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Big Brother Peters Pompey House

At the request of a number of Vital Pompey readers I have continued the Transfer Window Entertainment Programme that has been running for well over a week now.

My first article provided my five tips on who Pompey would sign.

The second article offered you the chance to place your bets.

This article gives you the chance to pick up your phone and place an 'imaginary vote' for who you would like to see enter
'Big Brother Peters Pompey House'

Joey Barton (Newcastle United) - Combative Midfielder
If you want Joey the jail bird to get down and dirty, ring
07711 651 001

Edu (Valencia) - Defensive Midfielder
If you fancy seeing Edu perform a Brazilian on the Fratton turf, dial
07711 651 002

Tranquillo Barnetta (Bayer Leverkusen) - Midfielder
If a player with the same name as a kitchen bin makes you swing, ring
07711 651 003

Manuel Fernandes (Valencia) - Creative Midfielder
Can hear the drums for Fernandes? If so call,
07711 651 004

Christian Obodo (Udinese) - Midfielder
If you can actually say Obodo at the first attempt. Dial,
07711 651 005

Gary O'Neil (Middlesbrough) - Central/Right Midfielder
Maybe you think Gary O needs some home comforts. If so dial,
07711 651 006

Mirel Radoi (Steaua Bucharest) - Centre Back/Def.Midfielder
If you reckon Radoi the Romanain will be a rock. Ring,
07711 651 007

Michael Johnson (Manchester City) - Midfielder
If can imagine an Olympic and World Championship sprinter bossing our midfield. Dial,
07711 651 008

Andrew Surman (Southampton) - Midfielder
If you too have heard Surman has been speaking to Pompey. Call,
07711 651 009

Aruna Dindane (Lens) - Striker
If you want to set your sights and focus on this forward from Lens. Dial,
07711 651 010

Benjani (Manchester City) - Striker
If you would like 'the man from Zimbabwe, to score in blue again someday'. Ring
07711 651 011

Javier Saviola (Real Madrid) - Striker
Do you believe Saviola is the Real deal and can become a housemate? If so dial,
07711 651 012

Kris Boyd (Rangers) - Striker
If you do not believe Boyd is Brum bound, call
07711 651 013

Andy Driver (Hearts) - Winger
Does Englishman Andy have it in his Heart to move south? If so call,
07711 651 014

Modeste M'Bami (Olympique Marseille) - Playmaker
Do not be shy about voting for the Cameroonian playmaker. Call,
07711 651 015

Nathan Dyer (On Loan @ Swansea) - Attacking Midfielder
Is Tony still a Dyer admirer? If you want to see Nathan change colours, ring
07711 651 016

Royston Drenthe (Real Madrid) - Left Winger
Can Royston settle in a local place for local people? If so dial,
07711 651 017

Leroy Lita (Reading) - Striker
If Little Leroy has you jumping through hoops ring,
07711 651 018

Marvin Elliot (Bristol City) - Midfielder
If you are hankering after Marvin, call
07711 651 019

Edin Dzeko (Wolfsburg) - Striker
If you think Sasha has £7m sloshing around in The Diary Room ring
07711 651 020

Patrick Vieira (Inter Milan) - Central Midfielder
He came from Senegal, he played for Arsenal. For Vieira call
07711 651 021

Stephen Appiah (Unattached) - Midfielder
If you think Sean Davis could partner this unattached Ghanaian mercenary dial
07711 651 022

Yohann Pele (Le Mans) - Goalkeeper
Is Goalkeeper Pele only 24 hours from Le Mans, if so ring
07711 651 023

Jimmy Bullard (Fulham) - Creative Midfielder
If Fulham's Jimmy Jimmy gives you Undertones, ring
07711 651 024

Jermain Pennant (Liverpool)
If Pennant is at another Premiership club come February, I will eat my shorts.
Those were my words. If you want to see it happen dial,
07711 651 025

Luis Garcia (Athletico Madrid) - Winger
Want to see Liverpool's Luis on the Left ? Then call
07711 651 026

Robbie Earnshaw (Nottm. Forest) - Striker
If you are sure Welshman Robbie can earn a place in the team, then dial
07711 651 027

Roy Beerens (Heerenveen) - Winger
If Dutch Roy is your housemate boy, then call
07711 651 028

Stephen Hunt (Reading) - Winger
If you want see Irish Hunt racing in the house call
07711 651 029

Scott McDonald (Celtic) - Striker
Great Scot? Not! The number to call if you fancy an Australian Big Mac is
07711 651 030

Fabian Delph (Leeds) - Midfielder
If you fancy a midfielder with a silly name, just call
07711 651 031

Edmilson (Villarreal) - Centre Back/Def.Midfielder
If an overweight World Cup winner puts a smile on your face ring
07711 651 032

Szabolcs Huszti (Hannover) - Left Midfielder
If you think Big Tony is Hungary enough for a Left Midfielder just dial
07711 651 033

Djibril Cisse (Sunderland) - Striker
Blarmy - The number you should dial is
07711 651 999

Who enters?

