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Pompey agree Pennant fee

Nothing official, and no quotes from anyone, but sky sports news is running a 'breaking news' story that says we have agreed a fee with Liverpool for Jermaine Pennant.

Maybe this deal will go ahead as had been reported overnight afterall?

More will no doubt follow this afternoon, or maybe not as the case may well be...

UPDATE - The Pompey Site has now confirmed that a bid has been accepted and terms will be discussed over the coming days...


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday January 16 2009

Time: 12:42PM

Your Comments

Get in! Well chuffed that not only are we signing someone, but he is one of the two style of players that we need, and is of the highest quality!
Pennant has been on the radio up here in Merseyside saying he wants the challenge of playing abroad, so unless we have moved to the Isle of Wight he is not thinking of coming to us. Liverpool may want him out, but he will have the final say surely, i dont think this one is a goer, and he really is the type of central midfield player, who plays wide on the right, we have been looking for, or as we will call him, Utaka II.
Sol Campbell said he wanted to play abroad too! Portsmouth technically is an island is it not? :-)
Little Dutch
Wow Owenspompey, i thought i was pessimistic.
Great news, get Barton in as well and HMP Ford open prison will have a hell of a team. Or maybe we will change our name to Samaritans F.C
The official PFC website now has this - so I think its happening. Its great that we can sign a player of this quality, sends out a really positive message about the club. Real Madrid said they wanted him as a 'stopgap' till they get some Portuguese player who can't drive his Ferrari - if it was me, i wouldn't be very impressed by that.
barton, pennant and gary. Benjani as well, o and edu. Now thats a team!
Well said tracy the word is quality!! A sign that we are determined to go foward again.
the negative vibes, and cynical thoughts are taking over me - my positive, granted sometimes blind optimism is being seriously challenged these days...
so, i cannot help but think we 'know' that pennant will reject the terms offered to him as he does not want to leave liverpool, well not for another english club anyway? so announcing a fee has been agreed the club raises our hopes, if he rejects the terms offered him then that is not the clubs fault - another 'escape route' as to why a player isnt signed, similar to the o'neil bid, announcing an offer was made but rejected - it gave the impression 'we are trying but getting no help'...
owens, penton, matt and so on what have you done to me lol!
Rug, we have all had a reality check, i suppose it was bound to come, but it has taken us a while to realise what was going to happen at the club. Pennant has to choose between Madrid, Milan and Pompey, i do know where i would not be going when i was considering my options, terms will not be agreed, but it is a good/poor attempt to try and lift our spirirts, we will not be fooled anymore Mr Storrie.
I can't believe Rug that your saying i'm negative, ok so the world is in financial meltdown, Gangs rule the streets, Global warming is burning up the Earth, Jobs are going at the rate of tens of thousandsa week, Gordon Brown is running the country, Lucy Pinder got voted off Celeb big brother...But hey Whetherspoons have dropped their pint prices to 99p a pint! Now who say's i'm negative?!
Don't forget penton,Pinder is a scummer, so that was good news surely?
negative might have been the wrong choice of words :-)
fingerscrossed, all we can do is wait. Weve got a lot of english lads in the squad, mabye that will tip the balance
Now the scousers have acceptd our bid, others will match it & pinch him. The final say is with the player & he will drag it out to suit him.
Pennant needs to play somewhere or his contract will run out in July and no-one will want him for the sort of money he wants to earn. He just aswell come here and put a clause in his contract saying he can leave if an offer comes in for him after six months. Would suit us and him. He gets to show off his wares and we get a player for 2mil who, if he does well, we can make a profit. Is that not how it works? Stop being so bloody miserable all of you and give Storrie a chance!
Why on earth would you advertise the fact that you've agreed a fee with him on the clubs website, surely that just sends out the message to everyone else 'Yes there is a deal to be done here' only announce things when they're done and dusted.
Spurs have just sealed the deal on Palacios from Wigan for 12mil. Will that count against us on Sunday? He is a midfielder I think?
hence my 'i cannot help but think we 'know' that pennant will reject the terms offered to him as he does not want to leave liverpool, well not for another english club anyway? so announcing a fee has been agreed the club raises our hopes, if he rejects the terms offered him then that is not the clubs fault - another 'escape route' as to why a player isnt signed, similar to the o'neil bid, announcing an offer was made but rejected - it gave the impression 'we are trying but getting no help'...' thoughs stooH.
"Agreed" being the operative word stooH but that's in the real world - does "agreed" mean the same thing on Planet Football?Take away the "a" and we're closer to what football is all about!
thoughts even!
Perhaps the offer is conditional upon Liverpool taking him off the market and being unable to listen to any other offers. It happens in other lines of business, why not footy? Come cheer up you lot!
thing is Gandor storrie seems to have had more chances than ive had hot dinners... i want what he says to be true and to actually happen, but ive beleived him so much in the past and there always seems to be some sort of 'escape' explanation to cover what doesnt happen.
to be fair i will give the fella the benefit of the doubt this one last time, if positive moves arent made this month then i do not think i will ever beleive another word that comes out of his mouth...
believe, not beleive, come on rug i before e except after c...
Don't want another Sulky Jermain(e). Had one of those already.
I think Storrie is a horrible shifty little individual, but I think we are being a bit hasty this afternoon. I suppose I want to believe that we are going to have another midfielder for Sunday.
Sky are now saying that JP doesn't want to come here!!! Well up yours then, Jermaine
