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It's a disgrace!

'What has this got to do with Pompey?' 'You are just jealous it is not you!' Blah, blah, blah...

Just some of the things that might come along but the 'reports' that Kaka could make a 100m move to Man City. This is absolutely ludicrous, but the worst thing, well in fact I say 'insulting' is the fact that Citeh could be prepared to pay him a disgusting 500,000 per week in wages!

Sorry, but how is this good for Citeh? How is this good for their fans, and fans in general? And how is this good for the game, and the rapidly decreasing image that it now has, one that is driving away from it so many 'die hard' and 'true fans'?

2m a month, 24m a year this is a bloody disgrace, especially given the global credit crisis that is ongoing - think of all the thousands of people that have lost their jobs as the companies that they work for have been forced to call it a day!

The amount of money in the game these days is criminal, over inflated transfer fees and criminally high wages are ruining the game, to be fair to us and others though they are looking to address this, and hopefully when this is fully addressed and maybe our wage bill a more 'acceptable one' the prices we have to pay will drop a little as well? Ok, wishful thinking perhaps...

Citeh should be absolutely ashamed of themselves, I suspect that plenty of those people that have been forced into redundancy are Citeh fans, and no doubt despite the loss of their jobs they are still going to watch Citeh play and they will in some way contribute to these staggering wages despite their dwindling finances!

Something has got to be done, there has got to be some limit put to what a club can pay for a player and what they can pay him - but how can anyone justify giving someone half a million pounds a week!

We all dream of success for our club, but could you really revel in this happening in this kind of way? Lets say things do not work out for Citeh as their billionaire owners plan - they uproot and leave, where does this leave the club? In financial ruin that is where, anyone happy with what is happening now will not be then will they...

Kaka of course has to accept this money, and people will say 'he would be mad not to', maybe so, but if he is the man of principles and integrity as he is thought to be he will say the same thing 'that is an obscene amount of money' and not on - clearly it does not work like this in the 'real world', but the footballing world has gone mad if this comes off, and the world in general if it is allowed to happen. It is sticking two big fingers up at everyone in a day and age when we are all struggling to make ends meet, many of us now without a job!


