Portsmouth - HR on why he left for Spurs
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HR on why he left for Spurs

Harry Redknapp is spinning us some bull that basically he has left us to do us a favour! By going to Spurs we received £5m in compensation - which is of course handy for Sacha Gaydamak given our financial plight at the moment, but that is little compensation from a fans point of view...

Clearly Pompey means a lot to Redknapp, and this must have been a tough decision - although maybe not as this is the kind of job he has been
hankering for for some time - and even after accepting the job he kept saying 'we', as in Pompey: 'we got a phone call from Tottenham saying they would like to speak to me. Peter Storrie spoke to Daniel Levy and I think they've come to a deal where Tottenham are actually paying £5m compensation to Portsmouth which is a fantastic deal.

'In all honesty we needed the money. Things are tight, the owner Sacha has been fantastic but we get 19,000 people and we sold one or two players in the transfer window and in the end we've had to sell the manager.

'The funds are tight. We were talking about selling players in January unfortunately. Sacha's given us great support but we were hoping to do a deal or two before the window closed and it didn't happen and suddenly Tottenham have come in and offered £5m which is good money for the club.'

He has his chance to manage a 'big, big club' now: 'it's a great opportunity for me. It's a big club and a chance for me to manage a big, big club before I retire.

'I love Portsmouth and I genuinely loved my time there. The fans were great. We had some fantastic success and I've never been happier than my time there.

'But Tottenham have come in. It's a great deal for Portsmouth and it's a great chance for me to get on at Tottenham.'

I thank him for all he has done, and I can in someway understand why he has gone but I just wish he had not kept banging on about that 'I will never leave this club until I retire' stuff and it being his 'spiritual home' - if so, why leave? We, well I do, feel betrayed by him even more due to these thoughts, which were not one offs, he kept saying them...

I am gutted, really gutted. As said I am disappointed but at the end of the day players and managers come and go but we - the dedicated, hardcore, life-timers - will always be here, that will not change and that never has, and never will for me.

I would say that we desperately need to find someone to invest in the club though, as if we cannot do this before January then more assets will be stripped from the club as a result - and I do not think it would take many guesses to wonder who will be coming in for these players. Surely we must have a 'you cannot buy from us in January' clause in our terms for letting him go, that we be if we could afford to say no to big offers - although it would more than likely be 'you must buy from us in January.' My concern is he knows the score financially so 'could' look to get players for good money, but not pay more than he knows we would accept...

Good luck to him, but not too much - if he is successful it will be a crowning end to his career, if it goes belly up though he probably will not be remembered as the man that took 'little Portsmouth' from the foot of Division One to successive top 10 positions in the premier league - and saviour of a doomed side - and of course FA cup winners, he will be remembered as the man that 'failed with Spurs', and for that I would be sad but that would have been the bed he made, so he would have to lie in it.

We now dust ourselves down, stand tall and get on with it - there are managers out there, but do we have the ability to attract them? At least we might get something at Anfield now - this would have been a write off under him, and Spurs fans will not accept the 'games against the big 4' are bonus games will they!


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Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday October 26 2008

Time: 1:23AM

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Spurs fan here not gonna rub it in. Do pompey fans think he will keep us up. I know he worked miracles for u but looked what happened at southampton. im 50-50 on this one.
spurfect one
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26/10/2008 01:37:00

£5m for a 61 year old is a pretty good deal. As long as the players don't go with him I'm confident we'll be fine.
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26/10/2008 01:39:00

oh gosh....not harry.....can the pompey fans convinced us he's the right man??
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26/10/2008 01:51:00

Blurgh! Should have sold Diarra for 15mill then shouldn't we? Or the the kit man for 10 grand? We don't need fanciful figures to justify his leaving (we've got no idea of the state of play off-field).
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26/10/2008 02:20:00

An untrained chimp could save that Spurs squad from relegation, so Arry's spotted an easy opportunity for some glory really. Gutted, but can understand the motivation.... How the hell are we going to keep this squad together now.....
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26/10/2008 02:43:00

Tough luck, he did so much for you guys. It could only have been about money, I don't believe the bit about wanting to manage a 'big big club' because the Spuds are anything but. What he really wants is a challenge- if he can save that sorry lot from the drop (I can't think of one position where the Spuds have a better player than Pompey), then he will be hailed as a genius. If they still get relegated, as mentioned above that will be his legacy. And he'll be looking for a new job in the summer. As a gooner I can say he was one of the few managers I respected- in one moment of lunacy, that respect has vanished. Spuds ffs!
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26/10/2008 02:54:00

Liverpool fan here was just browsing around reading the articles and wasn't going to comment as I didn't really think I could say anything that would help you feel better. But I'm just going to emphasise the point you've made in this article - 'players and managers come and go but we - the dedicated, hardcore, life-timers - will always be here' - it's a very poignant point to remember. In these days of money running the game, money feeding the game, and money killing the game, players and managers jump from club to club like monkeys from trees, and you have to take sickening blows like this just as you take the brilliant days too (eg when we signed Torres), but above all you need to remember that no player will be at the club for ever, and no manager will be either. No matter how long they're there for they will leave eventually, either as retiring heroes or villified traitors, but we, the fans, will always be there. There's dozens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands (I'll stop short of millions :p ) of fellow Pompey fans out there as well and they too feel just like you, but tomorrow they'll get themselves up and prepare to support your club into it's new era. At the end of the day, fans have only really got each other.
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26/10/2008 03:05:00

