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Footballs newest enemy...

Yep, we would all love Pompey - or whoever our club is - to be the biggest and the best in the world, and as far as we are concerned, no matter who our club is that is the case to us, but do we not want it to be done in the right way? Although to be honest 'the right way' is a thing of the past isn't it? Isn't it...

Again, we would all be over the moon if our club was one of the richest clubs in the world and could in effect easily compete with any club at any time, matching, if not bettering what is being offered - but is that really the way you would like to see our club succeed, to basically 'buy success'... But again, this is probably the only way in this day and age isn't it!

Chelski are given a hard time, and to be honest no matter what spin you put on it, as big a club as they have been most of the time you cannot tell me that they would have ever come anywhere near to winning the league in the modern era had it not been for Roman Abramovich and his millions? Yep, they would have continued to win cups, would have been in the top half a dozen sides in the land and been a force to be reckoned with but you cannot tell me they would have won back to back titles without spending the hundreds of millions of pounds that they did - and on occasions wasted!

Granted, just because you 'buy the best' it will not always mean you will 'be the best', as you have to mould these globetrotters into a team, which to be fair Jose Mourinho did at Stamford Bridge, but it gives you a bloody good chance if you can look up one day and say 'right I want him so he is coming to Chelski!'

Mr Abramovich and Chelski now appear to have themselves a rival, as Citeh have been taken over by the 'Abu Dhabi United Group', or ADUG, and these guys are 'said' to be worth 10 times what Abramovich is, so in terms of 'I want him so I will go and get him' Chelski have a rival, and Citeh showed this last night with the incredible signing of Robinho from Madrid for a whopping £32.5m. So in terms of what money they can offer for players, and the ludicrous wages they can offer then Citeh in theory should trump Chelski every time now...

Some people have said 'Citeh, and all the new found millions is good for football.' Bollocks is it, how can this be good for football?

The poor will become poorer, Chelski and Citeh will enter into massive bidding wars with each other, which will in turn see every other club - and of course players, then most importantly us, the fans who seem to be the ones who are cared about the least these day! - suffer, as these teams will see what Citeh are paying and start thinking 'I will have some of that', and the more it costs to bring in players, or the more wages needed the more 'we' have to pay for the privilege of watching the teams we love, always have and always will, and some of those that come into the game with their 'play things' then swan off without a care in the world!

Most clubs will be left thinking 'if Citeh will pay X amount for so and so, then every other bugger can pay an extra X amount for so and so' likewise - which will mean only the 'bigger boys' will ever be able to compete in the transfer market even more, and those looking to play catch-up will be left further behind, or feel under more pressure to 'take a risk' and look to splash the cash in the hope of being able to break-up football's monopoly! Some will take such risks that they risk it all, and at a cost - step forward Leeds United... But then again, this all comes down to personal restraint; if you do not have it you should not spend it! But then again, if you have you will - but where do you draw the line?

Lets look beyond the premier league as well though, as believe it or not there is a world outside of this - the richer the rich become the poorer the poor become as a result, and whilst even the poorest in the premier league still bring in massive amounts those outside, although to be fair even at the lowest level of football still earn 'a decent wage' it is nowhere near to the 'superstars' in the 'big league' and this gap grows wider and wider.

This new found wealth that Citeh have stumbled across is going to have grave consequences on the football world as they are going to look to literally go out and buy who they want, when they want - and if they want one of our players, or someone else's - they sure as hell will get them as the money will be 'too good to refuse', assuming the player in question wants to go, which is not always something they want. But from our past experience if we are offered whopping money for a player we will make them go! But lets work on the principle that if a player does not want to go you cannot make them, most will though as money 'often talks' and some will be convinced by this, whilst other players will not take long to decide to 'take the money and run'. The selling club might then have £15m, £20m or even £30m to spend but then you try and spend it and see just how much the next selling club will be holding out to get, knowing full well you have money burning a hole in the pocket, which to be honest is fair enough - that is how business works.

