'considering' joining them but did not expect I would, so I would have then thrown it open to someone else.

This then changed to just the 2, so with Chix and paultsmouth already confirmed as 'yep I will do its' - with the proposed time proving too early for eastneydave - these guys will fly the Vital flag.

I will be going along with them, and if they can find an extra slot I think I will actually face my fears, and nerves, and go for it. Chances are I will miss out on a 'moment of fame' again, but this time I have no one else but myself to blame - I cannot use the excuse of 'I cannot get there', as I can!

So, look out for the Vital Pompey boys on MOTD2 this Sunday as they are again hobnobbing with Kevin Day as they share their thoughts on our current run, the departure of 'you know who', the 'other one' and the management team in place - we 'should' have a caption under each when they speak for the first time with names and where they are from, which also promotes the site. This will be some nice free promotion for us, and the Vital community in general!


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday February 6 2009

Time: 4:07PM

Your Comments

have fun.... rather you than me!
Brave men indeed
Awesome, look forward to seeing it - give a shout out to the Vital board!!
yea nice guys, enjoy your 2 minutes in the sun and rug don't be such a wus go for it =P lol, look forward to seing that after watching us beat liverpool 2-0 ;D
Tell them to sod off, and concentrate on another club, all they want to do is dig up dirt about Redknob and Defoe. Move on, tell them to go up to Newcastle and pick on someone else instead of the easy targets again.
Great - its about time we got some positive media coverage for a change.
Be good to see what Paul looks like, never met ya mate!
Oooh! This means I will know a TV Celebrity....
Owens .. They did Newcastle two weeks ago !.. In fairness they do feature every team at least once a season.. but this time they have come to us when we have a few problems I must admit.. I've got my best suit out of the wardrobe and I've even borrowed a tie..
At least I will look good next to Chix!
Very much up for it again, you know were I am!
Bot early was an excuse really. Felt others should have a go after two appearances on TV already!! Good luck boys and someone take a camera and get them pics on the site albums.
Ohhhh, exciting! I'd pencilled in Sunday night to be a lengthy 'Wire' session but I won't be missing this!
Squee..."The Wire" ay?...what a fantastic series- I am assuming that you are referring to the HBO tv series rather than some S&M practice ive not heard of..well the recorder is programmed-not for the wire /either kind, but for MOTD
plymouth graham
I love bubbles_ the wire
plymouth graham
agreed MFFP! I wouldnt have the balls to do it!
I've been on telly several times. I don't like it though - it makes me look fat..... Or should that be fatter....:-)
well paul says he is 'easy on the eye', lets see the TV cameras decide tomorrow. only met paul the one time, and do not take this the wrong way as im not coming on to ya, i could imagine the ladies would take a liking him :-)
nice and bright out today, not much wind - a good day for it, lets hope it stays this way...
getting cloudy now though rug but hopefully we will win so... that would make it a bright day lol
Yes, Plymouth, it's the tv show, not some deviant practices :)
Well Rug, Gandor, Squee and myself will have to let you know about that after Sunday night! ;-)
you probably wont get this in time now but i reckon we should set you a challenge where you have to say a word somewhere in your answers.. ideas literally in the last 5 seconds ... snowman, lollipop, afro. lol.
i got this in time :-) afro could be quite easy, mention johnson or jamo and the 'afro' being the course of their power, hence why defoe is trying to grow one! the others, not sure...
would make it more interesting! lol
Just off to game - may try and catch up with the guys later. Hope lady luck has got a ticket too.
Quite right Tracy, am looking forward to it.
chix got afro in, if they keep it or not time will tell on sunday...
Yeah.. I didn't see the post pessimist and Rug could only remember Afro and Lollipop.. I could wangle lollipop but did mention Afro as Rug says .. Just hope they keep it in ..
lol i hope they do keep it in.
Right, I've cancelled an "A list" party I was invited to for this. I have stuck post-it reminders everywhere and am having to cook a roast dinner as a bribe for Mr G to watch this - so it better be worth it!
Chix, I now really can't stand Adrian Childs - just thought he gave such a smug retort to your "You're going down Adrian", jibe. You've got him rattled!
Lads dont do it again, it makes us look like t***s, be bigger than that and move on, football is not for the tele, it is for being there, not for all those smug armchair fans looking to have a snipe.
Owens .. I'd do it again like a shot. Really enjoyed it and thought Kevin Day was a top bloke as were his production team. If I looked like a ***** then I must do in everyday life as well so thanks for that! At least you have seen my face to form an opinion .. I unfortunatley have not seen yours.. although I am sure I can be a little more insulting than you if the opportunity presents itself. I take your point about smug armchair fans looking on as they annoy me too - But in this instance I was asked if I wanted the opportunity to give an opinion and I took it happily - If nothing else my kids enjoyed seeing Daddy on the telly!.. as did the majority of other Pompey fans I spoken to since - It also proved a great advert for Vital Pompey..
