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Get rid of 'Arry? Be serious...

Before I even begin I want to make it clear this was written well before the United victory, and although it may appear specific to people it is not, it is aimed at anyone basically doubting the job Harry Redknapp is doing, all only my own personal opinion…

The beauty of Vital Pompey is the fact that anyone can have an opinion anytime on anything and share it on any issue, granted we might not all agree with what is said and why should we all the time - if you do not agree why should you?

I write what I write because it is what I want to say, I have the balls to put my beliefs and thoughts on the club I love out there - it is not to say I think it is the way, it is merely the way I think, I am not saying you have to think this way too, you are given the chance to agree or disagree, which you either take or not.

Much like what I am writing now, it is what I think, some will agree, some will not, these are my thoughts, I am laying them all on the table to make my thoughts abundantly clear on this issue - again I am not saying this is the right way to think, it is my way of thinking nothing more, nothing less…

Managers live and die by the decisions that they make, or do not make, they know what they are getting themselves in for when they sign up for a job, they also know how quickly things can change in the results based 'business' - and football is a business first and foremost no matter what anyone says - we know these days as football.

If you are not cutting it for a regular period of time you will inevitably be given the chop, sometimes people are not given anywhere near the time that is needed, well in fact most of the time they are not, but despite the shortcomings we have been showing in the past few months - yep it is months and not weeks - I find some of the calls, which do seem to be growing for Redknapp to go absolutely ludicrous!

I do not like the way some of our transfers have been conducted, and basically how the players have have almost become like 'cattle' - but in all fairness most other clubs are the same - but when all is said and done although Redknapp does clearly have a say on the issue these transfers are made in order to better Pompey as a football club, as someone said to me the other day - and you know who you are - 'he does what he does in the best interests of Portsmouth Football Club, he only wants the best for us', something I agree with 100%.

I get wound up beyond belief when Redknapp makes his all too frequent contradictory comments, it is almost as if he is like Christian Bale in that film 'the prestige', the one where he has an identical twin, and sometimes is where the 'other' twin should be, but they are different personalities, so in Redknapp's case that 'other' gets caught out in public and the words he utters bare little or no resemblance to those spoken days, sometimes hours before.

His reluctance to sometimes change things, which seem blatantly obvious from where I am sitting - granted it's a lot easy from my seat! - infuriates me at times, but more often than not he gets it right. The thing with him is this stubbornness to prove 'he was right' to let someone go for such and such a player can sometimes lead him to keep playing them to prove 'his point' - even if it is wrong, despite all this my thinking is he is the right man beyond any shadow of a doubt for me…

I do not care what anyone says without Redknapp we would not have signed the vast majority of footballers that we have, and will continue to do so, his attraction is such that they come here. People feel that is the players are 'constantly treated like cattle' others will not come here, but these footballers are hardened pros, they know the score with football, I cannot really defend some of the goings on's but all are done to try and better us, he does what he does for Portsmouth Football Club.

You cannot keep living off what you have done in the past - and he does this too when the going gets tough which also annoys me, but without him we would not have got into the top flight when we did, god only knows where we would be. Even after he left had he not come back there is no way that we would be anywhere near where we are now. I maintain my thoughts that no other manager - that would have realistically came to us at the time - in 2005/06 would have kept us up apart from him.

The thought that 'others could have done the job as well as him, if not better' maybe are thoughts I agree with to a degree - after we had stayed up, but they would not have attracted the players that he has, not to say he is a 'messiah', as he is not.

As said you cannot live off the past forever and you are judged on results and if you do not deliver these you go, but in all fairness apart from his stubbornness, which clearly will prove his undoing if he will not change this, what is he doing wrong? He has been linked to Birmingham, Spurs, Newcastle and of course England this season - that cannot be bad can it… Yet he is still here, and he could have easily gone!

