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Defoe on the move

Jermain Defoe has been the subject of much speculation for some time, along with plenty of others, with it always denied that he would be sold but Peter Storrie has told The News that the England striker is likely to move on this month: 'it looks like Jermain wants to go.

'That is something we will be speaking to him about.

'But if Jermain goes it will be at our price and if there is an offer which appeals.

'We have always said we will not keep people who do not want to play for Portsmouth Football Club.

'We do not have to sell anyone, but if anyone wants to go that is a different matter. We have sold Lassana Diarra and we don't have to get rid of anyone else if we don't want to.'

Well, we will find out soon enough who else want out and who wants in - if it is a case of him wanting out then he can sod off as far as I am concerned, the sooner we weed out those that want out and replace them with players that do want to be here the better.

Does he want to go because we want him to go, or does he want to go because he genuinely wants to go? I was always under the impression that he had not expressed a desire to go with it 'said' the club had been touting him around?

I still find it hard to know what to believe from Storrie to tell the truth so his saying that Peter Crouch and Glen Johnson have not been approached by Spurs and this was 'utter rubbish' and 'absolute nonsense, farcical' does not exactly mean anything to me really...

Yep, if Defoe does want out then get him out - lets just make sure we get a good price for him... Either way I think it is going to be difficult for him to play for us again, these statements have seemingly put paid to that - we would not accept him mincing around the pitch shrugging his shoulders anymore will we.

I have been torn on what was going on with him and had defended the fella recently, but maybe his sulking and loss of form was because he wanted out, so lets get rid of him sooner rather than later. Hopefully this will see Dave Nugent given a crack alongside Crouch up front on Saturday? And I have noticed more and more in recent weeks that Crouch and Defoe barely speak anymore, maybe the signs have been there to see...

I can see it now, people rolling out the 'I will quit if Defoe is sold' quotes that Tony Adams voiced back along - with plenty I am sure hoping he backs this up. 'If' he is going because he wants to go then this rule does not apply - and he too has made it clear that he only wants players here that want to be here.

Herman Hreidarsson is another that has also confirmed he wants to leave: 'nothing has changed. I want to leave Portsmouth and the club knows my position and I know they will not make it difficult for me to leave.

'I have been in contact with a few clubs and I fully expect to be at another club come the end of this month. Nothing is concrete yet, but hopefully things will get clearer very soon.'

Whilst Storrie also said that players will arrive and people are already lined up: 'we are talking to people.

'There are a number of different possibilities that we are looking at.

'We are hoping to do business sooner rather than later.'

Action speak louder than words though, lets give us something solid to back up these statements - in fairness we have got Nadir Belhadj, but that was a near gimmie really!

Well guys, lets get ready to rumble - it starts... The next 30 odd days are going to tell us a hell of a lot about the club and the direction we really are taking, to be fair to him, and I have knocked him recently but Niko Kranjcar is talking a good talk - lets see more speak out in defence of the club and the manager to get a better idea of who does and does not want to be here...


