Portsmouth - The tale of two 'exclusives'...
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The tale of two 'exclusives'...

A new day and 'fresh rumours', although not exactly fresh - merely a different takes on stories that have been rife for so long...

First up comes an 'exclusive' from our old friend Alan Nixon in the Sunday People - who seems to have a 'new exclusive' for Pompey, and others, almost every week and most fail to come to fruition! Well, the claims are that 'super agent' Pini Zahavi is trying to put together a consortium to 'rescue' Pompey, although mainly to cash in!

The 'claim' is that Zahavi, who is no stranger to Pompey having been involved in several deals with the club before, is trying to pull together a handful of 'rich businessmen' with the view to taking over Pompey.

Basically his proposal, if there is any truth to it, is to make Pompey a 'shop window' as it is also 'said' that his plan is to bring in young talent from around the globe and cash in on their potential, with the turnover of players going to be regular - so all in all this seems purely a business and money making proposal. Would it allow us to also keep star names though, or would they also be cashed in on...

To all intent and purpose if this came off we would become a 'feeder club' for anyone and everyone!

Whereas in the Observer they say that 'Europe's richest man' Rinat Akhmetov has turned down the chance to buy us. He was 'apparently' approached but immediately turned down the offer - with a South African consortium also 'in talks' with Sacha Gaydamak...

All this talk of takeovers cannot really be doing much to help the current situation can it?

Things are tough enough as they are at the moment, but uncertainty surrounding the club and its financial situation cannot be helping - one thing that seems abundantly clear though is we need some financial input!


'Exclusive' number two, also in the Sunday People, 'claims' that we have 'thrashed out an amazing deal' with Harry Redknapp that allows him to have 'first option' on players in 'our January sale'...

The claim is that Peter Storrie has struck this deal, which if true will be another kick in the crown jewels should we have agreed to sell out to the fella that sold us out!

David James, Lassana Diarra, Niko Kranjcar, Peter Crouch and Jermain Defoe are all names that are being said to be up for sale come January. Although the former Spurs striker cannot return to Spurs until the summer, can he?

Players going, although not really something I want to contemplate, is something that is a near certainty to happen - but if we have agreed to sell to Spurs that will be a bitter, bitter pill to swallow, even more so if we are willing to sell for as little as is being 'quoted'. Diarra for as little as £12m for example - surely we should be looking for at least £20m even in the current financial climate. Manyoo, with it claimed a deadline day offer was rejected, are also being linked with him as are Citeh, so 'if' we must sell him why not at least get a bidding war going instead of 'agreeing' he can join forces with our old boss!

As much as I do not want anyone to go, some will have to, but offloading Diarra for a hefty amount would at least reduce the need to sell that many others you would hope, as that should at least keep the wolves from the door for a while longer...

I am dreading the New Year arriving, I will dread it even more if we offload most of our star name players, even more so if we offload them to Spurs!

Tony Adams however remains adamant that he will not stand for the star names being sold: 'I told them at the club if you sell my players, I will walk.

'That would be cutting my throat. There would be every chance we would be relegated.

'Without good players, you can't do anything.'


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday November 2 2008

Time: 12:26PM

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Depressing....I wish I could just fast forward to February - these next 3 months are going to be hell...
Report Abuse
02/11/2008 12:36:00

agreed mate - i keep thinking, right im going to block it all out and forget things, but i cant, its one thing after another...
Report Abuse
02/11/2008 12:44:00

Well im not going to say a word, i'll let you know my thoughts come December the 1st.
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02/11/2008 13:08:00

well lets try and stay positive ... ok hard for me and you and everyone else ... but IF we are in the shop window and we DO get a financial backing from a new owner ... then screw spurs et al ... we will be back!
Report Abuse
02/11/2008 13:24:00

Pini Zahavi, benter than Graham Norton, but he would get the young talent in
Report Abuse
02/11/2008 13:57:00

ok... look at the positives: Arsene Wenger at the very least will take pity on us. errm... If a new, rich consortium buys us out, then maybe players will want to stick around... errm... errr... nope, thats about it. The idea that we would sell anyone to spurs though sickens me.
Report Abuse
02/11/2008 14:15:00

