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Redknapp Leaves Pompey


Tottenham Hotspur have sacked coach Juande Ramos and sporting director Damien Comolli.

Ramos had led Spurs to their worst ever start to a league season, and first-team coaches Marcos Alvarez and Gus Poyet have also left the club as they seek a transformation in fortunes.

Harry Redknapp was approached and has confirmed he is the new boss at Spurs

A brief statement on the official Spurs website ran:

"The Club has requested permission to hold discussions with Harry Redknapp and Portsmouth FC has reluctantly agreed."

Minutes later, Sky Sports News confirmed that the now ex-Pompey boss has agreed to take on the role of manager of Tottenham Hotspur.

Juande Ramos, along with his two first team coaches and club sporting director Damien Comolli, were let go late on Saturday evening, with Spurs' approach for Redknapp following immediately after.

Harry is expected to take the Spurs hotseat at White Hart Lane tomorrow when they face Bolton

Where does this leave us ?

What do you think of the situation

Who will be our next manager ?

Adams, Keegan, Big Sam, O'Leary, Graham, Dowie, McClown, whoever ?

I'm updating this article minute by minute stay here for the latest ..

Post your thoughts below?

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The Journalist

Writer: Chix Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday October 26 2008

Time: 12:17AM

Your Comments

Gutted. Completely gutted. That's the end of us guys. It really is, we're in financial sh|t.
Disasterous. Gutted. I'm sulking. Got some big boots to fill now.
The troouble is, all these players, Defoe, Crouch, Diarra, signed to play for him, not Portsmouth, and that is the truth of it.
gutted. its crap. can i say crap on here? who cares...
I'm really sorry boys. Harsh for you. Good luck the rest of the year, I hope you do well as I really like Pompey.
why did he distance himself away from the england job and go and take something like this? so thats diarra, kranjcar, defoe, james and johnson gone in january.
bakes, quite possibly so, they all cameto play for 'arry not Pompey. Gutted
so who next? adams? phil brown? campbell wants to be a manager... anyone but keegan!
I SERIOUSLY thought he would never go .. but listening to him speak on Sky Sports it sounds like he considered the club stating that Pompey will be paid £5million in compo... and the club really need it .. he even made the comment that we had 'sold our manager' .. obviously his choice .. but how much financial trouble are we really in ?
I only clicked News Now in my favourites by accident and I get that. I honestly believe we're going to be in a relegation fight now guys. It's a sorry state we're in because Sash is up the financial doo doo.
Given our lack of finances and the fact that we'll be unlikely to hold onto our best players now, I'm not absolutely sure where it leaves us, but I'd definitely say we're without a paddle.
Agree Phil and only a month before the transfer window opens...
Chix, I'm going to join all the doom and gloom merchants! I dont think 'arry has done it for PFC, he's done it for himself and is spinning it that he's saved the club!
and there was me thinking we would get lennon on the cheap come january when spurs are in trouble. thing is, cos of the trouble we are in, and cos spurs need strikers, defoe will go back for less than we paid for him. and diarra will go for a minor profit, spurs have wanted him for ages...
WHAT THE *****? lol. How did this happen? Why would he leave a team on the up, that he built. To join a team destined to sack their manager every 2 years?
It was Harry's club, Harry's players, Harry's style… Diarra, Kranjcar, Defoe… all worries for the next window. Our squad is like a patchwork quilt as it is without losing our key players.
Ohhhh noooo Pompey you are in trouble financial crisis + no Redknapp = Pompey back in the Championship just like jbaker said i bet Diarra, Kranjcar, Defoe, James, Crouch and Johnson will be gone in January if not the at the end of season for sure crap i can't sleep now :(
At least Campbell wont go back there!
ah man, if campbell became manager and we did better than harry did at spurs, how good would that be then? and also, wtf!!!!! 4 weeks ago harry had a go at spurs fans saying they were basically homophobic p****s, now hes their manager!
Listen Thanks for what you did 'arry. The FA cup run will live with me forever, as will going on a european tour. But, when you said you'd retire here, this is your club etc etc I believed in you. I stuck up for you here many times, but it seems you've done it to us. No loyalty in football, only money!!!
He reckons we've sold our manager and I can't help but think he's telling the truth. It's no secret Sash is up financial sh|t and there's all these investigations with arms dealing in the Angolan war. We're less attractive to a prospective purchaser now.
Sorry Guys, if it's any consolation you will probably finish ahead of us anyway, Football is a *****ty business, no loyalty at all anywhere. ManU will probably phone in a couple of months and then he'll be off again LOL
