Portsmouth - Please let Adams succeed...
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Please let Adams succeed...

Earlier today I voiced, what I thought was a well balanced and fair argument on why I felt that the next 3 games would determine Tony Adams' future as far as his position as manager of Pompey goes - again I stress I want this to remain the case for a long time to come, but as I said then we have to start thinking about the reality of things should our situation not change by the end of this month, as time will be running out...

My desire for him to succeed has never been greater than it is now, following his heartfelt words shared with The News today, a paper that although 'claiming' to be a backer of Pompey does not often do much to 'support' these claims!

Anyway, let me know it clear that it is not 'pity' or the fact that I 'feel sorry for him' that I want this, for me he has again reiterated just why I want him to be successful with Pompey - he genuinely wants to be here, he wants to succeed for Pompey, and he wants to do this at Fratton Park not only for him but for the fans, as he appreciates us!

What did he say?

Well this is what he said: 'I am trying my hardest and myself and Peter (Storrie) worked all hours to try to bring in a few loans and get a few deals done.

'Our budget was cut but it hasn't stopped us working hard to find a way to stay in this league - and I believe we can.

'I received verbal abuse while getting on the bus after the game on Saturday and that hurt.

'There were a couple of fans who were not happy over the way the team is playing and the results.

'They shouted they didn't want me at the club ever again. To be honest, it was put a little bit stronger than that.

'I tried to explain things to them but they weren't listening and that hurt - it really did. I felt that.

'I understand their frustration at the results, but I have never experienced that before in my career.

'I have had stick from opposing fans, of course I have, I played a lot of games in my career and you don't expect to be liked by rival supporters. But I've never had it from my own before.

'Never at Arsenal, Wycombe or with England. I always thought you stick together.

'For me, it's unusual and that's why it hurt. It was only a couple of guys angry at me, but it didn't stop me feeling it.

'We have had another bad result and I understand people's reaction, but the club has changed and I am doing my utmost to scrap away and improve things.'

He also again reiterated that he understands and appreciates the anger and disappointment, even if it saddened him, but again stressed he will not be turning and running as he never has been, and never will be a quitter: 'they are obviously voicing their anger and for me it's difficult to take.

'I feel it too, you know, I want better results. More than anything I want to do well at this football club. I'm no runner.'

I am hoping that the tide is changing, and some much needed luck can also come our way - something I again spoke of today - the signs recently have been more positive, if we can build on these and get a win, this win will be huge for us and I feel the snowball effect will be massive for us, just as the snowball effect of not winning has been!

We now focus fully on football, we do not need to 'worry' about players leaving anymore, and have bought some in as well, what we have now is our lot - full focus can now be given on the job in hand, and that is playing football, that is the only focus.

I also feel we need Johnny Metgod to step up to the plate and do more to help, as, and I am not trying to 'shift the blame' or 'point fingers', but to be honest I am finding it somewhat hard to know what he actually brings to the table? He bangs on about 'retaining the ball' but we have not done this enough. Hopefully the Dutchman will start doing whatever it is he does, and to the top of his ability, and if nothing else start doing more work with the press to ease the burden on Adams, something else I feel he needs far more help with, so he can focus solely on managing the team, and working with the defence and the shield in front of them especially. There seems to be a slight shift in this movement, and he could well do more of this in the future.

I am starting to feel a really positive vibe, despite my '3 more games argument' - again meant in the most positive way, if that was possible - maybe this is my desire for us, and him, to turn things round clouding my judgement, but I think the closure of the much disruptive January transfer window has helped, not only me, but many of you, the players and all connected to the club. There are no distractions now. His 3 games begin now, and as said I have never wanted him to succeed more as he has reaffirmed what I already knew about the fella. He wants to be here, he wants to give his all for Pompey and it genuinely means something to him as he does care!

Pompey have a habit of 'getting under your skin' when you are connected to it, and this has happened to him I am sure, this happened before he took over as manager as I feel he would, and easily could have, walked away a long time ago if he wanted to. Yep, his blood runs red with Arsenal, but there is more than a tint of blue coursing through his veins as well these days I suspect.