You forgot to add in Distin in Harry's wish list. Defoe will go in July. All the speculation doesn't help & if we lose a lot of these players, who the hell do we replace them with. How do you replace David James or Diarra or Crouch or Glen Johnson. You can't. We only got them in the first place because of Harry. So we lose half our team & it doesn't leave a lot left. We won't be the most attractive side to join with so many stars jumping ship. Maybe Tony can sign Liam Brady, Frank Stapleton & Pat Jennings. That would be a start.
Report Abuse
02/11/2008 14:15:00

What a load of tosh.. I'll worry about it when it happens... Never !
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02/11/2008 14:30:00

if we get viara, maybe people will think "hold on, this guy's not bad at getting his way in the transfer market either?". If we can beat AC milan (yes, it's a VERY big ask), people might think "this guys not bad at managing", if we get some of the old arsenal legends in our back room team, maybe people will think "these guys could really improve my career", if we get bought out, maybe people will think "let's give these guys a chance... see what happens etc.", if we get a new stadium plans, people might think "this club has a future"... lots of iffs, lots of buts, but you don't need all of those to go right, and suddenly confidence could increase again...
Report Abuse
02/11/2008 14:32:00

I'm not worrying until January, as Carpet says, anything could happen.
Report Abuse
02/11/2008 16:54:00

All talk... and there is plenty to look forward to between now and January. There's no point in worrying about something that a) might not happen and b) I can't control anyway.
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02/11/2008 17:54:00

Its all a bit wotsit really...We are in debt in my humble opinion because Harry wanted big names which meant big wonga and salerys to match, .. as he thought that was the only way to stay up...Sacha was frightened Harry would throw his toys out if he did not get what he wanted and was intoxicated with the idea of success so he gave in to HR's wishes...However once it became apparent that we couldn't afford SWP, Short,and the other deals without selling, then Muntari leaving overnight the writing was on the wall for HR. He had looked miserable for weeks prior to his arrival at the Spuds and now he is looking like the old Happy Harry...any way we are knackered folks so lets just get used to now. Unfortunately Tony adams will be the fall guy and we will either be in the championship this season or next, and that may be due to going into administration and having points deducted. ...of course this Russian, or that Arab or those consortium people may bail us out
plymouth graham
Report Abuse
02/11/2008 18:41:00

Ever believed anything you read in the Sunday Poeple? No neither have I. They are all Spuds fans and want to talk up their clubs chances of signing our starts.
Report Abuse
02/11/2008 18:50:00

Hey Graham, you got the same doom and gloom bug that Storagematt got. I dont hink it's all that bad. Lets all enjoy what we got while we got it. Like Tony says if I cant do anything about it, I cant worry about it.
Report Abuse
02/11/2008 19:23:00

No charge for the title either Rug :D
Report Abuse
02/11/2008 20:19:00

storagematt has ridden to many highs & lows over 35 years & can see another low from what was a very high.
Report Abuse
02/11/2008 20:43:00

Come on Matt, it might never happen. There is too much potential here for us to be neglected for long. Someone will buy us, you'll see!
Report Abuse
02/11/2008 20:52:00

