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Cup final ticket details

Here you go guys, these are the all important ticketing details that Pompey have announced on the Pompey Site for the FA cup final - rather than add to things, complicate matters or so on I will just lay out as they have...


Portsmouth Football Club today outlined plans to sell its 24,789 allocation of tickets for the FA Cup Final against Cardiff City at Wembley on Saturday, May 17.

Tickets will be sold via Ticketmaster on seven separate days - from 11am to 10pm - between Monday, April 21 and Tuesday, April 29.

The club has consulted supporters' groups and will begin by selling tickets to season ticket holders stand by stand (see timetable below).

Every season ticket holder, club member and Junior Blue is guaranteed a ticket. This will be one per ticket holder. This together with tickets for commercial partners amounts to 18,000.

Supporters groups, including exiles and away ticket holders, will receive 1,800 tickets and the groups themselves will supply details of their members to Pompey.

Every fan on the database who has been to three or more matches at Fratton Park this season - nearly 900 supporters - can also purchase a ticket. This will be one per person named on the database. They will be notified of their eligibility by post.

A further 196 will be made available to those fans (excluding season ticket holders and members) who made the journey to Preston North End for the fifth round FA Cup tie. This will be one per person named on the database. They will be notified of their eligibility by post.

A total of 100 pairs of tickets will be made available to disabled supporters and another 50 pairs to visually impaired fans. These will be handled by the club`s ticket office. But only postal applications will be accepted, with proof of disability and correct remittance. Send correspondence to: Allison McNeil, Disabled Liaison Officer, Portsmouth Football Club, Rodney Road, Portsmouth P04 8SX.

Supporters with hearing difficulties can purchase their tickets via Ticketmaster's text phone service on 0870 145 1178.

There will be 3,000-plus tickets made available for general sale after the ticket allocation for players, club staff and officials.

The 3,000-plus tickets will be on general sale to the 13,500 supporters on the club's database who have bought tickets to one or two home matches this season. Of those more than 10,000 have come to only one match. This will be one per person named on the database.

Ticketmaster will have 200 lines dedicated to Pompey and there will be only telephone bookings taken - there will be no automated service. The phased purchasing system will ensure waiting time is kept to a minimum for fans.

All Pompey's tickets are in an arc on the east side of the stadium from one side of the 18-yard box to the other. The vast majority - some 18,000 - are in the 60 and 80 categories. Other prices are 95 and 35 but the club has only a limited supply of the 95 tickets. There is a 10 discount for those aged 16 and under and 60 and over.

Ticketmaster will be applying a fixed charge of 3.50 per ticket and 4.90 for registered post per delivery. The postage fee is necessary, as the FA do not issue duplicate tickets. Fans can also book coach travel at the same time as buying their tickets.

FA Cup Final ticket timetable (tickets go on sale on each day from 11am to 10pm):

April 21: South Stand Upper (220 tickets at 95 and 2153 at 80)
April 22: North Stand Upper (220 tickets at 95 and 2271 at 80)
April 23: South and North Stands Lower (3201 tickets at 80 and 1171 at 60)
April 24: West Stand (Fratton end) (3201 at 80 and 1300 at 60)
April 25: Club Members and Junior Blues (100 at 80 (Junior Blues only) and 1910 at 60)
April 28: Three home matches/ Preston (357 at 60 (Three Home Matches only) and 739 at 35)
April 29: General Sale to 07/08 database (3150 at 35)

Only call on your allocated day.

Ticketmaster can be contacted on 0844 847 1898.

Season ticket holders can order in groups with operators able to take bookings for up to eight tickets in one transaction providing they have the reference numbers of the other season ticket holders.

If they require more than eight people sitting together another transaction can be completed in the same call so long as the operator is informed at the beginning of the call.

Season ticket holders who have children as Junior Blues members can also book them at the same time to ensure they sit together.

The club would like to point out that it is a criminal offence to sell tickets to a third party and any tickets traced back to Pompey fans will result in a ban on future purchasing by both the FA and the club.