Citeh fans will be loving things at the moment, maybe I am a little envious of them in a way, but whilst I would never say 'I never want this to happen with Pompey' as you never know what is round the corner, morally I would not want this. People say 'we bought ourselves out of the relegation mire' a few years back, true we spent a few million quid, but this was on several players, something like £12m on 4 or 5 players if memory serves, so maybe £2m-£3m per player, which isn't a lot in the day and age we live in, and these were sensible purchases not over the top panic buys...

Anyway, I digress, back to the 'Citeh fans loving it at the moment thought', yep they will be 'we've got Robinho' was being chanted by gleeful Citeh fans just before, and more so just after midnight outside Eastlands, but is this buying really going to bring major success, and will it last forever?

My own thinking is no! These fellas 'investing' are in it for the glory, they want to buy success and if this success does not come off they will go through manager after manager as they try to find this - yet I still fear for them that this will not come off, and then you would have to fear for the club, what happens then? Assets are sold off, the club is left in a mess and what happens after that? Will these fans still be singing in the streets of Manchester then? Whilst the true die-hard Citeh fans will remain, you watch the sudden - which is now inevitable - influx of 'new found' Citeh fans disappear as the club could slip away?

Ok, maybe things will work out for them and they will become the 'super power' they want to be but the major difference with Citeh and the likes of Arsenal, Chelski, Liverpool and Manyoo in this country, and the likes of Milan, Madrid, Barcelona and so on abroad is these are massive, massive clubs with huge reputations and names throughout the world, with this having almost always been the case, these are names that will always be able to sustain the interest in them in every corner of the globe, so if Abramovich for example becomes bored with Chelski, then if he went there would be someone else that would step in to sustain things as they are 'a global brand', Citeh, as big a club as they are, will not be able to sustain this global appeal. Yep, they can keep bidding for players, they can even keep buying them and paying them massive wages - like they have Robinho, but my thinking is players of his type will not look to stick around long term, as they want to be the best in the world, playing in the champions league year in year out for the best teams in the world and Citeh, as much as they will spend, or look to spend and will offer players will not be able to offer this. They will end up with a team of 'mercenaries', looking for the massive pay cheque!

Again, as I say as big a club as Citeh are, with a rich history and all that they just do not have the 'global appeal' in my thinking to sustain the kind of interest that is hoped they can, and will not be able to enjoy the success that the money they will spend will demand - even though in theory this 'should' buy success, and I can see it all ending in tears so I do hope some of the Citeh fans are being sceptical, maybe I am too much? But surely they must be airing on the side of caution?

'If' this venture is to be 'successful' from a Citeh point of view, as much as it will be trouble for the rest they would need instant success that the money ploughed in would be expecting, Champions League football would not be enough, they would need to win the league if not this season then in the next as they just do not, and will not have the global recognition that the other 'super clubs' do, and have had for decades, otherwise. You cannot get this recognition over night, which is what Citeh would need for this move to be a success for them and not fail - as much as Chelski bought success, they always have been fairly well known universally, which although Citeh are not tin pot they are not in that league of recognition. So even if Citeh try to buy this success I do not remain convinced this can happen for them - hence I fear for their future, as much as everyone else's...

In the short term - at least - for the majority of clubs in this country this is a very bad thing and cannot, and will not ever be 'the good things for football' some brain-dead cretins would have you believe it is...


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday September 2 2008

Time: 1:37PM

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do these owners really care about the clubs what happens when they get bored and dont put any more money inthe club will be left with huge wage bill least the smaller clubs seem to try and run their clubs as abusiness and not a play thing
dan the man
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02/09/2008 13:57:00

Misses me off that billionaires are lining up to take over at city, yet we're stuck with a transfer budget of 5 mil. And had to sell AJ to buy anyone. No way we can compete when city spend more on one signing, than you could buy our entire team not including Yakubu. Spurs have spent 60 odd million, city 80, vila 40, everton a NET spend of £3million... Premier league is becoming a joke, teams without some rich foreign tit, who couldn't even find manchester on a map, are resigned to fighting for what 8th now? More and more will get taken over, and we'll just slowly rot away.
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02/09/2008 14:16:00

really good article, i very much dispair of this man city news, all the work and hard effort the likes of pompey, Villa, Everton... and then man city get super rich owners... it all comes down to money at the end of the day. Who is the richest owner, that is what it will come down to, on who wins the prem or champs league. Man utd are an exception they have worked hard for there success, credit to Ferguson, when he leaves.. I expect there will be a dip and a transition.. but a club being run on debt cant compete with these super rich people, its pennies to them buying robinhio. All looks a bit bleak to me, but the top 4 has been monopolised for a while, man city to mix things up is a good thing in a way, but they'll just replace liverpool or Arsenal, then a status quo will then begin again.
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02/09/2008 14:19:00

