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The Wembley meeting place...

Could we organise some sort of Vital Pompey gathering prior to the semi final, maybe even after in some instances? That was the question and it looks like we have found an answer…

Sneakay had asked: 'have people started booking their train tickets then? What's the plan? I really want to meet up with a number of you guys from Vital - putting faces to names would be good. Can we have something written about the plans Rug?'

The travel situation had been looked at with eastneydave providing useful information and then others contributing their thoughts, so hopefully we are all now sorted, or as near as sorted?

As for the meeting for a pre match beverage, it also appears that we have found a base for a possible meet up prior to - or for some before and/after - the semi final for any of those that can make it. This place being J.J Moon's, a mere 3 minutes walks from Wembley stadium, so that'll do for me!

A fair few people had expressed an interest in meeting up, I already have contact details for several of you, I would suggest that anyone else interesting in meeting at J.J Moon's maybe contact me via email and we exchange mobile details - do not publish these online obviously! The plan is to be based at this pub - which I must say sounds rather classy, but then most wetherspoons pubs are - but as it could be heaving some amendments could be needed, but at least if I basically act as a 'go to man' hopefully this can work out as planned, so as many of us as human possible can meet up for a bevvy - although Owenspompey has suggested that maybe you 'might' want to invest on some of your own too! - and a chat before the showpiece event.

For more information on J.J Moon's check out the website of this spoons pub by clicking here - thanks to pompey4me for providing this link.

You can also view a map of where the pub is to make finding it even easier by following links on the left hand side of the page titled 'View a map of this pub using'…

As said, if you want to meet up feel free to contract me and we can exchange details - or I can pass them onto anyone else you might want me to - and then we can just see how we go.

All that remains to be said is I hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable journey and of course lets hope we win! Hopefully a good few of us can meet up again as we have several times this season, or for the first time as the case may be.


