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Another day, more rumours and fresh speculation - 'fresh'? Well, you cannot exactly call it 'fresh' can you as it is just rerouted news, although there is a 'new' and if true potentially exciting 'link' surfacing...

Well the outward-bound departures timetable has been 'updated' slightly, the usual flights will still be available but the prices of these, and those interested is fluctuating slightly...

Jermain Defoe remains on the departures list, no sign of this being cancelled, but a 'bidding war' could begin... Spurs 'cannot afford him', good spin by HR as always, but this has not prevented a 'massive offer', thought to be around £12m from Villa from coming in. Citeh, with money to burn, could step in to push the price up and anything more than £12m would be accepted no questions asked I suspect. Rumours suggest Chelski could be tempted to charter this one, but I would be surprised. A departure is likely, and for my money this is what he wants - and if that is the case I will happily pack his bags for him! I do not think the fella was going to start today regardless, but if he remains unused then I think that is the end for him, if not in the squad at all that answers the questions.

With the impending departure of the England man this 'should' open the door for another one time England cap Dave Nugent - oh, but do not be fooled, the 'fire sale' is still making him an interesting prospect for Everton, Stoke and others, apparently - with the fella warming up for 20 minutes but still not getting on against West Ham we do appear to be having more than a little case of déjà vu with his current situation - one that bares a remarkable resemblance to the one he had under Redknapp... Come on Tony, you have called for 'players that want to play and fight for the shirt', you have one straining at the leach for this chance!

The most worrying, and without a doubt damaging for us appears to be the chartered flight that has already taken Glen Johnson on a 'tour' of the Liverpool training facilities ahead of a £9m switch to Liverpool - for me 'nowhere near enough' for a player of his quality... Do not be fooled by the price tag though, we will not get that amount - we still owe them money for Crouchy! We will miss the right back big time, but at least we can take some comfort in the fact that he is making a genuine move forward...

These departures leave us with 'money to burn', wrong! We will not get much of this back to spend, or will we? 'If' deals, and for big money go ahead, we will find out soon enough if we really are in the financial mire as badly as is made out - my fear is that we are and those who control the club have not been 'up front' with us once again, and fears that a large outlay was spent without a long term plan in place a genuine possibility. With the financial situation as it now is we appear as though we are 'paying the price' for this pursuit of glory...


Yep, we will not spend a large amount of money, but we will have to bring some fresh meat in - we will not have enough players to put a squad together otherwise, and a blend of loans and 'cheapish' signings appear on...

The Gary O'Neil talks keep going on, Boro still owe us money, so we forget this and give them a small amount on top - job done. And what a job done, we need 'fighters' and people that do want to play for Pompey, the fella did not even want to leave, so coming back would not be a problem and we know what we will get. Some view this signing as 'a step backwards for us?' Lets not be fooled this is happening anyway, we cannot keep players as 'bigger clubs' now want them, and they will always get them - others just 'want out' - sod 'em if that is the case, show them the door! Bring back the scrawny legged 110% man, just what the doctor is ordering at the moment!

Just rehashed and reused perhaps? Well free agent Stephane Appiah keeps being mentioned, and again he is - Spurs are battling with us for his signature. Wages wise he will not come cheap, quality wise he will be a fine addition in midfield. 'If' we could, tie him to a short term deal, a year perhaps, with the option to extend in the summer - if he 'does the business and wants out' at least we could cash in on him in the summer, as opposed to seeing him walk away for free! I have had my doubts about him, but I feel he has got himself fully fit and has been waiting for this before getting back into the game - we wont get him though due to his wages...

Probably the most exciting of all, and quite possibly a realistic short term option - and maybe a 'spin off' of the Lassie deal could see the arrival of Dutch midfielder Royston Drenthe on loan from Madrid. The 21-year-old shot to fame at the U21 Euros a couple of years back and was linked to the likes of Manyoo and Chelski - eventually he ended up at Madrid but is now well down the list. A 'loan until the end of the season move' has cropped up today - if we could pull this off then that quality and all round game we have lacked in the heart of midfield would be found, what a signing, albeit a temporary one, he would be... One can only hope!

