Portsmouth - Redknapp's angry reaction to boos
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Redknapp's angry reaction to boos

I have just watched match of the day and seen Harry Redknapp having his say when talking to The BBC, a full interview is available on the bbc.co.uk, after the game - and I could not agree more!

He said that he was disappointed with the amount of people that left early and refused to stay for he lap of honour, with him believing that basically most of these were people that had 'jumped on the bandwagon in recent years' - something that have been my exact words to many people for some time…

I wonder just how many of these people that left early have got tickets for the cup final - and if they really do deserve them, and also just how many of these 'fans' have been interested in us for any long period of time?

I was told that some were giving Redknapp grief behind the dugout, something that he must have heard as he got up and simply shrugged his shoulders then sat down again, others also told me that some people were booing the players as they went round on the lap of honour, sorry but the people doing this are ungrateful b******s!

I may have been disappointed with some of the performances in recent weeks, and been heavily critical after the Boro game, but that is because I did not feel their was any effort at all their. However I have taken stock, reflected on this and when all is said and done as I have said earlier how could you be disappointed with the season, particularly when you think about some of the tripe we have had to watch over the years… maybe some people have been spoilt and do not appreciate what it really means to be a Portsmouth Football Club fan?

Yep, I am fully behind Redknapp with this rant, I might not always agree with him but I think he deserves credit where it is due for having the balls to come out and say what he did.


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Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday May 12 2008

Time: 12:08AM

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I agree with Harry and was very disappointed with those that left early. Maybe those who are off to Wembley don't consider it to be their end of season game but we still have a duty to sign off what has been a fantastic season in the Premiership.

I can't doubt that Harry's deals this season have been fantastic and in particular in January, but I do feel it's left us with an unbalanced team. Just got to hope that we win the FA Cup and we can plug those gaps.
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12/05/2008 00:15:00

I didn't boo, but left on the whistle, I will honour the lap of honour at Wembley, I feel we gave up too easily on the league once the Cup was in sight, it would have been a good insurance policy, I jumped on the bandwagon in 1979 and have must have seen 95% of all Pompey home games since, and I Never leave BEFORE the whistle
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12/05/2008 07:11:00

Like Harry or not, like a player or not it is not necessary to boo at the end of the season when the club has a cup final to win. These so called fans should go home and stay there but I will bet they are Pompeys greatest supporters if we win on Saturday.
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12/05/2008 07:31:00

thats why i say you were younger than i expected paul - 79 i was just being born :-)
i can understand and appreciate that people had to leave, as they might have had further to go, and traffic to get through etc. the mass exodus surprised me, and mainly before the final whistle even went... the booing, altho i didnt hear any tbh - but with fulham in full swing it was difficult to hear most things! - but whatever there was no need for that, and that is just ungrateful and most doing this probably were those that have only been watching us 'since we were good'...
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12/05/2008 09:26:00

I heard no booing and most around me stayed for the 'lap of honour'. League season has ended on a bit of a sour note but first cup final in 69 years what is the problem with people? Some will always leave early to avoid traffic, I walk so never leave early.
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12/05/2008 12:16:00

I agree its a sad day when people feel the need to boo your own team. At them down the road then yeah thats fair game obviously. I as most am a bit disappointed in the results of the last 5 games and maybe the lads have had one eye on the FA Cup, but although things could have be much better if we hadn't just lost the last 4 games 8th and hopefully winning the FA Cup is a bloody good season in my book. There are no excuses though on Saturday, those that play need and must give it 110%
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12/05/2008 12:21:00

I wasn't there but feel that boo's are not needed at our club. 8th in the league and FA Cup final? These people who were booing need a slap. I have noticed this season is much quieter than before. I wish people would lighten up a bit and just get behind there team rather than moaning and booing
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12/05/2008 12:29:00

aussie i think you are wrong. As a pompey fan of some 35 years i not as Russ puts it "since we were good" i agree with paultsmouth, now i must admit i was not at the game (at brands hatch instead, diary fuqup) and did not hear said booing on sky; but perhapse those that booed were fed up of paying good money and like Rug have travelled hundreds of very expensive miles over the last weeks to watch four dysmal; very un proffesional performances. Perhapse these people wanted to demonstrate their frustration, not the thing i would do but ultimately what is wrong with that, have you seen the form table recently? If it had been mid season no one would have complained and we would all think the players deserve a kick up the arse, and remember the club have not been small payers this season so it seems quite frankly arrogant and ingnorant of those who deny faans that right. I have always wanted to see pompey win the FA cup; i am frantically trying to get out of a weddding to do that; and come to think of it the charity shield might for once will have an interest but quite frankly not on current form. These days with all the foreign players around; the FA cup is of reduced importance so i asked myself would i have preferred a 5th place for pompey, instead of the Cup to be the best of the rest? 5th is more relevant to the players we need to attract to move up a level so very very sadly i would probably have to say yes, yes i would. Still
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12/05/2008 12:30:00

and 5th would have got us an extra 2.1 million squid, so dont moan about us not getting the players or your ticket going up in cost
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12/05/2008 12:32:00

so what i am trying to say is unfortunate that it happened, if it happened...but dont be indignant when you have singulalrly failed for some time to perform
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12/05/2008 12:39:00

