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Barton - say it aint so...

There had been some rumblings that Joey Barton could be a 'transfer target' for Pompey in the past and they have come back again recently but I just hoped they were nothing more than 'tabloid speculation'.

Cue the Jaws music, but ' understands' that he has been made Tony Adams' 'top target'...

I am all for giving people a second chance if genuine remorse is shown but how many 'second chances' does the fella want? He is doing something that most of us would give anything to do - playing football and earn the millions they do - but he seems hell-bent on pressing that self-destruct button constantly.

'Rumours' of an interest in him in the summer were denied by the club, but I have it on good authority that we did make moves for him - fortunately they did not come off, so with that in mind making a move for him again this month could be a possibility, and chances are his fee will not be high.

Even putting aside his 'off the field' problems, the fact that he targeted former Pompey man Pedro Mendes back along after his former Citeh teammate Ben Thatcher had assaulted him earlier in that same season is another reason why Pompey fans would find it increasing difficult to accept his signing...

I 'might' have been able to forgive that had he not had so many other second chances, so I personally would find it very hard to accept him playing for my team - hopefully this will not become the case, but if so I guess it is a bridge I would have to cross 'if' and 'when' it happened.

Peter Storrie often says that he 'listens to the fans', please let him and Adams be listening to us now when we say, well assuming people do not mind me speaking on their behalf, please do not sign the animal!


