Portsmouth - Can I have more please/Citeh wont give up!
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Can I have more please/Citeh wont give up!

New arrivals in January, hopefully...
The January departure of Lassana Diarra, although clearly a disappointment to us all was always likely, but this will help with some debts and 'should' give Tony Adams some funds to bring in reinforcements - and this is what he is hoping for, in fact he feels he 'could' get the whole lot, although I doubt this!

Dealings in the New Year can often involve over inflated transfer prices, but he has said that he is looking to bring players in but will not pay over the odds, his dealings are also something that he wants doing sooner rather than later...

I think it must be a near dead cert that Nadir Belhadj will become a permanent signing with a right sided player wanted and a central midfielder - and one with a creative influence and ideally an eye for a goal - needed, if possible.

We had said that players, not a singular 'player', had already been lined up in the wake of Diarra's immanent January move, so the Algerian will probably be one but the 'rumours' of a return for Gary O'Neil are gathering pace and growing - today the 'reports' are that talks have started with Boro over a deal to bring him back, with further payments that Boro owe us written off as part of the dealing...


Citeh still chasing Diarra
Obviously, until January comes round the deal to take Diarra to Madrid is not fully concluded - and Mark Hughes is still hoping to bring him to Citeh, with him refusing to rule his signing out...

He has said: 'he's obviously a player I like. He's a good player, but he's still a Portsmouth one. Things may develop for him but the window isn't open at this moment so we'll just have to wait and see what happens.'

Citeh can want all they want - and 'will' offer ludicrously high wages to get him - and whilst I am sure that 'if' we could get more money by selling to them we would I think its fair to say that his heart is set on Madrid - and this will not change... A move to Madrid, for whatever money offered, is clearly a giant step forward - Citeh is not!

Unfortunately it is being 'claimed' that Arsenal did have a sell-on clause inserted into the deal when we bought him, so a 'reported' 25% of what we get needs to be given to them, which is a disappointment but still unexpected really. Counter claims say that it will only be around £3.5m, so a sell-on amount but not 25% - although it is also 'said' that we too have inserted a sell-on fee with us getting a percentage of any fee Madrid might get for him in the future?


Crouch wants more uefa football
After our first taste of European football ended on a high with a win over Heerenveen last night, this taster has wetted the appetite for more uefa cup football in the future - and Peter Crouch, fresh from his double last night, is hoping to score the goals to get us back there again.

He might have scored twice, but he should have had at least 4 as he missed some really good chances - chances that he, and we in general, cannot afford to keep missing.

It is no secret that I rate the big man, and feel he offers us a lot more than some people think, but his finishing in recent weeks has been poor on the whole but the goals 'should' help and will hopefully see his confidence improve and his finishing skills sharper - continuing this weekend at Bolton!

He has 11 for the season so far, if he can double this amount in the second half of the season - as he hopes - then he feels this gives us a chance of going on another European tour next season, a tour that he wants to spearhead, so thoughts of a move away do not seem high on his priority list and I do no think he would move on in January anyway...


Lauren 'reported' as tipping himself and others to go...
Before anything else is said we must remember it is important to remember that just because it is 'claimed' that Lauren has said so and so it does not make it true!

But it is being 'reported' that the defender has claimed in an interview with As that Diarra will not be the only departure in the New Year, as Jermain Defoe and Glen Johnson will join him in making the move away from the club - with a deal for Defoe to return to Spurs 'already' agreed: 'the team is dismantling itself and big sides are coming. Diarra is not the only one, Defoe as well is returning to Tottenham, and Glen Johnson is leaving.

'The economic situation is very bad and we are aware of it. Look at the signings they made two years ago: they bought myself, Sol Campbell, Defoe, Pedro Mendes, who has moved to Rangers. Well, the majority of them are going to leave.

'I'm leaving in January as well, going to Turkey or Greece.'

Again, how true these 'apparent' quotes are cannot be known really can they, but as far as Lauren is concerned if he wants to go so be it - he will not be missed at all will he, lets be honest! The fella has been a fantastic footballer over the years, and to a degree has done a job for us, but has never been the same since his serious injuries with Arsenal.

'Maybe' the extending of the transfer window until early February means that Defoe could return to Spurs, which apparently he cannot do anyway, and if he does so be it! Do not get me wrong I rate the fella and would be gutted to see him leave but if he wants to go let him, and anyone else for that matter - my own thinking is that his head has not been right for some time, and this is showing in his erratic finishing recently. So, maybe that is because he wants to go? A move to a 'top' club would be easier to accept, but a return to Spurs is not a move forward...

As for Johnson a top club will come in for him at some point, and 'rumour' has it that Liverpool could be looking. So, as long as this is a top price and to a top club that is a genuine move forward this day will one day come, but hopefully not just yet - besides how Liverpool could afford him remains unknown, a swap deal for Robbie Keane would suit me!

