Portsmouth - Adams on Nugent and Gekas
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Adams on Nugent and Gekas

The arrival of Greek striker Theo Gekas left many thinking 'Nugent is again being pushed out' but Tony Adams has told The News that Dave Nugent will start against Liverpool at the weekend...

Adams on Nugent
'Theofanis has scored goals everywhere he's been but Nuge definitely deserves another crack at it.

'I thought he was fantastic when he came on against Fulham. He got another goal, worked his socks off, and he's going to get another chance.

'I think he deserves it, absolutely. He was close to playing Saturday anyway - it was a toss-up.

'In the end I thought there were enough encouraging signs against Villa to go with the same again, other than Sol and obviously Nadir, and now I think he deserves his place.

'He worked extremely hard into channels and gave it everything. We are going to need players like that.

'I think up front has always been his position. He's done a job off the right because we've been limited for options. Really, he's a forward.

'Peter and Kanu are fairly similar, Nuge and the new lad offer something different. But Nuge is going to get a go.'

Fair call, I just hope that his 'another chance' does not come as a right sided player with Peter Crouch playing as the loan striker again.

With Jermain Pennant ineligible we need someone to move out onto the right, so Nugent seems the obvious option.

Lets stick with 4-4-2 and give it a go, give the scouser the chance alongside the England man, to be fair John Utaka probably deserves the crack at on the right as well as he has shown a marked improvement in his last couple of sub outings - maybe he has finally realised that effort, determination and commitment needs to be given...

I still feel we will go with one up top against Liverpool though, even more so with the numbers we now have available in the middle of the park, and to be fair playing 4-5-1 against the likes of Liverpool - even at home - is somewhat understandable. Crouch has been isolated up top on his own, so maybe Nugent will start as the lone man?

Adams on Gekas
'I'd have to say Theofanis is very similar to Gary Lineker.

'He stands on the last defender and likes to get in behind defences. He may get caught offside 20 or 30 times but he causes defenders all sorts of problems.

'He's not going to do anything outside the box. He wants to get inside the box and score goals, but he works hard to do that.

'The lad's going to be a great outlet and, if play goes up the other end of the pitch, he'll be there ready to help counter and stretch the game.

'He's only played 106 minutes this season but has still scored three goals and that says it all about him really.

'It may be seen as a gamble but I have a funny feeling he might get a few goals for us.'

I do not know a lot about Gekas, in fact I do not know anything at all - but I do know I am willing to give him a chance and he does arrive with some pedigree, particularly for clubs in a predicament similar to the one we find ourselves in!

Maybe a real surprise will be sprung on us with Crouch rested - maybe something that he needs - and Nugent and Gekas will start together at the weekend? Unlikely I know, but it is good for us to have some real options again, it keeps people on their toes and makes them have to perform to keep the shirt they have possession of!

Roll on Saturday - I just hope that the weather clears up...


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday February 3 2009

Time: 9:42AM

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If you think of defoe as a natural goal scorer... I think Gekas will put him to shame. Nugent will probably play down the right, as we need a right sided player, and nuge is really our best option there. And I also think we will play 4-5-1 - and I hope that pele comes into the side as an attacking midfielder...although I doubt it really. Gekas will probably come off the bench IF (NOT WHEN!!!) we conceed.
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03/02/2009 09:51:00

im looking forward to saturday now, as last few games weve looked predictable and i dont blame adams for that.
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03/02/2009 09:52:00

Sounds good if Gekas is a far-post-lurker. We've had so many efforts off the post or going wide etc, someone who sniffs around and prods 'em in (which I had hoped JD was going to bother to do) would change our luck quite a bit.
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03/02/2009 09:56:00

Pennant ineligible? Did he get injured at Fulham then?
Report Abuse
03/02/2009 10:12:00

pennant cannot play against the bin dippers can he as he is on loan to us from them.
Report Abuse
03/02/2009 10:17:00

Spect it was in the contract.
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03/02/2009 10:21:00

As an Everton fan, I expect Nuge to have an ADDED incentive against the scousers. Btw, did you that Alois Hitler, Jr. was the half-brother of Adolf Hitler and lived in Liverpool?
Report Abuse
03/02/2009 10:32:00

Will be interesting to see what happens on Saturday. As long as the pitch is not frozen of course.
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03/02/2009 10:44:00

How TA can say it was a close call betwen Kanu & Nugent at Fulham i will never know . Although they are differnt types of fowards Kanu just hasnt got any pace but can hold the ball well but i just think nugents pace would have payed dividends . but we will never know
Report Abuse
03/02/2009 10:58:00

I think we need to be just a tad realistic here chaps, the signings are not asbad as I anticipated; probably cos HR originally tried to sign 3 of em. Theo has not scored against the like of the teams we will be mostly playing for the next month, and he is considered quite easy to play against by holding a high line. He will take time ( not much i pray) to adjust to our game as most likely will Gekas. So let's give them a chance and no pedastal putting
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03/02/2009 11:06:00

didn't nugent get rejected by the liverpool acadamy too? (I think he did anyway...)
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03/02/2009 11:17:00

