Portsmouth - So much for Jordan staying...
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So much for Jordan staying...

The understanding that Joe Jordan had 'shaken hands on an agreement' to stay with Pompey has proved premature, as Pompey have officially confirmed that he has left the club!

What a massive, massive blow this is - losing his experience, which would have proved vital to Tony Adams, is another devastating development.

This is a statement from the Pompey Site...




Joe Jordan has parted company with Portsmouth Football Club.

It ends the 56-year-old Scot's four-year spell as a coach at Fratton Park.

Jordan joined Pompey in the summer of 2004 as one of Harry Redknapp's coaches and briefly had a spell as caretaker manager.

Jordan, a former Manchester United, AC Milan and Leeds striker, played in three World Cups for Scotland, before managing Bristol City, Stoke and Hearts.

Portsmouth Football Club would like to thank Joe for his significant contribution during four successful years at Fratton Park and wish him well for the future.

Blues manager Tony Adams is hoping to unveil his new team of coaching staff next week.

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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday November 7 2008

Time: 12:38PM

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Gutted and very sad to see Joe go. Good luck to him and he must have his reasons which we will probably never know.
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07/11/2008 12:51:00

yep, im gutted to see him leave - was unsure, but thought that he would stay...
why did he leave? angry not to get the job? i dont think so... disappointed that adams was looking elsewhere for coaching staff? maybe... overall who knows - as you say dave we might never know...
rumours already building that he will join HR at spurs. i hope not, and would like to think that this isnt why he left as he was the only one not to last time.
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07/11/2008 13:02:00

A further example of the Hot Air that comes out of Fratton Park and I wish Joe good luck with his new role. It really is true that you can never believe a word Gaydamak and Storrie say!
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07/11/2008 13:03:00

Sad to see JJ go. Another nail in the ... Bl00dy hope he going to Spurs as that would only add to the pain, let alone his influence over a few of our players. B0ll0x.
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07/11/2008 13:05:00

to be fair is it really fair to shift the blame onto these two tho mate?
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07/11/2008 13:06:00

It was obvious that Jordan was not going to feature, otherwise he would have been confirmed as Adams assistant initially. Also all of the talk of other appointments to the coaching staff left him with no worthwhile position to occupy.
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07/11/2008 13:15:00

if anyone can stomach it then JJ is doing an interview on the H&J Show on Talksport today sometime between now and 4.00pm.
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07/11/2008 13:19:00

WHAT A MASSIVE f*&£ING COCK UP!!!!!!!!! I really think this is my lowest ebb for a long while. Knew it was coming, said it was.................................................................B0110x
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07/11/2008 13:21:00

ok, chances are jordan has gone because he wasnt wanted by adams - but, and this is just a thought, has anyone actually stopped to think that maybe, just maybe he has gone because 'he wanted to go?' maybe adams genuinely has been doing all he could to convince him to stay but he didnt want to...
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07/11/2008 13:35:00

I don't care if he went because he wanted to go, or didn't want to go, was pushed, wasn't pushed. Truth is he's gone!!! He won't be the only one, I expect other coaches and players to follow. Morale must be at a long time low...You lot can paint a rosey picture, truth is life at Fratton stinks at the moment
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07/11/2008 13:45:00

Ps. I hope to God we get back on track ASAP and let us all worry about when Saturday comes, instead of this continual upheaval and mess!!
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07/11/2008 13:46:00

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07/11/2008 13:52:00

Women and children first! PLease stop pushing at the back, there is room for everyone! You heard the captain, we are going down so please abandon ship.......Women and children first!
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07/11/2008 13:54:00

are you going to stop going, or supporting even 'if' it goes 'belly up' tho penton? i dont know about you but im not driven by the success of the club to carry on my support of it as this support isnt based on that, granted it helps and i love these days of course! - not saying that you are tho.
it does not take a genius to work out that things are not all 'rosey' and i - and others - am not trying to 'paint a pretty picture', there are just so many factors that we cannot change and being all doomy and gloomy about it isnt going to help is it... there just comes a time when you have to think 'can i really do anything to change things?' as none of us can, all we can do is keep backing the side - and sorry, as said i know its expensive, but not selling out a 20,000 seater stadium when we are 'meant' to have more than enough fans to do this isnt helping, if we could do this financially it will be a help - and hope that things work out for the best...
the pompey world will carry on spining regardless of what happens, and i will be spining with it...
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07/11/2008 14:04:00

just wanted to again clarify that im not suggesting you are motivated by the things above...
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07/11/2008 14:05:00

Managers,coaches,players,all good,bad or indifferent,come and go,all of them make it a happier place,some when coming others when going,but the heart of the club has been and always be the supporters. Now is the time to support OUR club more than ever. None of us is happy about recent happenings,but so much negative diatribe is really disappointing,especially after only 2 games under the new regime. Time for a reality check,and perhaps show that we really are as good a community of fans as we take great pride in claiming,rather than the doom and gloom merchants that many are coming across as here.See u all at Sunderland tomorrow. Play Up Pompey !!!
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07/11/2008 14:50:00

Glad of that Rug, i've been supporting us since 1970?, so i think i've seen this and more in that time, and am entitled to be a touch apprehensive about things.
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07/11/2008 14:52:00

we are all apprehensive tho arent we, we would be lying if we said otherwise... but having seen the worst of times you must surely appreciate as bad as thing 'might' get they will not get as bad as they have been in the past - i wont say never, as you can never say never...
surely its time that we try and turn some of this apprehension around tho isnt it, as is it going to make things any better? we are right to be anxious, but not as doomy as some of us are surely...
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07/11/2008 15:06:00

