Portsmouth - Pompey Idiots Want Redknapp Out
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Pompey Idiots Want Redknapp Out

Pompey idiots want Harry Redknapp sacked.

The majority of Portsmouth fans that know what there on about either want Harry to stay until the end of the season or know that now would be the worse possible time to sack Harry Redknapp.

It is very easy to jump on the managers back in a situation like ours but sometimes its down to how much the players want it.

Can you imagine how many points we would be on if Perrin or even worst Zajec were in charge? The main one to think about though is how many points we would be on if Harry had been there from the start of the season. We would be in the top half that's “for sure.”

The idiotic fans of Portsmouth football club have made it impossible for Harry to stay next season. I am glad to say that most fans who read this site aren't that stupid as 62% of you think that he should stay beyond the end of the season.

I would just like to say thanks to the Mirror for there so called exclusive. Not only did they make it up but they have kicked it all off.

I would also like to say I am disappointed in other Portsmouth sites. There was one person against Harry in one of the websites forums and they posted an article saying fans are fed up with him. Exclusive: The majority of fans are fed up with the idiots that want Harry out.

He would have brought us straight back up.

I would love it if we stayed up now! I would post a story called I told you so.

Everyone who believes that Harry is the man to keep us up, simply register or log in, and write your name in the “What you think” section at the bottom of the page. Then at the end of the year I will put all the names on a story, with the introduction saying, “The following people got it right.”

I will be signing Milan's name for him unless he would like to register and do it himself?

Harry Redknapp's blue and white army!

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The Journalist

Writer:  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday February 15 2006

Time: 8:25PM

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You forgot to mention these same idiots got Perrin out as well. Was that a bad call as well?
Sheer Class
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15/02/2006 20:32:00

No that was a good call! You trying to say you think we should sack harry? Then get someone in for the last few games, while the new guy rotates the team untill he knows his best eleven?
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15/02/2006 20:34:00

les matthews for Harry
Report Abuse
15/02/2006 20:34:00

les matthews for Milan for Harry
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15/02/2006 20:34:00

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15/02/2006 20:34:00

You cant have it both ways, The same people who called for Perrins head are now calling for Redknapp's. The ironic thing is Redknapp has got more points with the supposedly inferior Perrin group of players than he has with his own. If a new man is going to be in charge next year he needs to be brought in now as we will not stay up this year
Sheer Class
Report Abuse
15/02/2006 20:38:00

True but when the players have gelled you will see a difference.
Report Abuse
15/02/2006 21:06:00

exactly time= change and change =better football =happyness so shut your mouths
Report Abuse
15/02/2006 21:10:00

= stayin up
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15/02/2006 21:10:00

A new manager now will unsettle the team yet again. Haven't we seen enough managers come and go. HR is the best manager for the job at attempting to keep us up. A new manager will want to work the team out over a couple of games, games we can't afford to lose. HR is certainly the best manager this club has even seen, He took us up & kept us up and he took the scum down for us and then return's home. I bet if we pull it off and stay up the idiot's will be singing his name then. Support the team, Support Harry.
Report Abuse
15/02/2006 21:50:00

If the club wants to bring someone in then boot out Kevin Bond the guy who wanted to return to his spritual home of Scumland. I reckon we should bring back Merson alongside Harry and teach him the ropes of Premiership Management . He got us in the Premiership so why not get him back with Harry and attempt to keep us where we belong. He always played for the badge of PFC (When Sober) and the foreign players would certainly learn from him what it means to play for this club.
Report Abuse
15/02/2006 21:59:00

