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Defoe fee agree

I get a feeling of déjà vu - yet again, but sky sports news 'understands' that Pompey have agreed a fee with Spurs for the sale of Jermain Defoe.

They 'report' that it is a fee of around £15m and he will now undergo the formality of a medical before being unveiled as a Spurs re-signing possibly as early as tonight. Word I am getting is the fee is £15.75m and this will go through tomorrow.

Not quite the '£20m' we had demanded but £15m is not bad, that is of course assuming that we get a large slice up front - which I doubt - and 'reports' that we actually have to pay Spurs a £4m sell-on clause are not true... Another factor we have to remember though is we take his wages of the wage bill, and he must be a top earner - the last thing you want is a top earner that does not want to play for you!

Hopefully, an end to this is finally in sight - we can now 'look forward' to the next batch of 'reports, rumours and speculation' surrounding another player...

UPDATE - The Pompey Site has now confirmed that an offer has been accepted.


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday January 6 2009

Time: 8:58AM

Your Comments

So we give in so early. Spurs not only get their man but Defoe can play in their semi final league cup games against Burnley. Wembley & Europe beckon. Defoe can play in FA Cup. Defoe can now score goals in the prem & push them up the table & no doubt above us. The big question is, does he play against us on the 18th?
Well hopefully this will put this one to bed and we can move on. I only hope Tony has a replacement ready to sign as this will leave us short up front should we get any injuries.
Storage, I would bet that Storrie has been stupid enough not to include this as a clause in the contract. That man will have only been looking at the £signs.
i cannot see how we can stop him playing against us in a couple of weeks - we just have to make sure he 'doesnt play against us' if you get what i mean? i mean mark him out of the game and do not give him a sniff...he is bound to score tho!
Time to move on and look at replacements, for me Doyle from Reading would be fantastic but I suspect we will get some little known african who will take time to settle in.
Now **** off Jermain
It still amazes me why we couldn't drag this out for a few more weeks. Let him rot. Where we that desperate for the deal?
If we are to get a replacement then lets hope it is a player who doesn't need to settle in to the Premiership. We may get the chance to see what Nugget can now do? I have been hoping he would be able to get a run of games to prove once and for all whether he can cut the mustard in the Prem. In fairness to him he is at least commited to play for us and gives it 100% when he is given the opportunity to play. Just hope Tony plays hiom as a striker not a winger where he is putting him at the moment. Could already have a goal machine and we don't know it yet?
Quote from Redknapp: "I wouldn't have sold him if I was manager at Portsmouth and Tottenham came back in," Redknapp admitted. "I'd be keeping him." Fat chance of that happening, you ar$e, as you made sure he didn't want to play for us and would go running to you. Good riddance to the little chav tw*t, you deserve each other. Just hope he spends a lot of time on their bench.
goodbye jumped up little t*****
Steve C
if someone can accidently break his leg when he plays against us wouldn't that be a laugh.
Steve C
Why wait? We did that with berba and look where that got us. Money but nobody left upfront. If they don't want to play for you, then take the money and spend it on somebody who does. We should never have sold him anyway.
We need to stuff The Spuds. Surely the team will be motivated for that one?
I hope so!
The only thing that really p***** me off is that he was quite happy here till Harry started shouting his name from the rooftops. The comments highlighted yesterday make a mockery of his claim to have come here for Harry. His reaction to being asked to sit on the bench for the Arsenal game shows what a spoilt little brat he is, cares only for himself and nothing for the team. Only thing i'd have done different is to hold out for more money. Unfortunately i'm flying to New York when we play Spurs so won't be able to go along and give him and Judas some stick. But to anyone who does go make sure that any stick you give stays with in the bounds of decency, and don't become like the minority of Spurs fans who abused Campbell so disgustingly.
Steve C
"little chav tw*t" is a perfect way to describe him. I for one could not believe the ***** he gave Tony for not starting the Gooners game....The manager is the manager..he goes to one of the most offensive teams in the world and decides to play 1 up front, what exactly was wrong with that????.....I for one am glad to see him gone and for pretty good money by all acounts!.....the 100% priority must be to get in a decent a feeling we won't be spending 15 mil on one though!
But who are we going to get? I can't think of anyone who'd fit the bill in our price range. Leroy Lita might be worth a punt but i'd prefer someone a bit higher profile with a more established record.
Steve C
Matt, I suspect we were. Anyway, what's wrong with drawing a line in the sand now as opposed to tomorrow. Let's move on.
