Portsmouth - Dos Santos deal off!
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Dos Santos deal off!

Rumours had started to filter through in the forum with PompeyFcMad breaking the news in the forum at 2.53pm that the Giovani dos Santos deal was off, saying that Peter Storrie, or someone on his behalf, had replied to his email saying: 'very doubtful, there is a problem with his medical and the medical team will not sign him off, due to a couple of problems.

'We cannot take risks and need players fully fit and ready to play.'

Sky sports news have now confirmed that the deal is off.

He has not exactly failed a medical but there are concerns over his ability to come in an play immediately - and to be fair, as angry as people might be, he has not played much in recent months.

This will not go down well, and whilst I am disappointed the deal has fallen through, we have to appreciate and understand why. We do need players to come in and do a job right away, when a large transfer fee is involved even more so with so much at risk given our current predicament...

What a boost his signing would have given us, but it clearly was not meant to be - chances are we do not have time to arrange any other 'big money' moves now, although that said we would not have put all our eggs in one basket would we? That said our 'big money' deals are the ones that seem to be breaking down, why is this...


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Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday February 2 2009

Time: 3:42PM

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Now excuse me if I sound a little cynical... all of the bigger name signings we've gone for this transfer window (with the exception of Pennant) seem to of fallen through on the basis of match fitness, yet the lower value ones have gone through. Including the greek striker last night who's played a grand total of 108 minutes of football this season (by Storrie's own admission). A little strange...
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02/02/2009 15:47:00

Everyone should praise me for finding this out lol
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02/02/2009 15:48:00

now were just pi**ing off players, setting a bad trend, and now its unlikely anyone else (decent) will be brought in. saviola/dos santos should have been brought in. yes we need to sort the defence out as well, but i dont think that would happen this window, so maybe we shouldve done the keegan approach of lets score 1 more than you. i cant see where the goals are going to come from (nugent - but he never gets his chance) and i cant see how the defence will be sorted. poor transfer window imho and a lack of motivational boost.
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02/02/2009 15:49:00

I'm livid, do they think we're mugs. We clearly had no money to spend, barring signing Belhadj and Basinas (33, oh god) its been loans, most of which won't be renewed. This guy would have at least signalled we could sign 'big names', why mess the player around if we've no intention of getting him. STOP LYING STORRIE!!
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02/02/2009 15:52:00

Everything on the cheap & you get what you sow. A bucket full of trouble at this rate!!!
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02/02/2009 15:56:00

I really dont understand adams, yes he's got the right idea of bringin in match fit players, but players like dos santos dont come available relatively cheaply often, this was the perfect opportunity to a) bring in a big name and b) build a quality team for the future. so he's not 'match fit' now but we'r not going to get relegated in a months time theres still a decent chunk of the season left for him to make an impact. il always be right behind any pompey manager but god adams worries me at times
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02/02/2009 16:03:00

I agree with Pessimist about dissappointing deadline day but there has been no exodus that we all dreaded.
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02/02/2009 16:04:00

if he ends up signing for *high-flying* villa i will literally go frickin nuts! if he hasnt had enough time on the pitch this season, why did we need a 2 day medical to ascertain this =)
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02/02/2009 16:06:00

yeah it was supposed to be just a scan today.....
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02/02/2009 16:07:00

i will end my rant with one final piece: an unfit dos santos/unit saviola is BETTER than a fully fit utaka! thankyou and goodnight!
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02/02/2009 16:07:00

Storrie Out, Storrie Out, Storrie Out! Interestingly if we were paying 7m for Dos Santos and have had a Cash Plus player bid rejected for Gary O then where has this money come from? All Storrie B***ocks
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02/02/2009 16:10:00

I think if it is a fitness issue, we should still get them!! If players aren't fit now, they will be in the futre!!
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02/02/2009 16:11:00

maybe he has a bigger problem than just fitness? only time will tell but can not see him playing for spuds again this season after getting keane back
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02/02/2009 16:23:00

