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Pompey Knockers - Enough !

It`s not very often I feel the need to have a front page rant but tonight I just need to get something off my chest.

Everyday I read and file all newspaper reports about Pompey in the (some would call it 'anal') hope that someday I be able to produce a snippet of info on something that will maybe answer a readers question or prove a point in a debate or help any number of contributors to Vital Pompey on a particular fact about a player from our colourful past. It's an enjoyable labour of love which I have performed for years and as most of you know there's not a Pompey player I don't have at least 'some' info on.

Anyway, back to my point.

I got in from work today and logged-on to the various websites I use and lo-and-behold there were hundreds of (expected) reports about 'Defoe-gate' but in amongst them all were a handful of blog entries or articles from 'journalists' stating; we are broke, relegation fodder, Championship bound, have a rookie as a manager, useless without Redknapp or Diarra or Defoe, that Harry was Pompey, Pompey was Harry and that we didn't exist before he a) came here in the first place or b) returned, that Fratton Park is a joke and is falling down etc. etc.

Reading it, albeit mostly ill-informed tripe, really started to get me down.

I then read two 'balanced' reports from respected Journo's (albeit Pompey fans) who 'Fear the worst' (Brian Oliver - Guardian), or believe Defoe's departure 'leaves a bitter taste' (Mark Burton - The News) and although saying much the same thing their views were informed and well thought out and in fairness I tended to agree with a lot of what they had written.

Things then got worse.

I came across Sarah (I`m gonna bash Pompey for fun) Winterburn from Football 365.

Rather than provide a link to 365 I've pasted her view of Pompey not as she did, on a national site so all other clubs can revel in our so called misfortune, but on ours - A Pompey site - so we can provide her with some 'feedback'

The article is below… Let me (and Sarah) know what you think of her view of our club.

Maybe like me you'll decide 'enough is enough' and start to put these 'Pompey Knockers' in their place!

Pompey Are Going Places Indeed...The Championship
Football 365 - Blog

'In no way am I stepping down, I feel I am joining a club that is going places with a new stadium, a new training ground and some very good players.'
You have to feel sorry for Peter Crouch. Back in July he was joining a club that had recently won major silverware, were established in the top half of the Premier League, led by an experienced, successful manager and boasted players like Sylvain Distin, David James, Glen Johnson, Niko Kranjcar, Lassana Diarra, Sulley Muntari and Jermain Defoe who would not look out of place in the Champions League.
Fast-forward six months and the experienced manager has been replaced by a rookie who failed at Wycombe and three of those players have gone, leaving Crouch a lanky, lone figure facing the prospect of playing alongside the has-been Kanu or the never-was David Nugent, or more likely in front of a packed, uncreative midfield.
The Portsmouth midfield that started the FA Cup final against Cardiff was John Utaka, Pedro Mendes, Lassana Diarra, Sulley Muntari, Niko Kranjcar. The midfield that started their defence of the trophy against Bristol City last weekend was David Nugent, Mark Wilson, Sean Davis, Arnold Mvuemba and Kranjcar. Spot the massive difference.
Honest footballers they may be, but that is a relegation-fighting side, and judging from a run of four straight Premier League defeats, it's a fight they are ill-equipped to win. Only Middlesbrough were as bad in December and Tony Adams' crumbs of comfort can come from Boro looking almost, but not quite, as rotten.
This week sees Pompey reward Davis and Richard Hughes with new deals, with Adams pointedly talking of Davis' 'attitude and his workrate' and Hughes being 'ever dependable and so valuable for a squad'. It's a long way from Diarra and Muntari and it seems years rather than months since a giddy Pompey were paired with AC Milan in the UEFA Cup.
Portsmouth have scored 21 goals in the Premier League this season, and all but six have been scored by Crouch or Defoe. Of Crouch's seven goals, only three were not assisted by his strike partner. So that's over half of Pompey's goals this season that were either scored or created by the man who has now hotfooted it back to Tottenham.
Adams will not be given all the profits from the Diarra, Muntari and Defoe deals to spend on replacements. The wages that lured Crouch and Defoe to the south coast will not be on offer and Adams is not blessed with the Redknapp gift of the gab to persuade players to join a club that's suddenly looking a lot less fashionable. They will be shopping from the sales bin and hoping that attitude, workrate and dependability can keep them in the Premier League.
That might be enough under a Sam Allardyce or even a Gary Megson. But under a new manager who already looks out of his depth before the real battle has begun?