Defoe will go in January, possibly Crouch too, they are Redknapp protegies and he will chase them all the way. Thanks Harry for a great contribution but because of you it might well be a case of the RISE AND FALL OF POMPEY. We need to survive 2008/09 and get a good Manager in, I presume Joe Jordan will take the helm temporarily, that is if Harry doesn't take him with him. This could well become our ultimate downfall, loss of players and backroom staff. We saw the sun in 2008 but with the current economic climate I see dark clouds once again looming over Fratton Park. Clearly we are not going to get a new stadium, and now a weakened side looks likely. Pompey fans love it when our backs are against the wall but how we they feel when our arse it out of our pants. Maybe we should wish we were in Man Citys position. From where I am sitting the future is not bright. Am I a doom and gloom merchant or can I clearly see what Harry is doing to us...or does he already know and is jumping a sinking ship ?
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26/10/2008 03:11:00

Spurs fan here, i feel GUTTED for you guys. I hope that you get someone in soon and everything works out well. I like pompy and still think youl have a great season. Im personally delighted weve got Arry but i cannot get over how much you guys must be gutted right now. All the best lads
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26/10/2008 03:35:00

5 million in todays football is not even pocket change, you've sold us down the river again Harry, i only hope you have the same luck as last time you sold us out. If the clubs financial plight is so bad then 5 million won't solve it so stop trying to make yourself feel better Harry and admit it you've stitched us up again. I'm really spitting feathers at the moment, i'd just forgiven Harry for the last time and started to believe he was going to stay till he retired. With his knowledge of the clubs finances no doubt he'll be back for Diarra and Kranjcar in January. Thanks for the cup Harry but why won't you ever stay and finish a job? At this particular moment i'm not sure i want to be a football fan anymore, i'm fed up with transfer windows and managers ****ting on teams. unfortunately Pompey's in my blood and i doubt i'll ever be able to give them up. If only it was as easy for me to walk away from Pompey as it seems to be for Harry. Much as i am fond of Spurs i hope you do the same thing you did last time you left us around this time of year, Sorry Spurs fans nothing against you, I just want HR to look back and realise that once again he got it wrong.
Steve C
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26/10/2008 04:05:00

(D)uck him, we ll be fine. Bring on Big Sam Allardyce. Itès been many moons but I remember my grandmother always used to say, London people talk out of both sides of their mouth. PUP
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26/10/2008 04:58:00

...and 20 pounds says Spurs still get relegated.
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26/10/2008 05:00:00

Forgot to add, Leeds is a Big Club too Harry.
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26/10/2008 05:03:00

I've only just found out (its Sparrowfart on Sunday) and I'm shocked stunned and quite upset at the moment. Is this the end of the dream? He did wonders for us at Pompey and I'll be grateful for that for always. I didn't see this coming because I'd started to beleive him when he said he wouldn't be leaving. After he came back I felt I knew this day would come, but he turned down Newcastle and said something along the lines of 'Pompey till I die'. So who will stay? James? Campbell? Distin? Johnson? Diarra? Crouch? Defoe? Kranjcar? well you know the rest of the list.
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26/10/2008 06:15:00

And good luck to Tony Adams' boys against Fulham this afternoon.
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26/10/2008 06:17:00

As a Gooner, I'm shock as you pompey fans are. The spuds looks like stole a manager from a club who playing better football than they are, once again. The spuds b itch about Pool and Man Utd stealing Keane and Berba respectively but they will say they find nothing wrong with then snatching Harry from you guys. Yes, you get 5 million but seriously, can you buy a quality player with 5 mil these days?
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26/10/2008 07:07:00

Still in a state of shock - only just heard the news and not sure what to say. HR always said he had turned down big clubs to stay at Pompey so why now? But the club goes on starting as Tracy says against Fulham today. PUP
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26/10/2008 07:43:00

At least Tony Adams won't follow him & may well get a chance at the helm. The big problem is January when the whole squad is up for sale. Many of these players are on big salaries & carry a high sell on price. Sasha may very keen to move them on & HR will know what price to pay. And we play Spurs away on 17th January!!!!
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26/10/2008 07:45:00

I just might take a box of matches with me to WHL, but quite honestly as much as I can't stand them anyway .. I'm more interested in us... Chins up people .. sure Harry was good for us and sure a fair few players may follow him but WE ARE POMPEY for every UP theres about four DOWNs and we always survive.. We'll be fine.. we have Davies and Diop and Utaka and Nugent for christ sake.. why panic ;)
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26/10/2008 08:03:00