You Decide

Calls are charged at £60 a minute from landlines. Mobile call charges vary but are generally a rip-off. Please seek the permission of the bill payer prior to placing your call, otherwise you may find yourself in big trouble
This article is for the sole purpose of entertainment. Voting is not really necessarily and the telephone numbers quoted may actually exist
The content of this article is owned by Chix Entertainment which is wholly owned subsidiary of Chix Designs (Milan) Ltd. Copyright exists.

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The Journalist

Writer: Chix Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday January 19 2009

Time: 7:26AM

Your Comments

Monday 19 January - 0730hr
Every person on the list above has been linked with Pompey in one way or another in the past month - My vote this morning is definitely going to ANDY DRIVER, I've been banging on about him for months now and despite Hearts stating he is not for sale .. They changed their mind on Friday - The race is on for his signature but we should have a heads up on everybody - (Although not our biggest priority) He is a cracking prospect and would eradicate the need to seek Traore (as a winger) on a long term deal.
Excellent stuff, Chix, my vote is for Andy driver; simply because of the endless opportunities for 'Sun style' headlines!
More genius! I am just so darned PROUD of this forum, chaps! We may not be top of the Premiership but we are just so classy.
You can just see the headlines now. 'Tony Drives a Hard Bargain', 'Can Andy find his way to Pompey?' The list is potentially endless.. I just hope if he signs that he has a Sat Nav telling him where the goal is !
Your comments will make the guys in the Vital Pompey Office blush. But I'm sure we'd all agree that we do it to make Vital Pompey the best on the net and that if we didn't have the support of everybody of the forum it just wouldn't work the same .. So a pat on the for you guys too...

Right Transfers.. Do we reckon 'Pennantgate' was resolved over the weekend ?
it is make or break in pennants career now - he can make the move, and make it only if he wants to play for pompey, or waste what is left of his career and talent, which to be fair he clearly does have despite the fact i do not like him, by sitting on the bench with liverpool until the summer then doing the same on the bench of madrid or milan for the years to come...
we will find out if 'picking up the money' means more to him that playing soon enough. i cannot see the fella signing, and if he does not want to hen sod him. if he does he could well just save his career!
Hope he stays clear. Attitude is a big proportion of football and he ain't got it right
This house is a sausage fest!
Haha, I can see people getting annoyed at so many people calling asking for "Leroy".
Heard of pompey move for Brazil Edmilson of Villareal? He has only a few games for them and they want to sell but he is liked in Brazil. so pompey must act quick.
How did you get hold of the Tottenham Managers mobile numbers then? Apparently several of those listed above belong to him!! Great stuff Chix - shows what a farce these transfer windows have become.
oh chix some of those where cheeser than the real things, they were fantastic, lol but on to football and tbh i'm stumped i really have lost any idea of who i think we might actually sign, theres far too many names 'linked' and not enough action, but i think atm i'd plump for Driver and on a long shot on saviola but even then we still need at least 1 creative central mid and the only 1 out of the list that i can say i rate/ know is fernandes and i ain't heard nowt on that for awhile lol
I've just dialled one of the numbers, but been told it has not been recognised. Can you please re publish the numbers, perhaps in portugese or spanish? Thanks
Pablo Navas-Alors is at pompey youth. He was from barcelona and was highly regarded attacker, did you know about him signing? -
Chix I hope you have some Ketchup - Everton are in for Pennant, and methinks it would be easier to go there than move all the way daaaahn saaaaarf.
and what odds on none of the above arriving. Sat Nav failure in the Pompey area!!!!
Pablo Navas-Alors scored for Pompey Academy(Youth) on Saturday as they thumped Chelsea 4-0.
eastneydave - Good to see a young player scoring and playing, how about Navas Alors as a foward with Crouch. Chelsea are meant as one of the best teams but like many in EPL they dont care about young community players, not like in spain where there is 'castilla' young sides who play like a proper team against other clubs. In this way young players can grow and add to main team squad.
Monday 19 January - 1845 hrs Well a very quiet day indeed on the transfer front with very little coming through on any of the players we have been linked to.
I half expected some movement on the Pennant deal given we were supposed to be speaking to him over the weekend. It`ll be interesting to see whether he is on the pitch tonight when Liverpool play Everton. Maybe he should sign for Everton!