Either way, as far as the 'top stars' are concerned lets be honest here we are not going to be able to fight off the top clubs for our players, very few clubs can. So long as these players only leave for genuine moves forward and for top money I can always accept this - and lets just hope this will be the case. We do not need to sell anyone else now, despite claims made, but if we chose to is another matter...

Just a thought, but maybe he is slightly 'bitter' at the club for his lack of 1st team football, and this is in some way a parting swipe? Either way I suspect that personalities at the club will be wanting to have a word in Lauren's ear regardless... But again, as said just because it is reported he said so and so it does not make it true, we must surely have learned over the years that not everything we read is true!

Thoughts on all please guys...


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Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday December 18 2008

Time: 11:24AM

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if it comes down to it, sell Defoe, should get at least 10mill for him, same for Johnson, that gets us 40million if Adams is to be believed potential funds for signings, I am pretty sure we can bring in at least 5 great players for that. Adam to use is Arsenal connections sign Belhadj that also frees up a loan plus our other loan is freed up when Sahar goes back to Chelsea. That is a potential 7 new players. Not too bad
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18/12/2008 12:12:00

didnt we pay 6 million for Johnson? hes more than twice the player he was then, maybe best RB in the prem at the moment...I wouldnt be happy with anything less than 12/15 Mill for him. If defoe wants to go let him. let them all go! I dont want anyone in a pompey shirt who'd rather be somewhere else.
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18/12/2008 12:17:00

Vierra(Loan), Appiah(Free if he actually wants to play football), Jimmy Bullard, Pennant(Loan), just for starters
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18/12/2008 12:19:00

The thing that bothers me is that Tony is as yet unproven in the transfer market, so I'm hoping he's a shrewd one with an 'Arry like eye for a bargain (accepting that even Arry did make some cataclysmic errors...cough...*Utaka*....). Jermain Pennant please! Stephen Appiah?
Report Abuse
18/12/2008 12:20:00

have to agree, I dont think Crouch or Krunchie going anywhere yet, but we could have a whole new team come febuary
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18/12/2008 12:21:00

He'll be much Appiah playing for us than sitting around at home doing nothing......
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18/12/2008 12:21:00

I like the positive thoughts harrissman. Maybe the whole 'Nugent can do a job for us' thing is all coming to light and Defoe might actually go. Who knows. I agree that Lauren just sounds bitter. He has been told there is no place for him in the squad, so is off on his Hols to Turkey or Greece. A nice bit of winter sun.
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18/12/2008 12:27:00

Lauren is just p'ed off that he never got to play here cause he is crap.. Will be glad when he goes, but as for the others, i think they will carry on playing for pompey
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18/12/2008 12:39:00

excellent result last night lads!!! i wanna see more pompey in europe as well make a change from man u, liverpool and chelsea! good luck in the league as well.
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18/12/2008 12:55:00

I think you're right about JD not being mentally focused and I wonder if all the Harry shenanigans have shocked a bunch of them...if so, let them go - if they were only capable of playing for Harry rather than playing for Pompey, arrivederci! I too feel that though Crouchy has had a few shockers recently, his work rate is impressive and he never gives the impression that he's giving up - keeps defenders under pressure. You gotta see him play 90 mins to see the rest of the picture although of course if he's not knocking them in or knocking them down for JD to knock in , it ain't worth as much,
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18/12/2008 13:27:00

For what its worth L`Equipe today are forcasting TA is trying to do a deal for 1 million for the French no 3 goalkeeper Yohnann Pele from Le Mans. His contract runs out in June and he is rated very highly in France. This is because the paper quotes ` DJ wants to join Harry Renknapp at Spurs`. Probably thats why his form has dipped. I say sell. If we want a player to replace LD the best French suggestion is Senesson (Cameroon) who has revolutionised PSG this year. But it will be a devil to get him out of France. Incidentally very good friends with Pele above.
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18/12/2008 13:27:00

Tell you what fellas, I have a gut feeling that Nugent will come good and prove to be as prolific a goalscorer for us as Defoe, should Defoe leave. I also heard a rumour that with West Ham strapped for cash, we may be in for Upson to tighten us up at the back.
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18/12/2008 13:38:00

I reckon you are right Ninja, I have been longing to see Nugget get a run of 4 or 5 games and prove one way or another whether he can cut it in the Premiership. I think he can and maybe if Defoe goes then he will get that chance. Regards DJ going, well on recent form I am not that bothered and again I think Ashdown should be given the chance to prove himself and take on the mantle of Portsmouth's No 1, and who knows, if he was playing regular 1st team footy he could stake a claim for the England shirt. Johnson going, would be a loss clearly, but having seen Wilson play last night hey not a bad replacement! Going to be an interesting January, but Adams is no mug and he will keep us a strong squad, and what we may lack in outright quality we have more with the likes of Davis and Hughes who always give 100% and I would put heart and comitment above the odd flash of skill.
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18/12/2008 14:49:00

