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Pompey transfer speculation no.1

Well it is that time of year again, the season is over and the transfer window is just about to open again so lets see what names we hear about, or even what names you would like to see arrive...

The numbers at Vital Pompey have risen dramatically over the season and we have a great number of regular posters now, so new or old share your thoughts on what you think - or merely what you hope - this summer will bring us transfer wise and how much or how little you think we will spend?

Maybe 'a friend has told you this or that will happen', or 'your mate is friends with so and so and they say...', simply fire away with what you hear or what you read - some people might shoot you down but lets see just what sort of players we are being linked with, or who we would like to see arrive and lets debate about it this summer - lets face it, those of us that are England fans have little else to do anyway!

So, take it away guys...


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday May 20 2008

Time: 5:03PM

Your Comments

just seen this one on the beeb website - Birmingham's on-loan striker Mauro Zarate is having discussions with Portsmouth over a possible move to Fratton Park, BBC Sport understands...
Zarate. Well that is z covered. I was getting worried we wouldn't fill our A-Z links before the season started.
hmmm Zarate... he looked lively against us in our 4-2 win - do we need another short striker?
i liked the look of zarate too... well apart from his diving! he was being rated at anything from £3m-£20m the other week tho, which worries me! if only he were a winger...
another apparent 'exclusive' is on setanta sports - Younes Kaboul's agent has exclusively revealed to that Portsmouth have made an enquiry for the Tottenham defender...
Kaboul linked today after his agent says we have approached Spuds for him - K covered
im still undecided on kaboul tbh, he's only 21 tho isnt he! he has a massive reputation but his price tag is likely to be pretty hefty!
I have to say that iwas dissapointed that Mensah was not at the game last night - as I think he will be joining us. Although he might have been there as the announcer had no idea who was playing all night. 'We have .....errr someone Cole'
sign kaboul,zarate,kewell,gudjohnson,cisse feel redknapp will get the best out of these.
stfc ballboy
Q anyone? Let's get the difficult letters out the way first.
The only Q i can think of is Santino Quaranta -plays for DC United in the US..
At least no-one offered up Quashie
Whatever happened to Quashie..where is he now?
he is still with west ham believe it or not...
we could have had franck queudrue - but he's *****, not as bad as quashie tho!
zarate didnt look too bad. what about nathan dyer/andrew surman from southampton? (avoiding the temptation to call them scum - as they were very nice about as winning the fa cup...)
I agree with you, PC, dyer and surman would be good additions. But then I said Kenwynne Jones would be to but no one took any notice! My lot in life, I'm afraid.
UKTony there a long PM from me for you in you email box on this site
plymouth graham
Et tu Pompeii I agree with you, Kenwynne Jones would be brilliant for us.
And he got the "lets ave 'im" award in the News on Monday after the game.
i think dyer would be a really good addition - i thought surman would be but not so sure now... i was a kenwyne jones backer - never say never, we 'could' still get him sometime...
stfc ballboy; have you lost the plot? Kewell? Be careful what you wish for!
I'm keeping it simple with the common ones: In: Guiterrez, Mensah, Crouch Out: Mendes, Traore My concern would be that's probably a bit too much for us to spend without recouping. IF Krankjar went it would balance the books but we'd need to sign a left winger, perhaps Duff. We'd lose the creativity of krunchie but would have a much stronger team I think.
storrie has today rubbished the zarate links anyway hasnt he...
its a double bluff lol
I think Portsmouth nedd a centre mid with flair and skill. Maybe a stiliyan Petrov but better than him, More like Jimmy Bullard or Wilson Palacios
no i havn't lost the plot actually ninja-tim it is what u call a opinion. so stop picking and get a life.
stfc ballboy
Heard today, just off a mate, no-body connected to the club, that he's heard rumour of Wayne Bridge. What do you think? Not the worst L/B in the world?
