Portsmouth - Nothing like sour grapes eh!
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Nothing like sour grapes eh!

Nothing could take the gloss off the fantastic, amazing, unbelievable, incredible - the list goes on - victory over United today, but Fergie, Carlos Queiroz and a Manc muppet all tried… but they all failed!

Sours grapes, and/or failing to accept defeat gracefully is something I cannot stand. I might not like losing, but I do like to think I am fair, and maybe Harry Redknapp sometimes tries to gloss over the cracks, but often does give credit where it is due - but would Fergie, Queiroz or that Manc muppet? Nope, of course they did not…

Fergie was banging on about how poor the referee was, and how he favoured us and basically 'wanted us to win'… I try to be impartial, but from my lofty perch at Old Trafford, although he might not have had the greatest of games I did not see the referee 'favouring us' at all - quite the opposite in fact as United seemed to get most things that they could have.

Then you had Queiroz who was totally out of order with his comments, basically backing up Fergie and more, in the end we had to turn off the radio as hearing his thoughts over and over was winding us up on the way back.

Now on to this 'Manc muppet'… walking away from Old Trafford I had the back of my legs kicked, I thought nothing of it until it kept happening so in the end turned round and asked this fella if he was kicking me? Gobbing off he said something along the lines of 'who's asking', clearly I was not amused so I said 'I was', being the hard man he thought he was - not that I am claiming I am, as I am not - he was rabbiting on about something, so I just asked him why he felt the need to do what he was? Clearly I know it was because he is a bad loser and I just happened to be 'that' Pompey fan in front of him at that time. He just kept gobbing off telling me to move on, to which I told him I was, but he wanted me 'to go quicker', but I was not having that… He carried on giving it all that before saying 'what way are you going', I said one way, and asked what way he was going, he said the other and 'challenged' me to go that way too… such a pretty boy, so off he went, what a muppet!

The best teams can also take defeat in the right way cant they - I did not see this from United today. Just imagine if I reacted liked that every time I had come away from seeing Pompey beaten home or away - and this has happened plenty of times! One thing I will say for this fella is he sounded like a genuine Manc - even if it probably was his first ever United game - as he could have pulled off a Liam Gallagher style 'in the sunnnshhhhiiiinnnneee' whilst wearing a fluffy hooded parker I reckon.

Gracious, or as the case is 'not gracious' in defeat springs to mind for all of these lot, sours grapes are not nice are they…

Nothing is detracting from this though, what a day, which incidentally saw me travel with some fellas I have not even seen - or heard from until recently - let alone travelled to a game with for some 8 years!


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Date:Saturday March 8 2008

Time: 11:21PM

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Well in one of the forums I have given the ref motm for his fairness and style of refereeing. So I would have had no complaints with him even if we had lost- which we didn't...HOORAY.
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08/03/2008 23:33:00

Sir lex was out of order, and unjustified in his comments. carlos quierez was simply wrong. If i was the FA, i would be puttng thwe two under pressure to retract the statements, as they are both completly unjustified as the refereeing, although not perfect, was not bad either, and it is the fact that a little bit of shoulder-to-shoulder action is allowed makes the premiership what it is. The only "dangerous" play - or "taylor" play as Queiroz so unfairly called it - came from wayne rooney attempting to take out niko kranjcar (do englishmen have something against croatians???) which was violant, and more to the point, was not a one off. how many times have we seen rooney playing dangerously, stamping, or taking players out? why not just ban him from football, it would do more good than banning all physical contact...
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08/03/2008 23:46:00

Do you guys think Sir/Queiroz could get some kind of punishment by the FA? Thought not. Saw the highlights on MotD only. Rooney's 2-footed challenge did seem to be the most dangerous foul.
Lou the Gunneress
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09/03/2008 00:05:00

Well done Pompey - Fergie is scum, looney is scum, united are scum.
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09/03/2008 00:56:00

HOW THE HELL DID U WIN THAT GAME!!?? anyways im so glad u did despite sol campbell playing 4you. hope you now go all the way play up pompy!
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09/03/2008 00:59:00

I luv that pic of ol' purple nose, looks like he's chewing on a highland terriers 4 day old jobbie :)
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09/03/2008 01:16:00

Pompey till I die... err... until FACUP - 2008 :-D ... well u alwyas have been my second favourite team
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09/03/2008 02:21:00

FA should make Sir Alex and Queiroz go to gracious losing classes run by Avram Grant. Avram showed the right way to accept defeat.
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09/03/2008 02:32:00

i bet you guys care what he thinks right now NOT celebrate pompey well done there that team
ozanne park rangers
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09/03/2008 03:03:00

We couldn't give a stuff. We are still in ManU aren't. That's all we care about.
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09/03/2008 04:23:00

Its sad that Alex said all that stuff. This guy wins all the time, cups, trophys & signings!!! why cant he, just once wind his neck in!?..dont get me wrong, he dosnt have to be happy with the result, but blaming our players for being "dirty"...thats just bull *****!!!!! Alex, got a new chant for ya..."WHERES UR TREBLE GONE! WHERES UR TREBLE GONE!!!!!!
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09/03/2008 08:56:00

im glad we beat them it just shows what bad losers they are
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09/03/2008 09:06:00

All this moaning is actually entertaining for the non-manc non-pompey lot. When Fergie rants in this manner, you know he's lost it, and thats always 'nice' to see ;).
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09/03/2008 09:08:00

I wonder if Sir Alex cracked open a bottle of red for Harry this time? He always seems to when United stuff us up there
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09/03/2008 09:34:00