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday April 1 2008

Time: 8:10AM

Your Comments

Great work Rug! Thanks everyone for all the effort, I look forward to meeting hopefully many of you this Saturday. I will be the bloke with a big Play Up Pompey flag.
Good luck on meeting up chaps. It will be a big ask before the game with time restaints. I look forward to doing it before the final, we may have more time.
have a good time lads and lasses. lets hope its a successful day.
The Rabbi
Hopefully you'll have a lot to celebrate. Good Luck!
Boro 01
I certainly plan to be there - what time do you guys reckon you'll all start getting there?
Im looking at a half 7 train from where I am so plan to arrive at the pub for 10
well ive had contact from a few more people today, their mobile numbers given so 'all being well' i will see you, and others on saturday :-)
We'll be at Waterloo by 07.30, so should be able to meet up from 10 easy. Hope I haven't spoken too soon.
Hope to be able to be there for 10am, leaving at 7 and driving....we'll see.
leaving at 6:30 myself
It will be a busy pub, but a decent meeting place, its really near to the ground, and it will be full of football fans. They dont mind a good old sing song either, could you wear something blue so i will be able to recognise you?
Stopping in a hotel on friday night in Ealing, W.London then going to get the bus/taxi up early doors. I look forward to meeting up with you at J.J Moons
Owens, I'll be wearing a blue top with OKI written in large white letters on it, you wont be able to miss me!
I will be wearing Jeans, shoes and a Pompey top, if you spot me i will buy you a pint !!!
Just in case you aren't sure, the top will have a Blue and Gold badge on with a star over a moon on it, A bit like the new one that has appeared on the top banner of this page!
I will also be sporting a magnificent blue Pompey flag and if you spot me i will buy you two pints !!
Be careful tommo, it could be an expensive day mate, will you be under the clock in the pub, or wearing a blue carnation? We will have our Northern Blues flag, are the Clan Pompey boys coming down?
HA HA HA i like it, have people begun exchanging numbers etc for the meet? just seen the local news with all the pompey fans queing for tickets. Apparently they've been there since yesterday !! They dont go on sale until tomorrow !! I'm glad i've already got mine.
My thoughts are with them and they are showing how loyal they are to the team, lets hope the weather holds for them. It is not long now boys is it? I am having my fitness test tomorrow, and i am just trying to find a oxygen tent.
Pompey4me, thats an unusual first name, pleased to meet you OKI, do you have a twin called COKEY?
Fantastic fellas - I know enough of you to recogise somebody .. but if not I'll just shout I'M CHIX at the top of my voice... hoping to be there by 10:45 - 11:00 ish (traffic permitting) with my merry band of 10 ! - Rug, Simon, Dave you all have my number anyhows so please keep me in the loop
Will do chix, I'm sure my passenger will keep you informed of our progress, you let us know where you are too.
Good luck boys n girls, Have a fab time and party like mad wherever you go.
Cheers Nelly, I'm heading straight back after the game, I want to go out in Southsea after the match.
the fellas i first starting travelling with regularly a decade or so ago are going to pop by so i can say hello, a few i havent seen for 8 years!
its getting closer fellas, im on my way up to pompey on thursday, i reckon when i get off the train up their it will well and truely sink in altho the excitment is growing and growing now...
Goeff Richie an Myself are leaving plymouth at 6pm Friday then sleeping over at dads in overton. Some old school friends are on the train from Andover at 7.37- we join them at Basingstoke, then on JJmoons. We reckon on jumping before Waterloo at Clapham Junc the tube it to Wembley be ther at 10. What about a big VITAL POMPEY flag to meet under out side- can any spray an old sheet
plymouth graham
Bring it on fellas only three more sleeps and we'll be on our way ..... Chixy's gonna Wembley, my kness have gone all trembly ....
guys just an update on trains through surbiton ((waterloo-exeter line)) there are no trains through there, bus replacement service!!! yay. so plan accordingly.
Chix - thats good! I wonder if any Vital members were in the queue? Be interesting to hear their thoughts. Camping out for 3 days is true dedication to the cause!
i feel sorry for the people who camped for lets say half the time and were the first people after they had run out!
i thought that too jbaker ... more specifically the first person, how annoyed is that person right now to see the person before them get the last tickets... agonising!!! it has to be someone though!
Lads, just had my mate ring me up and say thet he has discovered another pub today whilst on a job in the capital. The Fox and Goose in Ealing, reckon any Pompey fans will be welcome. He reckons it is about 2 miles away, and serves really good ale, with a beer garden and big screen tele etc. It gives us another option if nothing else.
werent they keeping a count of 'who could and who couldnt' get tickets to keep the queues fair? if so then not that many excess would have queued would they
sounds interesting, but i for one will have to hang around in, or by jj moons as ive got to pass some tickets onto people - and that is where ive said i'll be meeting...
JJ Moons it is then Rug!
we finally picked up our tickets! bring on saturday!
plymouth graham
ncie one! or if youre lazy you can buy some at the pfc shop! lol.
OMG.......i'm getting excited, win or lose im coming home without a voice
Good luck for the semi lads
Thank you Friedel, we are going to need all the help that we can muster.
Tomorrow evening i will be on the train to London heading to my hotel....Yaaaaaaaaaay
Is it really Friday tomorrow? Its been like waiting for Xmas Day, not long to go, and we will all be at Wembley.
Yes it is, you better beleive it. Raise your glasses...A TOAST to the best club and supporters in the land !!! CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CHEERS LADS!!!! I raise a glass to you all