he claims it was also so pompey could get £5m, but we could have got that from another good cup run, plus we have to spend this on another manager, so what help do we act get?
Harry Redknapp has confirmed to Sky Sports News that he is going to be the next manager of Tottenham Hotspur. Shortly after confirming the departure of manager Juande Ramos, sporting director Damien Comolli and assistant boss Gus Poyet - Spurs confirmed they had made a move for Redknapp. Portsmouth quickly agreed to Spurs' offer of Ł5million for their manager and now Redknapp is on his way to North London. Ahhh man this can't be the truth does Pompey really need 5 mill ?? What happened ??
Even when he says why he went, he still talks about We need the Money, as if we are still his home, what the ***** is he doing... he knows he will regret it, he must be mad. I am gutted absolutely choked, i was going to bed, now shaking and disappointed and angry and feel very sick.
For once I am completely ******** speechless.. Thanks to the Spurs fans that have come on and been nice .. it's appreciate but the first one that steps out of line is gonna feel the force... Tread carefully fellas I'm in no mood for wise cracks..
ah great, now on ssn its full of these smug spurs fans talking about how happy they are. lets crush fulham tomorrow, and show harry we can still survive without him.
thats true! football is all money now days. loyalty went years ago ask campbell that and keane and berbi too. the fans are the only true ones in the game now. wish you best of luck i really do.
I always really hate the way another club has to suffer. I'm gutted, like Midge I'm shaking. The atmosphere tomorrow is going to be shocking.
gutted... totally gutted!
i hope the players dont all feck off... i hope they get a decent manager and they agree to stay. Its ok Harry saying he loves us and wants us to d well, but he must know once he has gone we are screwed. I respect him, but he screwed us over once before because he fell out with Milan, but this time no ones done anything wrong. Come on Harry go to sleep and wake up with a conscience and back track to your so called Spiritual home.
i'm pleased for spurs, but very sorry for you - this is out of the blue and must be like a kick in the guts. all the best for this season and the uefa cup, and hope you find the right man to continue the good work. please don't go spanish.
I think he has made a another really bad decision. Spurs will go down, and then hopefully, the door wont be open for him again! I think Adams could be ready, i definatley do not want to see Keegan or someother old "DEAD WOOD" manager at Pompey. We are in a terrific place right now, we cant blow it, lets bring in some fresh ideas.. We have a great squad right now, were playing in Europe, sometimes change can be a good thing! ps somebody please make sure Jermaine isnt getting any ideas about following old Arry
Will he be welcomed by the Spurs fans though? He hit out last week saying how bad their fans are after the way they treated Sol, hissing and spitting and condemning, then goes and takes over their club?
Simon here, Pompey fan. Absoloutley gutted, as you must be too Sam Matterface as aPompey fan, Harry was the man that took us places, FA cup, UEFA cup. I thought you were true to your word when you said you'd stay with us for ever till you retire. You also slated Spurs fans over their treatment of Sol Campbell now you see fit to lead their team. You've walked out on us before, and have done again. It goes to prove that money is everything in the game, and loyalty counts for nothing atall. Gutted. But, our club is bigger than one man, we have to dust ourselves down and get on. Is big Tone up for the job, is Jamie Redknapp primed to take over? Massive set back for us. Many players - Defoe, crouch, Johnson, Diarra, kranjkar signed for you, Harry, not for Pompey. This leaves us firmly in the mire. Don't spin it that you did it for Pompey, you did it for yourself. Gutted, Simon and Sam (ruined his 12th birthdya!) Stacey. Just emailed this to sky sports news.
6 months ago ramos was the best thing to happen to spurs, and look where he is now. harry can win the uefa cup and finsh in the top 6, but come this time next year he might be jobless. the only good thing about us lacking money is that perhaps benji will come back.
good e-mail simon. touching, and i hope they read it out. and heyt gys, positively thinking, perhaps man city will shell out £130m for one of our players, then we are sorted.
He keeps saying we we we , but watching it again, he now says this was in Portugal?????? That means he knew 2 days ago he would say yes, even before they sacked Ramos. Doesnt that mean they tapped him up, before Pompey gave them permission?
Thankfully I've had a few beers this evening before I read this... Harry has never stood in front of any player that wanted to leave so I can't blame him for going, practice what you preach. I had hoped he might be a bit too old for a big club to take a gamble on him but I was wrong. Good luck to him. I guess we've got to go with Adams and hope he's got what it takes. At least there is some continuity in it.
