Portsmouth - Thanks for what you did, but you did sell out!
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Thanks for what you did, but you did sell out!

Lets be honest guys we all know that Harry Redknapp is no Saints - well he was... - so in some ways this should not surprise us but no matter what has happened here with his leaving Pompey we cannot forget what he has done for us.

Yep it will be tough to accept the betrayal on the club, the players and of course us the fans but sadly this is football these days - the players, as much as you would hope to think otherwise will most probably be queuing up to follow him out the door come January and given our worsening financial position unfortunately we will allow them to go, I just hope that we do not let him screw us over again by selling too cheap just to raise cash! If he does care he will make sure that Spurs pay top money that is what players are worth.

We are all angry, gutted, frustrated, betrayed, let down, hurt and so on and so on - we have, and will continue to call him all the names under the sun, some he deserves and we mean, others we will look back on and think I wish I had not said that. I think it is fair that we feel this way and we should allow each other to express our feeling - we might not agree or like it but it's a grieving period and it might help.

I will never stop appreciating the fantastic times he has brought to this club and will always appreciate and be grateful for it - bloody hell give me this over cold, dark and depressing days from the 90s, there was something special about those times but hell the glorious years in recent times have been amazing.

None of us really know the score financially at Pompey, but too many people are coming to me with stories of 'Sacha Gaydamak's worsening financial position, and this will impact on the club' for me to not acknowledge something is seriously wrong. He is a businessman and needs money, if no one will invest players will be sold, and the worrying times that lay ahead are just that - worrying... My biggest grievance against Redknapp is that I feel that he knew this was coming, so rather than soldier through and show his 'true commitment' to us, even if that meant seeing the team he had build dismantled he has sold out before that moment - getting out while the going is good.

Yep, we accepted a £5m compensation offer but you tell me that if he had said 'this is my spiritual home - as he kept saying - and I want to stay and see it through' we would have said, sorry you cannot do that. If he refused to go then we would not have sacked him, we could not have afforded the payoff. Although Gaydamak, and I quote from the Pompey Site has said that he did all he could to keep him: 'I am personally disappointed that Harry has left.

'We did all we could to keep him and up until early evening Saturday I was under the impression that he would be staying as Portsmouth manager.'

Someone is lying, or 'putting a different spin on things' here again... Suddenly his mate Peter Storrie is also telling us that 'Spurs is one of the few clubs that he would leave for.' I bet you anything that if a job can be found for him at Spurs he will be off too...

I fear that Gaydamak needed the money so much he took it - but Redknapp did not have to agree, in doing so he has shown his true nature, the nature of the beast that has no morals or loyalty. In many ways I wish we could have been financially sound enough to have said 'no you cannot go' because then the unquestionable decision of 'do I quit' would have needed to be taken - and if he had that would have unquestionably answered the lack of loyalty issue.

I, and many others have backed him all along, and he screws us over like this - AGAIN! Once was forgivable - barely, but I cannot and will not forgive this one.

When others left or booed after Fulham last season I stayed and applauded him when he took the microphone and said he would bring the cup back I also believe he said 'Pompey til I do' then walked away. He also kept saying 'he could not leave this club again' it was his 'spiritual home' and he 'owed it to the fans and the players' - the fella, as said has no morals or loyalty.

How the hell must Sol Campbell be feeling now? Redknapp has constantly slagged off the Spurs fans for the treatment of our captain, he basically called them animals yet he has now stabbed him in the back by joining the side he has berated! Surely Sol would not follow him back though - would he... although others almost certainly will.

Again, I thank him for these fantastic years but he has tarnished what should have been a glorious legacy at this club all due to his lack of morals going to a club that as said he slates repeatedly for their lack of the same thing and berated for their disgusting behaviour. Also, leaving due to what I feel he can foresee as being a 'rocky' future ahead, rather than sticking with it and seeing it through as promised.

Thanks Harry, but you get no good luck wishes from me just the thanks from a fan who has become even more disillusioned with the world of football - which has become a 'mercenaries paradise' and 'rich man's plaything' of choice...

I REALLY AM Pompey til I die - and will carry on being so despite players and managers coming and going over the years, and I call on all of us going today to get behind the team, back them like never before and show just why we are the best fans in the world. When the going gets tough, Pompey fans often get going - and I do not mean turning their backs - so lets show this spirit. I do not particularly like the fella at all at the moment, but I hope that we do not hear an afternoon of 'anti-Redknapp songs', lets prove we're better than that!