So there you have it guys, these are the all important details that people need.

Basically I think I am screwed unless I can get some joy in the free for all!

As many of you know I now live in Devon, without being able to drive it is difficult to get to games, even so I have been to at least 10 games home and away this season, and will also be attending the final 4 league games home and away. Yep, sounds ok, I should be 'quids in'... Not so, I have only had to book tickets myself once this season - all the other times these have been sorted out for me... Ahh well, what can you do eh!

Peter Storrie had this to say about the arrangements, also on the Pompey Site: 'we have tried to be as fair as we can to supporters across the board and have consulted the representatives of our supporters clubs around the country, as we did with the semi-final.

'They were very positive in their feedback to us and believe this to be the best way of selling our allocation.

'The decision to allow fans of different areas of the ground to purchase their tickets on dedicated days will mean that we will avoid the majority of supporters calling at the same time as was the case with the semi-final.

'The small number of 95 tickets have been made available to those supporters in the upper north and south stands who have the most expensive seats at Fratton Park.

'Ticketmaster has 200 lines and each operator will be averaging around 10-12 transactions a day so there should be no problem with fans getting through this time. With only seven lines and seven windows in our ticket office we could not possibly cope with the number of calls coming in.

'Once a fan has completed his telephone transaction he will be removed from the database, which will also stop duplication purchases'.


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday April 14 2008

Time: 1:16PM

Your Comments

I've read and re read the article and I think that the club have tried to iron out all the problems whilst, at the same time, trying to be fair to supporters. If you add up all the tickets being made available, then about 89% are for fans with the rest to sponsors etc. If Wembley had followed the same guidelines, each team would have got far more than the 25000 allocated.
One obvious question though. Can STHs order in groups, to include people who sit in a different area of the ground? I guess there is only one way to find out.
I think doing it stand by stand makes sense. There are a lot of people that don't/can't go regularly that will miss out. We don't sell out every home game & we should with such a small capacity. I trust those who do go no matter what will get a ticket.
so what is the allocation again! :o)
The Fear
I agree this makes good sense and appears fair to all. Perhap a queue for the general sale would have been fairer rather than a phone lottery but then for those who do not live close it is more equitable. Good luck all - Wednesday 23rd for me and the missus then.
I think what they have done is by far the best option. It was obviously well thought out. Perhaps there should have been more tickets made available for those who have followed all the cup games? That would be my only comment.

What happens to those people who tried to fool the ticketmaster system the first time? I thought they were banned from getting tickets for the final? Surely they were all STH or Members as it occurred in phase 1. Any more news on this? I guess the spare tickets will go to the final phase.
the only problem with the seperate day organisation is that the all of the best seats will go to the south stand upper, north stand upper etc, so by the time its thursday, there wont be as good tickets available, so they dont even get a chance to get great tickets... but overall this is better than before, and at least they are keeping the stands together, which would mean that im in with people who actually sing, the atmosphere was a bit dead up top last time, considering it was possibly a once in a lifetime occasion! dont know whether u found that too sneakay?
yep i think it is basically the fairest way to do it, but as said i feel 'gutted' as i will 'probably' - along with my brother, and plenty of others that i have travelled with over the years that have been to enough games this season - will miss out because even tho i - and most of them - have been more than enough home games to qualify for a ticket (the 3 or more) as the tickets have been purchased by others on my/their behalf i will appear not to have been to any more than 1 game at fratton this season when i have in actual fact been to 6 (which based on where i live and difficulties it takes to get there isnt bad going) at fratton - as well as some away - and will be going to the final 2 home and away aswell...
its difficult to make it fair but it sucks that i know ive been to more than enough games to qualify twice over, yet i will miss out on an automatic place as i havent 'bought enough' tickets personally...
Use your influence rug, go thru the channels, you maybe surprised.
im working on it - im trying the 'dont you know who i am' approach :-)
jbaker, yeah I found it a little strange quiet where I was, but met to top blokes either side of me who sang their heart out.