BIG BIG Loss for Pompey. Can't believe it - almost all of the players we have came here because of Redknapp. They will blatantly be unhappy at this and for what? £5million? The board have really buggered up this time, and quite frankly Redknapp hasn't done himself any favours either. This could be the beginning of the end.
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26/10/2008 08:11:00

We're in financial ***** and part of it is Harry's fault. We spent £15m on a load of toot the other summer. So he's jumped ship like the typical coward he is. Not that it will matter, but I hope Spurs fans realise they have the most dishonest manager in charge of their team and despite him saying his heart was in Portsmouth, I never truly believed him and I've been waiting for this day.
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26/10/2008 08:13:00

we are in finaciaal sh##, as yo know i have always believed the rumours that the club were in trouble and part up for sale, i have never believed the club, there were too many rumours in my industry for it not to be true. I'm also reading how a week ago Harry Redknapp said "spurs are a disgrace" and here we are with a gooner managing the club he thinks is a disgrace.
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26/10/2008 08:27:00

When the phone rings late at night you can almost guarantee there is bad news on the other end .... And so it was when the phone rang in our house just after midnight (old time) and there on the other end of the line was a very small, stunned voice of a very, very gutted 'landlord'. Something had to be very wrong for the Rug to phone at this time of night and chills ran down the spine when out came the words "'arry's gone". How could this be? Then the even worse news "he's gone to Tottenham"! What a shocker, we didn't think Ramos could hold out much longer, but I've got to say that I never saw this coming! Well, he's gone again and no doubt he will come back and raid the club 'he loves' (again), or try. He's trying to imply that he's helping Pompey out financially but I doubt that very much! At the end of the day I guess there is nothing we can do but get on with it. I know he left before and we floundered but we didn't exactly have inspiration at the helm did we? Come on Pompey starting from today's game let's stick it to 'em and spend the rest of 08/09 sitting in the higher branches of the tree watching Harry and Spurs digging a hole in the ground below!
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26/10/2008 08:31:00

I wonder what Sol thinks of him?
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26/10/2008 08:33:00

rugsmum, do you want a managerial job?
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 08:34:00

I feeel quite sick this morning and it's nothing to do with last night's booze. Thanks Harry - expect a paper cup of sick to be delivered to you at White Heart Lane.
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26/10/2008 08:38:00

Thanks russellm but with my limited technical knowledge we'd be out of the league altogether in next to no time;o) Seriously though, I can't believe he's done it again. He seemed to have committed himself to Pompey for life almost but there you go. Thinking about it when you've seen him on televised games lately he's looked fed up and not particularly interested so maybe it's not that surprising. Wish he'd gone to Newcastle now or got the England job but first Southampton then Spurs, He will NEVER be forgiven now, NOT EVER, and personally I can't wish him well. And poor Sol, stabbed in the back or what. Come on Sol get a Harry Redknapp doll and stick a pin right through it!
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 08:47:00

Two weeks ago Harry was condeming Spurs fans over Sol! Now hes there messiah, I go out on Saturday for the first time in ages and wake up to this, in fact my Father-in-law broke the news, and he hates football, bring on big Tone!
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 09:13:00

I think the bloke's an absolute disgrace. AN ABSOLUTE DISGRACE. Just listened to his interview on the Beeb - when asked 'will you stay at Tottenham if they go down?' he replied 'absolutely not'. Brilliant commitment there. To be honest, I can't believe you lot forgave him when he went to Saints. It makes me so angry...what a nasty, dodgy old piece of work he is. Good luck Pompey for the rest of the season.
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 09:26:00

Personally, I hope Sol is upset and one or two others besides. Because they will then fight to win games and show Redknapp whats what. Also does anyone know what kind of personality Joe Jordan and Adams have? Furthermore, I have a very sneaky feeling that Harry Redknapp without Jordan and Adams ain't the full deal.
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 09:34:00

Whatever Harry says he's proved again he only cares about himself.
Steve C
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 09:48:00

I cannot believe this. What a shock although to be honest I am NOT actually that gutted. Harry did a great job for us, but he was not the manager to take us any higher. He was awful at keeping quiet to the papers and we all moaned about him a fair few times. My money is on Billic to take over!
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 09:59:00

Redknapp you absolute scumbag, youve done it to pompey again! youve left a big club to go to a small club, well still rip rip you to pieces on Wednesday night.
Big - Gun
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 10:33:00

2 faced, lying bung taker. No-one likes Spuz so he will fit in well there. Pompey will live on and your squad is quality so should prosper with even a half decent manager in charge, which I think that is all 'Arry was.
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 10:37:00

You know, I liked the him, had respect for the man. Now ***** him. You don't need Harry, there are several managers out there who can see the quality in your team.Harry has done ***** all this season anyway. You'll get a quality manager, don't worry.
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 10:39:00

Tell you what is reassuring; all the good wishes from fans of other clubs. Thanks guys. Football is about the fans not individuals with the morals of of a snake. F*ck you Harry - the club is bigger than you. PLAY UP POMPEY!
Report Abuse
27/10/2008 10:19:00


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