Portsmouth - Mullins and Pele arrive
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Mullins and Pele arrive

Pompey this morning completed a double transfer swoop, one for West Ham's Hayden Mullins on a 3-and-a-half year contract for an undisclosed fee - thought to be around £1m - and the other being Pele on loan from Porto until the summer, with the view to a permanent move.

I do not even have to look at comments on this site to know people will not be happy with these signings, I know that Mullins will be viewed as 'not good enough' and an 'inadequate replacement for Lassana Diarra' - but to be fair, he is not a replacement, we cannot and probably never will again replace him, for a club like ours - and many, many others - I would suggest he is one in a million! A sky sports news reporter was saying that if the fee was £1m, as they 'understood', then that was a fantastic piece of business...

To be fair we have needed a decent holding midfielder for ages, for me, as much as I love Richard Hughes, man love of course, he cannot really 'play football' can he. He can break it up, but not much more, crab like passes are his game - as in sideways... Mullins can play football, which will hopefully help the midfield more and help us create more. He can score the odd goal as well!

As for Pele, real name Vitor Hugo Gomes Passos, everyone wants to unearth some hidden gems - apparently he is not so hidden, more 'been lost', is there not an outside chance he could be one of them? Formerly with Inter, with fans apparently not pleased when he was allowed to move to Porto.

Should we not at least give them a chance?

I can appreciate the frustration people are feeling at 'our signings', but for what do we expect?

Lets make no bones about it here guys, Tony Adams has been brought in to do a job - that job cut costs and not moan and groan about it, I would say almost a 100% factually statement! He did this at Wycombe, his job was to cut costs, let players go and keep them up afloat - his record was not good, which it is not here, but he did this.

The top, top quality names people are 'expecting' to arrive wont, we do not have the money to do this! It is lavish spending that has brought us success, ok maybe not bought as we did not buy the FA cup, but also left us in the position we are now, if you do not have it you cannot spend it - if you continue to do so when you do not you get up a certain creek! Hell, just ask the likes of Leeds, Forest, Sheffield Wednesday, Charlton, I guess even the lot down the road and so on what happens when you fall from grace...

I think we are all probably guilty of getting ahead of ourselves maybe thinking we almost have 'a divine right' to sign star names, for me Mullins 'would' have been acceptable a year or so back, yep we have moved on a bit, but are paying the price now.

Granted I'm not entirely inspired of course, but a body, and affordable one at that, is fair enough - replacing Diarra? Get real, but then again no one ever was going to, and probably never will...

If we do make any 'star name' signings, which maybe we can, then they will only be on loan, and even then the chances of bringing them in for good are unlikely - 'maybe' if they are going out of contract we may well do, if not, unless cheap, no chance.

Survival is the name of the game this season - cutting the wage bill the next step, and we have started this, with more big earners seeing their contracts ending in the summer this will cut it more and providing his tactical knowledge can buck up fast - and this is shooting him, and us, in the foot over and over - then Adams can start showing us 'his team' next season, something that he has said more than once will be the case.

I will continue to back him when many others wont. Yep, his tactical awareness has been shocking, maybe it is my liking to the fellas honesty, genuine nature and his no hidden agendas desire to do well here that wins me over... What will sacking him achieve? If anyone else thinks that anyone else would be able to come in and spend money they are wrong, maybe they could inspire more perhaps, but I doubt they would last long either as they would not enjoy having to part with star names, which chances are we will again in the summer...

Mullins and Pele, inspirational signings?

Hell no, anyone that claims they are are out of their minds! Decent signings, but more importantly signings, is what they are.

It at least means we can start playing more round pegs in round holes again, to be fair in many respects, most of the times recently the square pegs in round holes has been out of necessity!

Yep, we cannot rejoice in these signings, but lets not completely write them off of the bat - am I the only one that has been expecting these types of signings? I have hoped for the big boys, but surely we must have known this was not going to happen. 'Fingers crossed' another loan or two could arrive to prove this, but lets not be banking on it.