People are of course entitled to their opinion, now use these opinions as added inspiration to inspire yourself even more and then the players likewise in the games coming up Tony to start the climb up the table you want, and say you can bring - as that fella says in a lot of Adam Sander films 'you can do it!'


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday February 5 2009

Time: 1:06PM

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We are trying to kick start a rusty old motorbike. All the ordinary sides we should have beaten and now Liverpool. Come on Pompey fans we have to expect another defeat surely. The only bike up and running will be the one that The Board says " On your bike Tony"
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05/02/2009 13:23:00

I hope the moaners stay away, and show their discontent with their feet by staying away from the ground. Leave the negative vibes behind. Yes we are all hoping we can turn this around, and yes i hope Tony can do it with the support of the Players, his backroom staff, the board, but also the fans. In war, the best way to win is to start an internal revolution, and let them kill themselves. We dont need an internal revoloution here, to survive we ALL need to step up to the plate, and be possitive externally even if negative internaly. Stand together, re-unite and lets get out of this releagtion battle and back into the mix at the top. PLAY UP POMPEY
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05/02/2009 13:35:00

I really don't feel that it's fair for so called fans to abuse Tony Adams, he's hardly been given a fair crack of the whip, he took over a team already performing badly and then watched two of his best players sold, this wouldn't have been too bad had he been able to use the money for replacements. He's been forced to try strengthen the team by sniffing round in the bargain basement. Talk about having his hands tied behind his back, i'm of the opinion that he should remain manager regardless of what happens this season, there have been some good performances since he took over showing that he's not exactly a mug a little bit of a change of luck and we'll be off to the races. But whatever opinion you have about Tony don't personally abuse him, he's the Portsmouth manager and as such deserves our support. You can moan about him all you like down the pub, but when you're anywhere near him show him & the team the support that can help make a difference.
Steve C
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05/02/2009 13:51:00

You can turn up & back the team but you don't have to sing 'I love you Tony' songs!!! The realism is after 2 very successful seasons, we have fallen a very long way in less than 4 months!!! Of course we want eveything at Pompey to be great but it ain't. This time last year, fans on here were moaning about only being 7th & not being higher, I thought they were mad!!!!
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05/02/2009 15:09:00

Agrred Steve. No one should abuse him. Its bang out of order.
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05/02/2009 15:10:00

Also agreed Steve. I think it is disgusting that fans can do that. It's a pity that they probably don't feel ashamed for it either.
Matt - 4 months? We have been in free fall since about March of last season in the league.
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05/02/2009 15:44:00

I'd agree with that, but because Redknapp jumped ship Adams has become the target. Matt i'm not saying everybody should turn up and sing I love you Tony songs but moaning and abusing him achieves nothing it's even going to be counterproductive. Anybody who cares to look can see he's not happy with the results. Considering the hand thats been dealt i think any manager would've struggled to get the team performing. What the fans need to do now is get behind the team and produce the same level of support as the great escape, the support that seems to have disappeared lately. True fans will get behind the team no matter what. If fans aren't going to back the team then they should stay home and let others who will go instead, that way we may just have a premiership team to support next season.
Steve C
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05/02/2009 17:07:00

steve - totally agree, Tony should stay manager, even if we're relegated. He has got the team performing well enough, playing good enough football, and actually, I CAN'T see what he has done wrong in a few games that has made us lose. Anyone claiming to be a pompey supporter that abuses - or even DOESN'T sing "I love tony adams" (storage matt!) is a liar, as they are NOT supporting the club. By not singign "I love tony adams", you are not supporting the club - by definition, you arn;t a supporter. same applies with hurling abuse/booing (only with them, your actually going against what you say)
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05/02/2009 17:12:00