Chix, i think i have hit a nerve matey. I will be available in the Milton Arms on Saturday, when the mini bus arrives from Liverpool, so we usually get there for 1415ish, however you are more than welcome to join us in the Thomas Sheraton in Stockton on Tees for the 'Boro game or the Wheatsheaf in Church Street fro the Stoke game, i look forward to seeing all the loyal pompey non armchair fans at these games!! However i am willing to bet that not so many will make those journeys. Mines a Guinness, i hope a TV star will put his hand in the old skyrocket.
Owens.. I'm getting half of this but not the full picture ... amuse me for just a minute so I can connect.. Are you suggesting that I or Paul or Dave (i.e. those on the telly) are armchairs fans or are you suggesting that we as non-armchair fans, by appearing on the telly, just give the armchairs fans something to moan about.. Let me know what point you are making - I can work out if you having a dig at a) me b) the three on the telly c) Vital Pompey members in general or d) Pompey fans in general.. Be specific then we can have the fight (or pint) .. and maybe.. I'll stick my hand in my pocket..
Chix believe me i am aborn fighter, i am annoyed at all the supporters who keep coming on here and tell us to get behind the team, the away following is getting smaller, and at home we no longer fill the ground. These armchair followers of Andy Gray and Richard Keys need to get off their backsides and get behind the players who are trying. My point about the television is that we need to shut up and let the team do the talking, when fans appear other supporters have free reign to talke the mickey and revel in our misfortune,look at the reaction to Spuds, Keegan, Keane and Scolari. Dont go there, let the team do the talking. Its easy for fans to pop to Fratton Park, think of the Northern Blues, Clan Pompey and our little part of Pompey who have 4 to 5 hpurs for a home game, to listen to drivel from Adams and supporters saying he is a nice bloke and deserves a chance. Im a nice bloke and would love to manage Pompey, however it will not happen, he had to go, the armchair critics need to get realistic. See you in Stockton and Stoke.
as far as supporting pompey and going to games goes - as far as i am concerned it is 'each to their own'...
some fans have become 'armchairs' as the rising costs of going to football have made it the case, and i know this for a fact as i know people that had been going to football regularly for 10-years plus who are pompey through and through and have now been priced out - granted for home games 10% of the 250,000 at the victory parade 'should' be able to make every home game! and as this spread came from all over the country you would think that more could make it to away games, but travelling in packs does reduce costs doesnt it to be fair - but again costs, its not something all can afford or justify to their families and the like
i know chix, paul and a large amount of regulars on vital pompey are season ticket holders - so we go to every home game. just because they, myself included, do not go to every away game does it make them any less of a fan than you because you do go to every game home and away?
i travel to every home game via train, sometimes on the day of the game as i do not have a 'mini bus' or enough fans from in devon to get me their - it costs me a fortune, and i spend hours travelling and waiting for trains, i also went to portugal and germany but do i think this makes me any more of a fan than anyone else and any more at right to have a view? nope, i do not, but i have my view and thats my view - i supported TA, and still maintain that on the whole our football has been better under him than it had for a long time under 'him'. its a results based business and he paid the price, this came too soon as he should have got a couple more games i reckon. but he is gone, i supports PFC, whoever it is...
not quite sure what the point of this debate that has snowballed is about tbh?
by the way had i not been 'approving comments' something i need to do i wouldnt have even come across this...
as i say tho, when i eventually got to the point lol, im not quite sure why this debate has even happened/is going on?
Rug the point is i get cheesed off with MOTD and the like arranging little chats with fans who represent the feelings of others. We are in a position where by every one is interested in us because of the soap opera we have become. Tell them to go away, nothing you say improves our position or makes us appear any better or happier. It annnoys me that the people expressing the opinion of the Pompey fans are not always at Bolton, West Ham and the Boro, but actually comment on the game on the website. When i turn the compuetr on the day after a game, i see hundreds of comments by'supporters' who have listened to the game on the radio, or with Jeff Stelling on the television. They are not getting behind the team, that is the easy option, however i bet they went to Wembley and the victory parade, but not to Portugal, Germany and Hong Kong as we all did. Thats the point of the debate, i spend all my spare cash, allowed by the boss, on supporting the team, and i feel that Mr Day should have been told to sod off.
to be fair you were given the chance to voice this opinion last time they came calling, and i recall you were happy to and you said you would, but didnt turn up...