The Zarate story has been vigoursly denied by Peter Storrie. I've heard Bridge as well. And I think Crouch will be on his way. Krunchy saying why would he leave Pompey now, he doesn't want to go anywhere! (Oh how far we've come!). I think Davis, Mendes, Ashdown, Paramot will be leaving - maybe Muntari?
wayne bridge i have "had a feeling" about for some time...although nothing has been said. he would be a great signing, and wuld compliment glen johnson well.
Belated congratulations to you guys! Was travelling but I did watch the cup final. Very well done and good luck with Europe next year!
Lou the Gunneress
Bridge is good going forward but weak defensively a bit like Matty. Thanks Lou.
In: Kaboul, Bridge, Crouch (prefer Santa Cruz), Hunt Out: Traore, Davis, Baros, Mendes, Pamarot If Krankie goes then we need Left side midfielder. I don’t fancy Kewell but ‘arry does seem able to reinvent this type of player. Send Quashie to Citeh to ensure they are out of contention for the fair play UEFA spot next year!
I agree with sfc choice in Kewell. If Harry can get him fit he will be a great asset but fitness is the worry.
Quaresma is your Q....not like you'd ever get him tho.
ha! you guys want baros out already! He should just quit football all together.
Danny Haynes is being linked by the local Ipswich media, good prospect
and villa clearly are going to sign quaresma arent they los_angeles_villan! jog on...
if kewell could prove his fitness and stay fit i too feel he would be a fantastic free signing for us, but after all the years of injuries it would take some turnaround now for this... yep, ive liked the looks of haynes - from the little ive seen. i do think that it would mean the end of the line for franck songo'o tho if haynes did sign...
franck songo'o should be given a chance, i think he is better than haynes...and surely morten gamst pedersen would be better than kewell if niko was to leave? we have the lure of european football, that blackburn dont have. and talking of blackburn, do u think we have the money for any of mccarthy/santa cruz/bentley?
stfc - don't get a persecution complex. I have a full and varied life thanks mate, so lighten up and please realise that no offence was meant. I was, of course, also voicing my opinion and we'll agree to differ.
Any truth in the Kevin Nolan rumour? Any views on that?
sorry ninjatim 4 snapping it is just that i have had a hard week.Havn't heard the rumour of nolan but he wont come as we already have 5 centre midfielders.
stfc ballboy
Glad you boys have kissed and made up (stfc and tim), Has been a stressful week eh. Nolan I would like him plays on the left but not left side but a good player with a goal in him.
yep goals are what we are really lacking in our midfield arent they - so if the price was right i wouldnt be opposed to nolan signing, ive always thought he was a good footballer.
I'm quite sure Harry would love to get Bentley, but he's under contract until 2011, so one would expect him to be very expensive, and probably not interested in leaving.
just found out that ogjnen koroman who used to play 4 us still belongs to us as he was on a 7 month loan deal maybe he could solve the midfield problem ? lol
stfc ballboy
also want to add hope djbril cisse comes
stfc ballboy
Koroman scored one more goal than Diop (and Baros)
bentley would be a fantastic signing - but we arent going to shell out £15m-£20m for him, which is what i reckon blackburn would demeand... not that i expect they want to sell anyway?
i came acorss something that said we still technically had koroman - surely that cannot be right as we sent him packing during the 2006/07 season didnt we?
i dont like bentlies style of play. too much focused around long balls into the box, than taking players on (i.e. very similer to beckham!). for the right side of midfield, i would be hapy if we justleft it at utaka
lol, pompeyrug - I never said we were going to sign him. I don't know how Villa was even brought into that - I was just filling your letter request - relax.
just saying that we had as much chance of signing him as you did that was all :-)
Kaboul would be good signing for you guys, hes got big potential but theres too much pressure on him at Spurs. Similar to Glen Johnson and James they went to you guys and played great sure he would do the same.
various euro sites have Mendes looking for a spanish club, with a possible swap deal on the cards
Nasri is on his way to Arsenal, end of the Kranjcar speculation? Mendes and Spiderman mooted as a swap?
paultsmouth were did u get this rumour from ? why does mendes have to go to spain. why dont we just swap lauren for spiderman