Did I say I wouldn't say anything until Dec 1st...Sorry, Can't help but agree with Graham. I've felt all season that we are not right, Silly summer season laid those foundations. I hate to bet, but i imagine that they won't be far wrong. HR would have taken any biggish job within driving distance. Sascha (whom has been brilliant) has been riding by the seat of his pants for months. Peter 'We're buying big..no we're not..we're being prudent, we've got to sell' Storrie; has been building his power base. Adams will be the hero/fall guy depending how things go...He certainly is the kop out option (Not his fault) We are being sold down the river as fans and as a club. We have chased rainbows for the last 4/5yrs, and now it's coming back to bite us on the posterior...big time! How long do you all think we can survive, shelling out 90% of our income on wages and less than 20 thousand at the gate????We need to sell to a rich sugar Daddy/ gain an investor or it's a points deduction looming, simple as! January will see several of our top players leave, to be replaced by ??? Money being the main factor in this; and as we have none, it will take a miracle to replace quality for quality at Tesco's blue stripe prices! This in short really is a make or break month in the Prem, lets look at it...Uefa cup aside. Sunderland away; we'll be lucky to take a point. Hammers away; Draw/ loss. Hull at home; we would hope we would win, but that was August, now; we'd be glad of a draw. blackburn at home; win/draw. So I hazard a guess, anywhere from 1-6 points. Which, given the unpredictability of the Prem this season, could leave us ok; or as is more likely, looking very hard over our collective shoulder. Given as the expert opinion this season is that a minimum of 40pts will be the minimum requirement to think of surviving. We couldn't have chosen a worse season to find ourselves in this predicament! Now anyone who has met me/had the dubious pleasure of my company at a game will know, I love my club, and for the 90 minutes give my all in backing them. However, this is my opinion, my view and my fear. Now! This may turn out to be unfounded, but it is never the less my stance. I expect to be panned for this, but nothing but the next few months will change my view. For this reason, I haven't been on here over the past few weeks. I do keep an eye on the goings on but don't comment. People who have a negative view aren't generally welcome on here, but as it's a forum, open to all manner of ideas...I put this to you, my thoughts and fears. Now! we have ALL been here before; weather the dark days of Div4 or having to beat Barnsley on the last day. It happens to all clubs at some point, the down side as well as the high. I just sincerely hope that May 2008 wasn't our high for the forseeable future.
Report Abuse
02/11/2008 21:02:00

Ps. I have booked my hotel on Beachy Head for January.......;-)
Report Abuse
02/11/2008 21:16:00

Penton, I don't think it's negative views that are/were the problem. I thinkit was the way those with such views would trample upon others that had differing opinions. It was also that a handfull of people were just doom and gloom in the extreme! What I struggle to comprehend though is (and you eluded to it) the unfounded nature of such opinions. After all, the only people that know about the finances of our club are those privvy to the balance sheets! I too think it's gonna be hard now this year, but struggle to see how it's gonna differ too much to last year. Unless you are all correct and in January we are plundered and do not / cannot replace. Until then, it's the same players who have served us so well, even Utaka looks more lively! Another thing, I think May 2008 was and would have been anyway our high for the forseeable fututre. Play up Pompey, it aint all doom and gllom, bring on AC Milan!
Report Abuse
02/11/2008 21:47:00

Administration, LOOOOL. Percentage chance = 0%. Anyway, we're still as good a team as when arry was here and not many people were so negative then. Sure, you're allowed to take a negative stance, you'll get nowhere in life mind.
Report Abuse
02/11/2008 22:04:00

P.s. in response to those stories from the People, the one regarding Harry's agreement is laughable. Firstly as mentioned above Defoe apparently can't leave in Jan so why should I believe a single part of a story written by this moron who can't research a story properly even when he is just fabricating it anyway! I don't think I have know of one solid source or fact for the basis of any of this. Second;y the way that story just trails into a general collage of tacked together gossip and rumour mongering is embarrassing and I won't ever be opening a link to another story from the 'People'. p.s.s "SALARY"
Report Abuse
02/11/2008 22:08:00

I feel like going in hiding for a few months..
Report Abuse
02/11/2008 22:44:00

All of the above may be true and it certainly all stacks up and did to me in the summer months when we were discussing it. However, other things are afoot which may well head off disaster, so I really don't think we should get down about it all. I really don't. As for harry having carte blanche on our players. It just doesn't make any sense. Surely, we will want as much as possible for them and will put them out to tender, that's if we are selling, which I don't think we are. Think about it: would Adams have taken the job if that were on the cards. I don't think so, and he would be in a position to be able to know something was going on.
Report Abuse
02/11/2008 22:59:00

Well said Gandor. OK, so Diarra is up for sale... Sorry Sir Alex your bid of 14m is rubuked... 'arry has first dibs and has offered us 10m, so sorry, on yer bike m8, lol.
Report Abuse
02/11/2008 23:55:00

