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Harewood in/Davis out?

The speculation is going to reach fever pitch over the next 24-hours or so, but before the transfer window slams shut Pompey could worryingly make a 'last minute' move for Villa's 'striker', and I use the term loosely, Marlon Harewood.


Please can someone tell me what he will offer us that makes him a better option to anything that we have - then again, is this in reality probably a sign of the type of player we should get used to signing now?

Put it this way, surely Benjani would offer us much, much more, and chances are would score the same amount of goals, if not more than Harewood would. At a price of 2m surely the Zimbabwean would not cost much more, if any more than that and would be a much better option to turn to... God knows he would be 'up for it' more than most other options we could turn to would!

I pray this is just 'lazy journalism', with the reporters plucking a name out of the air of a player likely to leave his current club and linking him to us as we need a striker and have of course been linked to him in the past...

Would he be better than nothing at all though?

The fact that I would rather scoop my own eyes out with a plastic spoon than see us sign him, for me says nothing would be better than the most desperate of desperate acts, which is what I think this move would be - maybe I am being far too harsh...

While Sean Davis is again being linked with a move away.

He was linked with 'a few lines' in the papers the other day regarding a possible move to Bolton - sky sports news 'understands' that an official approach has been for him and a 2m move could take place before tomorrows deadline?

If we are going to tie him down to a new contract - something we say we want to, now is the time to do it, if not then even if we cannot really afford to let him go due to the numbers shortage we already have then with 2m on the table we will probably take it rather than get nothing in the summer.

I am torn on the guy, I am usually quite open in my admission that I always want him to leave each summer, but when he does not I am pleased he stays when he comes back into the side. I am not sure about his quality, actually strike that, I have no doubt about his quality not exactly being there, but his effort, commitment and dedication has not dipped at all - if only everyone that pulls on the blue shirt could say the same...

Sod the money, if we are going to let him go, let him go for nothing in the summer - we cannot show the greed and sell him now just to make sure we get money in!


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday February 1 2009

Time: 1:10PM

Your Comments

Isn't Harewood injured anyway?
No No No no No No..please Tony no Please please please please No no No No Sign him and Im gonna try to pretend Im an Argyle fan
plymouth graham
no chance of davis leaving... and i'd like to think no chance of harewood coming.
injured? god i hope so, even more reason not to sign him!
graham, i think it is safe to say that you would like to borrow my plastic spoon to scoop out your eyes too if we signed him :-)
Yeah because Kanu is soooo much better!
Selling Davis now looks like suicide to me. Mullins, Diop, Davis, Nico is a midfield I can see us surviving with.
kanu is done, i will agree with you there medzy - he 'can' still do a job from the bench - but harewood is not even fit to lace up a washup kanu's boots for me...
use nugent and utaka, both are better than harewood and both are already here!
Neither will happen, hope so anyway.
I could see them selling Davis but would replacing by GON. Harewood, wants the f in point?
I am trying to stand behind Tony, i really am, But after offering DAis a contract 3 weeks ago, if he sells him, my patience is over and i give up hope for him.
Cut the guy some slack though. To be fair he's got a heart of gold and just wants his chance. 2M isnt a bad price but if you pompey fans disagree than fair enough. Boro, Bolton or stoke might get him yet so chill! He's not a world-beater but he gives 110%. You'll be lucky to get anyone better this late. Just a villa fans opinion
a player with heart that will give 110% is something i like the sound of, but for me nugent would offer the same and is already here - failing that benjani would again do the same and for around the same price - of course 'if' he signed i would back him, hopefully he will go elsewhere tho, and no doubt come back to haunt us...
to be fair to TA tho Midge the decision to sell davis or not probably wouldnt come down to him, i think it is fair to say TA wants to keep him - until the summer anyway - but it is likely that sacha will want the 2m if its on offer... so i do not think he can take much, if any blame, should davis be sold?
Keep Davis he is the type of player that will keep us up this season! We can't afford to loose anymore players this season and we need a new striker (not Marlon) who knows where the net is. With Defoe now ****** off to spurs we are struggling to put the ball in the net.
Mr Adams, if you're reading this then don't even think about buying that useless lump. Just so you appreciate how little we want him, we'd rather have John 'The Attacker' Utaka up front. There, see, told you. PS: in case you're not sure, That Useless Lump is Melvin Hayes - no sorry, Marion Harewood. Gawd save us!
Davis has shown he is up for the fight, and he cares, if he goes it will speak volumes
paultsmouth doesnt look good.
agree paul, selling him would speak volumes - for me it would say that we really up ***** creek as far as our financial state was concerned! cashing in on a player for a 'mere' 2m instead of keeping him and allowing him to help us stay in the league implies we are literally after whatever we can... but until something happens he is still our player.
Tomorrow afternoon I am meant to be teaching a bunch of kids about post-First world war europe but I am going to set them a nice long test so I can stay online checking the last frenzies of transfer nonsense while they have their heads down.
He isn't injured saul1, he just hasn't been good enough so never gets a look in, not even for his super sub role that he had enjoyed in the previous season. It was a stupid signing at the time and remains so now. Would like to see him find a club but I'd not expect a revelation if you got him Pompey boys, I don't think the Hammers like Saul1 or us Villans would boast of his greatness!
The Fear
hammersmithblue tell them they can listen to franz ferdinand and you listed to radio
plymouth graham
..mind you if we sign Harewood I would feel like we all would end up like franz ferdinand
plymouth graham
Hey HSB I know quite a bit about Post Great War Europe and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Franz Ferniand, Gustav Princeps and all that (August 14th 1914 was it ?).. I think I'd much rather do the test than sit in fron tof the PC hoping and praying that we can pull something out of the bag

With you all the way on Harewood Rug.. I that's the quality we will get then either go get Benjani or give Nugent a crack ...