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday January 1 2009

Time: 1:13PM

Your Comments

I didnt really want defoe before, and whilst yes, he WAS very good, he just hasn't been playing on the same pitch as the rest of our team recently...
All I can say is Jermaine are two words, and it begins and ends with F
im very much a 'defoeist', but more and more signs of why many spurs fans were torn on him have appeared recently...
i didnt think he was the one that wanted out, but if he does then he can ***** off, as can anyone else that doesnt want to wear the blue shirt!
And the mini quote from Del boy Storrie, "It looks like Jermaine wants to go"...Well Sherlock you're a genius, how did you work that out? was it the conversation with him when he said..."Storrie! I want to go!?
Why then did Defoe take the penalty?
If he wants to go let him let him, but for at least 16 million hope for more.
defoe has lost intrest since redknapp has gone and if he dont wear that blue shirt with pride and passion he may leave with anyone else.Im shocked about hermann going he was a good squad player and never let us down he is better than pamarot who is just pants.It will be intresting to see who adams signs as partner for crouch unless he uses nugent / kanu alongside him.
stfc ballboy
Lyon striker Sidney Govou is supposedly lined up to replace JD but I'd like to see Nuge get a chance starting on Saturday. As for Defoe my comments after his 'Yakubu' performance on Boxing day said it all .. It's similar but much stronger than the comments above .... Go cry after Harry ... same goes for any other player who wants out.
There is a definite correlation between Pompey performances of late and whether JD has played. Bye bye JD.
TaTa Defoe, could of been great but never really wanted to be here in the first place, a proper big time Charlie
spot on dave, when defoe hasnt played in the past few months more often than not we have played better - yep get nugent up top with crouchy on saturday, altho i suspect it will be kanu...
Give Nugent a run in the team if nobody comes up with a good offer leave defoe in the reserves, then he'll realise how good it is to play for Pompey. Maybe wishfull thinking but shouldn't there be a rule preventing managers from signing players from their old clubs for a certain period of time? This happens time and time again a manager changes clubs then further destabilises their previous club by immediately signing players from them or talking about doing it. If a rule like that was in place then players wouldn't have any excuse for sulking, they'd have to maintain their form to ensure that the manager still wanted them when he was allowed to sign them. I bet Pompey back down over their fee demands on Defoe but even if they do Spurs should have to wait till the summer to sign him. Though the FA showed in the Benjani fiasco that rules are there to be ignored if they feel like it.
Steve C
hey chix m8 where did u get the information about Govou coming to pompey as a replacement for defoe ? i fink this would be a good move.Govou on the wing with nugent then up front with crouch.Govou is experienced player with lots of skill and trickery and does score goals.ADAMS pull this off and this will show what way u r takin the club
stfc ballboy
the govou talk is here...
Goodbye Defoe if your still going to be loyal to redknob then you must be a total W*****R as HE brught you to FP then S***T on everyone by leaving Harry only looks after Harry . But off you go.for a nice profit for PFC & Well done TA for putting you back in your place before you left & thats on the Bench
a little more 'reflection time' and it is easy for storrie to 'give it all that' about defoe wanting out, that way we 'accept' it more when he - and maybe others - go, blaming the player for a departure makes it easier... im still hearing rumblings that the pushing has been more from our end than his?
this does not detract from the observation that we have played better on the whole in recent months when defoe has not played...
I really believe he does want out, he seems more interested in shagging than playing
Spurs don't agree with our valuation of Defoe but aren't they the same club that paid 16m for Bent? Get rid for a good price and it's a nice peice of business. He could be a class act but he's completely up his own arse.
Defoe never struck me as ever being a Pompey player. The sooner he follows Uncle Harry the better. Just hope he leaves Glen Johnston and Peter Crouch behind.
Have just read that Harry is trying to persuade Levi to bid 15mil for Defoe. Where's Citeh when you need them?
I still don't believe the club have been touting any of our players for sale, I still think its the press that do that. Its been obvious Defoe wants to go - he probably couldn't believe it when HR lured him from Spurs and then **'d off there himself. He's a negative influence on the team, he should go, for the right money of course. But not before we play Spurs, he cannot be allowed to play against us this season. And what about the rule that says players can't return to the same club within a year?
I don't want him to go to spurs, but equally, I think he is a bad influence on the team. if Bent is worth 16million, he is worth 20 - if what Storrie says is true, and we DONT need to sell, we should hold out for as much, and as long as possible. if he doesnt go, fine... maybe his attitude might change again
Not convinced about Govou. Have watched him with interest recently and he is not really a goal scorer but prefers to play off the right hand side. Has also played all his football in France and a number of playing switching to the PL have failed.