1st refusal i guess does mean the first to be refused. Look..as a Pompey fan a sense of pessimism is part of the make up i reckon, especially if you are in and around the 40/50 age group. But it really looks like its all gone rat **** to me. the press slaughtered us when harry was at scum and we had the two other numpties in charge-3 including Mandaric, and now they are off again..but what they actually said was true..wwe were rubbish, the numpties were numpties and the ground was rubbish and is rubbish and -this is hard to say- We have NO SUPPORT..we cant fill fratton park let alone a new stadium -because prem football is too expensive and not really worth 50 a game no matter who is playing. People will pay it to see Ronaldo etc but not Hull or stoke or Pompey
plymouth graham
Report Abuse
03/11/2008 09:29:00

I think you and I Graham are out on a limb here. That is a lot of sense and truth spoken. I agree, as a pompey fan i'm entitled to look at us in a realistic way. I have said before, that I cannot see why we cant redevelop Fratton Park. Bit by bit we could bring it into the 21st century. What good a half empty ground devoid of atmosphere? Again ive said before; our catchment area is too small, to localised and insular. Im afraid to fill the new ground we would need the dreaded Johnny come latelys, which seem to be despised almost as much as the Scum. truth is, at some point along the way Pompey needs to look at itself and realise what the hard facts are. Which i imagine has been done already. After all, these are businessmen, and Redknob knew it, as he's been oh so quick to tell everyone with his ravings about the massive massive club that the Spuds are! Truth is for me; It chokes me to hear him, it turns my stomach and makes me feel sick. Also I can't help but let that green dragon raise his envious head. But even then I know deep down what I see. The best I can hope for at the moment is to come out of January in fairly good health. Survive the rest of the season and let Tony and Co build us again into a fine Premiership Club that we are. I would like to say a huge thanks to Redknob; but I can't. Because what followed him in his years at Fratton was a stench. He dragged our name at times into the ground, and I can't thank him for that!! Now I sincerely hope that the Crap follows him to the Spuds, once the euphoria has died down. P.s We are too good to go down, and Tony i don't doubt will galvanize them, but it's gonna take time.
Report Abuse
03/11/2008 10:14:00

Yes you are all entitled to have a gurmble and a moan. Infact Ienjoy reading how pesimistic some of you are as it just makes me feel stronger and more stubborn. If any of you can refer back to Daniel Levy last week - He has already told Harry that there is NO transfer money for Spurs in January. They are saving their moneyfor the new ground.

SO if we loose some players, we will bring in some more. The cheaper players tend to be the try hards and grafters anyway. Look at Mendes and how little he cost.

Yes we cannot fill the stadium, but nor can anyone at the moment. Look at Stoke this weekend. They beat Arsenl at home with almost 1/4 of the stadium empty. It is a tough time to be splashing cash at the moment. Football for me has been put on hold, as bills have to come first. It's just a fac of current times.
Report Abuse
03/11/2008 12:11:00

Blimey. Thanks Penton. I knew I wasn't universally popular but didn't realise that I was "despised as much as the Scum". Tell me, is there a minimum age at which someone can start following Pompey or is it OK to get pis5ed off with the corpoate atmosphere at Arsenal (in my case) and support a "real" club? Is it OK for a previously Arsenal supporting father to encourage his kids to follow Pompey rather than one of the so called "big four". Don't you actually think it speaks volumes for the club that Pompey is attracting fans of all ages from the so called glamour clubs or is there a part of Pompey that likes to adopt a bunker mentality? Back to your so-called Johnny come latelys; when I came on this site for the first time, I was open about my previous support of Arsenal, which started in the 70's and the way I had, despite the success of the Arsenal, fallen out of love with the club - the point is the the JCLs are not falling in line to jump on a Pompey sucess bandwagon - far from it; the majority of them are deserting the big clubs in an attempt to "reconnect" with football. On Saturday, when I was ***** wet through, colder than I can ever remember and couldn't even get a hot drink watching us against Wigan along with my equally soaked and cold 10-year old daughter, I did not for once regret my decision to follow Pompey. When I hear ***** like your JCL comments though it makes me wonder where you're coming from. Tell you what, even going back two years, go to places like Woking, Camberley, Fanborough, Aldershot and take a look at how many Pompey shirts you see around and how many "Play Up Pompey" stickers on the backs of cars; Pompey has a bigger catchment area than you would have us believe - up into Surrey, Berkshire, Wiltshire and the home counties. When the club has the new stadium, it will be able to accomodate these fans who have no less a right to get behind Pompey than you. If you want to keep Pompey for those admirable diehards that have endured the mediocrity that has gone before then Pompey will cease to compete at the top - it was one such lifelong Pompey fan who persuaded me to come along to Fratton Park and he is delighted that I now take my daughter to as many home games as we can get to. I thought most of you guys would take pleasure in converting others to the Pompey cause or is only acceptable to increase the fan base in Asia and not the UK?
Report Abuse
03/11/2008 12:21:00