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday January 7 2009

Time: 2:25PM

Your Comments

Christ almighty Pompey. Don't do it. Meanwhile, can I get a price on Benjani "coming home?"
Johnny Baguette
Adams has already lost the confidence of alot of fans, and this could really make him some enemies at Fratton Park.
Anyone living near fratton needs to get down to the ground and warn Storrie about how welcome Barton would be!!!!!!!!!
This would be another nail in the coffin if he came. Just imagaine the dressing room atmosphere.
I suppose Newcastle want to get shot of him if they're gonna bring in Mendes.
And bluedr, i would, but its too cold.
If Mr Storrie does listen to the fans, now is the time to find out. If you object to this and truly believe it will damage the integrity of Portsmouth City Football Club then send an email to telling him so. Keep it polite and constructive please.
im 5050 on this - but he fills the box of proven premiership player. yes hes had too many chances but just maybe he might calm the **** down with tony acting has his "friendly, matey" manager. im just not sure how everyone else will react including distin!
the fans - us - do not really matter anymore do we, what we want often counts for nothing so thats the thats biggest thing to take into account isnt it pompey--pessimist, yep he is a decent footballer but is one player worth angering several others in the process, if 'nothing' else then that should be enough to convince TA and co that barton isnt the way to go.
This would be really bad...and how would Distin feel after what happened at City between them??
i agree rug mate. if i were ta and REALLY wanted jb then i would consult some of the team members that have hustled with jb in the past. if theres one thing the team needs it is to be united in the goal of staying up. if jb's presence upsets the team then even the fact he is an experienced prem player, there may be better options available. ben thatcher anyone ;)
One more reason for The Pompey Haters to have a go.
Barton is a talented footballer beyond doubt but his thugish attitude will not contribute anything good to team spirit. We need a strong unified team spirit now more than ever. We'd be better off sticking with what we've got than signing Barton.
Steve C
Maybe he has conculted them. Maybe the bad press Barton got (Although we know he is bad dont get me wrong), is NOT as bad reference Player bustups etc, as the Media like us to believe. If he comes here, before we judge how the players react, lets watch how the players react. We saw the body language between Crouch and Defoe, and the rest of the team. We saw the body language between Davis and Defoe when Davis cored the goal... So before we judge him coming to Pompey, i think we need to watch the players body language. After all, if he comes, it will be on a loan initially to see how he fits in... Not defending him, dont get me wrong, just think we have enough negativity running through the fans without dreating more, only to find his loan deal ends and he goes back, or the players actually do get on better than we thought. My call is not to accept him, but also, not to condemn him too soon???? Now i hide in fear of fall out from the rest of you lol
p.s. excuse spelling mistakes in the above, but i found it difficult to write as i was shaking in fear at the time lol
no thanks. next?
I'm with you midge. See my Barton posts on the Gary'O article. He may be a complete ****, but the fact remains hes a great footballer, will be very cheap and would be playing for his career. I'm not saying we should sign him up, but if we get desperate come the end of Jan we could do a lot worse. I'm hopeful on other deals going through, but if all else fails (AND provided the players approve) he might be just what we need.
Yep ive already said on another tag, i think he would be a great buy if it is CHEAP. 1,2,or even 3 Million tops would do it we neeed some bottle and craft in the midfield
plymouth graham
If people are going to email Mr Storrie i think asking for BENJANI to be the number 1 target would be better. I would have him back anyday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Midge - Shake no more - I'm on your side. I've been reading the comments all afternoon but only now have had the chance to add my tenpenneth into the debate. Ok so Barton is a thug (read his wiki profile if you need any convincing of that !) BUT the bottom line is 'CAN HE DO A JOB FOR POMPEY' - I for one firmly believe that we need toughening up especially in the middle of the park - Joey Barton has proved time and again (on the park) that he is a quality (premiership) tackler and passer of the ball - Is that NOT what we need. Get him in (on loan at first) I say and let's stop trying to undermine Tony's judgement - If it's a case of a midfield without reinforcements or Barton - I'd go Barton everyday of the week.
''Chix''...I would have Barton (Providing his head is straight) i think he would bring back the guile and determination that dissapeared last year. He will keep the slackers on their toes and fight for the cause. I still want Benjani back though lol serious !!!!
To be honest i dont like joey barton what he done to mendes was an absoulute horror to watch.But then again you lot always change my mind with some good stuff.BUt like must of you get BEJANI back he is immense when not injured and he will run all day.
stfc ballboy
Also i forgot to add i think we should possibley get lee bowyer love this guy to bits.He would be a good squad player and know one will mess if we have him + barton lol
stfc ballboy
Barton, Bowyer and Vierra - Now that's a midfield 3 ! - As for Benji I'd have him back just for the work ethic he brings to the place - Can't see it happening though.. sadly.
I expect he COULD do a great job for Portsmouth IF he can stay out the nick. Can you even begin to calculate the number of punch ups he might get into? Portsmouth at night isn't exactly a place for the shy and retiring and they will be queuing up to see if he bottles a challenge.
As i have said on the other thread - Pompey can't be too choosey at the moment. Needs must when the Devil Drives (I think that is right?) Anyway, he will come cheap cos no-one else wants him - or rather, needs him like we do.
ive just watched derby beat manyoo, and that addison fella looks a tasty prospect... ive heard of him and seen snipets, but never watched him properly - i know that barton is provent, but 'if' 2m-3m would be paid for barton, maybe addison is worth a punt even tho unproven at this level.
as for barton, i guess adams knows him as he has been at his clinic before - he 'could' be the calming influence he needs, still not keen tho and im not sure his teammates would be either...
Barton is a thug. End of. I'd be sick if he came to Pompey. If he'd committed one of two misdemeanours you could understand giving him a chance but it's the constant string of them, he's forever having last chances. Somethings are more important than a cheap decent player. Respect for the club, the other players and the fans is more important.
Talking of the Derby - Forest game, Kris Commons is pretty decent. He's been around alot of championship clubs but never made the step up, and he has literally run their last two games.
cheap: yes. decent: aparantly. would he unsettle the team more than it allready is: Definatly. I just think he would do more harm than good.
I disagree. Ok... he has his problems and has had countless chances but i really think this guy can turn around for good!... he is a proven premier league player and the guys got some talent as we have seen! He would be a brilliant replacement for diarra not to mention he is being sold for a cut price. ALSO: if anyone would know better in this situation it would be Tony Adams! apparently Barton has been to Adam's clinic for recovering alcoholics so... i think Adams knows him. therefore he can assess the problem. There is the other problem about teammates Distin especially! but... i highly doubt that Tony would buy anyone with out consulting senior 1st team players i.e Sol and Distin... BUT after saying all this i can see how fellow fans would find it hard to accept him due to his past.
This has gotta be some kind of joke.. next we will lose 15 pts for insolvency or something??
I was originally against it but after reading more and more it seems that Adams might actually be able to control Barton, in which case it would be a master class move. As for Benji, finally seeing a report linking us with him, fingers crossed...
I don't see what Joey Barton has done over the last 2 or 3 seasons that warrents Pompey's interest other than the fact he is a cheap ex-England player.
Hahah I did laugh out loud when I saw that link! Joey Barton?? Nicky Butt is wayy better!
Barton is a terrific player BUT, it just seems to me that if we sign Barton it devalues our integrity as a club by saying "anything goes". NO THANKS. I'd like to think Pompey were above that.
jbaker, can not agree about Commons. he kept losing the ball in the first half couldnt make a decent pass. scored a great goal. Eagles at Burnley impressed me
plymouth graham
Ninja Tim, thats why we need to take him on loan. At the moment with the help of Media, most of which wont print any good things about us as they are Harry Fans, the negativity means we probably wont attract big names until we start winning again. We need players with guts and guts and more guts, and then we will start climbig the table again, deisperse the negative media reports, and attract the bigger names again. Until then i dont think we are ABOVE it, and risk relegation if Tony doesnt make the decisions and be allowed to without constant critism. He knows as well as we do of Bartons history, so if he feels he is a good purchase i for one need to believe it too. If its wrong, then he will be on loan, not being played so a win win for me.
I understand the comments about him being a good footballer, but there is so much more than that - is this who you want your kids to look up to as a role model? I really think he would upset the whole squad as well. What Barton has done is beyond second chances. he's a vicious, nasty thug and has no place in the modern game, and I would lose respect for any manager who takes him on and gives him a chance he shouldn't get - he should be made an example of. I don't know what to do if we take him - boo him?
I'd sooner see PFC play in the fizzy pop league than sign Barton. He is not worthy of wearing our shirt. No logic, no reasoned debate, just pure emotion. End.

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