As for Davis going it'll be like giving up the fight .. we can not lose his fight .. not just now but if we stay up we are gonna need him next year coz that would be a stroll in the park either..
Sorry .. should read ... coz that WONT be a stroll in the park either..
lol im a villa fan and uno what, i feel sorry for you guys lol, this Harewood dude,, oh garsh, hopeless ent the word, i hope you guys got enuff room on the bench, if not his the sort to play left back,, i mean life back at home when u play away =]
If Davis goes and we don't have a replacement lined up then we're gone. diop injured, hughes injured, mvuemba crap, niko injured, we're left with mullins, pele, wilson and kaboul who can play in the middle... I can't belive it's got this ba
Hey hammersmith. Just get the kids to take a look at Pompeys past four years, that will tell them enough about Post WW1. A dormant giant. Initial success, trying to sustain that success while at the same time exhausting resources back home, ultimately culminating in a bankrupt state and reparations way beyond whats realistic and our means...It's only tongue in cheek but you have to admit it does sound familiar!
i hope davis stays, and harewood stays away! he really wouldn't help us do anything, except fill up the bench!
Can't understand the Harewood thing at all, if he is not good enough to get in the Villa team then that must mean he is also not match fit, which is one of the reasons Tony won't go for Saviola, how many full games has Harewood played since Novemeber???Save the money and keep Davis, who all though I think there are better out there, he is certainly a battler and thats exactly what we need in this relegation dog fight.
Harewood can score goals - he about 100 in his caeer of over 300 games. Don't think he is the right man though.
Got to admit Dave I was astounded when I found out his goal ratio. Not bad at all for someone whom I thought didn't score from one month to the next!
Does the 300 games include sub appearance where he scored?
Cos otherwise he could have taken part in 450 games which brings the ratio down somewhat.
And how many in the lower leagues? Most? Don't do it Tone. When you are eventually sacked or resign or leave you don't want to be remembered as the guy that bought Marion Harewood.
Or the guy who sold one of our very few committed players - Sean Davis. Don't do it Tone.
Lets play 4-5-1 for the rest of the season, see if we can pick up the odd point. Forget a new striker - NUUUGE is on a scoring run, put him on the right with Germ Pennant as inside right and sean and Hay in front of the defence telling Eunice and Silvie when to run and when to stop.
Consider Nelson in defence - bit of height there has got to help.
Salisbury have put in a bid for the Milton End stand, Sasha is considering it. 'The Victorian Farm' TV series have their eye on the 19th century urinals in the South Stand. Sasha NO! Is nothing sacred?
Et_tu, that is superb! but why on earth would The Victorian farm want the Urinals, they have built better Pig sty's than that Ha ha
davis was brought in to do the "relegation job" a few seasons back... he still has the same use, so for me this is a no brainer. then again, we are pompey, so will actually pay bolton to have davis! DOH!
Penton - nice analogy of Pompey with post-war Europe - does this mean we will get a little Hitler coming along to save us, lead us to glory but ultimately sell us down the river and then kill hmself when it's getting a bit iffy...or have we already had that bit?
Just had a look at Bolton's vital pages to see what they think about Davis and have to say, their presence there is similar to Fulham's fans at the Cottage - bit limp really. Not mentioning it at all, just still going on about Megson having a go at them.
Hammersmith, thanks!...I did think about mentioning the Fuhrer link, which I thought would mean a Thousand year Reich, so we all have a bright future to look forward to...Ok so it will last 12yrs and not a Thousand. But, hey beggars can't be choosers! you're right i think it's already been done ;-) Herr RedSchnapp had already beaten us to it, and gone to the bunker, gone mad and will ultimately shoot himself in the foot!
lol fulham fans can be good sometimes! not as good as pompey fans when they try!
whoa, whoa, whoa!! hammersmithblue how dare you critiscise our support for our club!! what makes you think we are limp!!?? we may not be the loudest but we are as passionate as any other set of fans!! we had just as many chants as you did up your sleeve yesterday....just you werent up to listening to them from the putney end!! and the silence form your end after our goal....priceless!!
C'mon guys, at least give him a chance before he's even kicked a ball for you! He he he...
Rather we had Marlon Dingle than the Villa reject, if he was any good O'Neill woud play him!!
Marlon Dingle....HA HA... Don't wish for too much Owens, this is the soap opera that is Pompey, anythings possible
gekas has signed
stfc ballboy
"What makes you think we are limp!!?? " ... Probably the fact that Fulham found it necessary to deploy 'happy cardboard clackers' to the fans on Saturday in a bid to raise the atmosphere at the Cottage.. Limper stil.. you used them ..
i think they actually get them every game!
maybe their board knows how crap the fans are so have to hide it...
I'll give you credit...we arent the loudest fans. But we are just as passionate as you guys or anyone else....and at least our club can affod clappers!!

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