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Vital Pompey Wembley meet?

A question has been raised by sneakay, so basically this is being thrown to you fellas, suggestions are being invited and we will see where it takes us...

Well, sneakay asked: 'have people started booking their train tickets then? What's the plan? I really want to meet up with a number of you guys from Vital - putting faces to names would be good. Can we have something written about the plans Rug?'

You asked, you have got, and in fact half of this question was answered to me before I even had to think about it! The Sunday Toast team led by eastneydave have produced a special 'weekday snack toast' feature which gives some insight into the do's and don't of travelling to Wembley, as well as linking to the Pompey Site for further information, so to see this click here - it is worth a read fellas, and will prove helpful!

As far as a Vital Pompey special 'Wembley meet and greet' goes, as said this is where you all come in... Those of you that would maybe like to meet up with some of your fellow site members, as sneakay suggests, I urge to simply throw some ideas out there, make some comments below, interact and we will see what we can sort out?

If no one makes any suggestions then there is no chance of this happening is there, so do not be afraid just 'say what you think'. If something could be arranged from these thoughts, for example enough agree on something, I will publish something a bit near the time reminding people where and when - so fire away...


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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday March 27 2008

Time: 2:55PM

Your Comments

Thanks Rug - Faster than a speeding bullet! Well as I have mentioned before i live in Surrey - no that doesn't make me a Manure supporter! I will be jumping on the train at Farnborough probably coz it seems to be faster. Would love to meet up either on the train or in a pub in London. What time is everyone heading up there? I think I should read the week day snack toast as suggested!
Nice thought but 80,000 people in a very small area, probably in an unfamiliar to the majority should be interesting. The stupid early kick off means leaving Pompey 6-7am for the majority. I am on a 17 seater mini bus with a bunch who I normally go with. Parking will be fun! Meeting after the victory may make more sense.
Sneakay; the habitual London Haunt is (used to be) The Hole in the Wall at Waterloo; based on current timings we'll be there from about 7.30 am!!
Not for the first time I have to agree with Matt. We do not know the pubs or the area so it will be difficult. Of course with a 12:15 kick off there will not be much time for a drink before hand. After perhaps - back in Pompey even better but of course we do not all live in the City.
As you will be aware i live in a port in the west country, howeer i will be travelling up to my dads in Overton- a village between Andover and Basingstoke-on Friday night and then either driving to Twickenham and park at my mates,or catching the train from Boozingstoke and meeting some old school friends on board. I dont think that there will much time for a pint before especially as it will take along time actually getting in the ground with ques etc , so i suggest meeting with a can or two before at Waterloo and traveling across on the tube together, or/and meeting in a city centre pub after the game.
plymouth graham
We are setting off from Liverpool at 0600 and planning to get to the Weatherspoons at Wembley Central Station sometime around 11 o'clock.
Nice to hear you're with us Graham. I'm certainly up for a small drink at Waterloo
Not sure yet but i cant wait!!!
Just got an email saying my Ticket will be arriving in the next two days YAAAAY!!
Well done Tommo, guard it with you life mate, we have waited a long time for this day
Got mine (and ukTony's) through the post today, there here fellas, there here!
Oh yes it will be treated like a winning lottery ticket i can assure you!
Will need to make the difficult decision whether to drive and park somewhere very close and secret or get the train with my oldman and get trollyed!!?? oooo i think the Beer is winning!!
Tommo at the moment it is better than a winning lottery ticket!! Although my wife does not agree, and cant see what all the fuss about.
Owenspompey speak the truth!!
JJ Moons is 3 minutes walk away from the ground, we have been there before, and it has some fine eating houses like Burger King and McDonalds, i am so classy arent i.
Think its going to be the train to Waterloo then the tube in at early doors, then on a beer fest along with a nice Burger king.
We are a classy bunch of fans arent we? Get in there double burger chips and curry sauce then beat the baggies , what a great day.
how long does it take by tube to wembley from waterloo? i only know from paddington sorry! and i'll go wherever the majority go!
About 40 mins mate on the Jubilee line me thinks.
Best way from Waterloo to Wembley is Bakerloo line. A tip though is to change at Marylebone onto the Chiltern line as there are less stops and less people use it. It generally saves about 15 - 20 mins.
Owens, I'm parking at the stadium, so may walk to JJ Moons, do you happen to know if kids are allowed?
Yes if going to Waterloo its the Jubilee Line. Journey time 29 minutes. Get a Travelcard if travelling on SWT - Wembley Park is in Zone 4.
If you go to 'spoons at Liverpool st, you can get a massive pasty outside the pub, just thought I'd mention it for the Devon lads
OOOhh Ahhh paultsmouth but duz thoze lundun buys put pepper and swede in um, cuz if they dunt it unt a pasty izzit me dears?
plymouth graham
Dad had a card from Po saying a letter was waiting for him to sign for at the PO so i will assume that his tkt i dont know about mine as it was in phase 2
plymouth graham
well if pompey4me for me is up for jj moons, and the kids can get in then im there... i could just go a burger king now, but i reckon i can wait until a week saturday for one 'tasty burger'... im liking the sounds of this jj moons tho, 3 minutes walk from wembley is ideal!
if this place does become the one we go for, then some numbers may need to exchange hands...
and if we drink too much Rug, the Mrs will have to drive us home! Come to think of it, we always share the driving....I drive there, she drives home1 (oh, the old ones are the best!)
Where is JJ Moons, owens, is it back down Wembley way?
we could always get the kids to drive :-)
well sneakay i reckon this is proving fairly successful so far mate, a 'proper' meet up could be tough, but i reckon there is a good chance of groups meeting up somewhere and somehow...
gentlemen!!! i am back ... but do not worry i have been looking over vital all this time! my laptop was bugered and finally got my new comp and a new login for work as well! so i managed to get my ticket in phase 1 but as im going with my mums partner he ordered them ... dont know if theyve arrived yet!!! i live in surbiton so hes coming over on the fri night and were leaving early to beat the crowds. id like to meet you lot but it sounds like were all going different ways. i finish my placement in july so even though im going into my final uni yr i MAY apply for season ticket ... although they may be hard to come by if we suddenly embark on a successful end of season run that sees us in europe!! ive been impressed with our season. now with ALMOST every team you could say we have a chance of winning and that has NEVER been the case before!!! i was working on saturdays ... my last saturday in fact on the way to my last viewing (worked at estate agent) i was in the car when baros decided to get owned by kusczak and well lets say its hard to jump around in the car but i tried lol. what a game! to start off with i thought the game with wba would be hard but i can only realistically see one result dependent on how nervous the team are! shame defoe cant play, wasnt sure about him to start off with but hes the sort of player capello should be playing rather than rooney!!! next season will be even better ... top4 maybe not but anything in top table is amazing for us! little pompey playing with the big guns! rugster mate, how are you? and ello old boys. how are we all? im going for a pompey 2-1 win at wemberley!
I am glad that i have been of some use :)

