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'The landlords' semi final plea...

Clearly, every man, woman and their dog wants a ticket for the semi final - some are jumping on the bandwagon, but most want to go because they basically 'deserve' to be there - but those deserving of tickets are the ones that I most hope get tickets, this is where help might be needed if possible... and this is why I am trying to call in as much help as I can!

Without doubt first of all we have to sort ourselves out first, and most of us will be able to do this no problem - season ticket holders without doubt, I should be fine as I have my Old Trafford ticket stub, and this is being dealt with, so I'm a fair way towards being completely relaxed about having my ticket, which although I might not be a season ticket holder anymore, due to finances, I once was and from my own viewpoint travelling from Devon to as many games as I can nowadays, and in the late 90's and early 2000's doing this week in week out home and away to watch the rubbish that I did makes me feel I am one of those 'entitled' to a ticket - but hundreds of thousands of us can rightly say the same! As I say, all being well I am sorted now, fingers crossed followed by a phew - when I have this ticket in my hand...

My plea is that we make sure people who 'should' go, will go, so once we have sorted out ourselves, and obviously if we can some friends and family, and maybe their friends and family if ANY of you can still get hold of any tickets, and do not then have anyone specific in mind please contract me as I am a 'go to man' for many people, and I can make sure they go to those that deserve them - I too have friends and family that want tickets, and they in term, so any available tickets you have, or could well have please do take them up, as people will want them - lets make this a real community event and make sure deserving cases get them.

People that know me know I love Pompey - I do this very Vital Pompey site out of my love for the club, granted I might get 'a little bit' but this is ploughed straight back into the site, or to Portsmouth Football Club - and I am a stand up honest bloke, who only wants what is best for everyone, so I can be trusted to make sure tickets would go to those who deserve them and most importantly at face value - not inflated at all, several of you know my views on 'scum', which is what they are, who will do this, I will be on the phone to the club right away if I see them being sold by those 'so called fans' that wanted tickets.

So, again I implore you if you can get any tickets, if you have clearly sorted out yourself and anyone else that you need to let me be the first one you come to, as I will ensure that with your help people who 'should' then get a ticket that might not have 'will' get a ticket...



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The Journalist

Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday March 14 2008

Time: 3:35PM

Your Comments

Sent my reply to you gaffer, i agree with your sentiments, and i bet we will all be cheesed off with amount of corporate hospitality tickets that are available. How long before tickets are on e-bay etc.?
Great plea Rug I too am worried about 'glory hunters' rather than true fans getting tickets. A lot of these true fans cannot afford season tickets these days but deserve after supporting their side for years to be given a chance of going to Wembley. If I get any 'extra' tickets I will make sure they go to deserving cases - you would not believe how many have asked me.
Do you think there will be that many 'extra tickets'? I am sure that theree will be almost a 100% take up of tickest by the season ticket holders and members, so it does not leave a lot left.

My concern is that living outside of Pompey I don't actually know many fans, and as I am having to get just the one ticket as a member, I will have to go by myself :(