so basically if you didnt go to a game you feel you have no right to form an opinion? as said there a varying degrees as to why people might not go to a game - i admit it does frustrate me when those that have absolutely no interest in going 'give it all that' but thats life, and as i say thats the case of 'each to their own', fans, in my opinion, should not be judged on the amount of games they go to but that said those that only come calling when the 'big boys do' or when we have 'major games' wind me up, but these arent 'real fans' anyway are they, and ive seen these sat in front of me, more interested in the chelski, liverpool or manyoo players than our own!
I did turn up if you remember however one of your number told us there were too many to go on the television at that time, and rather than select one we watched the rest of you do the interview. I have every right to form an opinion, and i have an opinion about watching the game on the forum!!How does that work, go to the game, give up beer and fags but get there, all the people who slag off John Westwood, but he will be there no matter what. Being on the television does nothing for me personally, it is about the team, all the Tony Adams backers did not see the games he was in charge, it was bad management anfd the Pompey bashers love it, then we are 2-1 up to Liverpool and we throw it away, so lets speak to Pompey fans!!Tell it how it is, we were a load of tosh again because our tactics were wrong. People are queing up to take the mickey out of our potential fal from grace, dont fuel it. leave it to the end of the season. we look so stupid at the moment.
that isnt something that i knew had happened, i wasnt there for that one... well this one is done, it cannot be changed and i for one would not say no, and will not say no, if they called again - sorry if you or others would not like!
trust me mate if i could get to every away game as well as the home ones i would be there, i do not drive, i do not know others that could drive me and i sure as hell could not afford to be getting the train all over the country! i can barely afford to do this to pompey for all the home games - i do not drink that often, unless a football and do not smoke, trust me i could not give up anything else to afford to go to every home and away game - and i have given up everything else i can!
Rug, i love you, if i could i would divert the mini bus to pick you up. No matter what happens over the next three or four months i will stand alongside you and cheer for the lads. You take care and see you at Fratton Park on Saturday mate, and thats from us all in the North West Blues, RESPECT!!
Owens, I used to go to nearly every away game, now its a select couple a season, I'm still a season ticket holder, the reason I don't travel as much these days is 3 kids, no doubt in a few years when they have grown up and fend for themselves I will hopefully hit the road more often, the point of MOTD2 is its more light-hearted than the saturday version, our interview went on for about 45 minutes in the pub, most of it was taking the rip about HIM, and just saying we thought we would never get a ground, after the game you notice the smiles had dropped and we had a pop at Crouch and Distin, how did that shame Pompey fans?
In my opinion, which i take it i am entitled too, we are an easy target for the media, everyone up here is taking the p*** out of us because we constantly put our head above the parapet and have it chopped off. We need to keep our mouths shut and let the team do the talking, then we can get back to normal. The way we have behaved as a club has been at best a joke and at worst a disgrace, we have seemingly fallen apart and imploded. When i went back to work on Monday everyone was commenting on the way we try to accept no ground, no training ground, no manager, players not performing, players getting the manager the chop etc, but we will go on the television and life will go on. Well that is not how it works for me, and the lads i go to the game with, igf the interview had been arranged at Bolton who would have appeared?Probably the fans who watch the game on this website!! I have two kids, and a grand daughter but they know that apart from them Pompey is my life, solves aproblem at Xmas and Birthdays, but come wind, rain, snow, i will be on the bus, train or in the car on match day, even my boss accepts that i will work all day every day apart from match days. Think of the bigger picture, the other fans are waiting for a chance to have a pop, if you do not believe me look at the Team Talk website, as it has started already, and it will get worse.
Owens - I returned on the offensive but have been quiet pacified by what I have read since my last post. In fairness to you I agree with a lot of what you say. I think you've just picked on the wrong couple of people in me, Paul and Dave Hunn (The 3 on the telly) - Dave incidentially claims not to have missed a home or away game for 15 years ! - Anyway, for the past god knows how many years (I'm 43) I have always taken the stance (as Rug does now - he's younger) that I don't need to justify my 'Pompeyness' to anybody - I know what I've seen and where I've been and to be honest anybody can make up anything and in reality can not be disproved -My view was always those that went with me knew I was there and that's good enough for me - That said in the past 6 or 7 months I have found my patience tried and tested again and again by armchair fans (your term) who whether it be on the Quay or on The News site like to have a pop at MY team. Only last week I got into a rant on here (in the forums) because somebody made a comment about 'old' fans have had there day and should move aside for the new breed! - Have a read