All this supposed huge monies coming in, can we build the ground please?
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18/12/2008 15:12:00

Im officially not a fan of Lauren now...ok, ok, so your grumpy because you dont get first tream football, but yapping about other players future is just a massive "no,no" in my book. Ok, true, I dont like what he's saying, I do want to keep Defoe, and I do want to keep Johnson, but its not for Lauren or anyone else to speak about/for them!!!.....***** of Lauren, we deffinatley dont need any bad vibes at the club right now!!!
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18/12/2008 16:40:00

ps: lest have Herman at the back for a few games, it might steady the ship a little!
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18/12/2008 16:41:00

Glad tony has stated that the money can be used because we do need to spend some of that.Diarra will defo go 2 madrid and if city come and vuy him i will be gutted because we is so good he will come back and haunt us.i really dont care if lauren goes in the january window he used to be a good player but now he is total s***e.He will never be good. Hope what he has said will be wrong johnson is the best english right back and in the prem.Ill be sad to see him go as he has been a great signing for us.Same with defoe he will always get goals.But if he does go ive got a feeling david nugent will sort it out and grab some goals for us.Adams spend that money on VIERA , PENNANT . Then get APPIAH in for free and that will sort us out.I have mixed feelings over o'neil coming back he was mr.pompey but i think we have moved on now from his days but he would be a great squad player and i would certainly have him over utaka any day.
stfc ballboy
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18/12/2008 16:59:00

lets be honest..Bullard aint gonna come, Harry will have Appiah. He will also get Glen Johnson if not then Rafa will. Defoe i dont think will go untill summer although i think he would do if a decent offer came in. Keane will return to THFC with the croatian fella going the other way in a swap. Adams will sign Delph from Leeds Utd without a doubt as well as Vierra. Hughes will go to a championship outfit. I do not know who will replace Johnson. We will definitely get relegated either this season or next along with WEST HAM AND WEST BROM
plymouth graham
Report Abuse
18/12/2008 17:30:00

I cant believe, no matter how much i want to that Tony will get all the money. I do think that O'Neill would come back, Bullard loves the fans and would probabaly welcome the reception he would get at Fratton. Appiah would give us great power and strength in midfield, and alongside Diop and Viera(i wish) a massive powerbase in midfield. I do think that Defoe would be mad to go to the Spuds, he would still have to share the striking role with those already there, and whoever Judas brings in, as he inevitably will. Man City need a Diarra type, dont we all, and i could understand them getting into a bidding war, but Diarra would be mad to go anywhere but Madrid to further his career.
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18/12/2008 19:25:00

Sell Defoe buy Belhadj and play 4-3-3 or 4-4-1-1 with Kranjcar as ACM best tactic for Pompey last year worked great even with Benjani as attacker and we all can agree that Crouch is better then Benjani. BTW if you look at Pompey transfer balance in a last 3 years "2006/07 -7.300.000 , 2007/08 - 29.730.000 , 2008/09 - 1.200.000 with financial crysis in club and all that i don't think Pompey will have much money to spend even with sale of Diarra and maybe Defoe because Pompey is still paying for Crouch, Nugent, Kaboul maybe even Defoe.
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18/12/2008 22:08:00

lauren... bitter? We can;t afford to sell Johnson - as he is the only right back we have, and finding someone to come in and replace him in january would be all but impossible. Equally, we can;t really afford to loose defoe, as whilst we do have nugent, we don;t exactly have many other players that can come in and "do the job up front" or "change a game" - we NEED to keep these players of we want to stay in the league, let alone challenge for europe.
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19/12/2008 00:02:00

we.re doomed...aye we're doomed doomed doomed....
plymouth graham
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19/12/2008 07:37:00

I understand from a friend who has spoken to Peter Storey that he has said that if Spurs want any of our players they will pay more than anybody else will have to for them, as for Jermaine Defoe apparently Storey says Spurs haven't got enough money to afford him, if they want JD they better start talking 25m.
Steve C
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19/12/2008 08:11:00

Plymouth graham - cheer up mate! Where there's a blue shirt, there's hope
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19/12/2008 08:53:00

i heard similar steve, if pavlychenko is worth 13m and bent 17m, then what is defoe worth? it also makes diarra for 20m seem a bargain for madrid.
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19/12/2008 11:01:00

rumours today that lita is going to be available for 300,000 in january. wouldn be bad as a squad player, and we've been looking at him before.
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19/12/2008 11:02:00

Lauren needs binning now, Tony tell him to get on his bike, as for Lita he is playing for Norwich, we can do better than him, if we wanted a championship striker play Nugent. Kevin Doyle scores for fun in that league, but he would be out of his depth again in the Premiership.
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19/12/2008 15:25:00

Cheered up now..TONY WILL DO OK....
plymouth graham
Report Abuse
19/12/2008 17:11:00


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