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Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday October 26 2008

Time: 11:43AM

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Old mate will be at Spurs by Friday, bet you
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26/10/2008 11:46:00

I mean Bond not Storrie on that one
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26/10/2008 11:47:00

storrie will be with him by midweek ;-)
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26/10/2008 11:48:00

If we are to have a firesale in January, we must get top dollar for everyone, not like last time when Aloisi went for peanuts to Coventry and Bristol Rovers raped the team
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26/10/2008 11:54:00

amazes me how he'd want to go THERE of all places!
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26/10/2008 11:59:00

Harry redknapp only cares about harry redknapp, now u 2 can give him pelters like the villa fans.
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26/10/2008 12:08:00

HR probably thought that he couldn't do anymore for Pompey that he already has - which is true to an extent, as he's given the fans more than what they expected. It had to end sometime - I just wish it was between seasons at least. I think HR could've handled this a bit differently - I'm angry at him for leaving us - but I am SO angry at our board - what are they playing at?! Save money? We'll soon follow the examples set by Forest, Leeds, Ipswich and Leicester.
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 12:26:00

Good points rug, Longman i dont ever want to be like a villa fan they are a disgrace and rightly despised by most of not all football fans. I always said he was Harry was a liar and it was always a risk, it's the timing that i find hard to take. Having said that Harry is a liar, to be fair to H he was in good company with Storrie. I will repeat we ARE up for sale and we ARE in financial straits, because the Gaydamak family are in financial straits. To be fair to Sasha it has always been a business arrangement in anycase. Credit crubnch, no development, probably delayed stadium, no profit for the G man.
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26/10/2008 12:29:00

I agree with PFCGino - all points valid couldnt have puit it better myself Onwards and upwards now - Play up Pompey
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 12:33:00

ha ha i like the way you stereotype all villa fans for 1 person throwing a coin! anyways, i was gonna say i feel harry renapp is putting a bit of spin on his exit, I thought after Southampton he'd seen the error of his ways, but has left Pompey again, he has done well for you, but as you say just a thanks. It's a bit sneaky from him I feel, left you lot in the lurch.
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 12:34:00

How big and loyal of Harry to jump ship so we can get £5m, thank you ever so much. I would salute him and thank him for fantastic times except he has an enormous ego and that would be massaging it for it, when he does a bloody good job himself. Oh and thank you Harry for releasing our private financial details to the footballing world, no matter how well-known it was.
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26/10/2008 12:42:00

And I agree Paul, slimey old Kevin Bond will be at WHL asap.
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26/10/2008 12:49:00

Twice now Redknapp has stitched us!!! Not Happy, goes to show that some people never change. How noble of you to use the £5 Million price tag as a sympathy vote - bollox to ya fella!! Pompey will keep rising onwards and upwards without you. PLAY UP POMPEY
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 12:55:00

Sorry mates but stop being so hypocritical!! Money has been pivotal during Harry´s time at spurs. Players were sold in an blink of an eye if the money was right, and you guys have played the game very well, talking about few milliond here and there. I have mentionned this previously especially when benjani was sold and most of you have reacted in a very strange way kinda...yes shame that benjani has gone but wit that cash we can buy........." thats not the way football should be but as you all said thats the reality of the game so stop ******** moaning now that harry is gone...thats football for you these days...isnt it?
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 13:06:00

Portsmouth Fans, I apologise for our chairman's poaching yet again - but at least in this instance you are £5 million better off for it. You deserved to be treated better, but with 'onest 'arry he has of course got 'previous'. However, ultimately, if your club had been run better and not having to pay 97% of it's revenues in wages, then they would probably have never even considered it, so in this respect you are the architects of your own vulnerability. As for 'arry, I think he jumped before the financial **** caught up with him. Hopefully, you will now sell us he 5/6 players we need off you! All it shows is that when these people talk about 'dream' moves and 'spiritual' homes is what they actually mean is "for the time being"...when money talks, bullsh**t walks. Sorry guys, who knows, Adams might end up doing a better job!?
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 13:07:00

above I meant to say" harry´s time at portsmouth"
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 13:07:00