One report suggests that the Saviola deal is a dead-duck as he doesn`t fancy a move to Pompey - Maybe he should consider Everton too. Personally I can`t see the problem Portsmouth is surely on par with Madrid culturally and we too have a well established team in the top division. What`s his problem? It`s not as if Real Madrid have a better pedigree than Pompey - They can not claim to have won the FA Cup can they ? .

[Edited by hickin]
Apparently Leroy Lita does not want to move and is going to stay and fight for his place at Reading. Exactly who he is going to fight is unclear and these are easy words to say if nobody actually wants you! Everton might make a late bid for him though
Edmilson has again been linked but we are apparently in a scrap with Brazilian outfit Palmeiras (They play in Everton colours) who want to offer the 32 year old a return to his homeland… Umm Pompey or Brazil I wonder.
Now onto some of your comments made today…
Rug & HSB
I think you guys are right about it being make or break in Pennants career. There is no doubt about his talent it’s just a case of whether he wants to apply himself. Personally, I think he will decide to stay at Liverpool or at least on Merseyside – Maybe I won’t have to eat my shorts then !
Sausage fest indeed – There are a fair few on that list that could do with on stint on Celebrity Fat Club. Especially the ageing Europeans. By the way ‘Is Leroy there?’
Tell us a bit more about the Spanish perception of Edmilson – Is he any good? From what I can see he looks like he has eaten too many of Jbakers sausages! There is also a point of view that Pompey will have to offer a permanent contract rather than a loan deal to prevent him from returning to Brazil, Have you read that in your papers?
It was easy to obtain the Tottenham managers telephone number. I had it stored in my phone from a few years back. It is filed under ‘W’ …. next to Jermain Defoe’s !
Cheesy! Cheesy! Now you know what I do for a living – I own a Stilton and Brie Factory in a little city in Israel – It’s called ‘Cheeses of Nazareth’ (sorry v. poor I know!) Anyway, I agree with what you say and now that it seems clear that Edu and O’Neil are not coming we have no clues to go on whatsoever. It is eerily quiet. As for Andy Driver I really think we should snap him up PDQ – Before Everton do!
I tried to translate the telephone numbers for you – But every time I put them into my translator it just returned the same digits. So I guess 1,2,3 etc is the same in English as it is in Spanish or Portuguese.
Pablo Navas-Alors As Eastneydave says he is indeed in the Pompey Academy. I’m not sure exactly when he signed but he’s been around for a few months at least, as I know he has played for the reserves too. Not yet 17 and somewhat of young talent. That said a number of our Academy are highly rated but obviously not all make the grade. Only last year we released an ex-Barcelona youngster (Franck Songo’o) who after three years never really broke out of our reserve team in spite of Rugs insistence that he was one to watch ;)
Ketchup.. nah! If I have to eat my shorts they will have to be with Cheese. Everton are in for Pennant which is surprising considering they don’t pay anywhere near as much as us in wages according to Mr Moyes ;) I reckon Pennant thinks he’ll get a nose bleed if he travels south of the Thames…. But that surely depends on whether we sign Joey Barton !
Edmilson was a a good player years past when he was with national Brazil team but not so good now. A bit slow, maybe this he would be not good for football in england. I would let him go home to brazil, if I were pompeys leaders.
Oh Gino .. I must remember to email you .. maybe tomorrow.
Re Edmilson - Thanks for that it's useful and confirms what I myself thought - To me it looks like Villarreal want to offload a mistake. They only signed in in May and he's only played twice.. Maybe at 32 he is well past his prime. I'd be a little worried if he comes .. even on loan to be honest.
maybe barnetta , fernandes will come tomorrow (well i hope)
stfc ballboy
07711 651 003
07711 651 004
That would just be great wouldn't it. We heard on Thursday (I think it was Thursday) from The Quay that two signing were nearing completion. I'm not saying they would be 100% right but you'd think with their link to the club they would know/pick-up more than any other media outlet. Initially I thought thay it would be Edu and Fernandes but when the Edu deal 'supposedly' broke down it all went quiet apart from the Pennant deal. Barnatta would be good but I'd still like to see a central Midfielder more than anything else.
Spot on fella it seems that Fernandes is a lot of peoples choice and Barnetta is picking up interest too.
Pennant Is neither starting or on the bench tonight which isn't that surprising really as he has only featured in 4 Liverpool games since the start of season one of which was a sub appearance for 4 mins! His last game was against us at Anfield in October and he was taken off on the hour then. He's not exactly match fit !
