Portsmouth - Defoe done - time to move on now!
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Defoe done - time to move on now!

Jermain Defoe has completed his return to Spurs.

I thank him for his goals while here, but do not thank his loyalty - ok, perhaps we helped him out of the door as we needed the money, but I doubt he needed much encouragement and any that he did Harry Redknapp was happy to oblige with, and he did help him without a doubt despite what old twitchy says!

When Benjani left for Citeh to allow us to bring in Defoe plenty were split on this, without doubt we were getting a better goalscorer but we lost so much of the fight, spirit and team ethic that we had with the big Zimbabwean - and now we are left with neither... Despite the obvious difference in quality if I could turn back the clock 12-months I think I know quite safely what route I wish we had taken...

But, we now move on - it is best to get rid of a player if he does not want to play for us, and in all honesty he never wanted to play for Portsmouth Football Club did he, he played for 'Harry Redknapp Football Club'. As said before, we need to get this club back to Portsmouth Football Club, and even if that means weeding out more 'top stars' to do so, then so be it! Although I do not think that there are many, if any more, that do not want to be here now.

Adams continues to get a hard time, and his tactical awareness, or apparent 'unawareness' could be aiding his downfall but I maintain my thoughts that his genuine, honest nature is something that I like and want - if he is given some funds then I feel he can build his own side and is the man to bring the true Portsmouth Football Club identity back to the club. He really wants to succeed and wants what is best for the club - is that not what we all want? I would settle for relegation scraps every season if it meant we had our club back again and players that want to be here.

In terms of out and out goalscorers the England striker is going to be very hard to replace, particularly at a price we can afford, but if we can bring in a player that actually does want to play for the club and the shirt, his effort and commitment could be worth almost as much to the club as goals! Lets give Dave Nugent a go up top in the meantime, ok he might not be good enough but unless we try we will never know. Playing Peter Crouch as a lone striker is not going to help anyone, and if anything is going to frustrate Crouch so much that it could force him away from the club...

Although I do now I write an open letter to Peter Storrie and Sacha Gaydamak pleading with them to take heed of a player that I feel would be fantastic for us and would love us to make a move for, this fella being Leroy Lita - do it, it makes so much sense! The fella is proven at this level, he will score goals for us and is very, very much in the Defoe mould for me - the best thing of all is the fact that he will cost as little as £350,000 'apparently', what have we got to lose - even we can afford that amount. Should all work out well, and I feel it would as he would score, we could easily sell him for 10 times, hell, 50 times that, so from a business point of view we would be laughing, and business is how football is run these days.

Anyway, I digress yet again - no one else seems to be talking up an intent to leave, everyone else seems content and happy, in fact it is being 'reported' that Younes Kaboul has actually spurned an advance from the mighty Milan, who were impressed with him when we met in the uefa cup. He is 'said' to have labeled Adams the best coach that he has worked with and a man that has taught him so much. The Frenchman went on to say, well a so-called 'source close to him' actually said on his behalf, that he wanted to stay with Pompey for a long, long time - now that is loyalty that I do like, and others could learn from!

Hopefully the ship has been steadied and we can get back on course with Adams given some funds to bring in a couple of players, although to be honest I am not holding my breath and Redknapp, and the media, can stop unsettling players and basically get off our backs - Redknapp needs to wind his neck in and stop acting as the ring leader for this, he really is winding me up now the way he is 'lording' over us and looking down at us from his perch - well in his opinion anyway, going on about deals being good for Portsmouth and being what they wanted and Adams being given the money to bring in new players - he probably knows as well as you or I that the chances are he will see little or none of it, the twitchy so and so...

Anyway though, as said we draw a line under this unsavoury incident and move on.


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Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday January 7 2009

Time: 12:33AM

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spurfect one
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07/01/2009 01:36:00

ignoring the **** above me, i'm glad to be rid of defoe. his attitude recently has stunk, tbh. since adams has taken over, without doubt the best positive has been the improvement in younes kaboul, and apparently the reason is because he has had sessions after training with tony. defintely get lita. no doubt the biggest baragin out there atm. yes he is lively off the pitch, with sex tapes and being arrested, but at 350,000 is a steal.
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07/01/2009 02:47:00