To be honest, all I ask is that every player on the pitch wants to play for PFC.....if they dont, then they can go! Im confident that a player with less ability who loves playig for the club will perform better than a star that dosn't want to be there...this is the stuff that makes FA cup upsets, and pushes teams like Hull (and Pompey in their first season) to good results! Don't get me wrong, I want the best players, but not if they dont want to be here! I'm not a massive GON fan ability wise, but if we did go back for him, you can be sure he will give his all when are backs are against the wall in tough games, and players like that help grind out results!!! not like Defoe, over paid little girl!
How about Owen to move to Pompey? Anyone? Nah didn't think so
I hope we've at least picked up another midfielder by *****eh on saturday. Hurry up and sign on the line Glen, I need some good news for a change!
defoe can f*** off the little t***
Good Riddance i say. HAve Spurs Fan in the Office gloating that they've got him back. All i can say to Spurs fans is....When Judas goes and retires, who's gonna wrap Defoe in cotton wool so thathe doesn't throw his toys out the pram when he sits on the bench? Good profit for an average player.
Oh and lets get Benji back. Gave 110% and was even starting to score before he left. Think him and Crouch would be good pairing.
Benji would be good but seems to have suffered a lot of injuries lately.
Steve C
check out newsnow porstmouth an Argentinean forward mentioned looks excellent on you tube. I would like to see Nuge have a crack, Krunchie linked with Arsenal, but how long before HR gets a bid in for him and Johno?
plymouth graham
I'd like Nugent to be given a chance as well, Utaka would prefer to play in the centre so he might just pull his socks up if given the opportunity.
Steve C
With regard to Defoe playing against us on the 18th; as I understand it, we can only put a clause stopping him if it's a loan deal. So, my guess is he'll bang in a couple against us.
benji will run his nuts off, but i think we have crouchy who is in the benji mould now - he will work his nuts off, and has, someone alongside him that can score is needed... im concerned about the increasing injuries that benji is picking up aswell, so it might not be as good as it seems in theory.
perhaps the way round the year rule is to loan him till the years up and then have it made final, i doubt it though the FA wouldn't miss a chance to ignore the rules to stitch us up.
Steve C
yep, defoe can and will play against us - chances are he will also score, we cannot prevent him from doing so, altho this 'returning to a club' ruling is holding things up again, he wont play tonight i doubt but will on sunday.
as for the game at spurs, yep, lets give JD and HR some abuse, but i echo those sentimence above lets not stoop to the level of the spurs fans - albeit the minority - that we saw at fratton, it cannot be one rule for them and another for us.
Chapter over now let's get on with the next. Spend the money available wisely and as soon as possible to allow the new players to bed in to the team.
too right dave! chop chop Big Tone, get spending
according to the mail Spurs still haven't requested special permission from the FA to sign Defoe again so it may be a while before the deal is officially ratified. 19th of January would be a good time for them to approve it me thinks.
Steve C
Surely if we were to let Man City off of the money that they owe us, and give us Benjani in return (or we take him on loan), then that wouldnt exactly be bad. Benjani is like Defoe, but decent in the air, less clinical, gives his all, and isnt a moaner. And at £375,000, surely Lita is worth a go? However midfielders are the order of the day.
I was hoping the deal would be held up till the 19th - but in some ways it might be better to get shot of the moaning little git - I;m sure he's been bringing the whole squad down, things might pick up with him out of the way. he doesn't like getting stuck in, lets mark him out of the game against Spuds. He must be the only only player that goes there from Pompey though. Apparently Spuds still want the £4million 'sell on' fee!
i would give martins (toon) a go. dunno if theyd be prepared to sell but aparently he is pist that he cant hold a regular 1st team place in the past. dunno the price as well. he is a better version of benji imho. doyle/lita would do though. we need players that have played the EPL before or are in it now. bye defoe you c-nut!
Let's get Benji back! We also need to look at the midfield, no point getting strikers if we can't create chances and get the ball up to them.
I doubt if there is any real money from the Defoe sale. We've probably written off the balance from buying him & what we owe for Kabul. The rest will be in itsy bitsy installments.
I've read a few things on Pedro leaving ibrox. Bring him home Tone, i'll dust off the old Mendes shirt.
Just have concerns about Adams pulling power and I mean players not birds!
pessimist, thats a great idea!!! didn't even thing of Martins! he'd be a great addition!!
Obefemi Martins now there's a good idea.
Martins must be on huge money. And lets be honest we're not exactly on his wishlist i imagine
as i said yesterday - which penton agreed with and bakes has now mentioned, bring in lita, even we can afford less than half a million... proven in the premier league, a goalscorer and very much in the JD mould, maybe not such a whinging little git tho!
Mendes was a very bad sale when you look whose left. Our price for being relegated is getting shorter.