they just had the private party celebrating 110 years of pompey. likes of defoe, cranie, utaka, linvoy were there. did i go? no. did my mum go? yes. am i slightly jealous? too right! hr and sacha were there. i spoke to linvoy on the mobile and il be honest hes still as cool as hes ever been. asked him how he thought saturday would go? he hoped we won (of course - this was the breaker question), asked him how the injury/fitness is? yes its all coming along really well, hes been doing a lot of running lately and no bad effects yet! then asked him if he was ready to fight for a 1st team place? he said of course, he wouldnt still be here if he didnt think he still had a chance. wished him well and said he was still very much a fans favourite!!! i think we should go out there on sat and do it for him, for the fans, for sacha, for my mum, for britain britain britain, for his tonyness blair, for cordon brown, the guy whos messing up all our taxes miss alice darling, and last but not least all those smug commentators who so completely biased and always talk about chelsea, man u, arsenal and liverpool oh and england .... no one cares about england fc, we are rubbish, we got lucky one time and we wont live it down!!! the future is in the south, the futures POMPEY!!!! :-) ... from a slightly jealous, slightly excited pessimist :-)
38hrs 55 minutes until kick-off fellas ... Not that I'm counting down or anything
good luck !
look forward to meeting you the vital guys
plymouth graham
34hrs 12 miutes to kick-off fellas .. Can't Sleep !
Hi everyone. I am a new fan (made every home match since last September - all except the big four which I wasn't quick enough to get tickets for). You all sound so excited and really looking forward to the weekend. Me? I've just been sitting here all night (it's now 4,00am) staring at E Bay and wondering whether to blow £600.00 on 2 tickets for Saturday which may or may not be the real McCoy. I'm not bitter or anything............
Gandor- welcome to the club old son..Take your money to Wembley, have drink in the JJ Moons and then buy a tkt off a tout as KO is about to happen they will have to take what you offer then otherwise its a dead piece of paper, also if you have a little sign saying 2 tkts required, there will definitely be someone with a spare somewhere because people get ill etc and cant make these type of events. Don't blow £600 on a scum bag profiteer
plymouth graham
ive just checked Ebay and a geezer is flogging a tkt for £65
plymouth graham
i do really feel for those not going, if not i hope you enjoy the day anyway - and i am sure you will, it wont be the same as being at wembley but pubs, the club and even at home with family and friends will be fantastic, and make for a special day, a day that i hope we all enjoy!
for those of us lucky enough to be going, safe journey - i will see some of you tomorrow all being well, hectic day today so i might not have much chance to say much else today, so as i say safe journeys and wherever and however you see the game enjoy it and make the most of it...
me and a bunch of lads from Uni are watching in a pub. BUTTTTTTTTTT I am the only Pompey fan, the rest are either neutral or want the underdog to win.
I'm going to wembley *clap clap* I'm getting to the pubs nice and early so we can start the fun. I wouldn't buy a ticket of ebay. Graham is right go to the ground and try and get one but it is still risky. Good luck
Good Luck Pompey!!
Fan of Blues
good luck would like to see you lot win it for a change. watchout for chris brunt at freekicks though
cheers fellas, god only knows i would love to see us win too... not been able to sleep so in the end just shy on 4am i thought sod it i may as well go online for abit as i got bored of just laying there... come on pompey!
Congratulations Pompey and all the fans. Not pretty but who cares..Go on and win it...PARTYYYYYYY Time
Congratulations Pompey!!!
Fan of Blues
blue army! shame that i didnt meet anyone, but jj moons was absolutely packed with baggies at half 9, so there was no chance for people getting in at 11! i dont know whether anyone met up, but the greyhound wasnt very packed at all, and that was closer to the ground! and the old confrontation between fans was amazing, i have a video of it that will soon go up on youtube!
to stuff from pompey...enjoy the lot deserve it!!
Im disgusted with the bbc they tried to make out baros handballed but he didnt, our defending was good and the lads fully deserve the win.
Where were you all? we were surrounded by Baggies when we got to JJ MOONS, told you it would be busy, and to take your own, we tried the Greyhound too, but we ran out of time and had to get to the ground. Never mind at least we won.
Rug i tried to ring about 1100 to see if you were in JJ Moons,but got your voicemail, did you make it there or did you go elsewhere?
We were all outside the Greyhound for a while. Included Rug, Pompey4me, UKTony, PompeyPessimist, Eastneyben drinking extras as you suggested Owens. But it got a bit hectic with fans trying to wind each other up so we moved on the stadium about 10.45. Left Rug to sort it out!
Congratulations guys! Will cheer you on watching the final! :)
Lou the Gunneress
Thanks for the welcome and excellent advice, Plymouth Graham. But, I couldnt chance it and so spent £600.00 on two tickets. Got shafted of course... Ended up sitting with the Baggies! But what a wonderful sight - just a moving sea of blue with flags waving - and the noise - just fabulous - you should have seen yourselves! Will never forget it for the rest of my life! PS: If you want to drive - park in Preston Hill (its free), jump on the bus to Kingsbury Station (3 stops) and then the Tube (1 stop). Takes about 25 minutes. See you at the Final if I can get a ticket for the right price.......
Enjoyed the day, shame not to meet you Owens. Went to JJ Moons, looked like a Baggie stronghold, so relocated to the Greyhound. It was a good atmosphere for a while till as Dave said the fans started crossing the road. That atmosphere scared my kids so we went off into the ground about 10.45. We will have to arrange a meet at the final, or perhaps one game at fratton.
We gave as good as we got in the Greyhound, it was a little bit lairy at times, but mostly good natured, all they wanted was to meet Westwood!!, we said we would swop him for Adrian Chiles anyday. Hope every one got home safely, we heard so many complaints about the trains. Lets do it all again though chaps.
I drove Owens, not to many probs on the roads. What time did you get to the Greyhound then? Had we already gone?
I left my phone at home, but went to Whetherspoons at Victoria, absolutely full of Pompey fans, and after the Metropole at Baker st. If you wanted a Pompey orientated pub, think South. How many Baggie fans were heading UP to Wembley? Ditto the final for Cardiff or Barnsley

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