Rug, I guess, having followed Arsenal for many a year (since 1970) and only this year discovered the delights of taking my 10 year old daughter to Pompey, then I'm one of theose bandwagon jumpers that Harry referred to (although I think of myself as someone who jumped OFF a big four bandwagon). Tell you what though, no matter about that, I would not boo any team - it just ain't on and as for the leaving early, I reckon Harry's jumping to conclusions there too. Don't asume that those of us who have only recently started watching Pompey would be any more likely to boo as those diehards who have endured what Harry referred to as 40 years of dross. Wish I'd not heard his assumptive comments because it's *****ed me off.
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12/05/2008 12:54:00

I watched the game on Setanta- and in the last 10 or so minutes the booing was quite obvious to hear. There were 3 or 4 occassions when the ball was just humped up the pitch by our players not towards anyone and at this a large number of fans seemed to boo. In someways I can agree will Russell that many fans might not be making the FA cup final, so have gone to the last few games. The players have all been claiming that they wanted 5th place - but effort levels have only been about 60% at best. It's not proffessional. They get paid to do a job, and I for one expect them to go out and look like they want to compete in every game. That is what they get paid an extrondinary amount of money for!
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12/05/2008 12:55:00

I think Harry is right but maybe he over reacted in the heat of a post match interview. Anybody ungrateful enough not to appreciate how good this has been, should look back 7 years ago & beyond. Should ask Derby, Brum & Reading if they would like to only finish 8th. Ask the scummers, Leeds, Leicester, Sheff Utd & Wednesday. Forest, Wolves, Norwich, Ipswich. You get the point.
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12/05/2008 13:29:00

I echo your comments russellm & sneakay. Well said.
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12/05/2008 13:39:00

Giving your players some stick... like yakubu when he used to decide not to run is fine and slightly motivational.... but boo'ing is just not acceptable! Think back to the days when we were getting hammered in almost every game, we got our reputation for being great fans by singing throughout and never not supporting OUR TEAM...
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12/05/2008 13:42:00

And since when has the FA Cup been not important? Is it not one of the most viewed football matches in the whole world???? 5th place or the FA Cup Final - I would much rather the FA Cup over best of the rest.....!
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12/05/2008 13:45:00

im not trying to offend or upset anyone - and not saying that 'all' who booed have just jumped on the bandwagon - much like 'arry maybe i reacted in the heat of the moment and wrote it as soon as i heard what was said and wrote what i wrote, altho i wouldnt have said most of it if i did not believe it...
im as frustrated as anyone at our end of season form, but i would never resort to booing my own side, never have and never will and dont like the thought of it being done - i can understand frustration, but words are used by me - either at the ground or online after...
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12/05/2008 14:19:00

I heard the booing - I think it came mainly from the Fratton end and I was shocked at the time. However, the Fratton End were magnificent on Sunday, they sang and cheered all the way through the match right up until Fulham scored. Even as the rest of the ground was sitting in stunned silence, they tried to sing again but couldn't. They just didn't seem to have it in them. And I can't blame them for that..... It seems to me we can kick the ball, get the ball, pass the ball, dance with the ball even. But we just can't kick the bugger in between those two white posts. Wot is going on? As for the lap of honour - wot lap of honour - as a "good times" only fan, I didn't even know there was one and left the pitch 5 mins after the whistle blew. I was too stunned to move sooner.
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12/05/2008 15:51:00

Im going to put my neck in the line now...,!!! Harry Redknapp's comments after the game seriously wound me up!! I am sick and tired of commantators/managers/fans saying "look where we were 5/6years ago and look where we are today" (SO WHAT!! am i not allowed to want success?? if this is the case at what point is it ok for me to look forward instead of backwards like HARRY) "be realistic" "have a reality check" these have never been directed at me but wind me up for some reason when i hear them. Sunday's perfomance along with the past few have been shocking with proffesional players not giving their all, i thought these guys where playing for their F.A Cup places??!! Obviously not!!! I like many pump £100's of pounds into that club each year because of our passion and while i am a paying customer i think it is my god damn right to be unhappy if Pompey cant be arsed and will voice my opinions. I stanyed after the game and i didn't BOO but until Pompey pay for my season ticket then i will be entitled to a whinge should Pompey give me crap in return. Please dont get me wrong, i am not anti Pompey OR anti Redknapp, quite the opposite, i am a season ticket holders who loves the club and all that are connected, however will not stand for petty excuses. Its not the paying customers fault that the players wont perform or the manager wont kick them up the arse...Rant over.
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12/05/2008 19:12:00