Sarah Winterburn

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The Journalist

Writer: Chix Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday January 6 2009

Time: 8:48PM

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You know what Chix? I'm not bothered mate, Pompey are becoming like Millwall now HR has gone, no-one likes us, we don't care!
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06/01/2009 21:16:00

Getting that way Paul innit.. It's just makes depressing reading even though most of it is tripe.. I read over the weekend that we are £5 million in debt, then £25 million, then £43m and on one report £75 million - The media really have the knives out - It must have some kind of effect on the players ..
Report Abuse
06/01/2009 21:20:00

Pompeys "crisis" is media led, bit like the bloody recession
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06/01/2009 21:22:00

what a bitch!!!!!.......you know, Ive heard loads of reports today and Ive just about had enough. I know bad news is good news, but where do these people get off??? seriously, we've sold 2 of our starting 11....2!!!!!! Diarra was inevitable, everyone and their nan knew that was happening, and getting 20 mil for him was great biz! Defoe has also made us a nice profie. Im under no illusion, we are in a relegation battle at this point in time, but quite frankly, who isnt???? I would hate to think I'm so involved in my little pompey world that Im deluded, but I really am starting to think the prem and the press dont like Pompey....not sure why? not fashinable enough? stadium too old?...***** the lot of em!!! can't they just leave us alone??...Lets get in Martins to bang them in, sort out our mid and aim for a mid table finish!!!....we are NOT doomed, they think we don't belong, lets prove them wrong AGAIN!!!!!!!!! I want a win against Tot more than ever!!.....grrrrrr!!!
Report Abuse
06/01/2009 21:25:00

what makes things worse... is this time last year, a survey found that we were the most popular "second team" in the country... everyone liked us! now no-one does.
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06/01/2009 21:26:00

Spot on Charliechimes.. I'd love to meet her and have a 'debate'. Carps how right you are but that so 'obviously' (Tongue firmly in cheek) because we had such a charismatic god like manager ;)
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06/01/2009 21:32:00

i read the 365 blogg earlier, like you i was incensed. I felt that for me to comment on this would be totally inappropriate. This happened last time HR left us in the lurch as well, all the time he's here we were a great club everybody loves us. When he f**** off they all have a pop. Let them have there day hopefully they'll be wiping egg off their faces later. If not doesn't matter the real Pompey fans that have been going for years have known much worse times and we still kept supporting, that what so many premiership so called fans will never understand. Any Arsenal, Tottenham, Man Utd Liverpool fans that can claim to have seen their team in all 4 Divisions and the premier league? NO! thought not loads of us have and will still be there if we have to go through it all over again.
Steve C
Report Abuse
06/01/2009 21:40:00

Good shout Steve .... thoughts of Shrewsbury... Hereford... Grimsby... even the old Aldershot ! ....... PTID
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06/01/2009 21:48:00

What a load of biased C--p! I'd like a 'debate' with her as well.
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06/01/2009 21:56:00

She is obviously in need of a life, maybe a bit of comfort and who knows even a love life, because to write such unbalanced and ill informed crap, she must be a sad and bitter old sow.
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06/01/2009 22:18:00

shes got two good "points" lol
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06/01/2009 22:19:00

Water off a ducks back. 10 years ago we neally went under - remember the awful late Fenwick, Gregory & Venables period? Now Defoe is gone let Adams recruit a few of his men. We always knew Redknapp would have the media on his side - if Johnson signs a new deal we can move on and beat City this Saturday!
FP Dec 16th 1972
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06/01/2009 22:27:00

spurfect one
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06/01/2009 22:28:00

The point is they can't all be wrong. No matter how much we love our club, we can't play ostrich, bury our heads, ignore it all & think it will be alright in the morning. No I hate all of it, from the moment I got a text in the early hours to say HR had fecked off to Dpurs to the sale of top players we used to dream of playing. From the greatest moment of our footballing lives in winning the FA Cup to this. We could easily lose a hunck of the forth coming games & be in the bottom 3 of the prem. We may pathetically lose grip of that FA Cup next week. The trouble is we don't like bad news from outsiders & those how don't have Pompey at their hearts, what the hel do they know. The reality is that they know a lot, it's whether we want to hear it or/and believe it. We have had a fantastic 5-6 years the best in my 34 years of watching Pompey & we don't want the journey to end. I hope for the best but fear the worst.
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06/01/2009 22:29:00

I just wish I was as thick skinned as you '72. Agree with the beating City and moving on bit though... The Johnson news will also be music to our ears..
Report Abuse
06/01/2009 22:32:00

I think you'll be fine (and quite comfortably fine) as long as no more of your players see this as Pompey falling and jump ship. Players like Crouch, Johnson etc will want to see some ambition from the club though, in them getting able replacements. Whilst you weren't a two man team, they were two very good players! And with a complete ***** like Redknapp casting his eyes at your players, if he does set his sights on one of them, you can be sure he'll tell the press as much as possible about how he'd 'love' to sign them. You've just got to hope your better players don't get drawn in, ala Downing/Defoe. It makes me laugh how Levy of spurs was whinging at how United/Liverpool chased Berbatoss and Keane, yet Spurs do it much worse now under Harry.
Report Abuse
06/01/2009 22:44:00

shes a f****** women, wtf does she know!
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06/01/2009 22:55:00

