Portsmouth - Unhappy Harry plans Pompey cull...
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Unhappy Harry plans Pompey cull...

The News is reporting that Harry Redknapp is planning to axe several 'fringe players' in the current Pompey squad after being less than impressed by them in the pre-season friendlies to date, most notably on Friday when most were given the chance to shine...

Those most in danger are 'reported' to be Djimi Traore, Sean Davis, Richard Hughes, Martin Cranie and Richard Duffy, although Noe Pamarot is another said to be in danger and Dave Nugent could be 'sacrificed' as he could command the highest transfer fee with Redknapp looking to raise funds to sign Shaun Wright-Phillips plus 2 others.

After the Swindon game he said: 'I didn't think we kept the ball very well or kept control of the game.

'What you find when you look at the squad is we have some very good players. But when they don't play and you have to mess things around, there is a problem.

'When you take the best group out it becomes hard work. I think there is a big gap between the best players and the rest.

'You look at some of the players and think "I hope I don't have to play him".

'I'd be a liar if I said otherwise.

'There are some fringe players who are not going to play. They need to move.

'They have to do that and, and if they do, it may give me the money to go and get a Shaun Wright-Phillips.

'Someone has to want to buy them. If we get offers they can go. We've had no offers so far.'

A pretty damning account of things there, but also a typical Redknapp contradiction? As just a couple of days before this he was saying that he liked everyone in the squad and does not have a problem with any of them - although in fairness his 'liking them' could have been on a 'personal level' not a 'professional' one, which are two different things...

Traore must go, Hull want him but he does not seem that keen on a move to them. Duffy is another, and god only knows how or why we have kept him for so long, to quote my cousin 'he must be on the longest contract in history to still be here and not been released already!' I like Davis but think we could get decent money for him so would accept his being sold. The others I would be more than happy to retain, but if selling them is in the best interests of the club and will enable us to move forward even more then this is something that I would accept, as disappointed as I might be at first at some of these leaving.

At the end of the day if players are deemed as not being good enough, then we need to move them on as others coming in will help us move forward and standing still is as good as moving backwards in this league...

Redknapp went on to stoke up the 'Wright-Phillips to Pompey talk' even more, and would accept his and another 2 players signings at the loss of 5 or 6 players in the process: 'I like Shaun very much. He'd be a good player for us.

'I think he and his dad think it would be a good idea for him to come and play for us. He would be terrific for us.

'If I get the three we want we will be strong. If five or six leave it will suit me fine.

'That's what I need to sell to get them. We'll see how it goes.'

One fella that has impressed Redknapp, and in all fairness most fans has been trialist OJ. The only reason that he appears to have not stayed with 'the lot down the road', having trained with their academy last season appears to be the fact he could not get a work permit, but as he has now married a British citizen - I am making no comment here! - he would be eligible to stay.

Whilst he admits he is not ready for top flight football just yet, he does think he can be in the future: 'he looks all right. He's got something. He's only young, though.

'I think he is an interesting young player.

'There could be something there. He's done well this week. He looked good in training.

'He's not ready to play in the Premier League - but in the future he could be.

'I think he was at Southampton last year and couldn't get a work permit, but he has got married to someone here since then.'

So then guys, its over to you which 5 or 6 players would you sacrifice in order to sign SWP and another couple, I would suggest one looks highly likely to be Younes Kaboul?


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday July 20 2008

Time: 11:37AM

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"HR" has always been a man of contradictions, but this is rediculous. Is he losing his marbles?
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20/07/2008 12:00:00

Strange happenings at FP. First we are told we need four players and a larger squad to stand the strains of European football. Crouch is signed and we all believe the plan is on course. Suddenly we have no money and 5 or 6 players have to be off-loaded to fund further signings! What is happening Bondie is quite right to ask?
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20/07/2008 12:11:00