spot on simon - when he spoke on setanta, he was laughing and joking - ********* did he do it for pompey, £5m for him to go isnt going to help us out much financially - altho the money that sacha will accept for the players he returns back will... oh, hang on again that wont help us that will only help sacha - we are up ***** creek, returning to those days in the championship could happen in the coming years, they say you should be careful what you wish for...
lads, does this mean that utaka doesnt have to play anymore...
so gutted, really gutted - i can see why he would take the spurs job, but he has basically backed up what people have been saying for years 'HR is out for HR' if he loved us so much he would have stayed with his promise to never leave us until he retired... england i could have accepted.
Agreed Rug, England Yes, Newcastle mmmm maybe, but after saying No to them, why Spurs FFS, he has ruined my weekend, and that extra hour in bed.... its now an extra hour in pain... bollox
haha maybe Utaka will shine now?
Good luck Pompey. Sorry to steal Harry from you, he is without doubt the man that should have been hired last year after Jol. Someone that knows the premier league and knows what to expect and how to deal with it. He will do well, and his excellent relationship with the media will improve the tarnished Spurs image. Its an excellent move for Tottenham but a worrying time from Pompey! - Diarra in January, please!
I feel a little sorry for Pompey, he did very well for you, but I'm certainly glad Harry as joined us. I think he's going to be welcomed by Spurs fans in general. I have a feeling Tony Adams will take the reigns for you. Just for the record, not ALL Spurs fans wanted Ramos, I certainly NEVER EVER wanted him and ALWAYS supported Jol.
Yid Singer
I reckon the fact that Poyet has gone to is a condidtion of the redknapp acceptance midge.. He was rated... and it doesn't make sense that he would go with Ramos.. he wasn't Ramos' man..
dont go there michael.thfc. appreciate the warm wishes, but dont even go there about taking players, we are in no mood for jollities. honestly, we are gutted mate. so please... please dont.
Harry will try and bring some players with him in Jan, obviously Defoe and prob Diarra.. we just gotta make sure that we sort our shi# out and they are happy playing here
agreed nodster, during tomorrow (today)'s game we need to make sure that they feel wanted, and make sure that we convince them to stay here. also, does this screw over the "permanent" traore rumour?
If Harry takes the gutts out of our team in January, he aint got no feelings for us, its ok saying he wishes us best, and is still a fan etc etc, so Feck off then and leave our squad alone.
Well Nods.. if he does so be it... Diarra was gonna go anyway (or so we felt) Defoe is on a four year contract and with his record at the mo could fetch 10-12 million... Already I'm over it good luck Harry.. I've seen them come and I've seen them go.. Pompey will move on and in whatever direction that is, up down or sideways.. I know I'll always be there shouting my gob off in the Fratton End.. I'm going back to watch the x-factor on sky+ POMPEY TIL I DIE.. no matter who is in charge !
Agreed CHix, Pompey till we die, shame Harry said it, but didnt mean it.
If Diarra has any sense he'll join a big team. No point joining another team who feeds off the scraps of the top 4, and that'll be top 5 if you include Man City. There's all that bull that he has it written in his contract that he can only join 5 teams or something…
nidge, if he was to rob us of our players, wouldnt it take the edge off of the FA cup?
Im with you Chix! nothing like a bit of change..
He's as loyal as a prostitute. Arsenal supporter as a boy. Gonna scream for the team tomorrow because we're gonna pull through this crap, get a new manager, a new owner and finally get a new stadium and we'll be alright.
Well that was a shock of sorts. Ah well, could've been worse. Good luck in the Championship next season Mr. Redknapp.
I best shut up now and go to bed, i think i am losing it to anger now, and will type something i dont mean... unless i feel same way in the morning, oh it is the morning... Thanks Harry, appreciate all you have done for us, but this is 2nd time, and last time you came back you were so sorry, and realised this is your spiritual home etc etc... how can you say this and then leave us? Last club my arse! And Spurs will sack you if things dont go right, Sacha offered you a job for Life????? At this point i open window and jump, Night all.
thanks mate... i do wish him well, but not too much and must admit at this moment in time i want it to go horribly bully up - but im just angry, hurt and upset at the moment i guess.