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday January 14 2009

Time: 1:12PM

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You have to hope that this is just the media trying to stir things up and sell some papers. I know Citeh have a lot of money but even this is just ridiculous! I am all for getting some sort of wage cap like they have in American Football. Something has to be done, but it has to be done across the footballing world...if just one country doesn't join in then it would result in that country attracting all the 'best/money grabbing' players. But that might just be a good thing!
:-) Someone didnt get a pay rise did they???? the silver lining to this undoubted cloud would mean Benji is probably free to leave, then the recently denied press rumours may by happenstance become fact; he diddnt want to go, tried hard to miss all manner of plaines and i for one would welcome him back.
wheres that fooqing spill chicker
The lunatics have taken over the asylum. It'll all end in tears one day in the not too distant future.
This is a prime example of the Premiership hitting it's peak, if it goes through then transfer rules and contracts will have to change forever.
To be fair, if Citeh have the money they are well entitled to do this. We complain about redundancies etc in the face of this, but I'm sure there are starving children in Africa who would ask how the hell we've got the cheek to complain about the prospect of redundancy and not being able to afford Sky anymore when they haven't even got clean water. It is easy to lose perspective and become enraptured in your own world. I'm relaxed about it, what goes up must come down and this sort of deal will enslave Citeh to their owners in an incredibly unhealthy way. The Sheikhs won't be around forever and this sort of money doesn't just sit in a debit column and wait to be written off. Citeh's owners are demonstarting that they are not interested in building a football club or a legacy in the way Villa have with their mega bucks owner, they have shown that they are ego ridden playboys desperate to show off their wad. I mean, Kaka's not going to solve Citeh's defensive ineptitude is he? And when they try and sign the next player, he will point to Kaka's wages as justification for his own astronomical demands and then you have resentment and disharmony in the squad. Citeh will crash and burn and probably go to the wall. They always do when owners just mindlessly throw money and indulge the playboy way. Ask Gretna.
Little Dutch
It is not football but high finance!! Crazy more I can say really.
Agreed Little Dutch. Abramovich has changed Chelsea but even he has gotten bored with throwing away millions. We know from playing AC Milan how good Kaka is but he isn't that good. For 100m you'd expect a 10/10 performance from them every game but it simply isn't possible.
The worlds going mad, football will self destruct if it continues at this rate.
Totally agree 100% rug. I got up this morning, feeling happy and bubbly, looked out the wondow at the ice and thought what a lovely day, Pompey through to the next round, a home game to llok forward to in the next wek or so, and so made me cornflakes and stroked the cat. Turned on Skysports, heard this and coughed splutter and choked on me cornflakes, trod on the cat, and the day was ruined. all because of a rediculous offer which made me very angry... How can anyone justify this rediculous amount on a player. Once one player gets it, others will expect, and the football world will take another step towards oblivion. This was a working mans sport, a game which we all went to after a busy week to unwind and let off steam, its already too expensive, but we manager somehow, but this is the next step to smaller crowds, higher wages, more bancrupcies and finally a forgotten sport (apart from watching it on TV). I hope the FA and FIFA rule against this, and draw a line under the inflated prices.
I'm with you RUG, as i've said before money has ruined the game we love.
Steve C
It's not sustainable in the long run, even for people with the amount of money which the sheiks have but you have to bear in mind that this is their money and if they're paying a football player those kind of sums no matter what tax dodges they use a fair chunk of it will go to our government when otherwise it would have been sitting in a middle east bank account. Our country needs this money! ;-)
Dave, You're right but remember it was so called "high finance" that played a major contribution in the virtual collapse of the global banking system.
He's snubbed them anyway. :)
I agree with everything Rug. Annoys me that 91m is banded around especially in times of recession. If I were offered this amount of money where I worked I'd genuinely be embarassed, although it would be nice to be able to afford a house with one week's wages!!
Only good thing about his reported 2m a month contract that the government would make a mint in taxes and help ease the ever expanding deficit...
Bet the first question he asked was Manchester WHO? never heard of em! And it's where?
I'm no expert on the tax system but i believe that if you spend a certain amount of time out of the country each year you are not liable for tax on the money you earn. It's probably safe to assume that Kaka would spend the close season and any other time he could out of the country to avoid paying our higher rate of income tax.
Steve C
And i'm jealous too, not so much of the money that he would earn but of the money that City can bandy around. when i look back my fondest memories of football (barring winning the cup) go back to the days before money corrupted the game, to the days when every team was in with a reasonable chance of winning their league.
Steve C
Tim exactly why I used that phrase. Where is the return on investment like that?
I think This will be Brilliant! Kaka comes to City.... Joins the premier league.... good to watch..! City bring in more players for ridiculous amounts of money.... again good to watch! Then City completely under achieve.... perhaps even get relegated (anything can happen this year )..... Even better to watch and then we can all laugh!! City will become 'leeds 2' and end up in league 1 in no time..... The FA doesn't need any rules because Man city will be an example of how it can go very wrong! But after saying this..... if he comes and the arabs dont bail out..... the Citeh fans can all laugh at us....