I am up for meeting in JJ Moons before and after the game. Can anyone create a link to a map of where it is. i may well work for an aerial photography and mapping company, but I do get lost quite often! lol
hello pompey--pessimist, i remember first gettting an email from you getting on for 2 years back now, august 06 i think, you were just 'pompey pessimist' then, minus the --...
right let me see i always forget i know you are a long term member - hence above - but you have also gone by different names, was it once 'spoiler' that you used? good to see you back as pessimist tho - just good to hear from you mate, you've got the email so drop me aline :-)
i'll see what i can do, my old mum was using one of those google maps, the ones where the photo is taken from a the heavens, i will see if something like that is possible for wembley and the surrounding areas to see if jj moons can be found - if i find it i will post something in the forum and link to it...
Nice one Ruggers, i will aim to be in London for around 9 with my old man and will be up for a meet at one of the local boozers.
hello mate ... yeh i used Spoiler a while back but thats my "gaming" tag ... pessimist was much better. we had an imposter who was "pompey pessimist" we quickly shunted him off! lol. i did email you a week ago to try and get password for pompeypessimist but no response, dont mind my "--" breaks it up a bit. yeh ive been here longer than you!! :p back in the days of lmatthews! have never forgotten about vital pompey though mate, youre doing a grand job... a personal fan account for news, just a little different to your bbcs and skysports of the world who are "unbiased" :p. hope to see ya at wembley mate!
ill try and do the "getting to know you" article ... i have a very interesting story! :p
There's a knocking at the door....The door opens and its the Postman....can you sign please he says?? Why of course it say....ITS MY WEMBLEY TICKET....YEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!
Kids are allowed into JJ Moons mate, you wil be made more than welcome, and we will be in the corner as per usual,our Rugby League corner, with the Northern Blues flag. Just bring four pints of Guiness and you will be gretted most favourably, not really mate, it would be nice to see you and meet anyone from the website before or after.
well if most people are going to jj moons, then that would make more sense than waterloo, as you know that you'll be by the ground nice and early, regardless of delays on the tube prior to kick off.
It will be busy in there, as its so close to the ground, take a tip, take a few tinnies and a fruit based drink for the ladies in with you, the queue at the bar will be big, but where theres a will there is a way, and we have a cunning plan dont we!!
you sneaky russian... is what i would say if you were russian :-) well jj moons it is - so long a p4me and family are cool with this?
cool ... that place will be packed ... how will i recognise you all?? do i just shout your nicks lol. does anyone know if they do real ale ... not for me but the guy im going with loves the stuff. fosters does me!
kev the kit man's going to wembley, la la la la, la la la la
Unbelievable - the passion the pride, the wanting to all be together for the big event, this really wants me to be over there next Saturday, and I am only 12,000 miles away - blast. I will tell you something though, regardless of not acquiring a ticket, should we make the Final I will fly from Australia just to experience being in Portsmouth should we win the big one. It will cost me a lot of money, especially after buying rounds in celebration, but it could be the chance of a lifetime. My Dad witnessed 1939 so I want to walk up to his grave with Blue flowers and say Dad we did it again...bloody hell I've now got tears in my eyes already.....
Good for you gray, i hope you get to meet us all at Wembley, i hope you get to see the game on the television, what time will it be over there when the game is on?
Owens .. I'm going up by coach .. is JJ Moons walking distance from the coach park do ya know ?
Chix, The pub is about a 5 minute walk from Wembley Way, just head for Wembley Central Station, and look for BLUE ARMY, BLUE ARMY!! Left of the road next to the off licence, get a couple of tinnys from there
What time do you think you will be there owens?
We leave Liverpool at 6am, and pick up another two fans in Bedworth about 0800, so after that it depends on the M1 and the parking at Luton Station, but we hope to be in the pub for about 1100. Its like a military operation, i wish!!!
thats is brilliant pompeygray. when we beat united at old trafford i said that a beam of light that came down on old trafford about midway through the 2nd half - on an otherwise dark and rainy day - made me really believe it was going to be our day, my thoughts were this was everyone shining down on us that wanted us to win this cup this season, your dad was one of them too and im sure he is really proud now. hopefully we can now go all the way and you can do what you have planned.