I have just got and watched MOTD, but the recording finished before the Boro game had ended, so I switched to Sky to get the final score... I cant believe it. …We are in the brown stuff now. This proves Sacha IS skint, So hopefully he will be able to sell the club very soon -with luck , Its either that or it is its out with all the top players as others have said above, which sadly I feel will happen as they had signed for him not the club, we all know that... We are a small club, much as we like to think differently and that’s why Harry’s gone. 1. To a bigger club, and 2 because we're skint I am not sure about Tony Adams as manager but maybe Sol could do a job. Anyone but Keegan.or Sam..Well maybe not Sam
plymouth graham
wow, im realy stunned, i mean we all knew that spurs would end up sacking ramos eventually, 2 points from 8 games managing the team that spent the most in the window doesnt look good on a cv, but this is really shocking. why would harry consider it, yes pompey are in a bit of trouble financially, but they are on the up, spurs on the other hand..................well, im shocked, i hope it hurts spurs more than it does pompey.
Genuinely feel for you!! I was sat in pub a couple of hours ago considering giving away my tickets for the next few spurs games I’d become so depressed. Over the last few months I have watched your team play some great football with envy. This could be a massive coup for Spurs and I honestly hope that it is not at great expense to Pompey. And as much as I’d love Defoe back at Spurs and Diarra it would feel like a step too far... As a football fan I would never want to see any one club including my own single handed start ripping apart another. Hopefully for you part of the deal will have clauses to stop Rednapp making any offers for any of your current playing staff!! Really wish you the best of luck for the rest of this season but still feel we might need just as much.
Harry ... what have you done?? Why move from a club on the up to the biggest joke in the history of football? I used to like you as well :(
I thought Newcastle were the biggest joke? Spurs aren't even funny.
Sorry guys, must have been a bit of a shock,surprised me,i only heard now and its 3 in the morning,hope you get a good manager in......
FCK FCK FCK FCK. Totally gutted. Having the best times beause we had the bets man ever. You can just se a fire sale happening. Crouch, Defoe, Diarra, James, Johnson all going & most of them to Spurs. We can't replace Redknapp as he is a one off but we must get someone in that will steady things. This could well be the beginning of the end. GUTTED.
Well I've been to bed (about 3:00) and now woken up again and although I have actually turned back time (literally) unfortunately it wasn't far enough to make all this go away.. worrying times ahead.
Worrying times indeed. You all said it.
Have just got up.. Thank goodness I did not see this thread last night, I wouldn't have slept at all. Have written this post ten times already and all that comes out is bile that I will be ashamed of tomorrow. So I am going to say nothing.
I bet that won't last for long Gandor :)
What gets me is Spurs ain't even a big club - Harry keeps talking about joniing a big club but he has a sold his soul to a side riding on the back of history. They havn't been any good for years (seriously) whilst Pompey were looking to build. Ok so Pompey have punched above their weight for a while but at least fans appreciate what they have (had) and the expectation levels are realistic...Shocking Harry. You really didn't deserve the fans support.
Please don't go for DOL folks, you'll hate him!
The Fear
Wow. You just lost the best manager you ever had, and probably will ever have. Whatever you do do not get O'Leary, I would like to see Mr Adams take over you lot, provided Harry dont take him to Spurs, I think he could do good
Unbelievable.. I'm gutted for you guys. I really have a soft spot for Pompey and I thought Harry would be one of those managers who had the integrity to honour his contract and stay for a long time. Good luck, I hope you replace him wisely.
Also, why would Redknapp want to go to Portsmouth. Do the maths, last season you were above them in the league, and won the FA cup. They won the Beer Mug. Now they are bottom of the league, you are in a respectable 7th. This is something close to the epitome of moneys influence in our game now, and it's completely disgraceful if you ask me.
No integrity. No morals. That's Harry. Once a bull5hitt£r, always a bull5hitt£r.
I'm disappointed to hear that. Like(d) 'Arry. But maybe, as a Gooner, he's going there as an undercover agent?! lol
Dr watford,no matter what you may think,Spurs are a big club,fan base wise,financially,and believe it or terms of silverware....just like England,who also haven't won anything worthwhile in a long time.....Harry wants a shot at waking this sleeping giant and reclaiming its place at the pinnacle of English/European football,and the success he gains by doing that would be far greater than his already fantastic successes at Pompey or smaller clubs like Newcastle...............
We're gonna be starting Kanu up front with Nugent after Jan

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