I think we may find pennant coming on loan.; With liverpool playing today, they probably wouldn't have wanted to be interfearing with the preperation, so it is no surprise nothing happened on that front. Fernandes is a player I REALLY want to see back at pompey. however I am begiining to think that storrie was only actually in valencia to talk about edu - and that has come to nothing. as you say though. chix as you say, we heard on thursday evening that 2 signings were near completion - however not completed. these were never going to come through on friday, then the transfer market efectivly closes for the weekend, and we need to re-open negotians on monday. liverpool are distracted though, so we will wait till tuesday, then it will take at least a day to sort things out, then the following day he comes down for a medical, then he agrees personal terms - then it's the weekend again - then monday...nothing ever happens on mondays, so tuesday... transfers can really drag out, and we tend to et a lot done on the last day of the window, so even if we havn't signed anyone by 11AM on the final day... we'll still probably get 3 players in, and 2 players out.
In an insane way I hope you are right .. I love the excitement of Deadline Day and just hope we are involved.. that said I'd really like a signing or two this week so they can debut on Saturday against (sorry Swansea) lesser opposition, and get a match under their belt before the bigger games come along..
Chix Ok, I hope we do sign players ASAP. it doesn't make for such an exciting deadline day, but it means A) we have them for longer and B) as you say - they can be blooded in a less physicly demanding fixture...
And you reckon Swansea are going to be push overs? do me a favour! They are up for this and see this as a very winnable fixture! They are 4pts off the playoffs and have just beaten Reading 2-0 at the weekend. Be prepared for a tough 90mins. Ps. As the Swansea guy said in the Forum this week they have sold out their 3200 allocation, so they won't be short of vocal encouragement.
Am going to stick my neck out now. I don't care if Pennant doesn't come. I don't think we need another Striker after the weekend showing. I would like to see a scrapper like (sorry) Barton, and perhaps a Defensive midfielder like Edu (althought we think that is dead in the water).
pentpn - no-one mentioned swansea being oushovers, but who would you rather blood your new players against: them 4pts off the playoffs, or villa 20pts above us in 4th place? I know they'll be up for it - but so will almost every other team we play against, and villa have more quality that will make us work harder.
Trouble is with Cup games Carpet is that they are just that, cup games. One offs and dammed awkward at the best of times. Very few go to plan, and they certainly don't serve as anysort of grounding for new squad members to get a feel for his new surroundings, regardless how many ninutes you ge ton the pitch!
we need some steel in the middle. i enjoyed watching Krunchi spraying it about on sunday, and could'nt help but Think of Henry and co at the Gunners a little while back when hit them on the counter. I love that , But Spuds could,and maybe should have had a couple more goals to show for it. Therefore i am going to go for Marvin Elliot as my vote, or Bash em up Barton. My dad said he would prefer Tony Barton,
plymouth graham
I respond to you first .. it might be easier ;) Pennant is more a winger than a striker and plays in the position David Nugent has occupied for the past couple of games - It's an interesting point actually as in a 442 formation (What Harry played because of Defoe mainly) we needed a right sided midfielder rather than an out and out winger which you can get away with more in a 4-5-1 if the three central midfielders are strong/quick enough to cover the wingers defensive duties.. but any combination of our current middle men (3 from.. Davis, Hughes, Arnie, Wilson, Diop and Kranjcar) aren't (IMO) strong enough to cover a out and out winger which could mean we get exposed on the right - so Pennant doesn't really fit anyway .. technically.. I think what we need is a Wing-Back somebody like Armand Traore who can perform the role of the Winger but is fundementaly defence minded.. Trouble is Traore plays on the left and is only on loan !! .. Funnier still is that I firmly believe that Glen Johnson would be a cracking Wing back in a 4-5-1 but we currently don't have anybody who could fill his void ... Cranie perhaps .. Anyway the whole Pennant thing seems to be riddled with problems for me .. I think I'd rather he didn't come all things considered.. but hey if he wears the Pompey shirt I'll support him.
Penton & Carpet
You both make valid points but I'm gonna stick with my original statement about Swansea being 'lesser opposition' which they are by virtue of the fact that they are not a premiership side.. but lesser opposition can of course (as Penton points out) provides stearner test.. Anyway shall we have this debate when we actually sign somebody (lol) It might turn out to be a mute point if Peter doesn't pull his finger out very soon..
Plymouth Graham