Rug - I have my fingers out in as many directions as possible at the moment trying to secure some club wembley seats. If things are good and there is a spare 1 or 2 I will send them in your direction! Fingers crossed.
cheers mate, appreciated...
as with the semi final guys any 'extra' tickets that people 'might' be able to get hold of let me know as i know they will only go to genuine fans - so any help that i can give people i will.
jbaker; It's true that all the 95s will probably have gone, but then they're not being offered to the Fratton End anyway. However, there will still be plenty of 80 tickets left as they are being sliced and diced for each stand anyway. I guess the only downside is where you want to sit (side on or behind the goal) as one or t'other may have gone in the first 3 days.
Rug; who are you then? :)
The club have made a statement that 'Once a fan has completed his telephone transaction he will be removed from the database'. That will worry some people. What they should have said is 'Once a fan has completed his telephone transaction s/he will be removed from a COPY of the database. Some may get worried that there are being deleted and all history will be lost. Careless drafting of statement - still they can't get everything right as we are talking about Pompey after all.
similer situation to pompeyrug (although probably less deserving ;-)), in that i have easily been to the 3 home games required, but i didnt do the buying...free4all for me! still, at least its not a queue, or i would have had no chance. oh well, to everyone that goes, enjoy the ocasion!
Dave; I think they probably mean "...removed from the database that Ticketmaster holds...." which, in itself, is a copy of the main PFC data. Here's hoping anyway!
UKTonydont you know! that should be enough :-)
its a pain isnt it carpet, frustrating knowing you have been there but your amount might count for nothing as they werent in your name.
Well I am very to pleased to hear about this new system - if, of course, it works out. It means, that although I am at the bottom of the food chain, I will at least be able to pay a reasonable price for an albeit crappy ticket (mind you, I'm used to that - look in any of the most obscure corners of the stadium at all (except the top four games, when I never seem to be able to get tickets) and there I will be, using my periscope sideways! Mind you, from what I could see at the semi-final, there are no bad seats at Wembley! Am a bit concerned about only my name being on the data base cos it means my partner will not be able to have a ticket......
oh, its a very fair system - i couldnt complain about it at all. in fact, i think its probably awful that i havent aranged to pay for at least 3 of my trips to fratton park (directly)...its just a little bit dissopointing for me...
At least there is no automated lines this time.
Just a recorded message saying "you are in position 1,944". Still at least you know!
For past 14 years have lived over 2 hours drive away from FP - I was season ticket holder only for 2 of those years when family bought ST as 50th Birthday present. But, even when we were awful in Div I pre-Redknapp, I always paid up in August to be a member a/ because it gave me an assurance that I could get a 'big game' home ticket over any JCL would wanted to see Man U etc - I looked on it as an insurance policy if you like b/ because I have always been 'true blue' and I could play my part in helping the club - particularly in those years like 1997 & 98 when we were in administration. Having listened to Storrie on the Quay online tonight l think the club have done everything they could to be fair to majority of real fans - it will never please everyone but will reward most of those fans who have stuck with the club thru' thick and thin.
FP Dec 16th 1972
Here here FP, I think it's about as fair as the real world gets. I hope all that deeserve get whats theirs!
This is probably as fair as they can do - only 2 of my 6 home games count (and none away), (even if 3 counted, I would only be able to get one ticket because I always bought a pair on my reference) so I'm fingers crossed for the final free-for-all on the 29th, and no thanks I wouldn't rather queue for 3 days - I've just started a new job they'd never let me have time off. But I'm OK with it, theres still a chance, I felt lucky to get tickets for the semi. The most important thing is Sol lifts the cup!
Pompeyrug -didn't you travel to Preston? Surely that means you get a ticket.
To Pompeyrug. I might have had a little bit of luck today and may not need my ticket (a friend of a friend of a friend has a box that may need filling). If this is the case (and I will know on Sunday) then you can have my ticket allocation.