Made my day hearing the full SAF interview. Never heard him gracious in defeat and never expect too. But do I care a jot? no. Should the FA take action? Yes. Others get fined and so should SAF.
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09/03/2008 09:41:00

Paul I was wondering that too about SAF and HR having a bottle of red together. Will we ever find out? Surely real friendship would rise above a minor tiff like this ;-)
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09/03/2008 10:08:00

just had another look at sir alex's comments...wtf is he talking about??? the "penalty" ronaldo should have got was very iffy, the reaction of the commentator was no penalty, my reaction was no penalty, the tv angles show that it was definatly not dangerous, and hewas ahead of ronaldo, who actually ran into him. As for cristiano's "thress fouls in the first 5 minutes" - i didnt spot them. he said diara should have got a yellow when he nudged ronaldo out. what for? it wasnt dangerous, it wasnt unsporting (well, no more than any other foul) - nothing wrong with it (other than it being a foul). He (ronaldo) claimed to be scared to show off his skills. well, the only player who should hve been afraid about that was kranjcar, who seemed to be targeted by rooney (what an awful challenge that was!). Sure, the pompey players were strong - but strong does not mean dangerous. why is it that whenever united loose, it is because of the referee, not the team that did the beating.
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09/03/2008 10:13:00

should air alex get fined? definatly.
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09/03/2008 10:14:00

fergie and queiroz 'should' be charged by the fa for something - they basically accused the referee of cheating, most others would at least be heavily fined, lets hope they do too - hopefully that muppet manc will get his too - altho he did, we beat 'em...
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09/03/2008 10:26:00

http://link.brightcove.com/services/link/bcpid958992159/bctid1446723199 Don't take Rugs word for it, see for yourselves!
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09/03/2008 11:07:00

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09/03/2008 11:12:00

don't work, posted it in the forums
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09/03/2008 11:13:00

he's a right old feckin misery guts ain't he ? As if he's not had the benfit of numerous dodgy decisions in his 200 years in charge!
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09/03/2008 11:40:00

Forgat to mention - let's hopean FA charge sheet drops through his letterbox this week!
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09/03/2008 11:42:00

check out paul's forum thread and see fergie rant away, and laugh at him... click here.
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09/03/2008 12:55:00

Pathetic Ferguson, any respect i had for you and your team has now gone. The ref did what he thought was correct, but how dare he give a penalty to Pompey at Old Trafford. Our wild challenges were disgusting and Ronaldo was kicked all over the park, shut up you plonker, we came and stole a result, it is about time someone did, just be graceful for a change and wish us all the best, i cant believe you are so pathetic in defeat, GROW UP!!
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09/03/2008 13:00:00

spot on owens - ive just seen the rant in full, and he should be ashamed of himself... i dont like united or fergie, but like you any scrap of respect i might have had for him was washed away without any chance of it coming back about 5 minutes ago - i thought it had almost gone yesterday when i wrote this, but having seen it in full its fully gone now...
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09/03/2008 13:10:00

So a shoulder barge ain't allowed. We didn't kick them Bolton style, we used brain & muscle.
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09/03/2008 15:14:00

that isnt allowed tho is it, well not against united at old trafford...
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09/03/2008 16:38:00

had (yet another) look at peoples comments. ronaldo said that because referees arnt giving red cards and penalties, he might have to change the way he plays. is this him openly admiting that he dives???
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09/03/2008 20:30:00

carps, did he really say that?? God he's a muppet! IF he changes the way he plays, ie stands up then I honestly think he would be crowned world player of the year.
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09/03/2008 20:39:00

yes, he did - infact, the actual quote was "It's very disappointing and I'm thinking a lot about changing my game. When referees don't give penalties, yellow cards or reds, it's difficult to play." - i think there is probably quite a few places that mention it, but that was from http://www.goal.com/en/Articolo.aspx?ContenutoId=615002
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09/03/2008 21:39:00

I have had a look at a number of "fouls" in or close to the penalty area that have involved Ronaldo. These include Saturdays game and othe games against other teams. If you slow the footage down you will see that if a player is coming in fast on him to tackle, often he is already falling when they are 4 inches from even touching him. This is a practiced and deliberate dive tactic and unfortunately fools a lot of refs. Rooney is a master of unfair tackles but he works on the fact that he gets away with 90% of them. At least when he gets caught he grins and accepts it in most cases without complaint.
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09/03/2008 23:22:00

Shut up Fergie. You lost - deal with it. As for Ronaldo, what a big girls blouse, put your dummy back in, you big baby.
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10/03/2008 07:53:00

Ferguson needs a very big dose of his wn medicine.... Bad loser or what ? Worst foul of the game was definately Rooney on Krunchie which probably should have been a red ... even if it was his boot swing at David James should have been a yellow so he should have gone at some stage.. anyway who cares now (about from old grumpy and his side kick) we are going to Wembley ... and they ain't unless of course we get them in the Charity Sheild ... now there's a thought....
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10/03/2008 07:53:00

ronaldo, rooney, fergie, quieroz - the whole whinging lot just need to start learning you have to accept defeat graciously, its probably too late for the latter 2, but the others can still do this... yep united are a great club, with great players no one ever doubts this but the theory that my cousin has - and i agree - is that so many 'hate' united becuase of fergie and his moaning whenever they lose, its always someone elses fault and he rarely if ever gives the opponent the credit they deserve, he detracts away from what the opponent have done, and what we done was something special!
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10/03/2008 08:57:00


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