Steel in the middle gets my vote too and I know it's not a popular choice but I reckon Barton is the man (alongside Davis) and the Kranjcar we saw for the first half yesterday.. Marvin Elliot would be a good prospect but I'm unsure whether he could step up right away at this stage of the season .. that said he looked good against us .. who knows.. It'll take a lot (£3.5m) to prise him away from Bristol City though as they have stated at least twice that they have had no offers for him and would not welcome any
has anyone seen any of these transfer targets walking around Portsmouth?
Saw kaka in the megastore buying a shirt, heard we won him over in the 2-2 draw. He rejected man city today, rumours are he's holdong out for Pompey.
But yeah, I have nothing to do for the next week. Thinking of standing in the megastore, waiting for them to print off the name on the shirt for when the new signings hold it up.
Anywho, Fernades, Barnetta, Johnson, and we will get 7th and win the FA Cup.
In response to your 'has anybody actually seen any of these 'targets' out and about in Pompey question - the rumour circulating around at the moment is that they are all locked in a container at the ferryport but somebody has lost the key .. hence the reason that nobody has signed yet..
Great idea about going down to the megastore and just hanging abou waiting for a shirt to be printed.. I did that a few years ago and was convinced we'd signed a unknown player - Took squad number 40 and was called Dad !..Never actualy saw him play though ! - I'd settle for Fernandes, Barnetta and Johnson for sure !
Tuesday 20 January - 0600hrs
Well not much happened yesterday so hoping for a better day today - Only overnight news is that one report is suggesting Arsenal 'should' (not will) recall Armand Traore becuase of the Gunners midfield injury problems.
Tumbleweed seen rolling past the Pompey signing on office....
Morning Paul
I was expecting to see a queue of players outside FP today.. All queing up for interviews.. Should players have to go through interviews and produce a CV I wonder ?
I've just seen a potential new signing, must be Korean or something, a guy walked past with "I'm with stupid" on his back!
Ps. He must have signed, he was standing next to Peter Storrie!!
He is our new central midfielder 'Iam Paydtwomuch.. Am I allowed to say such things.. Probably not !
Completely unreliable sources but apparently we are favorites to signUdinese midfielder Christian Obodo having stolen a march on Espanyol for the Nigerian and also we are linked to Juventus hardman Christian Poulsen
I mentioned Obodo a few weeks back as a possible replacement for Diarra but thought Udinese has shut the door on him moving. As for Poulson I thought he was injured but apparently not. The two of them together would certainly sure up our midfield that for sure.. but as I said unreliable sources at the mo... Lets see how how things develop Any Thoughts?
No!!...I wake every morning turn this contraption on in the vain hope we've signed someone and....................................................
Poulsen was injured a few seasons back. i believe he broke his leg but by all accounts he came back strong and had a good season last year. Not had much luck with Juve though...Loan with option to buy would be my preferred choice here. As for Obodo, i think he'd be a great signing. Still hopefuly on pennant and barton....much prefer english players to foreign...get the club looking like an English side :) That said I wouldn't say no to some of the foreigners we've been linked too!
same penton same, but i wouldn't get your hopes up lol. obodo looks like a pretty class midfielder but hes more defensive right? so is poulsen a creative mid? (cause i don't think ive every heard of him lol)
On SSN, Poulson has come out and said he wants to stay and fight for his place. This just keeps happening. Obodo is highly rated in Italy, sign him up.
Breaking news lads, Storrie has just announced that we are very very very very close to signing 2 chinese international players, their names are We Won Once and How Long Since, plus there is an offer in for a Dutch international forward Hertz Van Rental.
F all, we're going to sign F all.
Matt me & you are being type set as negative but so far we are both right. My preditiction was right last week no signings . i predicted the same again for this week Looks a safe bet ,i also said we would be in the botom three after the villa game .Well after our performance on sunday im not quite so sure about that one . but i think we aint gonna get anyone in thats well known we might get a couple of unknown players next week just to keep TA happy .but most of the names on Chixs list have already been discounted
Much rather Obodo to Barton. As far as Poulsen is concernedm di we want a hardman?
Obodo..he's the shape shifter on Star Trek deep space nine.. right? I think if we can not sign established players from the Prem,or good foreign equivalents, - becaise we have been written off by the english press-we must go for talented and hungry players from lower leagues, such as Fabian Delph and Marvin Elliot who would come for chance to step up.
plymouth graham