I would be really grateful to meet up with groups of you guys as i will be jumping on the train at either Woking or Farnborough to really get into the Wembley atmosphere. Anyone willing to help me out?
Nice one Rug, the problem will be even worse at the final (for those clubs that get thru) - was thinking also that we should all buy at least 2 programmes and distribute spares to Vital members who couldn't make it.
Excellent Shout Rug and if I get my hands on more than I need I'll give you a shout - I've already started a 'fight' between two of my nephews over my bro's ticket as he can't go.. One nephew always comes with us when he can afford it , the other an ex-season ticket holder has just returned from Oz ... But whoever we give it too will give up there chance for a final ticket when my bro wants his back for the final !! - anyway as I said I'll do what I can as the Glory hunters really annoy me... There were two girls at the Brum game on Wednesday who had never seen Pompey play before ... they have there stubs now... and probably a ticket for the semi I guess. Not fair is it !
well, seeing as my trip to bimingham was off someone elses season ticket, who has said that they will be just taking one ticket from there season ticket, i am thinking i will have to be trying to get mine through general sale...but then, thats probably fair, after all, i havnt exactly supported the club for 50 years, or been to even 10 games this season...
I think the birmingham game was mainly used by those rich enough, to lay their hands on as many tickets as possible, purely for the stubs. They probably then just gave the tickets to friends or family. Lets face it the stubs to Brum and Villa are worth way more than just tickets to the games. You have to trust peoples integrity when it comes to touting tickets as it is nearly impossible to stop. Saying that we all know rug is an honest man, well done mate for looking out for others. TBH I cant stop worrying about my own ticket.
Top man Rug. Chix; I stopped following Arsenal to get away from the corporate culture that's stalking football and started following Pompey...I guess I've struck lucky because I couldn't have imagined such a great season with Pompey. I wasn't a glory hunter - I just wanted to get back to enjoying live football like I remember from the 70s. I get to as many games as I can and my daughter is now an avid fan and can't understand why folks down here (Surrey) support, say, Man Utd. I'm no glory hunter....I just went to FP for the first time this season and it was my Road to Damascus moment. Sneakay, I'm off to India on the day of the semi (!!!!*****!!!!). However, if we get to the final and get tickets then I would vouch to get a lot of us together from the Woking/Farnborough area (we're in Farnham) and travel to Wembley together.
Ninja.. I know your background remember and certainly wasn't referring to you (personally) in any way, shape or form. To be honest the contribution you've made to this site over the past season is worthy of a ticket in itself ... I was more annoyed by the two girls who probably had to ask what colour Pompey were playing in on Wedneday night.. Enjoy India and fingers crossed we'll make the final and you'll be there to see it.
Sneaky - You're more than welcome to join up with me and my gang for a pint before the game .. We're a friendly lot and will make you more than welcome.. I also expect though that once we all have our tickets sorted a few other site members will arrange a meet anyway.... Don't worry we won't let you be alone ....
Cheers Ninja I hope we get through 2! I can't say I have supported Pompey all my life, but have a long story about enjoying the football from when I was a student (yeah I know, one of those people) about 7 years ago. Back then I have to admit that it was the support of the team that I fell in love with rather than the scrappy football! I try to make as many games as possible, but often work on Saturdays so can't make that many.

I just hope that we can get at least a large section of the crowd that was as loud as in the quarters at Manure! Unreal - It took three days for my voice to come back completely.
Cheers as well Chix - I will pester you some more near the actual date! :)

I thought it was a little unfair that the fans that went to Manure have to battle it out with the people that went to the Brummie game. They should have had their own 'phase' !