Also, and I can't believe it has taken so long to occur to me, but the bbc is reporting it writes off money owed for Kaboul and MENDES!!!!!! We bought Mendes 2 and a half years ago, along with Davis and Pamarot, for 7.5million. Why would we still owe Spurs money? Surely that deal was made long before any "credit crunch", and why has it taken until recently to mention us owing Spurs money for Pedro? Even when he left us for Rangers no-one mentioned it. We can't owe Spurs anything for him surely?!
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07/01/2009 02:51:00

There's no way he had the flu but anyway thats all done with now.. Lets bring in some reinforcements and get through the winter with a few wins!
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07/01/2009 05:57:00

jbaker is right. We got Davis, Mendes and Pamarot when Sacha was joint owner (per say) with Milan. Do you really think he would have taken on that debt. Going forward though, we now have a domestic loan spot available and a european loan available. We have also dropped the best part of 100,000 pounds in wages per week. there are some dedicated players in the squad, and if we get in a strong midfielder with experience(I am looking at you Patrick Viera) Johnson playing a more advanced position down the right ahead of the impressive Mark Wilson (We have missed Johnson the most I feel), put the early season partnership of Traore and Belhadj down the left Kaboul in the center with distin. We would have some structure. Kaboul could also play that holding midfield role with Krunchie and Davis in front of him. Let's see what happens but Tony has to be astute with who he buys, and must improve the balance of the team. Have to agree with Rug with regard to Lita. even if we get him on Loan
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07/01/2009 06:42:00

Good shout Rug - It seems that all who wanted to go have gone, with the exception of Hermann, Duffy, Traore & Lauren none of which will leave a void (although I expect the papers to make the most of it). So it's time to bring a few fresh faces in, brighten up the place and get a few wins under our belt. We have no easy games left but if we can start with a win against Citeh on Saturday that will surely help. Onwards and Upward - PUP
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07/01/2009 06:51:00

I always liked Herman and will miss him when he goes. Good luck to him
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07/01/2009 07:43:00

Herman..another of our glorious Cup winning team to be sold by (Read in Homer Simpson voice) silly skint rednapless Pompey. well thats how the press will see it. Leroy Lita i believe had a good partnership with nuge at U21, i suggested him when reading didnt want him in the prem and still feel it would be a good buy and if we do go down and crouch goes wll him and Nuge would be ideal to bring us back. Redknapp aint the genius people think he is and spusr could still go down and if he spends massively-which given the opportunity he will well the egg will be on his face. i however suspect we will go down and he will win the uefa cup. i really want TA to succeed at Pompey and hope that he can spot a player and coach us to respectability in the table this season.
plymouth graham
Report Abuse
07/01/2009 09:52:00

Jermain who?
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07/01/2009 09:56:00

Be funny as if spuds go down -defoe will be in with the transfer request on the way to dressing room...just like at his 'beloved' hammers when they went down
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07/01/2009 10:23:00

The chances are those who do stay now, will need some massive convincing of staying in the summer & that's just on whether we survive in this league.
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07/01/2009 10:29:00

Did anybody see what he was wearing when he was revealed at Spurs? He looked like a chimney sweep!
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07/01/2009 10:47:00

The news has an interesting view today (Did i really just say that?) They claim in the year Defoe was here we fared better when he didn't play. Certainly both Adams wins have come without him in the team. The FA cup came without his help as well. There will be life after JD. Lita may well be worth a punt or though i seem to remember some trouble at Reading and there maybe a question mark over his attitude. But he's certainly in our price range. I think Adams job will actually be getting easier now, we have players who want to play for us, nobody upsetting the applecart. One article lately mentioned his time at Wycombe but they failed to mention the fact that after that he went to Holland and studied hard to learn how to be a better coach. I honestly think that he will take us forward once he gets to stamp his own mark on the team. Like everyone else i was annoyed with the 4-5-1 at home against a championship team but lets not forget it was Tony that introduced Judas to the formation that served us so well away last season. He wants to make us hard to beat and if we stop conceding we will always be in with a chance of winning games.
Steve C
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07/01/2009 11:00:00