Nobody is being negative or pessamistic, we are just being honest, nobody is coming to Pompey, despite Storrie clocking up the air miles, there are no imminent signings it is just what we call, "Storrie Spin", and it is beggining to be bloody annoying!!
Rob I can't believe you've missed me out as being negative, you've bruised my feelings! :-)
oh well Andy yep you as well you negative OLD moaner see you in the milton soon
Too rite mate look forward to it!!
What a fun meeting that will be. Matt, Sea-Juicer and Penton, stood there moaning :P Anywho, of the 34 names + Poulsen, should we have an eviction of 15 people tonight?
Come out Bakes we'll teach you how to drink
Will do, every game I plan on coming to the milton, but have to wait for my family to turn up, cos I have the parking tickets in my house. Should come earlier this week, so we can make it to the milton.
Tuesday 20 January 1815hrs
Well I started this morning quite positively thinking that we may at least sign Pennant before the day is done and I was right – Pompey have signed Pennant on loan There was also speculation that Christian Poulsen and Christian Obodo. We have read that Poulsen is staying put at Juve and we’ve not even heard a peep about Udinese midfielder Christian Obodo. Oh well we live in hope!.But at least we have made one signing !
In response to some of your comments..
I’m troubled that you wake up each morning and run to the PC in the hope that something would have happened. If it helps I can text you on the hour, every hour throughout the night with any updates in order to soften the blow.
As with Penton, I can add you to my update list for text throughout the night if you like – Can’t believe you’ve never heard of Poulsen – He makes Joey Barton seem like a kitten!
I share your view on recruiting English players, they know the game and don’t have to adapt to live in another country as with the foreigners – That said the likes of ADA haven’t done to badly at short notice in the past so who knows. Obodo would make a good signing and I’m quite disappointed that it’s all gone quiet on that front.
Seems that you got the same news at the same time as me – Bit of a shame about Poulsen but I if we can capture Odobo that will still be good – Sign him up indeed.
The Chinese guys you mentioned have been snapped up I hear - ‘We Won Once’ has gone to Boro and ‘How Long Since’ to Liverpool – That said I did see you Dutch international forward ‘Hertz Van Rental’ travelling south on the M3 less than an hour ago .. So things might be looking up !
Just a thought … Christian Obodo, & Christian Poulsen.. Linvoys not doing the scouting is he ?
Until ten past six you and Storagematt were being proved right on the transfer front, but I’m glad I put my (blind) faith in Uncle Peter and can have at least a little smile on the Pennant front - I'll save the last laugh for when he signs a Central Midfielder with the vision of a Hawk, the accuracy of a Kingfisher and the control of a Benedictine Monk – Anyway as for my list being nearly exhausted you are right .. But watch this space for an updated article tomorrow evening... bet you can't wait
Obodo rathe than Barton every time.. The two of them however could be good. As for Poulsen .. Looks like a dead duck.. over before it started really !
Storrie Spin soun the right way for once.. Although Pennant on loan is hardley the capture of the century is it .. Still a signing is a signing..
Plymouth Graham
Obodo (or something very like that) was indeed the shapeshifter in Deep Space Nine .. or was he the chair.. or the suitcase.. or the table.. oh I don't know.. But maybe he can 'shapeshift into a brickwall across our goal - We'd keep clean sheets then !
Penton, Sea-Juicer & Storagematt Sat in a corner of the Milton Arms supping their Sherry complaining about the price of players today.. I can see it now!
Don't go Jbakes They will poison you.. honest..
Anyway.. Back on Topic. So we have one signing only another 4 to go !
Who is gonna be next then? Tranquillo Barnetta or Edmilson
Barnetta to bolster up both wings, Johnson and Fernandes for the centre! And dw Chix, will never let them convert me to their "relegation" side. My old man will be talking to Dave, a guy who hangs round at the milton. 6ft3, and big, puts papa to shame.
"Just a thought … Christian Obodo, & Christian Poulsen.. Linvoys not doing the scouting is he?" XD XD XD thats bad mate really bad lol but this barnetta guy seems pretty good, unlike edmilson who i really hope doesn't come he's just past it. be intersting to see how close some of these 'close' signings are lets hope there at almost at the same stage as the pennant deal ay
For me Barnetta is a good option and I'd be pretty excited if we signed him The Swiss have never set the world on fire internationally but any player who has played at the World Cup Finals has experience at playing competition football at the highest level - For me that is invaluable. I have a chat with a Man City contact today who believes that Michael Johnson will leave (he wasn't sure where to) but he was quite annoyed about it .. Apparently Johnson is rated better than Elano (by the fans) but Mark Hughes rarely picks him.. So you never know.. At least we know if he comes it can not be on loan ! As for Ferandes I'd love him but it's all gone quiet in Spain so I think that is most likely a dead duck.. Shame.