The balance of the side is clearly not right at the moment, but I honestly do think we are only a few minor tweaks away from getting this right - if this means 'upsetting' some players and leaving them out so be it, it must be done - and if we do these thoughts will soon disappear. His head is on the block when every week begins, it can be safe at the end of it, or the man wielding the axe gets closer, but so long as he is willing to make the minor adjustments and amendments to his stubbornness the axe man will never come near him until he says he has had enough, it is only his stubbornness that can prove his undoing…

A lot of these thoughts people might be having stems from expectations, which have grown, but consolation is what people wanted this season, at present we are on course for this - granted I will be disappointed if our season fizzles out now, but I hope it will not do this. Some have personal grievances against him, as said some of the things he says and does, or then goes against wind me up but lets be careful what we wish for as we all know what happened last time he went…

Lets see the season out, take stock in the summer, but when all is said and done if he does not take us where Sacha Gaydamak wants him to take us he will act, but lets not try to run before we can walk, clearly we have to aim high - why should we not - but things take time, if he has taken us as far as he can - which I do not think he has - then a change will be made, as it will become obvious he had, and despite the fact we have not played well for some months this can change so lets not be too hasty.

Portsmouth Football Club is good for Harry Redknapp and Harry Redknapp is good for Portsmouth Football Club, until these facts change, despite some patches in between that might be 'iffy' I for one do not want this changed.

As said I wrote this before the United game, but it appears to be even more relevant as a result does it not?


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Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday March 12 2008

Time: 8:51AM

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as is say i wrote this a good week ago, probably longer just didnt publish it - i also want to make it clear that altho it 'could' be viewed as doing so, it is not a 'pop' at anyone in particular, just my own personal opinions on 'arry and why i think the growing calls - and they were growning - for him to go are wrong... in my opinion...
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12/03/2008 08:55:00

long may king harry reign
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12/03/2008 09:29:00

I am on the fence. HR has been great, Can be brilliant. Often frustrates. I am comfortable with HR at the reins as it stands, BUT and a very big but, imagine if we had serious blue chip investment - I am not so sure HR would be my first choice. I say that because I too am a maverick and sometimes my skills just don't mix with the big corporate machine - suspect HR fits that bill too. Sometimes being brilliant isn't good enough guys.
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12/03/2008 09:44:00

I am one who has been on the opposite side of the fence to rug and we have "locked horns gently" on one or two occassions. I have the benefit of replying after the Cup match against Man U. I will reaffirm by belief that HR is not the manager to take us to the top 3. My reasons are similar in some respects to Rugs complaints against Harry but I think he takes the "my boys" and vindictiveness to an extreme. Sure he comes out with contradictarory bull***** and needs a PR man but it is the teams actions on the field that count. Until last Saturday I think he had shown little guideance to the players in motivation and tactics. Last Saturday he came back with a vengence and I applaude him for it. I hope he can keep repeating the performance and if he does then I won't be backing any move to sack him. Why? because I don't think that until we get decent training facilities and a big new stadium that any manager, no matter how good, will get us into the top 3. We simply don't generate the revenue to buy the players needed. So while we are in the top half we stick with the devil we know. Where rug and I disagree is that rug thinks HR has all the say about the players we buy. I think that Sasha has much more to say about it than is told. HR is a survivor and will work within the perimeters set for him but try to manipulate them at times. He won't rock the boat until it suits him. Hence his silence on some matters. Harry likes African players. This is well known. Sasha comes from a different background and has an opinion of players that is not always purely football related. I believe this clash will surface between HR and Sasha sooner rather than later. Definately not before the end of the season but who knows when after that. Obviously a cup final win and the UEFA cup next season will soften things all around but failure to win the cup and a UEFA spot could bring them to the surface very quickly. There is also the matter of Sashas future involvement in the club. Rug and I both know there have been things going on behind the scenes that have been denied or never become public knowledge. I don't think either of us will elaborate on that matter until seasons end but should anything eventuate then the whole scene will change for everyone. For now we need to concentrate on winning the cup
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12/03/2008 10:00:00

Very interesting FA, you have made me begin to wonder what is going on. But yes HR can frustrate us all but look where we are.
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12/03/2008 12:11:00