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday January 26 2009

Time: 12:11PM

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Mullins has pedigree and will bring some much needed experience to the middle of the park following the run of injuries. He has played over 400 games and is no mug but hardly inspirational. Pele as he is called appears to be a completely different character. Young and inexperienced in games terms but he has moved around a lot. Both are 6ft plus so give us height in the middle which is always useful.
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26/01/2009 12:24:00

At the end of the day it doesn't matter who we do or don't sign. If we get relegated and we have great players or we survive with cheap versions. It's all about committment and results. Fans are fickle, if it works O.K. but if it don't !!!
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26/01/2009 12:35:00

I was saying we need to sign some midfielders or we'll go definitely down. Now we have 2 midfielders - so can't complain. A Hammers fan I spoke to said Mullins is a good player, hard working, who can do the business for us. Granted he's no Diarra, but right now we're in a scrap and we need players to scrap hard to help us get out of it - so he sounds like just what we need. Don't know much about Pele - but if his name's anything to go by! I understand he's an attacking midfielder, so could be just what we need. I hope. I for one, feel a little bit better now than I did after the debacle that was the Swansea game. I will say though - this is it Adams, you've got players in, its down to you now to keep us in the division.
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26/01/2009 12:38:00

Im hopefull! as always, but it all sounds pretty good to me! good news is that Villa have plenty of players out tomorrow night and we'll have are new boys...is this the time our season will turn?? fingers crossed!!
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26/01/2009 12:40:00

True, that's what i like about this Forum, no matter how annoyed i get with my club decisions, there's always someone to give it a different spin. I must admit when we won the FA cup i thought we could actually get in the finals of Uefa etc.. To be honest, just staying up in the Premiership will keep a smile on me face. Hopefully, these 2 lads are fighters and can embrace the challenge ahead.
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26/01/2009 12:43:00

I think that probably as Tony has indicated the real deals will be done over the summer, and maybe he is just looking at a stop gap to keep us in the Prem. Possibly Emerson coming as well?? that one may not be a bad move if it comes off. One thing I would hope is that he having brought a right winger that he plays hiom where he can do the most damage 'out on the right' why he didn't go 4-4-2 on Saturday with Nugget up front with Crouchie I'll never know, Fair enough if he hadn't just got a proper right winger, but if you wanna keep him in the team then play him where he is most comfortable up front. Still we can all be great managers with our opinions, but Tony gets all the money to do it for real. Lets just hope that who ever comes in helps us to sustain our league status and then push on again next season.
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26/01/2009 12:51:00

I agree with pompeygray - commitment goes a long way - after all Defoe is allegedly worth over 10m and an england striker but since Jamie's Dad left, he had all the commitment of a damp fart. Cheap doesn't necessarily mean useless. Nice to see the Nodster has cheered up a bit...
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26/01/2009 13:14:00

I've had a rethink after my inital, rather hasty, reaction this morning. I think we're all guilty (well I am) of high expectations, especially in terms of transfers coming in, and its time to be realistic i guess. If Mullins does a job then i'm happy to have him, and hopefully Pele will prove a shrewd acquisiton. I'm keeping my faith in Tony and Pinocchio for now, they'll get it right.
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26/01/2009 13:23:00

Mullins is solid and will do a job, as people have said he's played a fair few games at this level so knows exactly what is required. As for Pele he's played for Inter and Porto and is only 21, the inter fans forums were pretty upset to see him go so I think he's likely to be a reasonable prospect. If he's keen to put in a shift I think he could be a good signing and is probably the kind of player we need, creative midfielder. Signings grading: Mullins C+ Pele B
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26/01/2009 13:29:00

We were all walking on sunshine last summer - golden days, well now we're paying for it. As long as we don't pay for it with relegation I'll be reasonably happy. I said at the start of the season - without knowing Jamie's dad would b*gger off, that a small run in the UEFA and not going down would do for me - fingers crossed that's what I'll get.
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26/01/2009 13:29:00

Balls, my internet is playing up and what I had written has not been uploaded. I am not going to rewrite it as it was too long. Anyway I am happy! :)
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26/01/2009 13:32:00

and at the very least we know that not ALL of the Diarra/JD money has gone straight off to Sacha's account. Just most of it.
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26/01/2009 13:57:00