It really winds me up as I see it does you. Anyway now we have found a bit of common ground - I'll address the telly point. In a nutshell I think I am as entitled as anybody to give my opinion on my club and I'd rather I did it than some oik who really doesn't know what he's talking about - That would wind me even more - I can see your point about not doing it but Vital Pompey has an excellent reputation so I'd rather it was us that say ''Team Talk' So yep I'm pleased I did it, yep I enjoyed it and yep I'd do it again. Finally (for now at least - As I'm actually enjoying this 1 on 1) I would love to meet you in Stoke but as Rug will tell you I had to cancel our plans to go today because my wife is working and I have to look after the kids - I (now) live away from Pompey too you know and my family all live 40 miles away so babysitters for two under fives are hard to find/trust - If my wife works on Away days at least it safeguards my 'home games'. However I will meet you in the Milton on Saturday as I am in there for every home games from about 1:30 ish until about 2:40 when I head to the ground - At least because of the telly appearance you'll be able to recognise me .. So tap me on the shoulder and say hello and you'll soon see that our opinions are not that dissimilar .. If can do that, that guiness is yours.
Chix, i look forward to having a Guiness with you, i dont know you, or what you look like, as i said i do not watch MOTD or MOTD 2, as i detest Chiles and Day. We usually get in there for about 1415 depending on the traffic on our way down from Warrington, no doubt you will spot us as there will be up to 15 as soon as i confirm the numbers on Thursday night.
If the Milton is busy Chix do you use the Shepherds Crook or the Mr Pickwick as well?
Owens .. I'm always in the Milton well early so to be honest never notice how busy it is .. The Crook will be packed with City fans on Saturday .. the Pickwick.. nah never .. The Milton is my local - thaks were I am 90% of the time .. and will be Saturday from about 13:30

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