When you look at the recent rise and success of this club, we should expect that new people will want to come along and support us. There'd be something seriously wrong if they didn't. We do struggle to fill FP at times, and we need a bigger stadium with more people in it. Its great that many Pompey fans have been loyal for a long time, through the bad times and are now enjoying the good, and this is something to be proud of - but we need to welcome the new fans as well. They may need some educating in the ways of Pompey fans, but we can show by example. What we don't need is everyone getting on anyone else's case about not being good enough fans. We are all Pompey fans, and the cup final parade showed what potential there is for Pompey support. Come on guys, together we are strong, divided we are weak.
Report Abuse
03/11/2008 12:45:00

Oh I forgot to say - the club have issued a denial statement on their website about the report that Harry can have first refusal on our players, its all a load of tosh! Doesn't mean some won't go, of course, but he doesn't have first dibs.
Report Abuse
03/11/2008 12:47:00

Lets just clarify a few things shall we?...1. I never accused anyone of being a JCL, least of all you Tim. I merely pointed out the attitude I constantly hear from 'Die hard Pompey fans'. I too, was accused by a couple of jerks a few weeks ago on here of being one. Fine if thats what you think. I know different, thats all that matters. I hear it constantly here and in real life, here in Deepest Andover..." Look at them Folkin Pompey shirts" "5yrs ago, you wudn't ave seen em!" That's what I mean Tim. Long termers seem to think it's their sole right to support Pompey, because they were there when we played Crewe and Grimsby. We do indeed need ALL the support we can muster. Indeed anyone's money is as good as the next mans, it is all needed to swell the coffers. I have over the years taken several people to Fratton to enjoy a game, and to a man/woman they have all enjoyed it, indeed Ms Penton has been dragged along on three occasions this season, and now uses the 'WE' and not 'you!' She was spitting feathers just as much as I was over Harry's departure. So that's another JCL to add to the ranks. 2. Since Reading have been relegated, there has been a distinct lack of Shirt wearing around here, so that could indeed be used in such an argument. However I do know what they mean(The Lifers) success does indeed attract hangers on. You've never seen so many Chelsea shirts as you do here. I'm waiting for the Man City invasion!! So no Tim I wasn't having a go at you, I was though having a dig at the insular attitude I hear all the time. Although in their defence; i have never in my life been to a City that gets so much behind their team (perhaps Newcastle aside) You really never do see another team shirt as you drive around. And that is to Pompey's credit.
Report Abuse
03/11/2008 13:28:00

Well done Tim for changing your allegiance to "Arsenal Old boys"-only joking..but Penton and i are from neighboring villages and went to the same school..so i guess we are simular in some of our Rural attitudes and an ingrained pessimism.. JCL's...hmm?.. i don't have a problem with JCL's as long as they stick around when the proverbial hits the fan or, when in time, if we don't make permanently as a Prem club ..they stay with us. Then the baptism of relegation is complete. Ive had 3 relagations, 4 promotions (2 as Champions), 1 FA Cup final(Winners) 2 semi finals, and 1 asia cup (Winners)...and a hampshire cup i think
plymouth graham
Report Abuse
03/11/2008 22:45:00


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