maybe you are right... spring us a surprise peter and bring in a central midfielder in time for sunday, maybe spurs will loan us palacios!
Yep, it looks like you are right HSB, Pennant said this morning he wants to stay at Liverpool and fight for his place. (according to, anyway).
Oh well that was a short lived thought that we might sign someone. Happiness lasted for almost 2 hours. lol
im back, the positive landlord has returned, ive spoken to 'the chosen one' my wise mentor and im happier about pompey life again!
apparently pennant hasnt rejected the move, in fact he is on his way to discuss terms...
Is that Rug; because you can track him on a sat nav with his Elecctronic tag on Lol
he can also track mine lol!
Roll on 02/02/09. I'm SICK of this window already
See, I told you all not to be so miserable. He wouldn't come allthis way if he wasn't serious!
Just seen Jermaines car on the road from Halewood, he was in it with Alonso, Torres and Keane, maybe these are the signings that Pete has promised, also Cahill and Arteta were in the car behind with Lescott. Maybe our dreams are coming true!!
Sky are reporting it may just be a loan deal. Suits us?
I believe he is now saying he might be prepared to come to us on loan!! Thats big of him then.
T***er! Why the hell do we need another sulky little S**t???
Well at least we don't have to part with 2mil - and can pay the 50k a week he wants.
Gandor1 Tony interview on beeb...
He's just come out and said that he wants to stay at Liverpool!
If we get him on loan that would be worthwhile, whilst he's a player with undoubted talent he has all to frequently failed to put it to use. We already have players like that in the like of Utaka, Thomas and Little.
Steve C
If he does sin Chix i'd like my 1000 in cash please.
Steve C
Now he MAY come on loan.
Yeah, disappointing. We need quality players, but ones who WANT to play for us, we've learned that lesson. We also need the boost of good players wanting to come here, which for a while today I thought we had. It seems we don't.
Ok folks! Tell me, do we really need a player who really doesn't want to come to us; and if he does it will be on loan. He sulks at the best of times! He can be lazy, moody, unproductive, but also a good player in flashes. Is anyone here seriously suggesting he will give his all for the Blue shirt in the next 4 months? Can't imagine anyone here is that deluded.............
I don't know penton... how well did he get on with crouch when he was there? They were both in/out of the first team, so probably would have seen a lot of each other on the bench! As far as I'm concerned, if he comes, it's becuase he wants to. if he doesnt come, then it's becuase he doesn't.
Did you knew that Pennant accused Kranjcar (during U-21 England vs Croatia match) that he called him monkey ?? I am telling you this guy Pennant is trouble just read this BTW what is Adams trying to do with pompey ?? Start a rehabilitation clinic ??? With Barton and Pennant as the main nutjubs ??
I suspect TA has done 'work' with JP at the Sporting Chance clinic. Pompey will turn into a rehabilitation unit. And, to add to my worries, the man has a scorpion tattooed up his neck! How will that look when he's going up to get his cup winner's medal off the Duchess of Kent??
Pennant has only ever had one decent spell; at Brum. Stephen Hunt seems a much more rounded and consistant player to me.
Heaven help us!
Umm interesting with this one.... I tend to agree with Penton to be honest .. I'm not sure he'll do anything for PFC.. He might do a few things for himself that in turn help Pompey but I just don't see him as a loyal servant - Wengar pushed him out, he got in trouble at Leeds .. Um maybe NK19 view is also one I share (the Rehab Clinic).. Mind you we have had a few before.. Quinn, Merson etc.. Question is, is he worth a gamble at 2-3million.. probably yes - He does have talent after all .. nobody can deny that .. can they ?
I also tend to agree with Penton and Chix. He might possibly be worth a couple of mill or a loan deal in the hope that his quality - when he shows it - is enough to help keep us up this year, but he's in no way a good long term bet, and he most assuredly isn't another Glenn Johnson or even Lassana Diarra. Rug's point about plausible deniability is well made, and could well be true. You would surely only invite others to bid if you were A) 100% certain he was coming or B) 99% certain he's not.
Saviola will becoma a player if portsmouth, next week. He will be a good player. Do not get Pennant he made words that Real would sign him- this is not true we do not get low players as him. He produced signs of a move to Real to make his club give a new contract. We were made angry by this.
I do not like Pennant much, although a good player on his day. Saviola looks interesting
plymouth graham
Saviola sounds like a much better way forward. I am already annoyed by JP and he's been nowhere near the place!
I agree. Saviola would be a much better signing, and I hope Mr SaviolaFan is correct about him being a Pompey player next week. That would be a true statement of intent, as far as I'm concerned. I think we already saw with our previous Jermaine that players who don't want to be here can bring the side down even if they do have talent.
well said phil, BTC's alway bring the place down because the fratton Pond will never be big enough for them. I have to say i have been so impressed with crouchies attitude of late he seems so supportive and positive, maybe because he has always grafted being release by spurs as a youngster and later effectively dumped by Villa. he knows the value of grafting. i say don't go getting jumped up never come downers. i guess this i why i hope we get barton who i feel will value things a little more now, well we can hope.
plymouth graham
nobody is having luck signing anyone... wish pennant wanted to come, hopefully Rafa can change his mind
Nodster, Benitez said today there is no place for Pennant in the team this season and Pennant has gone away to think about it. Apparently!
Pennat is not welcome at Fratton Park, stay away and take your money, and then move on somewhere else and steal their money.
Great, just what Pompey need - Another player who thinks he is bigger then the club! Good player, but will always 'think' he is bigger then Pompey. Might get on the blower to Adams, and ask him to bring Obafemi Martins to FP.. (I can wish).
Will be good if he could keep his life in the slow lane for a bit.
Buzz Lightyear

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