Portsmouth - 3 lions pride! Lets bring it back...
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3 lions pride! Lets bring it back...

When I was growing up the thing that I always dreamt about was 'playing for England', of course playing at club level was a dream without a shadow of a doubt - but pulling on the England shirt was my ultimate ambition and would have been the ultimate dream.

I am almost 30 now and the dodgy knees, lack of fitness, taste for food - especially a Monster Mick before a Pompey game - and a liking of a drink sees me now accept that I will never play for England, and I have accepted this for good... just about...

Maybe it is the money involved in the game, the amount that the players pick up, maybe it is the type of fan that is being welcomed into the game more and more these days at the expense of some of us - why know the type, 'the suits' - but the pride and passion is gradually being sucked out of the game

England very much plays a distant second fiddle for most people these days. Do not get me wrong I am proud to be English - I always put on the 3 lions whenever we play, and despite the crap we are served up game after game in recent years I still watch, want to see England win and want us to be successful but my love for the national side has dwindled greatly over the years, and club most definitely comes before country for me these days, that is not to say that I do not care - these thoughts are probably largely in part connected to the factors already mentioned in the paragraph prior to this?

Jamie Carragher kicked up a bit of a storm this week with his revelations about the national side, and how much - or should that be how little - it meant to him.

Whilst I must confess I have not really seen much of what he had said, in the main the key points - which I do know of - were that basically losing with England meant far less to him than it did, or would, losing with Liverpool.

Are those thoughts really that controversial? Can anyone honestly say that seeing England - if you are English of course! - beaten hurts them as much as seeing Pompey beaten does?

Clearly there is still plenty of pride amongst the fans, these fellas are travelling all over the world - spending thousands on top of what they do with their club - to follow the national side and I know several people that do, had circumstances been different for me at Euro 2000 and I could have joined my mates in Holland and Belgium I dare say I would have been going with these guys now, and also know that Pompey, and the South West area of England have a massive contingent that follow us wherever, so you try telling them it does not matter anymore, but it is time that the pride shown off the pitch by the fans was shown by those on it too!

Maybe more of our 'superstars' think more along the lines of Carragher as well, so does playing for England really mean that much for them these days?

Our problem is, despite a new manager coming in and saying 'he would pick on merit' seems the age old one that Fabio Capello is not actually doing this? With a few, the likes of our own David James, Glen Johnson and Jermain Defoe - with of course some others - there are still far too many picked on past glories, reputation and ego, step forward Wayne Rooney for example...

I pick him as an example over countless others, not because I do not like the fella - which is true, as I do not but of course I love him for England - but for reasons that to me I think are fair and just, and merited.

My old man had always said 'Rooney is overhyped and was not as good as we make out'. Initially I told him 'Dad you are wrong Rooney is all that', but is he really? He, like so many of our players, is wildly overrated and it is time that we realised and accepted this. As a nation we overhype, or should I say the media do, beyond all realms of realism, but hey that's the way we are - at the same time they love to stick the boot in! Rooney has not performed for his country on the whole for years, is it just me or do we have to go back to Euro 2004 when he burst onto the scene in Portugal for his best England games? He was fresh and hungry then - now he knows he will play almost regardless - is this where the problem lies...

As much as I do not see him week in week out - but with sky sports', and others to be fair, love for Manyoo and all things that are 'the big 4' we do see our fair share of him and the other 'god of the English game' - to be honest as good as he is for Manyoo he is not getting any better, he is not becoming the 'better player' we were told he would become still with age - if anything my thinking is he is going backwards and not forwards and he needs his place for club and country looked at and needs to earn this again!

The debate that Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard cannot play in the same side has raged for years, yet this still happens - and somehow they are both 'accommodated' more often than not. Ok maybe they are the best players, but the best players cannot always play together and cannot always yield you the results you need, the best players do not always win games, the teams that can gel and perform as a team do we have not been doing this for years!

The inclusion of Jimmy Bullard in this latest squad is a breath of fresh air, and I pray that he gets his chance as he is a fella that will bust a gut to give his all for his country, because he really wants it, this is something that he has always dreamt of I am sure and now the chance is here he will hope to grasp it with both hands - and I dare say the vast majority of England fans would rather see him step out onto the pitch, and others like him that will give it there all and be immensely proud to do so, ahead of the bigger names!