As always though, to coin a phrase as I often do from eastneydave, 'lets just wait and see what happens`


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Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday December 28 2008

Time: 11:50AM

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Would it be easier Rug to say who is staying? Distin to Arsenal is also doing the rounds this morning.
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28/12/2008 12:42:00

Why does harry keep making unsettling remarks about your club? That freedom of the city pass seems to have gone to his head the Judas prat.
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28/12/2008 12:55:00

Oh to be able to fast forward to 3rd Feb
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28/12/2008 13:15:00

Because he's a jibbering old **** iceman.
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28/12/2008 13:16:00

i dont want defoe and distin to leave as they have been good signings but recently they have looked up to their job their heads are elsewhere (spurs).But we wont hang on to Johnson he is a great right back and £9 mill and above we cant reject. Ill be over the moon if Drenthe joined he is a great young prospect with bags of energy and skill i reckon he might join as metgod had worked with him with feynoord.O'neil i have mix feelings about a good player but we have moved on from his days but the way some of our players are playing at the moment he will be welcomed back with open arms.Appiah will be a great signing to he scores and a hard worker.Adams get these in and get some good results and i will keep faith with u lol PUP
stfc ballboy
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28/12/2008 13:29:00

I still stick by my prediction that TA will be out of work by next Sunday. Players will definitely leave and you can not believe a word Gaydamak or Storrie says. Allegedly Distin has said that the players expect to hear about the future of the club at the start of the New Year which may mean there's some news on the horizon. This could be a buyer coming in but is not going to happen until we have cleared out the assets and have about 45M in return.
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28/12/2008 13:43:00

Agree about Johnson. £9m isn't remotely enough. I wouldn't personally consider anything less than £15m to be worth considering. Given that we won't even get all of it, where are you going to replace him for that money?
Report Abuse
28/12/2008 14:08:00

johnson has to be by far our most influential player atm, we havent really played well since he's been injured. if drenthe joins then we have kranjcar traore drenthe and belhadj down that wing... if johnson was to leave do you reckon we could get pennant as part of that? and if distin was to leave, i wouldnt mind djourou in return...
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28/12/2008 15:00:00

Gutted if Johnson goes & I hope we have some add ons or sell on clause 'cause £9m ain'y enough for the current & forseable England No 2. What a shame that the great team that won the FA Cup has been dismantled within 8 months of that glorious day & come May 2009 we could looking at relegation.
Report Abuse
28/12/2008 17:10:00

If TA loses his job the Club have to shoulder the blame, ok the money for Diarra was a complete no brainer. But that should enable players to stay, the club has added to the crisis at the club by refusing to lay to rest any of the rumours that are circulating. This has contributed to players and fans alike not knowing what the **** is going on. Failing to look at players contracts has also destabilised the team. A fire sale will mean that Sacha will be around a lot longer, nobody will want to buy a struggling club with no Assets (worthwhile Players) or for that matter no players will want to sign for a club like that. Reading between the lines we are in deep doo doo this time. No wonder HR jumped ship again. Come on Pompey get your heads out of your arses and stop destroying the club we love. Barring offers of significant value all players in the first team picture must stay and the squad must be strengthend with quality players. At the moment i can see only one outcome to this season and it ain't a pretty picture.
Steve C
Report Abuse
28/12/2008 18:02:00

were not going down - we wont go forward as was predicted/hoped, but im confident enough we wont go down... its been a fanrtastic journey while it lasted, but constant top 5,6 or 7 finishes i think for the foreseeble future, if ever again, are gone - but i will settle for 'midtable obsurity' year in year out with players that want to play for portsmouth football club in all honesty...
yep, things are not looking good, but i feel adams can build a team that is about 'portsmouth football club' again and we can find ourselves one again and wont be 'harry redknapp football club', which we had become.
ive loved the success, ive loved the glory, but i will settle for the middle of the road life again - not that i am saying i want that of course, do not get me wrong.
Report Abuse
28/12/2008 18:47:00

i wish i had your confidencr rug, i can see Adams be sacked for the clubs inability to keep the players posted on where they stand.
Steve C
Report Abuse
28/12/2008 18:57:00