I also believe we are right not to sign players not 100% fit.
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02/02/2009 16:24:00

Or perhaps these people see the PFC set-up and say "no thanks" which you can't honestly blame them given the position in the table, the vulnerability of the manager and the rather tatty facilties (much as I love FP) and then we say "Actually we didn't fancy them after all"...if Cristiano Ronaldo wasn't match fit would you kick him out of bed (in a manner of speaking)?
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02/02/2009 16:32:00

what if he was getting up to speed, like pele, and during that time we win a couple, shooting us into the top half, and the panick calms down?
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02/02/2009 16:34:00

Interesting comments coming not long after we pledged to support the club no matter what! Dos Santos no doubt would've been on a fairly high wage and there is no point paying out large sums if you are not going to get a return on it. Maybe there would be some value in signing him but that would probably include a relegation release clause, God forbid that should happen, but we could end up never seeing him play in a Pompey shirt if the worst happens and he soesn't reach fitness in time. It's a shame that it didn't happen but move on to the next one now.
Steve C
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02/02/2009 16:34:00

why bother going for him then steve? what a waste of everyones time.
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02/02/2009 16:39:00

Let him rot in the stiffs at Spurs, irf Redknob doesnt rate him then he is in for a long spell in the South East Counties League. Never seen him have a good game anyway always appeared to be a lightweight with no heart for the fight.
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02/02/2009 16:46:00

Ruffcider by going in for him they gave themselves the chance to give him a medical and find out exactly what the situation was, it seems obvious that todays scan has thrown something up that the club don't like the look of and they're not prepared to gamble on, considering Pompeys percieved financial plight this may well be the most sensible approach,
Steve C
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02/02/2009 16:46:00

today/last night has not been a totally write off, we have players in, im disappointed by the dos santos deal - ive gone back and forth on this one, but i think that this was probably a risk we could not afford to take in our position.
i would imagine, surely, we must have been talking doubts of several weeks and not just a week or two or we would have done the deal...
conspiracy theories in me have said 'we never intended to do a deal' but we must have, surely...
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02/02/2009 16:47:00

Is it racist to refer to Greeks as "Bubbles"? If not then we can talk about "Double Bubbles" If it is, then apologies, no offence intended... (I can claim some greek ancestry so perhaps I get a bit of latitude in this)
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02/02/2009 17:05:00

So that is it is it?...I have not exactly been buoyed by the transfer window. We are a one trick pony as far as goal creation is concerned. I hope the new midfield does just enough to give the suspect defense a break now and again. Have to share some agreement with Bluedr; if we are so broke; where was the Money for Dos Santos and O'Neil going to come from? Have we struck a trading deal with DFS sofas and get to use their buy now pay next February?!
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02/02/2009 17:11:00

how could we reject gio without back up? surely now he was worth it being as he'ld be fit in a few weeks, where as now there is no one. we needed an attacking midfielder, instead we got 3 cms, to go with hughes, diop, davis, mvuemba, wilson......still hopefully this givell cover to our defence.
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02/02/2009 17:27:00

pentonpompey isn't that Pompeys policy anyway, buy now pay later. thats why we sign on loan with a view to a permanent deal.
Steve C
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02/02/2009 17:28:00

Trying to look positively at everything but feel abit desondent at the moment? Feels alot like the summer that Perrin was manager & trying to find positives in our crap transfers -feels like signing Viafra et al all over again
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02/02/2009 17:51:00

So, with the absence of midfield playmakers, we have plenty of defensive midfielders to fill the vacancies. When Sean Davis looks our best creative midfielder, you know you're in trouble. Btw, when is Crunchie going to be fit?
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02/02/2009 18:06:00

imagine the headlines and comment. DUFFER ADAMS SIGNS INJURED PLAYERs. Injury prone spurs flop breaks down in training, Gaydamak demands his money back. Skint Pompey now have two expensive window siging injured.Saviola and dos santos return home for two months to recover...
plymouth graham
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02/02/2009 18:21:00