bluedr i completely agree ... the thing is (and i just heard merson say this on ssn) we need to replace defoe asap and im not sure we will get anyone in ... this jan window is slow.
we are now favourites to join wba and stoke to get relegated. bl00dy brilliant!
I just saw that PP. No rumblings on transfers from our side either... I hate to say it, but we are looking screwed, although would be happy if GJ stays
Just watched the latest TA interview on the Pompey site..... not encouraging at all.
I guess we'll be looking for a new manager too...
Colin Kazim-Richards down the right anyone?
I don't think Tony Adams had very few options but to let Defoe go. The boy wasnt enjoying playing under him.
Still surprised with the way he left though!
No rumblings because Redknapps not here trying to unsettle players anymore!
Steve C
SUAC51 Adams gave himself a get out by later claiming the decision to sell or not would be his alone.
Steve C
I keep searching but the lack of any credible info on Pompey targets is starting to worry me. I feel a little bit cheated by Storey agreeing to a fee much below what he said he wanted and also because they let him go to Spurs before we play them.
Steve C
maybe its 15million+what we owe them wiped? s there anything official (havn't had time to check) on how much? doesn't really come as a surprise though... now lets move on!
steve ... he said he hasnt asked about david james ... just like he hadnt asked about defoe. our team, as merson said earlier ... is having the spine literally ripped out of it!
Move forwards now, 1 bad apple gone, we are still only a creative mid man, right winger and striker shy of a top 10 side, the bones are there, but need fleshing out in the right places
I'd like to move on but where are the players coming from? Govou seems to be a NoGovou according to reports on the net. Scott Brown says he wants to stay at celtic (i won't lose sleep over that one). We're in desperate need of quality to add to the squad but i just can't see where we will find the quality we need. Whilst i think Adams will become a decent mannager in time i also doubt his pulling power at the moment.
Steve C
I think this could be fantastic, and I'm glad the deal was done early. Now by the time JD gets his bags unpacked, Man City will have sacked Mark Hughes, and HR will have bitten the hand off of the owners to get the job. And JD will be back in Spurs, sulking on the subs bench refusing to play for their new manager.
BTW, as for £15m being low, bear in mind that Spurs probably would have for the extra £5m as a sell-on fee if we'd sold him to anyone else. So why wait for £20m when we weren't gonna get the exta anyway?
The thought of JD beng paraded at the Lane tonight has put me off watching the match so I am going with the Woody Allen movie on Sky Classics instead. A few more laughs - will follow score online and if there is any hope of an upset may well tune in to see HR a-twitching and a-wriggling. Sorry, but I have to object to those hoping that JD gets his leg broken - that's too nasty. Being well out of form and spending so long on the bench that he gets permanent slat marks on his butt, that's enough
even with defoe spurs are down to the bare bones and with such a "busy" schedule the players may not put in their absolute best. i mean, after all, they are earning ridiculous wages every week for up to 90 minutes of football a week. god forbid they may have to play 180 minutes!!!!
I've got a mate who works in Tottenham and he says that there are a lot of his workmates who are Spurs fans who are not convinced by the return of JD. If he needs HR to make him willing to turn up to play, this is not a very long term strategy,
hammersmith blue in my defence i didn't say i wanted him to have his leg broken, i said wouldn't it be funny if he accidently got his leg broken. I don't wish him any harm but i would have a wry smile in those circumstances.
Steve C
JD has signed and is going to be paraded around soon... according to the bbc.
Time to move on boys. What little, if any, Tony has left to spend on replacements, I hope he spends wisely. We have a battle on our hands but let's all get behind Tony Adams and the players who want to run all day for Pompey! We won the cup and played Milan off the park WITHOUT Defoe.
ive been thinking ... what about milan baros? i dunno what the lads upto these days, i think he could do a job with crouch!!!
wasn't he the centre forward that couldn't/wouldn't score in half a season?
a name has just come to mind, when thinking about who we last had of the quality to play in our midfield. Manuel Fernandes was awesome. I would take him back anyday of the week!
Bakes; Now he was one class act. Don't understand why he can't stay at one club for more than 10 minutes though!!
If there is a God, please let Burnley hang onto this lead over the Spuds. JD described by BBC website as looking like an extra from Oliver poncing around the park with his mobile. Hope he freezes.
Oh, and glad to hear than his illness of Saturday has cleared up so miraculously.
Bum, Spuds have equalised. And BBC have attributed the goal to HR (as if they couldn't attribute their losing before half time to HR). Nex tthing you'll see is queues of Spurs fans with illnesses begging HR to touch them to cure their terminal conditions.
sorry... how did harry score it? explain... explain ...explaaaaiiiiiii *boom*
doesnt really matter now burnley have given up though

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