Nice one rug. For my money and I have said before we should give Nugget a try. Like the idea of Lita, good call especially at that sort of money. Still reckon we should move Johnson up to right midfield and now that we have got him back, put Cranie in a right back. Also on the left, put A Traore back in front of Belhadj. Krankie and Davis in the middle. Oh and at the moment I would alos drop James and give Ashdown a go.
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07/01/2009 11:04:00

im sticking by wilson - picked him out in the summer as one to watch and think he is doing ok. looks comfortable on the ball, is growing in confidence the more he plays, so i still reckon wilson in front of johnson is the way to go. was not convinced wilson is a right back, did not like him that much in central midfield - when more out on the right he looked more comfortable - so 'if' johnson is fit put him at right back against citeh and wilson in front of him and let them inter-change like belhadj and traore did on the left, and should again!
Report Abuse
07/01/2009 11:18:00

Steve C, when i started writing this - the article - i wrote a paragraph about defoe saying 'did he actually do anything that made the club better? did his goals get us into europe, did his goals keep us in it, did they win the fa cup and so on? answer to all is no! so are we better off without him? all in all from a 'team' point of view and not a 'side' point of view without a doubt'... i left this out tho as thought it might have been seen as 'sour grapes' or what have you...
i think that crouch has become increasingly frustrated with defoe in the past month or so - and this is evident in as much as he stopped passing to him. the pair barely spoke on the pitch for the final month he was here - that spoke volumes for me on how their relationship had gone down hill, i think that mayb defoe didnt like it that crouchy was getting the limelight for his goals and all-round effort for the team and this also aided his decision to want to go.
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07/01/2009 11:23:00

Blarmy, Ashdown is out injured for a while now, so it is a choice between an out of form England no.1 or a youngster that hasn't played at any level above League 1. Defoe was really bad for the team spirit. Whenever Traore didn't square the ball for him, he would shout at Armand for ages, which can't be good for the team, or Traore as an individual.
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07/01/2009 12:02:00

A brief and profitable chapter closes. Not necessarily a happy on for those who played alongside him sadly. Great point about sacrificing Benji for him Rug.
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07/01/2009 12:19:00

If i recall correctly Spurs fans told us that we would be getting a goal scorer but not a team player when he signed for us. That was my view as well and i'd personally rather have kept Benjani, having said that i've enjoyed the goals that he scored though i think his conversion rate of chances to goals wouldn't actually be too flattering. As for Ashdown as i hear it from a friend who has links with the club he's very much seen as a number 2 and that Begovic is the player that they think will go on to be number 1 in the future. If i had to choose a player to lose out of JD and Crouch i'd have picked JD, Crouchyis a good honest footballer, wears his heart on his sleeve, is very much underestimated and will do whats asked of him all day long. Can't see him throwing his toys out of the pram over being asked to sit on the bench for one game.
Steve C
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07/01/2009 12:37:00

I think its a great thing for the team morale that JD has gone now, it will make us stronger. I like Crouchie and it looks like he's quite happy here now - what he really needs is good service from the midfield - we need chances created. Mind you, would love to get Benji back.
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07/01/2009 12:55:00

Bye Bye you ungrateful unprofesional little man YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY
Report Abuse
07/01/2009 17:46:00

I think I voiced an opinion that I was opposed to the move at the time... Not sure on benji back (legend that he was!) purely becuase I doubt he would partned crouch well - and I'm not conviced we would be able to get him anyway! Lita is one we all went on about two summers ago. nothing happened - although he has played well alongside nuge, so would settle in the squad quickly. and he can score.
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07/01/2009 18:17:00

There is Nugent, we have him why not use him. He cetainley has more muscle that Defoe does.
Report Abuse
07/01/2009 19:21:00

do you want Sahar back?
Report Abuse
07/01/2009 20:25:00

resign benjani
Report Abuse
07/01/2009 21:20:00

no merlin. If he wasn't good enough before, he won't magicly be good enough now. EVEN if he decides to change his name to "da santos"
Report Abuse
07/01/2009 22:10:00

is there really any point signing a striker tho if were only going to have one as a focal point? that is putting aside the fact that we probably cannot afford one, well that will cost much...
Report Abuse
07/01/2009 22:12:00

oh yes... and one little thing... The deal STILL isn't actually done.
Report Abuse
07/01/2009 22:30:00

and yes it is worth signing A striker, as if crouch gets injured, then what? Nugent can't play on his own and kanu can't play a full game.
Report Abuse
07/01/2009 22:33:00

I don't get why Spurs have paraded Defoe around when he still hasnt joined. We should ask Rooney if we can parade him around "as our new signing" at the weekend in front of the City fans. Or David Villa, that would ***** them off.
Report Abuse
07/01/2009 22:44:00


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