Excuse the lack of champagne bottles being opened! I think this about sums up our position in the football world. A nothing but below average prem team struggling to stay up. We used to sell our players to the likes of Bolton & Boro now we want to but tham back.
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26/01/2009 13:59:00

Bring on Villa - let's hope we see Pele live up to his namesake and get on the scoresheet! Pennant on the right PLEASE Tony, I don't think I can hack another poor game. I say go back to 4-4-2 and play Nugget up with Crouch - why keep playing the 4-5-1, which is obviously to suit Kranjcar, when he's out!! At least with Pennant/Traore on the wings we'll have pace/crosses in left right and centre.
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26/01/2009 14:02:00

Villa next, i understand everyones frustrations as i feel exactly the same but tomorrow is Aston Villa and everything else is in the past, lets get behind the team and pull them over the line like only Pompey fans know how to!!!!! PLAY UP POMPEY WE ARE WARRIORS !!!!!
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26/01/2009 14:04:00

maybe a 'nothing but below average prem team struggling to stay up' is what we always have been, as we were, we just masked this by spneding lavishly - clearly money we did not have, hence why we are constantly having to now sell these players... what is better? to be that and know it before it is too late, or be riding high on the quest of the wave carrying on spending money you do not have and keep loving it and enjoying it until the bubble bursts and their is now way out but down, down and down in grave financial trouble like others? i know what i would prefer, even tho the glory would be nice at the time...
we have managed to have 'our moment in the sun', and appear to have move to move out of this sun before it burns us so much we cannot recover.
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26/01/2009 14:07:00

We are Pompey not the big four - remember that guys, its time for a lot of peoples expectations to come back down to earth, GET BEHIND THE TEAM !!!
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26/01/2009 14:11:00

Don't know about Pele but Mullins seems a good signing.
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26/01/2009 14:33:00

Think Adams got the wrong Pele. But maybe if we do stick to 4-5-1 then he will go straight in the Kranjcar role? When I first read this, I was thinking it was bad, but we now have bodies, which is what was needed, and hopefully we can bring in one of Johnson/Fernandes before the end of the transfer window, at least on loan! Lost two players, brought in 4 (if you include Belhadj), unbeaten in the league, net profit of 30m from those transfers. Ignoring the FA cup, it hasn't been a bad January!
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26/01/2009 15:21:00

Oh dear, smacks of Championship football I'm afraid.
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26/01/2009 15:50:00

We definitely have to get grounded. FA CUP win was pure magic, and i've never been happier.... But we're not a big 4 club (should we start saying 5 with Citeh's money?), and with the current infrastructure we won't even come close. These last few seasons have been awesome, and we've seen some top top players at Fratton Park. However I think we spent too much too soon. I would have preferred the money being spent on a New Stadium and then building on the squad... But hindsight is a beautiful thing, and i wouldn't want to take back the last few season's EVER! Bring on the Villians! PLAY UP POMPEY!
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26/01/2009 15:51:00

we dont need any more defensive midfeilders, so adams buys us some?? mullins looks like he could have been good a few years ago but now? maybe not! pele looks like a good person to have in the team. We need strikers now though...
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26/01/2009 15:53:00

exactly how i wish all the fans felt, pompeyrug and bowlsey, voices of logic and common sense....
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26/01/2009 16:00:00

Quite excited about Pele!
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26/01/2009 16:13:00

Mullins has plenty of experience and has been in a dog fight before so he should be a good signing, don't know much about Pele but if he's a lost gem then he hasn't been lost for very long as he's only 21. I may be alone in saying this but relegation wouldn't be the worst thing, it's been great to win the cup and watch great players but in all honesty i enjoyed watching us in the championship more. I'd be happy to stay in the premiership if the gods decree it but it won't be the end of my love for Pompey if we don't. We will see a mass exodus of JCL's and the return of many diehards and a proper atmosphere to games. Too many so called fans are all to quick to boo these days, they either weren't there to remember it or have forgotten how the fans can lift the team when the chips are down.
Steve C
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26/01/2009 16:28:00