We need more 'Bullard's' to be given a chance.

Theo Walcott is an exceptional talent - and I feel could be right up with the likes of Thierry Henry - but how can a fella that is not even able to command a regular place in his club side be selected for a national squad as often as he is, let alone be touted as a possible starter tomorrow?

David Beckham, as great a player as he has been for England, should no longer be a part of the international set-up. He got the much deserving 100th cap - and more - that if nothing else sentiment alone deserved but, again as much as I might not like the fella, you cannot tell me that David Bentley could not do the job that Beckham, who now appears a 'specialist dead ball' inclusion, does? I love Beckham, but the time has come for him to be moved on... The bonus with him though is that he has so much passion for his country, so he has the passion that seems to be lacking from others, but just does not have that required ability anymore!

Wayne Bridge is another who cannot command a regular place in the Chelski side yet he still gets in every squad - people like Nicky Shorey, who as we know we wanted before he went to Villa, and even Stephen Warnock at Blackburn might not be 'as good as him' - but at least they can play for their bloody club side every week, does that not count for anything anymore?

This 'pick on past', or 'because they might be the best' must stop, picking on merit - which I really hoped we would see a lot more of under Capello, but we have not - must return as if it does not then the pride and passion of playing for, and watching England will be lost even more and then the thoughts that Carragher shared will be thoughts that we will start to think more and more when we look at those performing. We will start thinking 'do they really want to be out on the pitch as much as we want them to be, they should be, and even used to want to be' more and more wont we? If we do then the more we do think this, the more public it will become and the more 'acceptable' it will also become, which will then be passed on and almost 'accepted as the norm' by the next generation of potential players, and if they grow up with this attitude it will see it stick and the pride of playing for your country will be lost forever more...


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday September 5 2008

Time: 2:35PM

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as much as i love portsmouth, theres something special about england. maybe its because all my dads mates get together to watch the game - something which doesnt happen when no-one you know supports portsmouth. just the way that england unites most of the country, and the way that playing for your country is the ultimate boyhood dream, means that england games have a certain prominence above portsmouth games.
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05/09/2008 15:03:00

perhaps i didnt explain that well. if portsmouth lose, then theres always some opposition fans that will be happy, whereas if england lose, no-ones happy.
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05/09/2008 15:05:00

Nice article Rug and some really good points brought up. Personally I have passion for England and I also don my three lines for every game, and buy a kit pretty much every 2 years. It is interesting reading Carrragher's thought and I agree that many of the players think their club is more important. I as a fan would find it very hard to choose over England winning the worl cup and Pompey winning the cahmpions league. Maybe the England manager should look past the players at top level and play some of the guys from the teams at the bottom of the Premiership and Championship as they will want it more, and may show more passion than the likes of Lampard, and Rooney, who I agree has now become overated.
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05/09/2008 15:07:00

individually as players we do have a very, very good team. the difference between us, and for instance, croatia, is that croatia come together as a team and all the players give everything and live and bleed for their nation, whereas the success of england doesnt mean as much to some of our players. if we were to get both passionate and talented players, maybe we would bring back the glory days. in the world cup vs portugal, hargreaves seemed like the only player on the pitch that really wanted it.
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05/09/2008 15:27:00

great article - and i really got me thinking. I don't think david Beckham is good enough to play for england, and I have thought that since before the last world cup. However, I have now changed my mind on him. Sure, he isnt as good as some of the other players in the squad (I have been less than impressed with any of the competition he has though), but he is still better than any of the andorran players, and he loves to play for the country. compare that to other players who couldnt give a toss, and suddenly, you have a man in the dressing room, with vast experiance, that everyone listens to, who should actually inspire the other players on. something that our current team really need at the moment.
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05/09/2008 16:01:00

Well if playing for England means i can't have a monster micks then i'm sorry England you better look elsewhere. I couldn't give up the best burgers in the country for anyone. I've been to England games At Wembley, West Ham and S***hampton, I even got thumped by a scummer for having a Pompey shirt on at St Mary's but the truth is i just don't get the same feeling watching England as i do when i watch Pompey. It's not that i'm not Patriotic, I am and i love to see England do well but i'd rather watch it from my own armchair than go to the game.
Steve C
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05/09/2008 16:32:00