Bgger, forgot about Pennent not being able to play against Liverpool. It seems we get the rough side of these loan deals!!! The strikeres the better, the more options, the more competition Because wea are going to need it.
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03/02/2009 11:32:00

Peter and Kanu are fairly similar? Except that one runs around all over the place and the other can't anymore - yes just the same. Not sure about resting Crouchie against his old club though, I tip him to break his little goal drought once and for all.
Report Abuse
03/02/2009 13:05:00

pity pennant can't pl,ay, but we have plenty of good players left! should play 4-4-2, but probably wont. nugent and crouch upfront will be the best bet.
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03/02/2009 13:15:00

team; James,- Johnson Kaboul,Distan Herman,- Nugent,basinas, Davis Traore/Belhadj-Gekas Crouch. subs Utaka, Mullinns, Kranjar,Begovic, Pele. is my thought 442. Result 2-0 to Pompey scorers Utaka/Nugent, Gekas. Manager, unhappy with performance but glad of result..or is that too fantas-tickle. please feel free to remind me if this prediction is wrong, Im going to have a wager on it. could it be that in two months when we've been on a winning run the press start talking about Adams being the next England manager?
plymouth graham
Report Abuse
03/02/2009 14:00:00

Graham i hope that you are right, would play Mullins somewhere as he has not played badly. Would settle for 2-0, i hope Everton give them a hard time tomorrow.
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03/02/2009 16:02:00

Guys i'm not a pessimist but i think Pompey is in trouble maybe not for this season but next season for sure. Leaving of Lauren(contract end), Duffy(contract end), Thomas(contract end), Pamarot(contract end), Hreidarsson(contract end), Traore(loan), D. Traore(contract end), Pennant(loan), Pele(loan), Gekas(loan), Davis(contract end), Primus(contract end), Basinas 33 years played like crap on Euro 08 who wants him ?? AEK don't why would pompey ? , Kanu(contract end), Little(contract end) and with all that Niko wants to leave in summer and pompey will probably sell him because his contract runs out in 2010. That is 14 (not counting Niko) players (if i counted wright :D) leaving almoust for sure. Is that something to worry about ?? I would say yes.
Report Abuse
03/02/2009 16:29:00

kranjcar19 - you are right, I AM the pessimist here. i hear what you say but here is what i think from the list above! lauren - good hes going, probably a high wage earner, does nothing for the club, and slates the club publicly. duffy - gone to millwall. thomas - hopefully will be offered a new contract (could have a future at the club). pamarot - let him go, getting on, not good enough to stay in the team. hreidarsson - i hope pompey offer him a one year extension, the guy is awesome. a traore - will probably go back to arsenal, unsure we could offer him the contract he wants here. d traore - links with euro teams, i say let him go. pennant - if we stay up will sign a contract with pompey. pele - depends on whether he plays any part of this season, TA said one for the future so on that basis he will be offered the deal if he shows promise. gekas - depends on performances. davis - contract on the table, i think he will stall it until the end of the season if we stay up he will stay. primus - dont think linvoy would leave pompey unless we pushed him, i think he will be offered a role in the club, not as player. basinas - depends on performances, if he can handle the pace of the prem he may be offered an extension after 18 months. kanu - time to go, too slow. little - should be given a run in the 1st team to be honest, unsure as to whether he will be happy being on the bench. niko - again if pompey stay up he will stay, if we get an offer of 8 million or more I think in our current situation (stripping club of prize assets) he will go. am i worried, a little. but im more worried that we might not stay up and that we didnt really strengthen the team too much. heres to proving me wrong!
Report Abuse
03/02/2009 17:14:00

i agree kranjcar i just dont know where the moneys coming from to replace them, foreign loans???
Report Abuse
03/02/2009 17:17:00

Kranjcar19 you are a pessimist! By next season we may have a new owner and be shopping in the good end of the market again. There's every chance that some of these players you mention will be offered new deals. The others add nothing to the squad, Duffy been around forever and started 1 game i believe, Thomas was a Twitchy panic buy and is not going to strengthen the team. Djimi Traore (do i really need to say what he adds to the team). Little was another panic buy by twitchy who's not good enough. Lauren was a complete waste of signing, he's never even looked like doing anything on the pitch since he came here. Judge Basinas on what he does for us not what happened last year. Pele and Gekas are loans with a view to a permanent deal, so if they're good enough they'll stay if they're not then we don't want them anyway. Primus is a Pompey great but in all honesty his premiership days are over. hopefully he'll get some other job with the club. Niko may leave but thats not really a surprise for a player of his quality. These last few days have left me tired and drained not so much the transfer window but the negative comments from some fans, have they forgotten the end of the transfer market affordable to us? ( next bit to all fans thinking negatively) Too many people have written off the additions before they've even kicked a ball in anger. In an ideal world we would've signed ferdinand, terry, ronaldo and Gerrard to name just a few, we don't live in an ideal world so put negativity aside and support the players we've got not the ones we'd like. (Rant Over)
Steve C
Report Abuse
03/02/2009 17:33:00

Obviously I meant Andreas Basinarse in there as The Geko
Report Abuse
03/02/2009 17:33:00