Totally Agreed Steve C. It was practically unheard of to Boo at Fratton Park in the days past, its happened far too much this season for my liking :(
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26/01/2009 16:48:00

I don't care if we get relegated too much either steve. I havn't seen pompey in the championship - but I have watched the championship, and seen how clubs can go from a relegation battle to winning the league in the blink of an eye. that is the kind of exciting league that gets people excited, none of this rubish "only two teams can win the league... or 3 if your lucky". Pele I think is certainly a player to get excited about. possibly a more attacking version of diara? he's played at two BIG european clubs, but hasn't really been given the time in the first team. sounds familiar...
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26/01/2009 17:06:00

just got in from work and stolen 10 mins on the mac from the kids before Tea... I may have over reacted to my diapointment, but a great article Rug, and my mates at work reckon mullins is OK, we will have to see tomorrow. i will back TA for the same reason as you Rug i like his honesty, unlike jamies dad
plymouth graham
Report Abuse
26/01/2009 18:15:00

I'll reserve judgement on both as I don't know either. I'm as fed up of hearing rants and complaints all the time as anyone, but to be fair to those who have had complaints about our signings, they might have found it easier to adapt to our situation if TA hadn't been in the media telling everyone that he was going to get all of Diarra's sale price in addition to money he already had, and if PS hadn't been making similar comments.
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26/01/2009 18:47:00

I reckon mullins is a good signing ok he might be old but he has the experience of the premiership and relegation scraps.Pele seems a good prospect he scored a cracker against roma in the cup but he has only scored 1 goal in his whole career but he cant be bad if mourinho signed him.Im happy with these signings now all we need is for johnson / fernandes or saviola to come. Pamarot and few others to go then thats good business
stfc ballboy
Report Abuse
26/01/2009 19:07:00

well, TA said the following on Sky Sports News "...As for Pele, he's one for the future. I might use him this season." Does he know he's only on loan till the end of the season??
Report Abuse
26/01/2009 19:20:00

Mullins was linked with us when he was at Palace if I remember, he used to have a "utility" tag which either means you can play in many positions, or are just used as a stop gap anywhere! When Rug said he gets the odd goal, that is what it is, roughly one a season, hasn't got oine this year though so maybe due, I reckon he will do a job myself, bit of creativity need next.
Report Abuse
26/01/2009 19:47:00

Im up and down like a yo yo , ive watched pompey in every division and in all my years i enjoyed the 4th division more than any other time, big crowds 25 -30 thousand for some games, taking a regular 1500 plus to gammes and doubling the attendance..great days, but ive also seen us nearly cease to exist and its that that worries me now about getting relegated. TA needs to sort it out, and after Bristol and Spurs i thought it was starting to change, exciting expansive football albeit too vulnerable to conceding, but losing to The jacks, ..and panic buying because no else will come, Panic buying in the bargain bucket at that worries me . Emerson?? we might as ger A Merson back from retirement, Saviola? who is he?
plymouth graham
Report Abuse
26/01/2009 23:47:00

Graham - I can agree with the Emerson comments completely but if he turns just a couple of games in our favour then that'll be good enough to keep us up.. As for who is Saviola? Come on Gray this guy is/was/is still (hopefully) World Class ... SERIOUSLY forget Berbatov, Torres, Rooney. The Little Rabbit is/was/is still (hopefully) one of the best players ever to kick a football - If he plays just on game for Pompey it'll be a priviledge to see him wear the shirt..
Report Abuse
27/01/2009 05:57:00

Me again.. I've just read an interview with TA stating Pele is one for the future and he is not yet ready for the premier league.... I can accept that to a certain degree but he has played (and Scored) in the Italian cup final for Inter Milan.. now I know the Premiership and Serie A are played at a different temp but it's not as if this player is a wet behind the ears 16 year old.. I though he was a signing for now.. obvioulsy not .. In TA we trust though.. heaven help us..
Report Abuse
27/01/2009 06:22:00

strange comments those from TA, we only have pele until the summer - so that will be someone elses future if we do not play him between now and then... we need players for now, not the future - we are meant to have enough of them already!
Report Abuse
27/01/2009 11:33:00


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