There are still people who wont give him a chance as he deffected to the scum that sad bad time in history. But come on, he made a mistake, he admitted he was wrong, it was nothing against us a club or fans, it was purely personal between him and milan. We all make mistakes, and those who are still staying away from the ground for those reasons are daft as they are missing our best times ever, thanks to Harry. So i agree with you PompeyRug, the talk of sacking him is pathetic, and those who call for his head are probably not pompey fans, but scummers posting in disguise.
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12/03/2008 12:44:00

If you know something, why come in here and say we know something but we cant say what. Why do some people have to shout that they know something??? Is it one-up-manship or what??? It really really pee's me off. We have enough people in the media trying to derail us, putting knives in, and spreading rumours. If you know something good for you, but if its not for posting, then shut up. Ive never read Mr Rug saying anything like "I know this that and the other", so why should you? God people like you infuriate me!
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12/03/2008 12:49:00

Arry and Pompey fit each other and suit each other very well, and I wonder who else we think would come in and do a better job? Look what's happened at Newcastle! No its not perfect at Pompey, but its good - even without the ManU game. As for top 3, is this really a realistic expectation? I think Spurs, Everton, possibly Newcastle have this kind of expectation as well and I'm not sure its realistic for them either. Look at the size of the top 4 clubs - in terms of fan base (internationally and nationally) (we can struggle to fill Fratton at times), stadiums, facilities, and money. Clubs that can spend £20-£30 million on one player. And players like that will go there. The class of player we are attracting now is fantastic and we have a team and a squad to be proud of at Pompey, and a bright shiny blue future. This could all come crashing down if Harry left and someone else came in. I don't know about this behind the scenes stuff, but thanks Harry, I for one am proud of you and your team, and I hope he stays a good few years yet.
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12/03/2008 12:56:00

Yea Midge, it's a pet hate of mine too, that. If you got some inside info, share it if it's not supposed to be common knowledge, dont say anything.
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12/03/2008 13:07:00

The trouble with your comments Tracy is that even for Pompey to remain in the top 10 our game both football and club managment will need to improve considerably. Today's Pompey team would be in the top 4 few years back and in a few years the game would would have moved on again - the question remains can HR and the current managment improve at the rate necessary. Personally I doubt it - HR can't contine to play the drums, guitar and sax and do lead vocals. Let's hope i am wrong.
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12/03/2008 13:13:00

i am with you tracy
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12/03/2008 13:14:00

I can see your points chris, but right now, i'm 'appy with 'arry.
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12/03/2008 13:21:00

Yeah come on Aussie, out with it or I'll have a word with the colonies parole board.
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12/03/2008 13:24:00

yep me too P4me, am just saying that for me the future's not so certain. I had tears in my eyes on Saturday when I saw Jamie and Harry being interview edpost match - I just love those guys, but we mustn't follow without passing constructive comment else we might else well nip down to M&S and buy a couple of prawn sarnies. no?
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12/03/2008 13:27:00

A thought provoking and well written piece, Rug. Like you, I get dismayed and annoyed by HR's frequent contradictorary remarks. FrattonAussie, as for reference to behind the scenes info...what's that all about then? With respect, making that sort of remark here is totally futile unless you back it up. You're as bad as the poxy media in that respect. Offer opinions by all means and facts if you have them - but never try to dress one up as the other.
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12/03/2008 13:31:00

i think the main issue is that sascha is going to sell sooner rather than later, and the club secretly are actively looking for a new buyer, it all remains to be seen what happens in a few months time.
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12/03/2008 15:41:00

frattonaussie your input and knowledge are of the highest order, but mention of a hidden agenda does not help your cause. Following saturday, now is not the time to discuss the subject matter, for obvious reasons. The seasons end is the time, when many matters will become clearer.
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12/03/2008 16:38:00