Gandor, mind the price, my mate nearly took this option until he found out that, including travel, it would cost him 800 per person!!!! Ouch!
this club wembley thing really annoys me. my aunts goddamn rich accountant husband and family managed to get some tickets for him and her as part of club wembley (she hates football, hes a chelsea season ticket holder), and they were casually telling my dad when we were on the train home from wembley that they were going to the final. apparently being born in portsmouth makes her a "fan" and then i see people like rug, carpet and tracyc etc. who put so much into this site and into pompey in general, go to great lengths to make games and dont end up going, when my aunt does. grrr she annoys me. this is why its better at the carling cup! goddamn accountants (why am i gonna study it at uni?????) the worst thing is theres no way they would get tickets for anyone else, cos as long as they're sorted they are happy! sorry guys. and sneakay, yep, it was really odd. at least theres still the fratton end toghether to inspire others to sing! sorry, long post...
South stand first? guess where I sit!
Any Idea how anyone stuck in Iraq can get hold of one? Lol! This is gonna be a nightmare to get one but suppose even the pub will do if i can get back!!!!
My best bet is to spend 500 quid, which considering it's costing me over 1,000 to get over there...what the hell it's a chance in a lifetime, one that I am not prepared to miss. It will be a long journey home a week later should the result go against us though.
I Think this is fair. I live in Phuket, Thailand but I want to fly back to see the game. Obviously I do not get to see games in the flesh in the UK anymore but I do buy merchandise and promote Pompey on Phuket. lol Anyone see any chance for me getting 2 tickets ?
If not, then will Fratton Park be a good place to be during the final ?
Brilliant! Wish every club would do exactly the same thing. If you are a true fan then you will be going to Wembley to see your team, that is how it should be!
i got my ticket reserved already :D:D:D -- and got 25 on pompey to win the cup in 90 mins so should that happen my ticket should effectively cost about a tenner!! good luck to everyone else getting their tickets!!!
No doubt our ticket allocation for the community shield will be a bit higher. Look like it's Manure.
I received my letter informing me that I am authorised to buy one ticket on April 28th. When I phoned and said thanks very much but I always buy two tickets - not one - what about my husband? The lady said the thing to do was to write in and they were going to try and sort it. (Mind you, serve him right if he doesn't get a ticket. Every other week this season, he let me go and queue in the cold and rain outside those ticket kiosks while he sat nice and warm in the car....... You need to write to Elaine Giles if you are in the same position as me. Pompey4me. I take on board what you have said. I have been sort of promised two places for 300.00 each, which I must admit surprised me. I think that you are nearer the mark and if so, then I will need my tickets (if I can get two), I can't afford 800.00.
ouch! 800...thats...more than i can count! still, maybe if we can get to the community shield...i WILL see pompey play at wembley...i WILL!!! :D
carps i would say do what Gandor says mate - if like me you have been to enough games but your tickets were purchased by someone else by rights you 'should' get a ticket but you wont - chase it up mate...
rug - the problem with that, is that i am sure that there are hundreds of fans in similer situations to me (and him, and you) - and portsmouth football club almost certainly has realised this. either that, or something is extremly odd, in that we have sold far less tickets than our cappacitys would suggest...
having said that, if (hypotheticly) you qualify for more than one way to get a guarenteed ticket, can you claim two, or just the one?
Thanks for that info Gandor, I have e-mailed Peter Storrie and the ticket office to ask if I can try to get 2 tickets on the 29th. It doesn't make sense otherwise. If you need a pair of tickets of course you're going to make one phone call and put it on one person's database number. Otherwise fingers crossed that the competition Eon are running comes off. 10 tickets its on We should all enter. If you win - remember who told you!!!
Same old problem every year for the true fans
sadley, thge problem is not portsmouths distribution of tickets - its the FAs. If they want "real" fans to go, then they need to give the clubs more tickets - but unfortunatly, it seems they are more keen to get more money, than view it as a footballing event...