nelson mate that was spot on! i agree
Report Abuse
15/02/2006 23:11:00

Thank you !!!
Report Abuse
15/02/2006 23:33:00

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16/02/2006 00:28:00

To all those with short term memory loss. Tripping over his own ego HR leaves Pompey in late 2004. He takes Smith, Bond and our most influential midfielder with him. The enigmatic and disastrous Balkan replaces him for a few months, until he is superseded by the sartorial Perrin. Despite these two we survive, in no small way thanks to the incompetence of the team HR went to coach, his tactical genius and eye for talent ensuring they are eventually relegated. Perrin sells our leading goalscorer and best defender, replacing them with a a collection of has-beens, misfits, cast-offs and loan rangers. With the notable exception of Lua Lua, O'Neill and Taylor we descend quickly into mediocrity. Perrin is subsequently sacked and with no one else remotely interested in Mandaric's poisoned chalice, HR returns to his spiritual home, Milan reunited with his soul mate. When our Russian benefactor arrived with the promise of cash to strengthen the team, HR had the chance to silence the doubters, to prove his ability to invest wisely in new talent. He has by any criteria, failed and failed spectacularly. We will be relegated, we will be lucky to get 30 points, never mind 40. When WBA, 'Boro, Villa and a few others reach 31 points, forget it. HR should never have returned, now he should do the honourable thing and fall on his sword. Taking with him his inflated ego, short term quick fix mentality and his, as yet brilliantly disguised, tactical genius. Vic Egerton. Sydney.
Vic Egerton
Report Abuse
16/02/2006 02:37:00

If, as you say, the majority of Pompey fans that know what there [sic] on about want Redknapp to stay until the end of the season then I am truely concerned about the football knowledge of Pompey fans. The majority of fans that I know (and that is a lot more than you might think) want Redknapp out NOW. With him in charge we are destined to go back from whence we came, so why keep him if that is what will happen anyway. He cannot motivate the players and has no player on the pitch that can do likewise. When he first joined us he was a necessary evil; someone who was able to exploit the collapse of the ITV Digital deal which saw many clubs strapped for cash to bring in players. It was clear that towards the end, after his spat with Mandaric, that he didn't have a clue. He has shown that he is incapable of keeping a team in the premiership by taking the scumpties down. If, as you say, that the majority of fans that know what there [sic] on about want Redknapp to stay then I'm sure we would be hearing the fans singing his praises at games. Have you heard any chants of Redknapp's name? Well? Have you? That speaks volumes about what the majority of fans think about Redknapp. Are you implying that all know nothing? Have a nice day. PTP
Report Abuse
16/02/2006 08:35:00

Sacking HR now would be SUICIDE! and anyone who disagrees, knows nothing about football or is a complete idiot.... The damage was done to our clubs squad, in the summer transfer window. We tried to do it on the cheap and it didn't pay off. Whether you want HR here or not; you have to get behind the team till may 7th and hope we get 3 wins more than west brum(which is poss) and 2 more than the others brums!! PLAY UP POMPEY!!!
Report Abuse
16/02/2006 10:17:00

I've resisted commenting on your articles so far. I've read a few of them recently as they pop up on Newsnow. What a load of tripe you peddle. You're clearly one of these fair weather, premiership fans. A Harry fan, and totally blinkered. You say "Can you imagine how many points we would be on if Perrin or even worst Zajec were in charge?" Perrin got more points per game than dear old Arry, and was given precious little money to spend. The only thing your hero is going to do this season, is relegate another club. Wake up man!!
Report Abuse
16/02/2006 11:22:00

bluedazza14 says that sacking Redknapp now would be SUICIDE. Well, better a quick and honourable death than the slow painful one he is making us suffer. As for your statement that anyone who disagrees with your sentiments knows nothing about football or is an idiot beggars belief. I have more knowledge about football in my little finger than you appear to have and I am certainly no idiot.
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16/02/2006 11:29:00

mattso i am a pompey fan i support who ever is in charge
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16/02/2006 12:12:00

pisstake_peg the reason no one sings his name is becuase no one has forgiven him yet. There is a difference between holding a grudge and wanting someone out
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16/02/2006 12:14:00

pisstake_peg and mattso you obv want harry out but it's easy to forget that managing is his job. How would you like it if everyone wanted you out of your job. If he keeps them up you will regret wanting him out. He has the experiance of winning the championship he should stay and take us back up.
Report Abuse
16/02/2006 12:16:00

Well said Horatio, when you become blinded, lose the odd limb or two the faith remains...but Victory counts no matter what blood has been spilt. "KISS ME HARRY"....AND NOT OVER THE SIDE !
Report Abuse
16/02/2006 13:25:00