Yesterday I went into the shop and bought a third strip shirt. I'm supporting Tony, and not for three games, but for as long as he's at the club which I hope will be at least another couple of seasons. He inherited a team with the heart ripped out of it, lost (probably) the two most valuable (financially) players from that team, and has had to rebuild the team with about 7m plus a handful of cheap loans. Contrary to the constant claims of lack of motivation (what team are you guys watching?!) he sends out eleven players who are visibly hungry and motivated and - hell - even Utaka looks vaguely interested under Adams. We've been playing pretty well apart from the odd game here and there, and have had a huge amount of crappy luck. I don't know what more he could do.
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05/02/2009 18:54:00

I agree the personal abuse is out of order. He is a top gut that has done a lot for us whilst as a coach. Just think he's not cut out for the top job. They sacked Alan Ball once & replaced him with an untried manager in John Gregory. Disaster. Of course I want TA to do well, that equals Pompey are doing well. But this season success is staying up!
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05/02/2009 21:22:00

we shouldn't abuse him, we need to support the team, and cheer them. we need to give TA more of a chance to prove himself. maybe 3 or 4 games to finally prove himself...
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05/02/2009 21:29:00

Its not all to do with the fans.. end of the day, it comes down to Tony and his team
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05/02/2009 23:10:00

Phjiltaglia - I agree with what you have said - apart from one thing. The best part of the 7m went on securing a player we already had - Belhadj. So, Tony actually only had 2m and I estimate he only spent 1.5m to bring in new players. He had to do that with a backdrop of press promising a Pompey firesale and doom, gloom and bankruptcy. We need to give Tony and the boys our support.
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06/02/2009 00:39:00

I think I will have to judge Tony on the quality of his transfer buys as I have no idea what to think of him as a manager. They look a reasonable bunch and we need to get behind them and that means getting behind the manager that brought them here.
Report Abuse
06/02/2009 01:33:00

Good point, Gandor, most of the budget I mentioned was indeed spent on keeping one member of the team with us, and not on rebuilding as I had implied. And very good point on the Pompey firesale. One thing Tony Adams definitely deserves (and hasn't received) much credit for is managing to keep a number of players the press were baying for us to sell, like Johnson, James, Distin, Kranjcar and Crouch.
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06/02/2009 04:00:00

I sticking with the guy because U genyinely think he'll turn it around.. I'm not convinced it will start against Liverpool but Man City and Stoke have got to be like cup finals for him.. Five wins from 15 games will do . sounds easy doesn't it ?
Report Abuse
06/02/2009 06:59:00

hmmm, maybe if we can pull off a draw vs liverpool then it will kick start our luck, and confidence! if we do well then we might just win a few games!
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06/02/2009 07:31:00

The news lines are buzzing with rumours that Curbishley has been approached by Storrie.
Report Abuse
06/02/2009 10:22:00

Ah I see we have sued over said Curbishley story. Nice one
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06/02/2009 12:00:00

Tony it is time to walk the plank, Blackburn and Sunderland is not good enough in 15 attempts.
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06/02/2009 12:12:00

A performance similar to that against Villa will do for me, it isn't the result that I care about, just how much effort we put in.
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06/02/2009 15:21:00

I dont care about the performance we NEED three points, "Just win baby"
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06/02/2009 17:04:00

Everyone's entitled to their opinions, and its easy to see why those opinions might be negative right now. But hurling abuse at Tony is not OK. He has taken over at a difficult time, there isn't money to spend, I think given the circumstances he & Storrie did a top job over the transfer window. The fans now have our job to do, if you don't want to sing 'I love Tony' songs, then don't, but get behind the team, and stop the booing. Owens, yes, an 'ugly' win will do me - stop the defensive errors and try to nick one on the break. Route one, Jamo up to Crouchie - job done!
Report Abuse
06/02/2009 17:27:00

Lets all bring our lucky charms to the next few games.. It would be fantastic if things can start happening for Tony, they have been giving the effort, just got to stop these silly errors cause thats whats costing us the points each week.
Report Abuse
06/02/2009 23:03:00

I'm bringing my lucky charm to the match - Mr G - if I have to drag him there kicking and screaming. He has never attended a match that Pompey have lost - ever.
Report Abuse
07/02/2009 12:13:00


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