I keep thinking how we should have been more worried about who we might lose as who we might buy in this window. The damage limitation has been pretty good - Diarra was always a short-lived blessing for us and JD won't be any good for any one until mid April plus we've offloaded some who are merely soaking up wages and not playing. So, changing my name to HammersmithOptimist for the time being, we've go who we've got and although I agree that the squad for 2009-2010 will look mighty different to the one we had at the beginning of 2008-2009, there's not much we can do about this. Instead of seeing this as a reason to worry, this is in fact a reason to chill and see what happens. It's all being played out beyond our control. Acceptance - that's the key to lifelong happiness! Just call me Buddha
Report Abuse
03/02/2009 17:58:00

true hammersmithblue we did ok though so we dont need to worry now.
Report Abuse
03/02/2009 18:16:00

Yeah Steve C maybe next Christmas i will play for Croatian national team lol. Now seriously stop joking around (about new owner you can't keep living in ilusion that maybe Bill Gates will come and buy Pompey) it is 14 bloody players which club in the world could handle losing 14 players, even the biggest clubs can't handle losing 14 players, for God's sake just look at Spurs (Spurs at least sold them pompey is losing them) that doesn't bode well for future and now you can start calling me pessimist :D.
Report Abuse
03/02/2009 19:21:00

Dear Optimistichammersmithbluebuddha
Wise words indeed oh knowledgable one

Dear Kranjcar19
Take a few minutes to dismantle those Niko shaped glasses and learn a little bit about the team he plays for - As the fellas have pointed out, despite the number of them the relative value to the team of the players you have listed is virtually nil (maybe a bit harsh on one or two) but it's not that high .. Oh we are really gonna miss Duffy and Djimi... Lauren and Little come on mate .. smell the coffee.. anyway personally I'd be happy if we did add Niko to the list .. You already know what I think of him so I'll not repeat it ..
Report Abuse
03/02/2009 19:29:00

I think the most important point is that 14 people have their mind on leaving the club - and then there's another bunch on contract playing for the team who are very disturbed by our poor results and manager and thinking of leaving also - doesn't make for a happy squad does it?
Report Abuse
03/02/2009 19:36:00

BREAKING NEWS - Bill Gates set to buy pompey!!! other than that... "what chix said" (but I think niko will stay if we stay up.)
Report Abuse
03/02/2009 19:40:00

Dear Chix i don't want to get in discussion with you because you always have i will politely say weird view not me you. BTW i don't worship Kranjcar or anything like that i don't know where did you get that maybe from the nick ?? Yeah you won't miss Duffy and Lauren......but it is 14 players leaving and you bought Mullins who couldn't get a game in poor West Ham team, OK Belhadj looks good(last 2 games errr not so good) , Basinas ??????????? And do you dare to say that Pompey will spend big in summer ?? Sorry mate but Pompey have bigger issues then Niko and his leaving or not leaving the club.
Report Abuse
03/02/2009 19:56:00

So we bought Mullins from West Ham most the players you listed as leaving can't get in the Pompey team at the moment anyway when results are going badly, that must say something about them as well. But the point is a team is a blend of players, Mullins came in and seems to fit quite well at this early stage, time will tell.
Steve C
Report Abuse
03/02/2009 22:02:00

It's not a question of 'will we miss the 14 players' but how will we replace them. You can't go out and buy 14 players in the summer because of the cost. Then if you can afford them, you have to fit them into the Pompey system and get them fit. Then you have to work out if they are any good. Perhaps half will be worth playing in the first team as squad members. And so on. Half the players mentioned by K19 I would try to keep but some are such a waste of space. PUP.
Report Abuse
03/02/2009 22:25:00

A waste of space indeed, and no prizes for guessing whose stewardship most of them arrived under. Back on topic, I already said in the forum that I think Crouch is badly out of form, and being dropped for a game or two could give him the shake up he needs. Nugent deserves to start, and up front, not on the right. I'd be tempted to play two up front with Gekas, because I don't like how we look sitting back and defending, but if we're 4-5-1 again, then Nugent up front alone works. Crouch up front on his own is worthless. He can't head the ball, he doesn't have the pace to catch anyone out, and he needs someone up there with him. If we absolutely positively have to play Crouch, then we have to play with two up, or we're just wasting a player. Might as well play 4-6-0 as play with Crouch up on his own.
Report Abuse
04/02/2009 00:17:00

we should have nugent and gekas upfront, so we have some pace, and some goal scoring ability!
Report Abuse
04/02/2009 07:39:00

Nugent wide right to cover for the missing Pennant, and Crouch up front, dont start the new players, give them a run later, and then start them against the second best team in Manchester.
Report Abuse
04/02/2009 10:44:00

I would hope that next season we might start seeing some of our promising youngsters come in to fill the bench and get the odd game. We have an excellent youth system here now...we don't need 14 bit players sat on the sidelines in case our first 11 aren't fit. Agreed we will need to get a few more in next season, but i don't see what keeping most of those players will 'Add' to the squad...?
Report Abuse
04/02/2009 13:11:00

having youngsters coming through would be good!
Report Abuse
04/02/2009 15:53:00


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