so heres the score, we give him REGULAR first team football and RESURRECT his england career ... and he repays us by going to a club who quite frankly have too many strikers ... he thinks hes going to get first team football, if he couldnt get it before, he wont get it now. well done for completely spontaneously combusting your own career!! 20 million would be a good price.
It is difficult to know who wants him out, I'll concede that. I think I've just always had the impression that football is secondary to Defoe. His top priorities are having an ex Big Brother bint on his arm, having his name in the papers and having a large pay cheque. Maybe we were just a stepping stone to getting all those things back on the agenda, or perhaps he really intended to stay here, but whichever is the case, he doesn't prioritize his football as the top, top players do. Honestly, does it matter at this stage who wants him to go? He's clearly lost interest, and whether that's his fault or PS's, it isn't going to change, so we may as well sell him and give someone else a chance. We (hopefully) still have Crouch, Nugent and Kanu, so it's not like we're struggling to replace him as we will be if Johnson goes.
on a plus note, 3 million for govou imho is a good deal. we wont be pushing this season its all about consolidation and i think he could do a job.
Bye bye JD! I presume there's no way he'll be at FP for Cup Match - can't say he'll be getting a cheer from me. Perhaps one day he'll find a sexy blonde who DOESN'T make him look like a dwarf on the pull.
Just watch Nugent come good and put Defoe to shame with his commitment and, let's hope, goals.
With his pathetic effort against west ham and his tantrum at being on the bench at arsenal (did you notice he was wearing his Pompey hat inside out so the badge couldn't be seen, disrespectful) might as well get rid as long as its at least 15m. Play kanu and nugent against bristol, can't afford crouch to get injured save him for the premier league.
We should have played Kanu and Nugent together more. I think they'd make a good combination.
when he left spurs i always hoped that he would return one day, as i feel he has unfinished business and a point to prove....when redknapp joined us i felt it was only a matter of time before defoe was back, that now seems to be very much on the cards, with the fee being the sticking point....i think 6mil and cancel what you owe us for him and kaboul (8mil)
how about ... no?
sorry pp but u know its gonna happen!!!...any talk of 20mil+ is fantasy...defoe wants out...pompey need cash....and you will also have an 8mil debt cancelled....its only a case of when it happens....not if it happens!
knowing pompey ... it probably WILL happen ... but if it was me I wouldnt budge until about 15-16 mil.
Have the little sulk with our blessing Liliywhite - If Spurs are in his heart then better he returns to you ... We have the same situation with Gary O'Neil - Nobody can knock a player for having a 'home' or 'preferred place of work' and if Spurs is Defoes then so be it .. Crouch has found his maybe JD will find his and re-sign for Spurs.. or maybe if he sees better opportunities Villa or Citeh... But I do agree 20 million is fantasy but we don't need cash and the debt was cancelled in the 5m payment for Harry I think you'll find.. anyway good luck with your relegation battle I hope you wish us the same ;)
I will miss Jermaine, i wa sone of the contributers who prayed he would come, not neccessarily for the loss of Benjy though. However i think Defoe is a class act, and in the current climate worth a lot of money, and i will miss him, but come on Nugent will not be good enough to replace him, and we will have to pay good money to bring in a decent replacement. As long as he does not go back to the Spuds, but i do think if he goes to the Villa he will get some more time on the bench, is that not a step backwards for him?
Nugent!!!! Who are we kidding? Trust me if he was good enough, when fit he would have played. I admire his integrity and determination to stay, but...If Everton come knocking he'll be gone!
We really should be knocking on Everton's door offering!!If it means that Govou could come then go for it, or i wil come and fetch him and deliver him to Goodison.
I see see the FA have now said that they'd have no objectionbs to Defoe going back to Spurs. Seems to me they choose which rules to enforce if they percieve it will benefit their idea of a bigger club. For instance Benjani can move to City although deal didn't go through in time, Defoe can go back to Spurs but Defoe couldn't play against Spurs the first time we played them after signing him because that wouldn't benefit Spurs.
Steve C
if i was Peter Storrie (thank god i'm not) i'd be demanding the FA enforce the rule so Defoe can only go to another club.
Steve C
Tell Spurs pay what we want today or he'll get 1 minute from the bench tomorrow so he's cup tied.
Steve C
Take the 15 million and lets move on, he wants to go, we need players in, do the deal and hopefully we can begin to win again.
Just let him go, he wants out, we want rid
By all means let him go if they pay what we want, he's on a long contract we can wait for the right money.
Steve C
just looking at rumours etc and michael owen seems to be on the move again what we think fellas owen and crouch? ok we prolly can't afford him but its a nice idea ain't it =D
I think we should sell Defoe to Man City with Benjani back to Fratton Park as part of the deal.

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