it;s a tough one. I think that in the "current financial climate", there is no longer as much money in the premiership as there has been - and this has lead to star players LEAVING rather than joining. If WE as pompey fans want to see the best league in the world, then something has got to attract them here. If Man City are going to pay big money to bring in kaka, it's none of my buisness, however it will have a knock on effect for pompey, that other big stars will want to come to the premiership, to play the likes of kaka etc. rather than to italy or spain.
Forgetting about the Kaka story for a moment, where on earth are our signings?
How the hell do you motivate someone who is making that kind of money? In year one he will have made 24 mil, so why would he want to work in year two, except on his terms. Why would you do something you didn't want to? Pity the Manager who has to handle someone earning that kind of money - if he could be handled, which I doubt very much.
just be patient :-). we hope to get the before the spurs game - personally I doubt we will (things always get dragged out longer than we would like!) Although I wouldn't be surprised to here about a friday press confrance!
and gandor - that is for them to worry about not us. We can discuss whether or not signing a player for 100million is good for us/the premiership/football in general. Sorry rug/everone else who is upset about it, I just think that as a PORTSMOUTH fan, I see nothing wrong with it, as a PREMIERSHIP fan, it's a good thing, although as a FOOTBALL fan, it's a little ridiculas, but it's not me paying!
Where are the Pompey signings, someone must have heard something at the game!!
it's not like the days of harry where we know exactly who is coming 3 months before they arrive. Tony is keeping everything quiet, and not talking about anyone he might want to sign. how are we meant to know?! But he has said he is confident they will bring them in beofre spurs, and we have plenty of time left to do that.
I'm sorry guys but i fail to see how Kaka signing for city for a ridiculous fee and wageswill attract other players here, they're all going to expect similar offers and i can't even see united wanting to pay those sort of wages. It could only lead to an ever widening gulf between the have's and have nots. God help any team not in the Premiership if thats the way things go.
Steve C
carpet, you say 'its not you paying' but in a way it is, you, me and everyone else continue to pay a heavy price - and the more the citeh's of this world can dictate outrageous transfer prices and massively inflated wages the more we - pompey - and others will have to go that extra mile to compete, and the more we do that the more we have to pay to watch football... 'if'/'when' there comes that time that you have to say 'i just cannot justify it anymore' then it is you paying a massive, massive price as you or i are totally priced out of going to football anymore - for me that is the biggest price to pay, and you and i and the like will be paying it, i would be devistated if i could no longer go to football as i could not justify the costs.
I hope Platini brings in this club salary cap idea very soon. The Premier league and all leagues should enforce a salary cap, its really getting out of hand. However, the salary cap must be high enough for local players to stay, thats the problem we have in A-League. The salary cap is not high enough, so when a foreign club comes in for one of our young stars they jump at any opportunity.
It is good to see fans are finally realising how stupid/crazy/disgusting these high transfer fees & OTT wages are getting .Facts are the bigger clubs will generally win the honours but before clubs went crazy with money the smaller clubs had a chance like notts forest winning european cup,aberdeen winning european cup winners cup,dundee utd reaching uefa cup final surely thats not wrong?As has been previously stated the fans end up paying through the nose to attend games now,when i was a young boy i used to attend most home/away games there is no way i could do that now & to be honest i dont know how anybody could do it in england especially if he/she has kids who also want to attend.
I hope this back fires on City big time (sour grapes maybe) They are hoping they can attract one and them the dream team will follow - They thought Robinho was the first but looks to have backfired if Kaka's quote is correct - I can see Citeh having loads of dosh but not being able to spend it - There is the problem afterall that Eastlands is in Manchester - Nice City and all that but it's not Madrid, Milan or Barcalona or London is it .. Maybe the location will put players off. I fear for the City fans as if the Arab can not get the team they want because of the location they will just pull out, leave Citeh in ruins and go on to buy anohter club.. Hopefully not in Portsmouth!
Before you all begin saying how bad this is and about the starving children in Africa...... Kaka is a devout Christian and gives Millions-Literally millions to charity and orphanages in Brazil.... This could be work out well for people need the money...... i reckon a large sum of the 500,000 quid-a-week will go to a good cause!
should bloody well hope so?
i really hope that this signing goes through, and i hope they sign ronaldo from utd for an obscene amount and every other brilliant player in the world. the sheikh's then lose intrest in their latest toy when they realise that they cannot play as a team and achieve the success they're dreaming of, they will not get bought out by any one that could afford to pay any were near these wages and the club goes in to administration, gets docked alot of points, get relagated and then we snap up all they're 'championship' players for dirt cheap price's. that way every one is happy:-)! UP THE BORO!
TomNG - He's a bit like Kanu then
City have been told they can speak to Kaka. 120Million is the bid apparently.

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