im still doing some investigating into jj moons, but fellas this looks like the place we will be looking to meet up - if possible? anyone that needs to exchange numbers drop me a line and i will put you in touch with those you need to - put me in touch with you too, if you have not already done this...
Rug, there are a few more pubs in the same area, so we will probably need to mention a few more just in case JJ's is full and letting no more in. Anyone else got any other places in mind?
Just tried 'Googleing' pubs near wembley, JJ Moons seems to be nearest, all the others were the other side of Wembley Park Stn. I think the best way would to be swap Mobi no's through Rug, and keep in touch by txt. Why do you say tins instead of drinking in the bar Owens?
Past experience mate, it is one busy pub on match day, and it can take a while to get to the bar, much better to ensure that service is self. We have been on a number of occassions and we have learnt to go prepared, even busier after the game believe me.
This is all amazing - I have now hit the point of excitment where I want the week off work beacuase I am too hyper, but no that it would probably be worse just sitting at home going mad! JJ Moons it is nice and early! Being a Spoons I guess that it is open from 9ish and beer is served from 10?
You are not lookin too well mate, take the week off and prepare for the big day. Dig out those old Pompey videos and look back at the bad old days, and then on Saturday come and watch the new Pompey.
jj moons is open from 9, and is a wetherspoon pub as sneakay said. and for pompey--pessimist, theres some kind of real ale festival going on with wetherspoons atm, so ur mate will definately be able to find some real ale. jjmoons website - bring on the weekend!
REAL ALE, MEET WITH OLD MATES POMPEY AT WEMBLEY....I hope that ringing in my ears is notthe alarm its another txt arranging to meeet ....whOOOAAAAHHHHH ..Oh Yeh.Pompey ,please win
plymouth graham
JJ moons sounds the best option to me if its near the ground- still haven't finalised my travel plans but what is certain is it WONT be by train, so I just want to get to Wemberley - not Waterloo. May well be going on the supporters coach anyway. Look forward to getting the map through.
well tracy for you and anyone else still looking to finalise travel arrangment ive just seen this in the forum which might help? i dont know the fella i have to be honest so - and no offence you him - i would suggest your best bet is to make contact with him, but you have nothing to lose... here is the link here.
for those without a ticket.
The Rabbi
Not long now lads, i can almost taste that Calders,are the travel arrangements sorted for you Pompey lads?
Tis for me Owens, Ive booked a parking space at the stadium, and I'm driving with my family, and I'm taking The Landlord!
Is it a VIP parking space matey, or are you roughing it with the poor people, dont forget to treat the Landlord with the utmost respect, as he deserves it.
P.S. just need some advice on what time to leave, any help anyone?
I've made him slum it with us paupers! lol
for all those entrusting your wembley day with public transport *cough* there is engineering works this weekend (erm when HASNT there been weekend engineering works in the last 10 years) between Surbiton and Clapham Junction I believe. As I live in Surbiton I will read the notice tomorrow and update if necessary. I dont have as far to go but will be leaving at a silly early time... rather be early than sorry!!!
Eveyone give yourselves loads of time, it is bound to be chaotic out there, get there in good time and get there safely.
Me and my old man have booked a hotel in London for friday night in Ealing, a bit out the way but i will be a short bus/taxi ride to wembley, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up nice and early for breckie then on to the pubs!!
... i hope jj moons have bought extra quantities of sausages, bacon, egg and beans for saturday!!! yum, food of CHAMPIONS!!!
They do a nice selection of ready made sandwiches mate, however the bonus is there are many choice eating places nearby, we can all go for a Malcolm or Burger King or a KFC, the world is your oyster matey.
... well when you put it like that OP!!! hehe.
Thanks for the tip Rug - actually just booked the supporters coach, they're all leaving good and early, so should be there in plenty of time. Went past the Fortress on the train tonight, and realised the next time we see those lads its going to be at Wemberley Wemberley . . . .
Coaches will leave on a basis of when they are full they leave.

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