stfc ballboy
'arry said he wants to keep mendes, but if mendes wants to go and spiderman could come the other way then it is probably a likely deal to happen...
How about putting your squad of 25 on the Harry for a day forum. Time is running out
latest I herd we are linked with Lazio midfielder Gaby Mudingayi for 8m any one know any thing .
Not sure Bridge would come, after his celebration in front of the Pompey fans at Stamford Bridge a few seasons back, i think he'd be a litlle scared. I'm not 100% sure but believe he was a S****** fan as a boy as well.
Steve C
mudingayi would be good signing but i dont think we need another centre midfielder.dont need bridge he iz a good player but he is mostly on treatment table.Nadir Belhadj of lens is a good player he plays left back and has been linked according 2 sky sports news !!
stfc ballboy
I don't think Spiderman will sign, as I was informed he signed a new contract since January, which will only inflate his fee beyond 'Arry's usual limits. I can see Davis (sadly), Lauren, Ashdown, Traore and if the rumours I've heard of Fergie wanting to take Muntari (remember they tried to sign him about 3yrs ago!?!) to Man United as a cheaper option to the others they are linked with, all leaving Fratton Park. Mendes will stay thanks to Arry's masterstroke of playing him at Wembley. With Davis and Muntari gone, one centre mid to replace the two outgoing. Kaboul or Mensah to come in defensively (I like Younes, he is young and just needs a manager who puts his arm round him a la Harry), some back up young keeper and I like the idea of Haynes from Ipswich was good at Kanu game and then Utaka still gets the chance to shine next year like Harry promises he will... Finally Crouch in up top (wages financed by balancing the books from Muntari and Davis leaving to be replaced by one player) with Defoe, Kanu and Nugent (who will be a good squad and impact player next season as we saw at wembley).... sorry for the long post...
never say sorry for any post on this site GoOnDave, the longer, and the more the better :-) it was a good post too
if we can get £10m plus for muntari then i think this will tempt us to sell. crouchy will come back for something between £7.5m and £10m i reckon, if mendes does go - hopefully not - then i reckon edu will sign, maybe he will anyway if davis and/or muntari go?
My one concern with Crouch is his Missus... Unfortunately in the modern game these WAGS have a lot of say on where their fella moves to... maybe Pompey isn't 'fashionable' enough for her!?! Hopefully she'll be content knowing London isn't too far, the same as Defoe said when he joined... If United are looking at Veloso for £15m and now (apparently) face a battle with Arsenal for him, the fee could be inflated further, so Muntari at £10m does seem a cheaper option for them (he is very much in that scholes mould - drives forward and back, an alright passer and cant win a clean tackle to save his life) and at the same time finances some of our dearer summer spending...
good point on his other half - crouchy knows what we are like so if he wants to come hopefully he will, as you say london isnt that far away is it so it could make us more of a drawer than others that are in for him...
Vagner Love?
Abby Clancy would brighten up the boardroom, if Defoe could just get back with Danni Lloyd.........
vagner love is joining man city from a reliable resource
stfc ballboy
stfc, sorry for the delay in replying, but Wenger is attributed with the quote about Nasri, and the Mendes "swap" was found on
Can just imagine that must be an horrific journey back to London in the back of a Bentley, Poor WAGS, Life is tough at the top
zarate would be a good buy
the fa cup does all the brightening up up the boardroom that we need now :-)
Martins iz leaving newcastle !!!!!!!!
stfc ballboy
just found a video clip of sydney govou :
stfc ballboy
If Man Utd want Muntari then we will take Wes Brown. Huddlestone can replace Muntari. SWP and Bridge from Chelsea.
blindle not being funny or nothing but wes brown is rubbish shouldnt be allowed to play for england.Glen johnson iz better.but the rest of ur transfers i agree with.
stfc ballboy
i agree with stfc... we dont want wes brown. if they want muntari...we'll take ronaldo ;-)
if wes brown signed i might ask for my money back ans cancel my season ticket...
Emille Heskey????? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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