I think one day on the 24th is wrong...!!! I dont get paid until the 25th !!!! I'm a season ticket holder who sits in the fratton end who would like his entitlement of one ticket but am now shat on from a great height because i dont get paid until the day aftern !!! Proper Bollox
surely you can borrow the money off someone and repay it a couple of days later mate?
Alleluhah - there is a God!!!!! I have had a reply to my letter from PFC and it says I CAN HAVE TWO TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So all of you who do not appear on the data base, but have been to three or more matches - you should also get a ticket! Wembeleeeeeee, Wembeleeeee!
Great news Gandor. Hope others follow your advice above.
Am feeling a little subdued at the moment. After I posted my good news on the site, I decided to go to the ticket office with my two letters (one telling me I could have one ticket and one telling me I could have another and would I let them know how I wanted to pay). Not understanding that bit, I phoned, could'nt get through, and so went myself and asked for Elaine Giles. The Receptionist told me she would speak to her and took both my letters and my debit card. She came back ten minutes later with my debitcard which she gave back and told me I could expect my tickets in ten days time. But I don't now have either of my letters and absolutely no proof of anything. Its going to be a very long ten days............
im sure that if you have been promised these tickets Gandor then you will get them im certain elaine wouldnt lie to you.
Gandor, I think you are lucky and have been made a special case. Do not fret, have a look at your bank statement and see if the money has left your account then you will know tickets are on the way.
To pompycarpet just reading your comment on vital chelsea and im pretty perplexed. We dont feel we have the "right to win" anything well i dont certainly noone thought Spurs would win the CC just like no thought you would win the Fa Cup (which i really hope you guys win btw, stuff those taffys :) you have to earn the right. Maybe theres been some idiot spurs fans on here in the past which is why you hold this prejudice against us im not sure why you say everybody hates us maybe other teams in London yes but im pretty confused id like to here why if you dont mind mate?
I can probably get by and sub myself via my business account (which i shouldn't do) however being limited to just one day is a bit pants, the final isnt until the 17th May so to give us an extra day or so shouldn't be a problem for them.
i have emailed portsmouth - (the address...) - no reply yet, although i dont hold out much hope... despite your success gandor.
Pompeycarpet (and anyone else). I would be happy to take a letter into the ticket office for you tommorrow. I think it is important to get in there early - before the deluge. Let me have your E-mail address and I will contact you. There was another couple with the same problem as us and they were being taken very seriously by the staff, so I don't think I am a one-off. Pompeyrug: I don't think Elaine would go against her word - but she is a very busy lady right now - I was thinking of a mistake.....
gandor - i have sent you a private message in the forum, thanks very much for the offer!
Gandor - I'm going to contact you via the forum as well.
gandor - im not going to contact u, but good work.
Gandor, you were lucky, they are not entertaining any personal queries on this now. The advice is to e-mail Peter Storrie, but he's been swamped with e-mails so it might be a while before he gets back to everyone (which he promises to do). The answer may be no, though, cos I can't see where they'll get any more tickets from.
...and there goes all hope of getting a ticket...
I'm in South stand, 4 tickets booked today!
I have opened a thread for people to tell us how it worked.
Pompeycarpet - all is not lost, the club rang me today and let me buy 2 tickets - so if you have e-mailed the club, there must be a good chance - fingers crossed for you!
tracyc - i have got one ticket for the final now (no idea what price) - what a day!!!!
Tracy, I emailed Elaine and also Peter Storrie two days ago; same predicament - been to 8 games but my daughter is not on the database so have one ticket but need a pair. Not had a reply yet. Fingers crossed. Was hoping Karma would apply as I gave away my semi-final tickets that I won thorugh e-On as I was on holiday...they say you reap what you sow....or what goes round, comes round.....maybe I'm clutching at straws!
Good luck Tim!! You probably deserve it.
Just had an email back from Peter Storrie saying the ticket office will contact me "to help". Here's hoping!