Come on guys we have sold Diarra & Defoe just think back to December everyone thinking we will lose Johnson, Crouch, Distan, Krancjar,& James its not as bad as we thought it would be, & if we missed some deals then theres more in the summer kitty, give these guys a chance
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02/02/2009 18:40:00

Et_tu I spoke to Nico before the Swansea game said then he would be out for 2/3 weeks so maybe Liverpool might be to early but hopefully fit for Citeh on the 14th.
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02/02/2009 18:50:00

If we didn;t get dos santons, I am sure there is a good reason behind it. and how many other attacking midfielders are available at the moment? even, how many are there in the premiership? I hope we will get to see pele soon - and we DO have kranjcar, who has the creativity we need. the greek striker though looks potentially perfect.
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02/02/2009 19:02:00

I'm glad Carpets comment was the one I had to follow - Well said Carps and SteveC and Rug.. I really don't know what some people expect.. We wanted players in four positions (Striker, Def Mid, Right Mid) .. That is what has been delivered.. So they are not names we all know (except ) Pennant but COME ON FELLAS at least give them a chance .... Most pompey fans wanted Benjani back .. the same Pompey fans who (and I include myself) 'Had never heard of him' D'Allesandro was another .. How do you know we have signed crap.. Simple answer is you don't ... Let's see then on the pitch and make a judgemant after three or four games.. Then if we want to complain we can.. but for now .. well .. I think we all should give a little .. what did you expect ?.. Torres and Ronaldo FFS.... Oh and Eastneydave I agree with you .. we are right not to sign players not 100% fit.. especially given our league position and financial circumstances...
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02/02/2009 19:18:00

we should get players even if not totally fit. they will be soon, and will then help us greatly!!
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02/02/2009 19:45:00

ok so we have 5 strikers. crouch, kanu, nugent, utaka and gekas. kanu is a sub striker, crouch starts with nugent or gekas. what if gekas is suspended and nugent is injured. well done adams, youve not really thought about this, or maybe youre not allowed to be in charge of the transfers?!?! uh oh!!
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02/02/2009 19:46:00

Of course you're right Chix...except; blame your hero Storrie for getting peoples hopes up with telling us throughout the window that deals were there to be done! Why the hell tell us anything if that is not what is going to happen?...It happened to often for it to be a coincidence. As Rug said on another post earlier, he'd been given the tip that "Good news" was to be drip fed at intervals during the month. Now i'm not saying what we've got won't turn out to do the business (Can't say till it happens) I'm just saying it was disappointing to miss out on a good creative midfielder to give us a different angle to attack from.
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02/02/2009 20:16:00

Pents (and others) I'm sure Peter Storrie gets (dis) credited with things he hasn't actually said ... Who did he actually say we were going to sign when we didn't ?? Nobody as I recall .. although he did intimate that my Edu was coming.. and it was hardly his fault that he didn't... Storrie is just a (unfair) target for anybody who has a gripe .. If you track what he has actually said Im sure you'll find he generally does what he says he is going to do... some just don't agree or like the outcome (not necessarily you) and therefore blame him..
Report Abuse
03/02/2009 07:38:00

... A good example of this will be Adams..
Report Abuse
03/02/2009 07:45:00

well done chix! people just mis-quote him, and make him sound bad, he is the chairman, and wouldnt want the fans to turn against him, so he wouldnt lie to them. if he says we are getting a player ( and it is actually him) then im sure he does actually try to get them!
Report Abuse
03/02/2009 18:25:00

im sure that peter doesnt waste his time sitting at fratton park thinking of rumours, just to annoy the fans!
Report Abuse
03/02/2009 18:26:00

So glad we didnt get him! looks way to much like a young Michael Jackson.
Report Abuse
04/02/2009 09:34:00


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