now i sort of started this when i bit in defence of 007's right to criticise Harry, and the only thing i regret was that i didnt make it clear that i wasnt having a go at rug. The rest i dont regret it becuse i think the debate is healthy. Harry has not been doing all his buying on a shoe string and the time we were down to the bare bones was his fault, we have a chance of finishing 6th which last year would have got us a Uefa place which we may well get if we manage to win the FA CUP which i still think ios a wonderfull thing. So i still say HR is a good manager, not the best and he will lie to us to make him look good and never accept responsibility for anything that makes him look bad. Thats the man take him or leave him. What i do think and was arguing for is that this season is different to those gone before as at the end of this season we really are entitled to sit down take a long look and judge him.
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12/03/2008 19:00:00

regards the internal machinations at the club, it is no real secret in the development world that Sasha is looking for risk share partners if he cannnot sort out a take over. For Sasha it has only ever been the property and development opportunity side and moving the stadium to somewhere else out side the city centre area combined with the housing slump and credit crunch means it is fiscally unfeasable, not much point building houses if they cost 25% more to build and nobody can afford to buy them anyway. In regards to Harry and Sasha, when your bosss says you havent got the cash to splash but the says "oh i think i'll get a domino's pizza.....company delivered" its natural to be annoyed, especially when it was the exact cost of Matt Taylor.
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12/03/2008 19:16:00

I think russellm has answered the questions about the internal matters and if Sasha has seen his development opportunity collapse then it would be natural for him try to sell the club as a successful concern in its own right. There have been enquiries made about puting together a consortium to buy the club and they have come from a variety of areas. Harry by design or chance had built a team around predominately African players. Sasha realises that this may not be in his best interests when trying to sell the club. I refuse to get drawn into discussion on this aspect of Sasha and his reasons. However there has been a noticable change in focus of where we have been searching for players both young and experienced. I believe this change will continue. I also believe this change is not from Harry's instructions but from Sashas and , whilst it hasn't been a major concern now, will become a bigger issue in the next transfer period if HR gets overuled on buying a player.
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12/03/2008 22:00:00

We're in the FA Cup final and have a shot at 6th, perhaps even 5th spot overall. Nobody likes all of his calls (god knows how many times I've groused about his tactical approach over the years) but it's his ass in the seat and the club's record is speaking for itself. Ambition is a wonderful thing but you do have to stop and take a look where you came from once in a while, and for long time fans, it has a been a remarkable journey. Pompey sweated in obscurity for many many moons and it was Redknapp who got us to the top flight and saved us from going back down again. I really couldn't care less about the day to day office politics and innuendos at Pompey HQ and nobody here has any reliable " inside information " even if they purport that they do. These are exciting times for pompey fans, new and old. Lets just enjoy them eh ?
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12/03/2008 22:13:00

One more thing. The whole point of this sight is to have a little fun and enjoy our team, and Rug, you do an excellent job of making that possible. It would be a shame if things were to disintegrate in to the shambles that are many other blog sites, where folks get far too caught up and invested in the importance of their own opinions, which are, after all, like arsholes...everyone has one.
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12/03/2008 22:20:00

Yes T4P, there has definately been a strange undertone to the site in the last few weeks. I'd love it to lighten up again, get back the way that it was.
Report Abuse
12/03/2008 23:34:00

ChisW, the colonies parole board has to much to do controlling the "new convicts" you keep sending over here. I have been here too long to worry them now and even my ball and chain (not the wifely version) is wearing out. The wifely ball and chain is a lot younger than me and contols me in her own way. 007, licenced to thrill? In many of my posts I have said I hope things don't change until the off season. I have been a supporter of not changing players mid season let alone change the manager. Even when HR looked likely to go to Newcastle I said that I would prefer him to go at the end of the season as I couldn't see anything positive coming of him leaving in January. In one of the forums I also state that while I am not a HR advocate I don't think that anyone will get us to top 3 or 4 while we have the poor facilities that we have. So give HR a PR man and all will be sweet with me. Re lightening up the site., if you go to Random posts you will see I have put a post on there to do just that and more light hearted posts will come. I will defend anyone on this site or anywhere else if they are, in my opinion, unfairly treated on the basis of race, colour or religion or if they are not given a "fair go". This defence will go to other posters who express an opinion and get unfairly chastised and to players, managers and refs and if that is considered part of a strange undertone, then tough luck. Toronto4Pompeys comment about the information some posters have not being reliable or being unfounded is way off the mark in many cases as there has been some very reliable information posted on here. The club is not the only avenue that information can be gathered from. In summary people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones so don't take one comment as being a total opinion and respect everyones viewpoint without abuse to them.
Report Abuse
13/03/2008 06:24:00