You should be supporting the team regardless of who is in charge. To belittle and demean a whole swathe of Pompey fans as know-nothings or idiots because they don't agree with what you say is tantamount to fascism. State your opinion; you are entitled to that and I will support your right to state it, but please don't belittle those who don't agree with it.
Report Abuse
16/02/2006 13:39:00

If managing is Redknapp's job he's not making a very good fist of it. Some people are just so blind that they cannot see it. He is part of a cancer within the club; a cancer that needs to cut out NOW before it completely ruins us. I don't think he will be the one to take us up from the Cahmpionship. He got lucky the first time. The circumstances that allowed him to do that will not happen again. There will NOT be another Merson because players of that calibre will not want to come here regardless of much sweet-talking Redknapp does.
Report Abuse
16/02/2006 13:43:00

i'm more of a fan than you are ner ner ner ner ner. how adult!
Report Abuse
16/02/2006 13:45:00

Personally I never wanted Harry Back in the first place but i fail to see how changing the manager now will make any difference. Under Perrin we lost games narrowly and created lots of chances, and looked solid at the back the only problem was they never replaced the Yak with a goal scorer. Under Redknapp we are totally incapable of defending, he insists on playing Davis in the middle when a blind man could see that O'neil is a far better central midfielder and is being wasted out on the right. We'd have been better off to stick with Perrin than to Bring back Judas. Maybe a few will sing his name if he keeps us up but i doubt there will be many and i certainly won't be joining in.
Steve C
Report Abuse
16/02/2006 15:46:00

So if Harry gets sacked tomorrow who would you replace him with. Answer Nobody because no one would want to manage a club that gets's you the bullet within months. We said when Perrin arrived we needed stability his now gone and been replaced again by Harry and we still need stability a year on. The most import thing in this debate is Portsmouth Football Club. Not Harry, Not The fans and not Milan, but our club. So support what we have or eventually we're have nothing to support when no one wants to join.
Report Abuse
16/02/2006 20:50:00

nelson as always spot on! I don't no which is a worst job england , newcastle or pompey
Report Abuse
16/02/2006 20:56:00

Well said Horatio. Your protege may have been blinded and lost the odd limb or two, and later pickled in Cognac, but there is plenty of sense in your statement.
Report Abuse
16/02/2006 21:08:00

'Arry has tried to do to much too soon, he should have just concentrated on the defence, you had the players to score goals, but bringing in 9 players at once will never work when you need points now. Having said that though, I don't think getting rid of 'Arry now is the answer.
Report Abuse
17/02/2006 10:23:00

I wouldn't know who to replace him with. But there's always somebody who will do the job. Harry did great things getting us into the premiership but despite spending a fortune in January we still don't look like getting a win at home, forget all about away games. But i am a Pompey fan through and through and will support the team no matter who is in charge, even if it was Terry Fenwick (God Forbid)
Steve C
Report Abuse
17/02/2006 12:14:00

Les Matthews - i hope you right and Harry stays next season. Us saints fans would love to see him back here for the derby (if were both in the chumpionship of course). Plus we'd of course be happy to see you keep hold of twitchy so u didnt get one of the many far better managers out there.
Report Abuse
17/02/2006 18:16:00

The biggest thing i see from this thread is that those that are positive, want to get behind redknapp for the good of the Team, the Manager, the Board, the future. ALL the negative comments all relate to Harry the Judas.... For crying out loud, are you all dumb? stupid? or just imatture... Harry is back... GET OVER IT. Harry will keep us up, or bring us back up... GET USED TO IT. Harry Hates the Scum... SO DO WE????? What is your problem? I dont see any other QUALITY managers queueing up for the job, so what you gonna do if he walks out, as he gets no support from the miserbale ranks??? moan again that MILAN FAILS TO ATTRACT ANOTHER MANAGER???? You are unbelievalble. And some of you say rubbish like " I DONT KNOW ANYONE WHO LIKES HARRY", I WONT SING HIS NAME"... GROW UP!!!!!
Report Abuse
27/02/2006 13:00:00


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