Everyone wants just deserving supporters at the semi's, but can anyone see it really happening?
Never it will not happen, money will talk and fons will pay the asking price for tickets, like many others i have had people at work saying that they wouldnt mind going!! They seem to think as it is Pomey and the Baggies they have not got enough fans to fill the ground, after all we are not a big club like Spurs and Villa and Boro and Bolton.
What does Wembley hold 90,000. Even allowing for 5,000 spaces for segregation, what happens to the 20,000 tickets, they can't all go to the neutrals. The final gives less tickets then the semis to the teams.
If they start appearing on ebay, we should do what the aussies did when the ashes tickets went on sale. Put in bids of 1,000,000 plus and watch ebay brought to its knees. Otherwise I'm with everyone else; travelling to the highbury semi without a ticket and paying through the nose when I got there took the shine off the day (oh that, and the result). I don't want a repitition of either.
Evening Tony!
I'm so tempted to ask you what you don't want a repetition of Tony.. just so you repeat it ... evening to you too Simon !
Evening chix, little bit drunk, so excuse me if i say something wrong!
Cheers Chix.
I am told Birmingham ticket stubs are on ebay already.
Good shout Rug - Having to travel from the Highlands of Scotland now to watch my beloved Pompey, I quite frankly have no hope of getting a ticket. True, I didn't have to move here and this is one down side to it all. Sure, I would love to go to Wembley, although I would rather go for a final than a semi. The situation will be worse, surely, IF we get to the final - is the allocation 25000 each for a final? All the years that I had a season ticket - I used to say that the main reason was it would guarantee me a ticket for Wembley !! I think that rather than say people could buy tickets if they had Birmingham and Villa stubs - they should have maybe mentioned stubs for the Plymouth game? I have my stub, after a round trip of 1226 miles. Still - to all those of you that can go - enjoy the day and lets hope that you go again in May. Pompey deserve this - it has been a long time coming, but the pain over the years has been worth it in the end. If I was going to the semi final or final - I would elect to wear a kilt, so that you could all recognise me !! Play Up Pompey
all i can say people is good luck with your quest, lets hope that people who deserve to go can go, those that are 'glory hunting' get their comeupance... those that get tickets and then sell on eBay and so on - you are right dave, ive seen ticket stubs for brum on their, it disgusts me! - get found out and are never allowed to buy a pompey ticket again, altho this wont happen will it...
i think that the club has been bang out of order tbh by saying those that went to birmingham and villa have a 'better chance' of getting tickets, granted 'most' would have sold before this announcement but clearly a good few 'jumped on the bandwagon' after hearing this as i have honestly never seen so many people needing to be shown to their seats as i did on wednesday! yep, maybe some of these people have been lifelong pompey fans and hadnt visited certain areas of the ground before, so had to take what they could, or finances have been tight, but i can say almost 100% that a group of lads that got on the train i caught down to fratton almost certainly have never been to see pompey before as at the train station i heard one say 'where is it we are going to', to which one replied 'fratton'... hmmm, if you had been to watch pompey before you wouldnt be asking where the hell it is you were going!!!!
so i agree Highland_Pompey, allowing ticket stubs for these 2 games is wrong, it should be the other fa cup games - like is counting for the united one - particularly the home tie we had with plymouth, wembley was a long was off when that game was played, and people went to those cup games, without doubt the early rounds as they wanted to go to the games, there were no alterior motives at all...
Rug, the problem is that the club have made their arrangements for tickets and will not change now. Great shame, but part of me always wanted to watch Pompey lift the cup on TV - you know all the build up etc, interviews etc. I enjoyed 1992, I hope that I enjoy 2008 in a different way ... PUP
the other FA cup games would have been better as far as i am concerend - as i went to the plymoth game. howver, ihave also lost my ticket stub, which is why they could not really do it - who really keeps there tickets??? (maybe i am wrong, and everyone else does...) anyway, they probably looked at it, and said that they only had a couple of hundred tickets to sell, anyway... and it is one way of enusring that MOSTLY people that are deserving get there tickets...
I only kept the ticket stub because I am a sad muppet and thought that we might ge to Wembley ... and then we did ... Have a great time if you are going.
ive kept every single ticket ive ever got, even a pre season one at dorchester - which was basically a rafle ticket...
Went to the unfashionable Plymouth game in January for which many season ticket holders ditched because it wasn't glamourous enough. Have been to a few home games this season but am at uni so I can't go every week. it is a shame that many people will go as a 'day out' rather than to support pompey!!
miguel, I'm a season ticket holder and went to the Plymouth game. Thing is, as the season ticket holders put money into the club at the start of the season, they are offered the tickets first irrespective of whether they've been to previous rounds in the cup. Rightly so. If i'm being honest, it's a struggle for me, I go as a family see, me the wife and kids. it costs me a fortune, i'm just now puzzling how to pay for next seasons! But, I agree, I want to see real fans at Wembley, not glory hunters after a day out! But, a fan is a fan, whether arm chair or otherwise! Isnt it nice to have this topic to discuss though, who'd of thought Pompey at Wembley!!