I have to say that I share your concern Steve, however I think the evidence is clear that Tony is not the right man for the job. Don't get me wrong, I will continue to support him until he is no longer manager but I had concerns at the start and these have not been disproved. He seems unable to motivate a team, and that is costing us dear. Yes, you will point to a motivated, nay inspirational match against AC Milan, and even a much better performance at Arsenal today, but truth is, good players will motivate themselves for big games, it is the daily trudge that they need a manager to inspire them for. I think Tony is too much one of the boys! Look at his comment about Lauren's outspoken episode ' i found it hilarious really!' Should he be saying that a player undermining stability at the club is hilarious or should be be kicking himn up the jacksi and making an example of him? I know which way I would have gone. Adams needs inspiration quickly or we have had it! As for the fans, the games against Spurs and man City, these are VITAL, and lets see the same support we saw against AC, or was that only the glory hunters singing? The battle aganst relegation first has to be fought by us in the stands before it moves to the pitch. If Tony cannot inspire them we have to.
Report Abuse
28/12/2008 20:04:00

Hey, on a nother note, SCUM are 2nd Bottom!!! The sun can shine!
Report Abuse
28/12/2008 20:06:00

I don't agree that selling players makes selling the club less likely. There are only two possibilities. Either the money we make goes to paying off debts, making the club a more attractive option to buy into or it goes to buying new players, in which case, you've got assets again. The days when you could stop players who wanted to go leaving are gone. I don't agree about Adams either. Just because he says "it's hilarious" in public doesn't mean he says the same thing in private. You don't discipline your players in the press. That's when the club starts tearing itself apart in public and the media come in baying for blood. You tell the press it's nonsense, and discpline your players in private. That's responsible management, and bodes well as far as I'm concerned.
Report Abuse
28/12/2008 22:21:00

Was not suggesting that there should be a public flogging, but to make light of the matter was ill advised.
Report Abuse
28/12/2008 23:38:00

We aren't going down. The results just look bad because we are unlucky. West ham and newcatle, we went behind because we were caught on the break, and continued to press forward. in both games, we wouldnt have conceded the others had we not conceded the first. Its not like we were under constant presure, just we got caught cold - something that needs to be worked on - and then carried on pushing forward. would you rather we went a goal down and settled for it?
Report Abuse
29/12/2008 00:04:00

SOmetimes i feel that the writing on the wall is very obvious, I said Diarra was not injured and city had agreed a deal, well i was right all but the buyer. I ve also GJ is not injured and deal had been done welll i think it is very obvious he off to the land of scouse for a undervalued price. Now listen to this...remember the mooting of a S African deal inv
plymouth graham
Report Abuse
29/12/2008 00:14:00

sorry folks pressed wrong button...continued..remeber the s african deal involving Pini Zahavi and the idea of pimping young prospects from around the world, well i feel that this is what is about to happen which is why all the players will go who we know are wanted by the bigger teams and why the out of contract players will not get contracts renewed. This is all rednobbs greedy fault for demanding big time charlies rather than buying cheep foriegners and rejects like the early days and Sasha's fault for giving in to him. Initially iwas against this idea but now seeing how personally painless it is to get shot of good players to paying clubs i really think it is now the only way to survive
plymouth graham
Report Abuse
29/12/2008 00:20:00

9 mil for GJ is ridicoulos! hes worth way more than that If we sell another 3 players, we are going to play southampton next yr in the championship.
Report Abuse
29/12/2008 00:47:00

i still say that diarra was going regardless, but was injured - if not 'why' play him days before he was due to be sold and risk the deal? if he was fit adams would have played him sooner... as for johnson, again, chances are he will go - but he should be sold for nothing less than £15m - but again i maintain that the fella is genuinely injured, again, if fit adams would be playing him now!
Report Abuse
29/12/2008 08:40:00

wakey, i believe the day that Laurens comments emerged that Peter Storey was already dealing with Lauren. TA has got the tools for the job.
Steve C
Report Abuse
29/12/2008 17:51:00

Adams will take us down, prepare for the worst if he stays in the job, he is not equipped for the task at Pompey.
Report Abuse
29/12/2008 18:43:00

Adams stomach for a fight has never been in question, anybody who ever saw him play should know that. Thats whats needed now. another manager new ideas and routines will just confuse the issue.
Steve C
Report Abuse
30/12/2008 00:46:00


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