Further proof for the mans bull****, "Everyone presumes i am a West Ham fan because of my history there, but it was Spurs I watched as a kid" that is todays NOTW, thing is, wasn't he an Arsenal fan as a kid? Seem to remember hearing about him on th North bank rather being at White Hart Lane
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 13:07:00

and couldnt they have waited few hours to annouce this...after the game?
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 13:11:00

Seeing as the NOTW has 3 pages on it, I reckon it was a done deal a couple of days ago and they had to announce before the papers did
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 13:20:00

If he had just come out and said "I really wanted this job. It's the last chance I'm going to get to manage a huge club with huge budgets" I could have accepted that, because he did a lot for us, and he would have deserved it. But since he has to continue his usual tactic of lying, and trying to make himself out to be a professional martyr, I'm afraid I'm going to have to agree with those who don't have much good to say about his attitude.
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 13:29:00

No integrity. No morals. That's Harry. That's football.
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 13:30:00

What a slimy piece of ****in ***** that second hand car dealing crook is. Second time he has dumped on you lot without a bye or leave. Never liked the bloke in fairness and this shows my gut instinct to be correct. ***** you Harry, ***** your top top retard son and his simpering vacuous bint and ***** your fat nephew too while you're at it *unt.
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 14:09:00

Upset nikolaijns?
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 14:13:00

grrr, :). I know he took your club as far as he probably felt he could, but the manner in which he left you AGAIN! shows an utter lack of respect for anyone but himself. Top, top weasel.
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 14:31:00

alot of you seem to be suprised he did this? i mean seriously what did you expect. its like finding a wild snake trying to raise it and then being *****ed off when it bites you i mean what did you expect it was a snake?? i feel bad for the pompey fans you seem like a good bunch but unfortunaley for them redknapp is and always has been one of the biggest fraud's in football. hopefully he can manage in division 1 next year with spurs.
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 15:07:00

I had a feeling he would walk away at the end of last season. Winning the cup made that difficult and maybe he was planning to hand over to Tony Adams at the end of this season. Great that we won the cup, great that we are in Europe, but not a great way to treat the fans Harry .... Please don't for Allardyce ... Tony Adams should be given the opportunity, or even Robert Prosinecki
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 15:13:00

your feelings towards harry are understandible, but he's been a revelation at this club no doubt about it. from a neutral perspective, harry always seems to like to take on tough challenges he took on this club twice both in similar situations and walking into spurs isn't going to be a fail safe job, its a very risky decision, but he's done wonders to many a club and as much as it hurts i guess when a opportunity arises for a manger to step into a massive club (no offence to pompey fans) he owes it to himself to at least take up an opportunity like this in his career. he's been at many a club scrapping at the bottom of the league, building a team on small transfer budgets, and to have that one chance at running a team with sound financial backing, and £20million players a plenty, well i guess its every managers dream. i cant change the way you guys feel but thats my perspective. he might have promised you this, said that, but at the end of the day management is a cruel world and its in every managers best interests to keep their fans happy. was a shock to me this and i hope you find a good replacement.
Report Abuse
27/10/2008 03:48:00

I will always remember all the good he did for the team, he is only human. Its not like Pompey is his die hard club anyway, we have always supported PFC, so for us its hard when people choose to leave, but i think the good will always out do the bad with SIR ARRY!
Report Abuse
27/10/2008 06:22:00

Have to say that I am really grateful for what he did for us, but once again his manner of departure is disgraceful. Di I really believe that he was approached atthe airport AFTER the game in Braga? - I have doubts.! Did he need to walk out the night before a match, upsetting any planning? I Doubt it! Why not leave on the Monday? Furthermore, what am embarrassment to be giving him the FREEDOM OF THE CITY two days after he walsk out on us - I wonder if he will have the balls to turn up? My desperate plea to Pompey, is not to get into the January firesale situation, and do not sell to Redknap. Lets face it, the players he is after - Defoe, Diarra, Johnson and Kranckar are all top players who can tempt many clubs. If we sell in January make it to other clubs. Though I pray this is all a big scam, and in truth Gaydamak has a new man (Mourinho or the like) to bring in and has been pretending to be skint to get Redders to walk out !! (Yeah OK I know I am dreaming)
Report Abuse
27/10/2008 08:15:00

Bollox to it all!!!!....Im just gonna sing my heart out every game, because thats the only power I have!...all of what has happened just looks like a big finantial balls up to me, it just so happened that its exposed Harry at the same time!!!.....lets keep our chins up boys!
Report Abuse
28/10/2008 08:51:00


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