As with all fans were just all jealous it wasn't us......
Tiny T
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02/09/2008 14:40:00

Sasha has been a class act at Pompey. Man City might want the title but long term Premier League survival is what Pompey need.
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02/09/2008 15:01:00

these big takeovers effect the lower league teams more than anyone else. the youth team system goes out of the window too. whats the point in raising young stars when you could just buy the best players in the world when they come of age? man city have one of the best youth systems in the country. theyve brought out players like onuoha, johnson, richards and sturridge. what happens if they have all the money they want? the system will just be wasted.
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02/09/2008 15:35:00

Firstly - I think most football fans (alright...myself included) are going to be a little jelous of Man City. This season, it may make a difference, and maybe next season too - however after that, then unless liverpool sort themselves out, then I think we will be back too a "top 4" and a "best of the rest" as we have now. I think arsenal wil be ok, as they have been competing with the top clubs already, without spending big - so they should just get on witgh things as if nothing happened.
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02/09/2008 15:56:00

As far as pompey are concerned, it should attract more money into the premiership, so we get more money from TV rights, so if we can reliably get into europe, we should be able to do better. However, unless UEFA change there mind about how many teams we can have in the UEFA cup and champions league, then I doubt we will make europe very often - as we will be competing with about 10 other clubs for 7th place - assuming one of the "big 6" win both cups!
Report Abuse
02/09/2008 15:59:00

as for Man City, I think there future is safe - I dont expect abu Dhabi to drop out if they dont get instant success. the bosses of QPR have stuck around, even though they are STILL not even in the premiership!
Report Abuse
02/09/2008 16:02:00

Manchester City now to be known as Manchester Sheiki! Just thought of that! It will be interesting to see what happens in January and whether they buy in more players if Sheiki are not doing as well as expected. The game we all know is changing quickly - maybe we should invent a new sport!
Report Abuse
02/09/2008 16:03:00

Chelski fans are sick now because they have received some of their own treatment. But it is one of their former players I fear for - Mark Hughes - how long will the new owners wait for success before they remove him and replace him with a Dick Advocat or Didier Deschamps? Hughes is a good young(ish) manager but has little experience of managing big name players
Report Abuse
02/09/2008 16:32:00

Good luck to citeh fans. Like us, they have/had been living in the shadows of their neighbours & have won FA in ages. A bit like us before Milan/Sasha arrived & then we won the FA Cup!!!!
Report Abuse
02/09/2008 16:53:00

The guy at Villa has been about the only overseas investor who hasn't ripped the soul out of the club they've bought. Lerner was sensitive to the history of the club and has let M O'N get on with managing the team and building a strong squad (with a high number of English players). The ambitions of City were summed up by that Cook bloke last week before the takeover, when he said "Richard Dunne is not really a name that trips off the tongue in Beijing". Who is City for; the fans at Eastlands or the folk in the Far East/Middle East who will buy replica shirts etc? Soon clubs will just become global franchises and there will not be any relegation and promotion - this is the very essence of the English game. Investment is welcome but these guys don't seem to give a flying f*** for the history of the game nor of the clubs they buy. On the other hand, I'd love to see City put Chelski and the Surrey Mancs (Utd) in their place so, in the short term, fair play to them! In the long term, I think the game has just taken another giant stride away from the live fans and the the local communities, of which clubs used to be the very heart of.
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02/09/2008 17:21:00

City won't be some great instant success, they are planning on buying all these top quality players. Well what they are going to get is players after a paycheck. Pienaar, Osman, Cahill and Arteta may not be 30 million players, but I'd rather have players who want to play for you, not just for your wallet.
Report Abuse
02/09/2008 17:32:00