actually i don't want a ticket for the semi as i can't afford to go do you know the cost from nz to see this game and anywazy i support qpr good luck
ozanne park rangers
just as well, as you werent being offered one... supporting qpr you wont have much worry about a trip to wembley for a while anyway will you ;-)
How many tickets are there in total. I know the old Wembley held 100,000 there abouts. If the new Wembley is the same size at the moment between WBA and Pompey there are about 72,000 tickets to the clubs. thats around 28,000 left over. How are the rest allocatecd and to whom? I know this may sound mean but if the semi had been held at either sides ground, the supporters would have got the tickets and in the unlikely event of any left spare then anyone could buy them on a first come first served basis. Just because its Wembley why should it be any different? If the clubs can't sell their half by 7 days before the match then the spares are released to anyone to buy.
I'm not sure that they could have been very much fairer in the distribution of tickets - perhaps I would say that as those that went to ManU have a good chance. From what Peter Storrie said, they have allocated enough (2000) for those non-season ticket holders that went to ManU and after that there's just 1,000 for the Brum/Villa ticket holders, which won't go far. But perhaps it would have been better to have extended it to earlier cup rounds rather than these 2 matches, but they wanted to fill the ground!
people in suits and ties working for 'corporate marketing' will no doubt get more than their fair share of seats. I keep all my pompey tickets as souveneirs they might be worth something one day when we win the league
only 80 000 in the old webly (after they made it all seated), and (only) 90 000 in the new wembly (all seated). 33 000 for each team leaves 24 000 seats, of these, probably 4 000 will go into keeping the supporters apart, and the remaining seats will be distibuted by the FA (to those with permanant seats, and also sold seperatly). As far as pompey distributing the tickets goes, they ha probably done it as fairly as possible, as they have given enough tickets to everyone who deserves them, and to those who maybe are thinking of becoming a pompey fan (which to be hones, portsmouth football club should be encouraging), they have given a fair chance. although this has the draw back on those "poorer" fans, who can afford a season ticket, or to go to many games, who are now disadvantaged...
The trouble is with Wembley there are so many corporate tickets, and all these people with regular tickets that they are allowed to sell for as much as they like, its legalised touting as far as I can see. I just had a look out of curiosity, semi final tickets won't give much change for 300 on the internet, and for the final 750 is the cheap seats. This is supposed to be our national stadium, something should be done.
If you can't get through on the Pompey number try 0870 1544040 Ticketmaster I got there in the end and got a 55 ticket which ends up costing 63 with add ons. WBA have a much better system on line booking and ordinary rate phone number and only 4 odd add ons good luck
Thanks ashford, just tried that number, it's now busy too!
Wey hey!! Got my ticket, 3 more of us heading 4 the smoke from Andover, see u all there. Although at 183 total for the 3 tickets...phew, but what price wdmbley
Will bear the other number in line when I get home and try again. We will all get through (and fleeced by the sounds of it) eventually!
once again vital pompey comes up trumps! We are in, bad news is all 55 seats are gone, thanks ashford!
not all of us yet...
Got through and got two tickets, the wife and I, but up in the gods on the side section 524. Well see if I have more luck Monday morning. At least I got them.
Hang on a minute...I thought it was only one ticket per season ticket holder during the first phase??!! which doesn't end until Saturday. I Got my one and only ticket today because i couldn't get through yesterday and it cost me 32 including charges in block 511 right near the roof...better bring my bino's lol !!!
it is only 1 ticket per person in phase 1, but some people are phoning up and getting several peoples season ticket tickets in 1 go, so people can 'hopefully' sit together that do normally...
dont forget fellas when phase 2 kicks in, if any of you can get extra tickets and dont already have people in mind please do try to get more during phase 2 as i do know people that are desperate for them, and whats more deserve them...
MMMM When i phoned up this morning the lady said ''how many tickets would you like'', without thinking i said ''i thought it was only one per person'' all of a sudden she said yes it is....ha ha ha
too honest mate, i hope they've not been making a balls up and letting more go than they should...
I hope i can still see the players where i'm sitting, never the less i'm going to enjoy it. Want to get a ticket for my old man and was advised to try again in the second phase as i can buy another two tickets if i get through!!!
WOW over 13'000 tickets sold in 24 hours
...if you get through. but i have a feeling that 15 000 people will be having the same idea, to go for just 2 the chances are pretty slim!
sorry, going for 4000 tickets (and actully, its the equivilant of about 30 000 going for them...)
pompeycarpet are selling tkts unfortunately 160 each
plymouth graham
good luck with your ticket hunt. As the most vociferous fans in the League you would hope you would get looked after
cheers mate :-)

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