I think that pewrhaps we should give Capello a litle leeway for the time being, as he watches more club games he'll formulate his own opinion of which players will go together to make the best team. I personally would have Beckham in every squad, probably wouldn't play him but would want his Passion for England. I wasn't a great fan of his but i revised my opinion of him when he scored that freekick in the 92nd minute against Greece at Old Trafford. On that day he was the player with the passion and commitment to get England a draw from a pretty awful performance. I realised that day just how much it mattered to him to play for England.
Steve C
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05/09/2008 16:47:00

Capello is going backwards, and as for Beckham still being favoured, its beyond my comprehension. Slow, cannot beat a man,does not tackle, unable to head a ball and suspect temperment and all this starting over ten years ago. Oh, and I forgot, does not mix well, likes superior treatment. Sven loved his parties.
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05/09/2008 17:25:00

Pride and passion over skill and arrogance every day of the wek for me .. rather lose three-nil having tried than win six-nil hving not. Same goes for me .. If I was England manager I'd ask every player, at the point they were putting their shirt on, whether the hairs on the back off their neck were standing-up.. If any answered no, I'd ask them to take the shirt off and pass it to somebody else.. Same goes for Pompey too... Pride and Passion
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05/09/2008 19:05:00

international footy is dying on its feet - sorry chaps!
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05/09/2008 19:32:00

The love for our club is almost a daily ritual but with England it's a handful of times a year. So naturally club tends to come first. However the power of a successful England team does wonders for us all as a nation & individuals. So come on lads injecyt the pride back into this wonderful country our ours.
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05/09/2008 19:46:00

Merlin - people only don't care about national football when theings are going badley. If we win 8-0 against croatia, then i think most people will suddenly all become intrested in it again. It's a similer phenominan as to why all of a sudden, there are loads of Man City fans, who have supported man city "all there life"... but have conveniantly forgotten everything about the club! If team GB had done miserably in the olympics, would we all be saying "well, the olympics dont matter really", or just ignoring them? probably.
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05/09/2008 22:16:00

Some good thinking has been employed here by everbody writing, but can i just throw in a few extra thoughts. I'm 56 now and our game of football is now unrecognisable to what it was when i was a young lad. The game is far more technical for a start, and the huge amounts of money involved are eye watering. Footballers are celebrities now as well as players, and they are all part of a social change that has seen the acquirement of money, property etc more important than the country's good as a whole. It's a complex subject but one i feel has a definite bearing on attitudes we see in England today, both on the pitch and off it.
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06/09/2008 08:56:00

Until we had some Pompey players in the England squad, I didn't realise I favoured club over country but I do. But I think England fans get on the players backs too much. Is it just Pompey fans who get the vocal support (not boos) going when it starts getting tough and a goal goes in the wrong net? The 12th man is important whether club or country and England's 12th man is rubbish. It doesn't matter if the player in an England shirt plays for your arch-rivals (OK unlikely for us at the moment), he's playing for England. I'm not sure that most English fans really want, or deserve a top class English team. As for Capello, I like him, he has a great pedigree and we have to trust his judgement. If the England players don't cut it for him, then who? Perhaps we are just not as good as national side as we want to be, and we just have to deal with it.
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06/09/2008 12:12:00

There are alot of people saying that club matters over country, but what would people consider to be the biggest competition, the most important competition in the world? With competitions like the Champions League, we all get behind Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool because they are English teams. Can anybody say that they weren't ecstatic when Liverpool pulled back 3 goals and beat AC Milan on penalties? When it comes to it, we were happy because at the end of the day, it was an English team that won the Champions League. You can say that you don't give a monkeys about England, but if we were to win the World Cup, how happy and proud would you be?
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06/09/2008 16:41:00

I never said I don't give a monkey's about England, and I do want them to do well, its just if push comes to shove its Pompey first. I hope they do well tonight, and I hope in particular that Jamo and Defoe do themselves proud. I just think the England fans who go to the matches and start getting on the players backs after 20 minutes are not doing a very good job of being supporters. I don't know why, maybe its because our expectations are too high, but we all like having our club teams full of top class players from other countries. If we were asked to sacrifice success at club level for the good of the England team, how many of us would really want that? Anyway, here's to a cracking win over Andorra tonight!
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06/09/2008 18:40:00


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