Shall we have a pole on how long Mark Hughes will keep his job? Somehow don't think he'll have a high enough profile for his new bosses.
Steve C
Report Abuse
02/09/2008 18:14:00

I have to say that the mega money that has been poured into the game has ruined the game as i see it. I remember the days of sponsoring a squarefoot of Fratton Turf to help save the club way back. These days clubs have supporters inspite of the money not because of it. If anyone manages to build a time machine drop me back in the 70's please.
Steve C
Report Abuse
02/09/2008 18:18:00

sorry i meant poll in my first comment.
Steve C
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02/09/2008 18:19:00

I guess I'm a little different, having only known large amounts or cash in football. In a sence, from Man Cities point of view, the club has the moneu, and so the players are playing for the club - and so long as they have the money, the players will keep playing. Pompey at the moment seem to be in a midway between the two - the players that REALLY liked the club - the o'neils, the taylors, and he benjani's (coinsidentally, now at man city!) have all left, and in there place, we have Glen johnson, Niko Kranjcar and Lassana diara, who will all be viewing pompey as a stepping stone. I would have added Muntari to that list... but he's left already! Sure, pompey arn't paying them all big wages to keep them at the club - but I doubt many of the players we have left now play for pompey out of pure love for the club!
Report Abuse
02/09/2008 18:36:00

Right on Carpet - I couldn't agree more. But you know, there are plenty more Sheiks, Oligarchs and Billionaires around (wots an oligarch? - sound good tho - doesn't it). Anyway, how long will it be before they all come knocking one by one and all of a sudden we have the most premiere of premiereships in the world. Could it happen? What is the attraction of the premier league? Why don't they go to America or Spain etc., Or set up their own league in their own country? Does anybody know?
Report Abuse
02/09/2008 19:20:00

unfortunatly i fear your right carpet its a shame to see it really but i'm sure it'll all crash and burn at some point people can't keep pooring money into something with not much return
Report Abuse
02/09/2008 19:28:00

Big money has been changing football for many years now and I can't see it changing. Where would we be without Sacha, and Milan before him, which relatively to Pompey and where we've been before represented big money when they came in. All football club owners nowadays are looking at investment and selling the club for a profit when the time is right to move on. Hopefully Sacha will build us a new stadium first. For us its a unique position to have an owner who's forked out £60 million on players, and we're moaning because there's no more to spend, after we brought in an £11million England striker. Think where we were 5 or 6 years ago. But I am a bit peeved that one of our rivals has been elevated like this so suddenly - they'll be pushing for a top 4 spot and we won't. So that's jealousy isn't it.
Report Abuse
02/09/2008 19:56:00

Come on you are just jealous are you not?
Report Abuse
02/09/2008 20:43:00

Report Abuse
02/09/2008 21:54:00

I fear for the smaller clubs, The bournemouths etc how will they ever be able to survive, the rich just get richer while the poor starve to death. Is it Jealousy? Maybe to a small degree, but we will never see the likes of Watfords rise from bottom to top in consecutive seasons again, nor will we see a wimbledon come from the non league and rise to the upper echelons. The Berbatovs & Ronaldo's of the game are in their element but the game is poorer for the money being poured into the premier League.
Steve C
Report Abuse
02/09/2008 21:59:00

I blame Trevor Francis and Nottingham Forest for starting the rot. My Dad said no mans worth a million pound, he was right, (note to self: must ask him what he thinks today)
Steve C
Report Abuse
02/09/2008 22:06:00

Fifa keep on about a salary cap, maybe a transfer cap would be more suitable, if City start spending £50m on 2 or 3 different players, the lesser players start comparing themselves to what they can do on the pitch, if they think they are competing with them, thats when they go banging on the managers door and demanding parity, same as transfers, City sign Ronaldo for £135m as has been quoted, Liverpool weigh that up, look at Pennant and stick a £15m tag on him, it is getting more obscene by the day!
Report Abuse
03/09/2008 06:34:00

Come on fellas .. look on the bright side ... umm..errr...
Report Abuse
03/09/2008 07:59:00

OK, errrr,.....it ain't raining.......yet.
Report Abuse
03/09/2008 08:45:00


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