It's simple: Anybody who booed is a terrace-MORON
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12/05/2008 19:24:00

applause, applause!! I think you all know that for me it's all about the players showing pride and passion. IF they do that and we lose, we've given our all. It's when tey dont and we lose, that's when it gets my back up. As paying fans (season ticket holder x4 too tommo) yes, we have the right to complain, in whatever form as long as it is not racist or homophobic etc. Let people boo, if that's what they feel they have to do to get their feelings known, it's still (at the moment) a free country. At least the message seems to have gone in that we dont think they are trying hard enough. All said and done though, as long as we win Saturday, all will be forgiven.
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12/05/2008 19:30:00

p.s. I wasn't there Sunday, but didn't hear any booing atall on Setanta.
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12/05/2008 19:31:00

I was in The Fratton end as always & the only booing I herd was at the final whistle was aimed at the few Fulham fans on the pitch. because it was said there would be a lap of honour if & I repeat IF supporters stayed off the pitch. we stayed & cheered the players, I did not here any booing on the lap of honour from any section maybe I missed it cause we were singing "when Sol goes up to lift the FA cup" & 'One Harry Redknapp"
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12/05/2008 19:32:00

I didnt hear any booing during the lap of honour either, Pompey4me - i am the same, if pompey loose but put effort in i will except the result. Win at Wembley and i too can also put it behind me.
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12/05/2008 19:53:00

Well said tommo 3146 and pompey4me. I couldn't have put it better myself. Even Sol Campbell says tonight "I think we have got to get away from thinking about over-achievement. Too many guys here have been at the top and it's time to move away from those kind of comments. The players are here and it is time to get away from the kind of mentality where we should be pleaed about finishing eighth". I read somewhere today that Sascha Gaydamak also says he wants the club to go on to play Championship football and to breach the top four. He says he is prepared to invest. Someone there needs to have a word with Harry - they are definitely not singing from the same songsheet. Finally, we really must stop harping back to how it was six or seven years ago. Back then, we did not have 6 to 8 million pound players running around the pitch. We didn't have a new stadium in the offing (with the problem of how the hell are we going to fill it). And would someone spare a thought for Sascha who has dug deep, very deep for us these past few years. Thats it for me - rant over as well - don't want us to sound like miserable Everton!
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12/05/2008 21:32:00

This is an interesting one... I pay my money season in and season out and sacrifice some things in my life to the detriment of my family in order to go to Fratton Park - If I do not get my moneys worth am I not entitled to complain ? or Boo for that matter - why should I be branded a moron for booing.. the moron's were on the pitch surely... It the players were playing for a place in the cup final side well good luck Cardiff you will beat us - If I was in charge of paying the players I can name at least five who I would pay after saturdays performance .. If sacha want's us to move up a level then that's all well and good but with that comes expectation and if expectations are not met then do I not have to right to feel let down ? The Pompey time has no heart at the moment and far be it for me to suggest the likes of O'Neill, Taylor, Benjani played their hearts out... just like Utaka, Kanu, and Baros - Bigger ambitions bring bigger prima donnas - Pull your socks up Pompey, Play with pride and passion and DO NOT forget the history we the supporters have been here long before any player and we'll be here long after all of you have moved on - Maybe if you (the players) stop and think about what it;s been like to be a Pompey fan for forty odd years you will realise that we are chuffed to be where we are but the one thing that makes Pompey, Pompey is the pride in the Football Club - If you can hasness that you'll bring the cup home next Saturday.
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13/05/2008 00:21:00

PS - I didn't boo ... but bl00dy well felt like it !
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13/05/2008 00:22:00

Well said Chix, Tommo, Gandor and Pompey4me. In any sport it's about being the best you can be and nothing is more galling than seeing a team or individual not giving their all as, frankly, has been the case with Pompey in the last few games. Let's hope they show more desire at Wembley. Like I said, Harry's being assumptive to say it was those new Pompey fans amongst us that were booing...that's just bollox.
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13/05/2008 08:41:00

Chix, you are 100% correct. I was going to post a thread about Pompey's missing heart but you have beaten me to it. The players we have sold and, possibly Menzies and Davis soon, gave 100% and were the heart of Pompey, their replacements, although heralded as technical improvements, DO NOT. This is one of the main reasons that Fortress Fratton with the recent booing has taken a tumble. Fans cannot support lack of effort. In the good old days, players were often local and attached to clubs with passion and earnt their money. Today, they move around with little true commitment with so much money that they do not know what to do with it.
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13/05/2008 09:08:00

So is it a case of Harry criticising the booing or is he criticising the fact the we fans aren't satisified with 8th place and the cup final? Surely if there was any booing it was directed at the players for the gutless performance on Saturday and not the season as a whole and, furthermore, why should we be satisfied with 8th place just because, by comparisson, it's better than a relegation battle, championship or League One football? If you allow dreams to be merely dreams and not AMBITION then we'll all settle for mediocrity. Having ambition to be a top four side doesn't mean we necessarily expect it but there's nothing wrong with aiming for the top....a bit of self-belief wouldn't go amiss!
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13/05/2008 15:39:00


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