Report Abuse
06/01/2009 23:12:00

Sorry, I hve problems posting again
Report Abuse
06/01/2009 23:12:00

Chix, i would prefer if the people in the photo got something off their chests
Report Abuse
06/01/2009 23:24:00

lol yeah me too meee - I must admit selecting the picture for the article was a pleasure - Gandor, where you jut clearing your throat in response to Jakes comment ? - I wonder what today will bring, hopefully confirmation that Johnson has signed his new contract that'll be soomething positive which surely can't be tainted or twisted by the media ..
Report Abuse
07/01/2009 06:34:00

Opinions are assholes - everybody's got one, and they are all full of s**t. I love it when the media hate us - reminds me of why I chose my user name in the first place
Report Abuse
07/01/2009 07:53:00

Hey Jakepfc - what's your problem? I'm p*d off enough (like the rest of you) with being knocked by everyone left right and centre - don't you start! Hopefully now JD's gone and taken his sulkiness with him (which I'm sure has gone now) Johnson's back, we'll start to pick up and things will be better. if not, well we've all been there, before, we can weather it again. At least we've still got the FA Cup.
Report Abuse
07/01/2009 08:56:00

I read that article yesterday and I have to agree with the majority of it. I don't like the way she's written it but I can see us doing a Leeds.
Report Abuse
07/01/2009 09:05:00

well said Everton mike..I loved going to the fair when i was a kid but i still had to come back to reality and go home at the end of the day..well even if thisis rthe end of the day bieing in the championship AINT THAT BAD
plymouth graham
Report Abuse
07/01/2009 09:15:00

Want to remind her that we won the cup without Defoe or Crouch and the goal that took us to Wembley as well as the goal that won the cup was scored by has-been Kanu? Furthermore, the midfield that played Milan off the park was; Little (Mvuemba), Diop, Hughes, Traore. They did that without Lassie or Krunchie. Yes, we're going through a blip at the moment - it happens to the best of sides. She's just jumping on the bandwagon and lets face it, the national sport in this country, where the media is concerned, is to build people/teams up just so they can be knocked down again. She is slaging off Tony Adams but I'll bet she also bemoans the fact that young English managers are not given a chance in the PL. Oh, and another thing Ms.Winterburn, you'll find a fair few people, myself amongst them who enjoy watching their football in an old stadium with a real atmosphere, in the company of real football fans. Let's get a sense of perspective, the season is far from over, we're sttill in the cup and have everything to play for in the league. Just like the recession, we're in danger of making Pompey's downfall a self-fulfilling prophecy.........By the way, Jakepfc14, now say "SORRY" to Gandor, Squee and TracyC! They are all women and their opinions are well-respected here.
Report Abuse
07/01/2009 09:54:00

what about the perm signing of Belhadj?? Awesome sining and a sign of our intentions to keep and build a stronger squad... Barca wanted him and he chose us did he not? Sign of a championship side Sarah???
Report Abuse
07/01/2009 11:22:00

You know this is a good reminder that we should just ignore what everyone is saying and get on with supporting our team. Granted, things aren't great right now, but they're nowhere near as bad as everyone is making out and we should be happy about that.
Report Abuse
07/01/2009 12:52:00

Well said!
Report Abuse
07/01/2009 13:16:00

errr, not sure ablout happy with what we have tracyc. Fckin' scared stiff of a nightmare end to the season.
Report Abuse
07/01/2009 15:30:00

Matt as I said in the chippy the other night I begining to think you are right ... but I'm going to stay positive and put my 'positive' spin on everything until we are 'really' doomed - I fear relegation too but anit gonna concede just yet - there's still 54 points up for grabs - If we win the lot we can qualify for the champions league !
Report Abuse
07/01/2009 18:51:00

I don't think this was that successfull: http://msn.foxsports.com/soccer/story/9044672/Jermain-Defoe-in-a-Tale-of-Two-Clubs Nathan Lowe aparantly doesn't like us either.
Report Abuse
07/01/2009 21:12:00

I hope for the best & fear the worst. How comes in will dictate if we have a fighting chance. Difficult to be realistic & not make it sound negative.
Report Abuse
08/01/2009 09:35:00

It crossed my mind, after reading the Sarah Winterbottom article that I could take exactly the same "facts" that she has before her and write an absolutely blindingly upbeat article about Portsmouth that would chuff us all to bits. I think we need to stay focused on what we can see and what is actually happening than focus on what is being written about us. The two don't correlate.
Report Abuse
08/01/2009 15:04:00


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