It looks to me as though Harry has been trying to keep a happy squad saying he wanted them all but secretly hoping one or two would go. As none have gone he now has to break cover and do the dirty work himself. What do you reckon? As for money, I reckon he only had 20mil in the pot to start with and paid more than he expected to for Crouchie. Have you seen Vital man City have launched a Petition to get SWP back to them!
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20/07/2008 13:38:00

i suspect you are near enough spot on Gandor as its very strange that weve gone from the 'i want to keep them all' and storrie's 'we WILL sign 3 top class footballers' to the 'we must sell before we buy' to the 'i want to get rid of some players as they arent good enough!'...
a few players were always destined to leave werent they - lets assume traore and duffy are 2 of them, should another 3 go as those 2 wouldnt feature much - if at all - we wouldnt in reality be losing 5 or 6 would we... that said we are not going to raise much cash selling off our 'dead wood' are we...
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20/07/2008 14:25:00

i actually reckon that pamarot , davis , traore , lauren , duffy are certain to go . To be fair davis has been brillaint for us but i reckon he can least get 3-4 mill for him . all the rest were just pants against swindon lauren and traore got skinned every time against mcnamee so did martin craine but he is young and will be good for the future.Pamarot was just giving it a huge punt up the field looking for defoe and oj to pounce on it he even gave the penalty away.Ive never actually liked this bloke so i would let him go but in fact I would offload all of them to fund money for swp , kaboul and govou / hills (crystal palace youngster).
stfc ballboy
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20/07/2008 15:43:00

WellI suppose it depends who Hal is considering buying. If he's after Menes and SWP, for example, we could afford to lose. Sean Davis (happy with that), Richard Hughes (not happy with that), and Ralph (happy with that sale). If it's Kaboul and Shorey then we could afford to lose Djimmi, Pamarot and Duffy (he's really had his chance to prove himself and failed regularly for 12 years now, or it seems like that long). If we are going for Dindane (looks fab on YouTube) then Nuge becomes surplus to requirements. Come on Hull, our 'dead wood' is better than your first team - and they're all going cheap!
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20/07/2008 17:17:00

I can't see why some of the players being talked about haven't left already. Apart form Duffy (who is shocking), they're all quite decent players, Lauren (despite a poor stay) Djimi, Davis, Noe and maybe Nuge, they could quite easily stay in the premiership, but yet noone has made a bid yet. Noe had a bid for him rejected because he wanted 'to stay and fight for a place' but he should've left in all honesty, he won't get a game no matter how hard he tries because he's simply not good enough for a top6 side. Hopefully we get enough money to atleast buy SWP, but Kaboul and possibly Shorey as a third signing would be awesome! It's Just up to Harry to work his usual magic and get soem decent money for deadwood.
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20/07/2008 18:02:00

I expect Harry will make a couple of low-key signings i.e OJ and Hyland (despite the lack of speculation recently). But lets hope we get the top-guys first.
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20/07/2008 18:04:00

I think our problem is we have plenty of also rans, we need some stars, so I think low-key signings will be a waste of wages.
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20/07/2008 18:57:00

I'm very much in the same frame of mind as EastneyDave. We're used to getting contradictions from HR, but we started the summer getting one story from both HR and PS, and now we're getting almost the exact opposite. At this point, I'm done trying to second guess which is talk they want the media to pick up and which is genuine, I think I'm just going to wait and see what happens and pass judgement then. I do feel genuinely sorry for Dave Nugent though as he's gone from being a lad that Harry explicitly wanted to keep to being top of the list to offload yet again, and that hardly puts a player in the right frame of mind to get the best out of them.
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20/07/2008 19:09:00

Don't we have the option in the prem next season for 7 (seven) subs? If we got rid of so many we'd be back to the bare bones, again.
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20/07/2008 20:31:00

Ah, Harry's favourite diatribe. We would miss it.
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20/07/2008 21:00:00

YAWN!!! Same old stuff from Harry. Full of lies and contradictions. I thought he may have got past that stage and I gave him,and the club, the benefit but no here we go again. Suddenly no money and a lot of the players are crap. For example what has Cranie done apart for an off field indescretion that upset Harry. Last season he was the future of Pompey and Harry sang his praises. Now he is one of the players Harry wants to get rid of. I appreciate and respect what Harry has done for the club overall but some things about him and the club leave me in disbelief. It's almost enough to make me support Southampton.
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21/07/2008 06:17:00