I feel for you guys but as some others have mentioned, players ect come and go but the club and its supporters remain and that is the main thing. You are all pompy fans and not Jordan/HR/Diarra/Defoe ect ect fans. It is not an easy time for you guys but the tough times are what make you the supporters and club you are today. What fun would it be if you won all the time or had all the money. Your achievements are real so try to remember that and stick to supporting your great club. Good luck for the rest of the season guys
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07/11/2008 15:13:00

sad joe jordan has gone he was committed + a nice man !! its obvious he will join harry and kevin bond at spurs. I expect our head chief scout ian bloomfield to join him and spurs.Tony will bring all the arsenal lot in. Just hope he brings in winterburn , bergkamp / ian wright.Aslong as tony brings a gd player in their time and nos what to do then y not jump on the pompey end. The only way for this football club to go is up so if us fans stay by our team and the players do the talking on the pitch that is way we will go. PUP
stfc ballboy
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07/11/2008 15:41:00

Thanks spursfan4eva, you are the voice of sanity from Spurs and prove that we should not tar you all with the same brush. Guys, none of us knows why Joe left and the odds were surely always on him leaving. Here's to new beginnings - stop the pesimism please. Apprehension is always there - it's the nature of any football fan isn't it? Even when we were on our way to Wembley last season, weren't we all just a little apprehensive? Whatever the new regime that Tony brings in please get behind them. By the way, I could well be wrong, but it's not a given that Joe is going to Spurs.
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07/11/2008 15:47:00

I will be seriously worried if Nelson the Dog and the Jolly Sailor go...these are about the only two we can rely on being here next season. Oh, and Pompey's own Mr Music Man, Johnnie Westwood!
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07/11/2008 15:56:00

Avram Grant must be on the plane to Southampton Airport, Adams to have left by the end of Jan. Mystic Meg says!
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07/11/2008 15:57:00

Seems I was wrong; just seen that Joe has gone to Spurs. Re Nelson and The Jolly Sailor leaving....I've not seen Frogmore for a while.....you don't think?.....
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07/11/2008 16:46:00

Joe to spurs... Havn't heard that yet, not saying you are wrong, just havn't heard that yet. That said, whenever a new man takes the helm, he always brings in his own staff. It doesn't worry me too much, I'm not getting stressed by it, Que Sera Sera...... I just got a feeling we will be just fine!!
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07/11/2008 17:27:00

p.s., thanks spursfan4eva
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07/11/2008 17:27:00

Nice quote from "Frank" on the Spurs site; "Before long will they move HMS Victory up and float it in the Grand Union canal and give that lunatic with the tattoos and the dreadlocks a season ticket and the Portsmouth to Spurs transformation will be complete. Seriously though, I suppose Jordans experience would be useful, as would his competitive abrasive attitude, we need some steel" At least some Spurs fans show some self-effacing humour.
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07/11/2008 17:29:00

At least one good thing, there seems to be a thaw in this pathetic Spurs/Pompey baiting thats been going on for weeks
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07/11/2008 18:38:00

Hi, Im a Spurs fan as well and as I think someone got here before me and said I really do feel for you people at Portsmouth cause you have a well and truely been F&*£ED up the arse and I do think it's wrong with a PASSION! I know how it feel's just as you think things are getting good we had our 2 top men (and one was ment to be our most loyle) jump ship for the money which screw'd the hole claub up as the team was built round them! and it HURTS I know!, As all I can say on our defence was all was done fair and square we offered £5m for Harry and you accepted so the was no nasty involved (for a change). If we can go to the bottom and work it slowly back together so can you and you aint even at the bottom you will survive a club with the passion of you all ways does. Sorry and good luck it will all work out.
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07/11/2008 18:43:00

'ere 'ere we are all football fans after all and the game will go on despite the efforts of some to wind each other up. Sad to see Joe go but we will find other good coaches - hopefully very soon.
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07/11/2008 18:44:00

sad to see the last few experianced men leave... but we WILL ride through the storm. and if thw worst comes to the worst, I saw sol campbel lift the FA cup for pompey in may, and I will NEVER forget that.
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07/11/2008 19:10:00

99% one thing you say you offered us £5m for Harry sorry, but this is simply not true 5m was compensation witch Tottenham had to pay because of his contract. it was Harry's word's that may have misled you witch you in time will get used too.
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07/11/2008 19:25:00

Great. Now Joe's gone. I cannot see Adams finding anyone to replace him judging by the names that have been mentioned so far.
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07/11/2008 19:40:00

so is he Spurs bound?
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07/11/2008 19:48:00

HR, bond,jordan,chief scout,goalkeeping coach and 1,2,3 or even 4 players............ how long before we get the Tottenham chimes ringing round WHL ?
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07/11/2008 20:35:00

rats and ships..good luck to him a nice fella i think
plymouth graham
Report Abuse
07/11/2008 21:43:00

Flippen Heck! thought he would of stayed for sure.. i think he wanted the assistant job and when Keown was offered it, that was the last straw.. oh well, hopefully we get sorted quick smart
Report Abuse
07/11/2008 23:16:00


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