that will be class like ive said loads of times barnetta , fernandes and johnson (even though newcastle look favourites).Now we signed pennant this sounds good . Johnson and pennant down the right + belhadj and traore down the left :P dats is ****** brilliant. The futures bright the futures blue !!!!!!!
stfc ballboy
Sorry about the pun I just couldn't resist it .. I have to adnit I was laughing as I typed it Re Edmilson Gomes he's not THAT old @ 32 bu I do question why Vilarreal want to offload him only having got him in May.. I feel like there's something we don't know - That said he has been successful everywhere else he has played and let's face it a Brazilian with over 40 caps should not really be scoffed at - Interesting Edu is only 18 months younger than Edmilson and hasn't half the experience or honours he has got .. Umm the more I chat the more I'm warming to the idea ..
I feel a onslaught coming on for saying this but....... I think Belhadj and Traore as good as they are going forward are not good enough (individually or as a pair) defensively.. Yes they are exciting I can't argue that but Belhadj needs to REALLY improve his positional play and also concentrate for 95 minutes .. Traore I like but he just lacks a little something when tracking back - Don't get me wrong they generally do a good job and I do think they link well together but they are neither a long term solution (Traore's loan) or the finished article. With Kranjcar playing a more central role (which is the correct role for him in a 451) we do need to really think about the left.. Barnetta would be a far better option that Armand.. In fact I'd stick Armand at left back behind Barnetta.. but I guess we will have to wait and see - I still want us to buy at least one Central Midfielder first
If we don't get Barnetta or another left midfielder, then I reckon we will end up seeing Niko on the left, which wont be as good, or we could put Hermann at left back, with Belhadj left mid.
I think Niko did enough on Saturday (especially the first half) to suggest he has (at last) found the position that is right for him.. I really hope Tony doesn't change his position now...Ermm.. trouble with Herman is that he is just a little too slow - If he had Belhadj's pace then we'd be talking..
We also have Noe and Cranie who "could" cover at left back. Reckon we should get in two centre mids and a permanent winger, as when it comes to the summer, we could be left with Utaka, Nuge and Niko for the wings.
*none of which are totally suited for that role.
I think I keep forgetting about this thread. Barnetta I still think is likely to come, as (as has been said before), traore is by no means the finished article, and WILL go back to arsenal (actually... will he?), whilst pennant WON'T stay around (actually... will he?). Niko was fantastic on sunday - he was up for the game, although tired, and possibly got injured when he came off (well, he was playing fine, then he was about to break away when he pulled up, put the ball out and imediatly came off...). It would be great to see him stay in that position, and it really highlights that we DON'T need/want saviola, as it would upset the balance of the current side. unless he can play down the wings/as a loan striker. in which case he wold be perfect...
True about Noe and Cranie at ledt back but I agree about with your priorities for now. As for the end of the year I guess we should really worry about next season when it comes - BUT I do think that Nugent of all those mentioned could find a permanent role on the wing.. He has the energy and although not defensively minded is young enough to develop that way I spose
Benedictine Monk is he Italian or Cornish?
plymouth graham
I'm gutted that you keep forgetting about this thread.. truly gutted! I comment on most of what you say already apart from the Saviola piece. To be honest on what I've picked up today I think that deal is dead.. he just don't fancy it and would rather fight for a place in the Madrd team.. Pick up his Euro's more like !! Anyway the role you describe is't really suited to his game and to ask on of the greatest footballer ever to walk the earth to adapt to our team is a bit rich don't you think I bet he's never even heard of Pompey !
So we agree on 2 centre midfielders and one permanent winger. Now the question is who? We have been told that we are close on two, so who would they be? If its gone quiet on the Fernandes front, does that mean that we are after Johnson and Obodo? In which case I wouldnt mind 2 of Johnson, Obodo, Edmilson and Fernandes, and one of Barnetta and Driver. These seem the most likely moves now...
Oh and Chix, the sausage fest comment was about the fact that this big brother house is full of guys, not because some players have had too many sausages. Im not Jbutcher!