Go on frattonaussie, go and frattonise with that lot and you will not be very frattering. In fact you could ask to be frattoned...
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21/07/2008 08:14:00

to be fair to 'arry on this one FA - as much as this talk is contradictory etc. - he did not meantion, 'arry didnt mention players by name as 'not being good enough', so cranie might not be one of those he is thinking along the lines of? the names are only those that the news came out with...
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21/07/2008 08:32:00

I just want to transfer window to close then we can all get on with things that are happening or happened rather than speculation... It annoys me that .. as much as it annoys me, I can't keep out of the debate... Oh well only about about 43 days then it will close ... FA nothing is a bad as wanting to act on your last sentence.. surely.
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21/07/2008 09:09:00

As I have said before, I think someine within the club should stop Harry from speaking to the press. He does no good at all. Imagine the morale blow a statement like that would give to the team. Not a clever move. Just keep it shut Harry!
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21/07/2008 10:34:00

Unfortunately Rug the report I got did mention Cranie by name along with several others. Presumably the names came from Harry. Chix the last sentence was just to emphasise I had had enough of the Harry shooting off at the mouth saga and I agree with sneakay and I have said for ages that Harry should have a sock stuffed in his mouth.
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21/07/2008 11:58:00

The reports started at Harry saying he would have offload 2 or maybe 3 players, then he was reported as saying 4 players, then 6 players and now the latest, by the Telegraph, is that he said seven players. Soon the papers will have the entire squad for sale.
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21/07/2008 12:10:00

Strong stuff from frattonaussie, but I agree with you all. What "HR"'s utterings do for club moral does not bear thinking about. As I said "has he lost his marbles?", it has got to be stopped. What happened to our new official spokesman, Peter somebody, I cannot remember his name? It has reached the stage where it is impossible to accept anything that is said. Clarification is needed, and quick, or all sorts of club problems could be imagined. Rug whats the latest on our promised closer ties with PFC. Very quiet on this front,closer ties might just stop this type of happening, but I doubt it.
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21/07/2008 12:35:00

Its a bit like putting your house on the market and then telling potential buyers that you would never live ere cause it crap.. Im really doubting we will get a good price on any of these players now.
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21/07/2008 13:55:00

Don't know what to think anymore...........
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21/07/2008 17:28:00

All this grief you're giving HR, you'd think we had a team full of w4nker5 & we've just been relegated to Div 1. HR cant the bo11oxs off anything & so what. Whilst he can attract, Jamo, Sol, Distin, Diarra, Defoe & Crouch+. Win us the FA Cup, the guy can walk on water as far as I am concerned. In the last 40 odd years how many managers have we had, that talked bolloxs & had the same on the pitch. Other than Alan Ball & Jim Smith & their success pales in comparison, so leave the chap alone & find something else to find fault with.
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21/07/2008 17:44:00

Too true Storage! Guys, if you're not happy now, when will you be? Top half of the Premier League, FA Cup Winners, European competition and half the England team signed. As a supporter of nearly 40 years I am thrilled to bits! Please make the most of it!
Pompey Half Pint
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21/07/2008 22:31:00

I am definatley happy! and I do want the squad to strengthen.. if I was manager I would do exactly the same thing to bring in SWP.. I just dont think he should put such a negative spin on these "for sale" players.. doesnt do anything for their values, but then it does make them feel like we dont want them, and we definatley dont want Traore! so if ur reading this Djimi #$%^ off!
Report Abuse
22/07/2008 01:54:00

Not slagging Harry off Matt, just confused and a bit disappointed. I remember going into the sweetshop as a kid with a penny to spend and my best friend always had threepence. Trying to make my penny go as far as her threepence was always a trial to me. I suppose for once I thought we had the threepence.........but we didn't, we only had a penny. But you're right of course, Harry will spend his penny and get as much as Chelsea does for their threepence - like he always does.
Report Abuse
22/07/2008 19:20:00


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