good luck ninjatim
Good luck Tim, here's hoping
There IS a God and his name is Peter Storrie! Sorted. Bit of a rollercoaster of a day; gave the club my bank card details and five minutes later found that my card had been cloned whilst I was on holiday in India and my account virtually emptied by someone buying fake Rolex watches in Cyprus. The bank stopped the card.....**** I'd just tried to pay for my cup final tickets with it....panic! Called Pompey and got straight through to Elaine and she couldn't have been more helpful...gave her a different card number and just have to wait 10 days now....phew!!! Pssst!...anyone want to buy a knock-off Rolex?
really good news tim, see there is such a thing a karma :-) glad that you've got your tickets, not such good news that the credit card was cloaned! so how much are you knocking off those rolex's for...
Thanks Rug. Tell you what could have a GENUINE Rolex for the same price as the scumbag, thieving touts and Man U/Chelsea Club Wembley corporate "supporters" are asking for cup final tickets. Why does the FA and Wembley create this situation? They don't have the brains they were born with. How many empty Club Wembley Prawn Sandwich & Chardonnay seats will there be on 17 May? We should see if City Index will give us a price on the spread betting for this! I reckon at least 4,000 empty seats. By the way, have you sorted out your ticket yet?
I'm pleased for all of you guys - I thought the club had got it wrong, but they did get it right in the end. I never ever thought that I would get to go to see Pompey play in the FA cup final - this is the stuff dreams are made of!
just a small pont though... where are all these tickets they are giving out (selling) coming from? had they planned that some people would have this problem, and so set some aside, are they reducing the general sale ticket alocation. or are they simply selling on ones that wenrnt sold in previous rounds?
as i previously told tracy - and she will back me up here im sure - im certain that they must have put aside X amount for this exact scenario, clearly they didnt have an endless supply but im sure they compensated for this... maybe they have reduced the 'general' sale allocation - we will never know will we?
As I understand it. All league clubs and, possibly even some non-league clubs (it may be all those who competed in the FA cup - some 700 clubs) as well as the county representatives for the FA, have a small allocation of tickets. If these are not taken up then surely the FA re-allocates them to the two finalists rather than lets them fall into the hands of touts. What Pompey have done in terms of trying to accomodate all those who genuinely warrant a ticket is one in the eye for the thieving touts - and good on them for that.
Calm down folks, you would think you have never been to an FA Cup final before.... Trouble getting a ticket ---- e-bay?
"Calm down folks, you would think you have never been to an FA Cup final before" - no need to rub it in ;-). and as said in variuos places, selling tickets on is illegal, and the tickets are (meant to be) "cancelled" if this is done. oh,m and the extortionate prices...i would rather not take the risk...
hello BlueAmigo i think you'll find that the vast majority of pompey fans havent been to an fa cup final before!
If they are going to their 2nd Pompey Cup Final Rug it will probably be in a wheel chair this time. As for Cardiff there might not be too many left that remember it. Lets hope we don't have a World War if we win the Cup again, it's going to be hard to beat 7 years.
Had my confirmation email from Ticketmaster. Not sure when ticket will start to be sent out though.
I went to the Pompey tickt office on Friday to ask where my tickets were. Elaine Giles told me ten days which were up last Thursday. She told me I would have to wait ANOTHER ten days. My dilemna is that Monday 28th was the day for me to use the number I had been given for one ticket, but as Elaine Giles took the letter (with the number on ) back, I couldn't even get that. Elaine told me she had a file on her desk at least three feet high. I do hope she is as efficient as she looks.................!
Gandor, I'm in the same boat as you. We'll be fine. It was hard not to call the number yesterday but Elaine warned me that if I did then it would mean no pair of tickets. She told me that it would be "at least 10 days" and that was last Wednesday. I don't expect to hear anything until maybe only a week before the final. Hold your nerve - I'm sure Elaine and, indeed, Peter Storrie would not tell us we had tickets if it were not true.

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