as said this was written a few weeks back after hearing a growing number of people basically against 'arry, not all merely on this site either i might add - these have been growing, i had a point to make and eventually decided to make it - in many ways no one started it, but i wanted to finish my thoughts on it with the above - so i did...
Report Abuse
13/03/2008 08:24:00

You did a very good job Rug, as ever.
Report Abuse
13/03/2008 09:03:00

It is all about opinions but stop & think what your opinions would have been when Rix, Claridge, Pulis ec were in charge. For those of us that suffered the mid 90's early 2000 years and rarely missed match & suffered big time, the last 5 years in the main have been brilliant. There ain't much to think about really. HR attracted the players & he is responsible for our success. Lots of 'bigger' clubs than us have attracted other players on daft salaries & it hasn't worked. Some people would moan if they won the lottery & only got £2m! HR is our lottery prize.
Report Abuse
13/03/2008 09:04:00

Picking up on the mood of the site, I can't speak beyond when I joined back in December, since then however it has become progressively more polemic with polarised views on the big issues - HR, Benjani, Sasha etc, etc. But that should be welcomed, but I would say that wouldn’t I - because I am in part responsible for it. We are all mature people here, even the youngest guys still at college add a tremendous amount and if anything it's the older guys that tend to be the most radical in their views. But let's not forget we are all here because we want to be, because we respect the forum and its members. Those of you that get upset when their views are questioned should loosen up a little. I am very vocal despite not having earned my wings on many away matches [sorry but that was a laughable comment in its original context] - but I am prepared to back down when the opposing argument warrants it, but I won’t back down just because somebody holds an opposing opinion. I want also to add a note of thanks to our far away members. Guys you contribute hugely, your posts typically are very well considered and I enjoy reading them even if I don’t always agree with their content. It must be doubly difficult dealing with time zones as well as not being able to watch ‘our’ team in person as often as you’d like.
Report Abuse
13/03/2008 09:27:00

During most of the 80's and 90's I was in areas where survival was the most important issue and football meant little. Therefore I have very little knowledge of that era and don't have an opinion of Rix, Claridge, Pulis etc. and most posters have acknowledged HR's achievements to date. The negative comments, if you want to call them that, are about his ability to take us up to the next level and his habit of saying one thing and doing another or contradicting himself in interviews.
Report Abuse
13/03/2008 09:33:00

how many times i could have thought 'sod this' in he 90's and early 2000's when i did travel to virtually every home and away game - altho they are all away for me - but i never did, and never seriously even contemplated it. those days seem along time ago now dont they, but they can never be forgotten, nor should they...
Report Abuse
13/03/2008 10:10:00

'Arry is th stuff that legends are made of. In all my years of following Pompey I believe this is the BEST Manager we have had. It's hard not to like him and results are what counts. If we lift the FA Cup 'Arry will be immortalised for the rest of our lives. I cannot find a bad word to say about this man, except perhaps when he went to Southampton I he became JUDAS, but I forgive him for that period of indiscretion.
Report Abuse
13/03/2008 21:16:00

A few years ago we would have dreamt of a back to back top 10 finishes.... Now we are all talking about Harry will never get us into the top 3!!! If we are not careful we will turn into the next Newcastle.
Report Abuse
14/03/2008 13:10:00

agree 100% with Sachas Brother. Is your name wanna_buyer_Gaydamac lol
Report Abuse
17/03/2008 16:50:00


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