rofl jbaker niceone and chix the reason i don't like edmilson is i (think) remember seing a video of him some when and he looked like had eaten a few too many pies, that said ur right he has far more honours and prolly is a better player than edu, but there we go, i'd be surprised if he does come tho, just a feeling thats all. anyway lets see what the week brings IF the other 2 deals where anywhere as near as close as the pennant deal it could be an interesting one =D
According to L'Equipe we and Stoke are in for Fred of Olympique Lyonnais.
Wednesday 21 January - 0640 hrs
Another day another opportunity to a signing to be 'close'. Following the comments yesterday I'm expecting Penton & Pompeym@ to come racing down their stairs dressed only in their pyjamas to log on and find out that Pompey have signed Kaka ! I'm sorry fellas it's not true but it just had to be done.. I wonder what is really in store today...
I never did do subtlies.. I not sure I can even spell it .. But what were you expecting if not a house for of blokes .. Women? .. Are we gonna sign a woman then?..
So eating means in Jbutcher speak means that he is a bit of a puff pastry - eh .. am I right? .. Well if that is the case I don't think he'd settle very well in pompey.. oh hang on the Police are at my door .. Anyway, before I'm carted of to Barton Hill or Pennantville I hope those deals are close .. I'm not sure I can keep this up for aniother 12 days..
If we are linked with Fred I say snap him up. I took a great interest in him last year when Sandra's Husband was trying to sign him for us. I knew Stoke had been tracking him but must admit I didn't think we were this time round. The guy scores goes for fun - Look him up on Wiki and you'll see what I mean - I'm gonna have a look on the French sites to see what I can find.. back soon..
OK this is what I found in 6 or 7 French Papers - Fred's contract is up on 30 June and after a little bust up with the coach he has made the decision to leave the club - The club themselves are cool with this and there is a lot of respect on both sides - He would like to leave in the transfer window but understands deals take time to sort out - Lyon are happy for him to stay until contract expiry and will do what they can to facilitata a moe for him (does this mena a loan??) Fluminense or Palmeiras of Brazil are favorites for his signature but Stoke and SPURS are interested .. I could find no mention of Pompey I'm affraid Houston...
Fred would be a very exciting signing! i'm thrilled we got Pennant, I think he can do the business for us. I'm excited about our wing plays, left and right side look sorted! The 4 players I'd like to see come in - Fred(FW), Barton (MD), Johnson (MD), Barnetta (WR)
oh chix plz keep the puns coming there genius, (make me morning they do) but honestly everythings gone quiet again the only stories i've seen today is one saying we have confirmed our interest in Viera but we did that ages ago didn't we? and 1 saying we still hope to sign poulsen on loan, they sound like rehashes of old stories to me
and yea that would be some acheivement to keep it up for 12 more days chix better start hoping storrie pulls his finger out good luck with that =D
Adams has been quoted in the News saying there could very well be more signings before the weekend. 'I don't like speaking about other players but I will just say that it (the Poulsen deal) is way down the line. We could have a few new recruits before the weekend, though.' Promising :)
sounds good, very good. i've heard a fair bit about us after materazzi today as well, but if its true that citeh are after him then i doubt we stand too much chance unfortuanatly, would have been a pretty good sighning imo although he is 35
Just seen on Sky that Boro have snapped up Palace Midfielder Ben Watson. Couldthis be good news for us and GON? As Watson is a central midfield ball winner where does this leave GON except out wide right?
right... i DON'T want fred. same reason I have now descided I don;t want savioloa, and the same reason i didn't want defoe. We have a good formation and set up now, that is only missing two good central midfielders (maybe just one!), then it will be a brilliant side. A permanant wing player would also be usefull, as Traore and Pennant are unlikely (but possible) to stay beond the summer, so we will likely need two players then.
Some great comments again today.. which I will respond to in due course .. but WARNING WARNING WARNING This thread is about to disappear and a Brand New Article will take its place .. You are gonna love it I will try and carry over the comments I've not responded to .. Watch this space Well not this space as it will disappear but the front page anyway..
well cheers to you Chix and all the guys for some excellent reading
plymouth graham
agreed plymouth. your articles have made this transfer month a laugh keep it up, looking forward to the next 1 =D
Really great stuff - has Chix eaten his shorts yet? Remember 'If Pennant is at another Premiership club come February, I will eat my shorts'
Still rumours about Benjani coming back to you but nothing concrete
Buzz Lightyear

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