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Pompey face United in the cup

The draw for the Quarter Finals of the FA cup has been made, and this has only gone and seen us drawn against United - even worse it is taking place at Old Trafford.

With Liverpool and Arsenal both going out in the last round the cup opened up even more for us, and of course everyone else, and we are now just a possible 90 minutes away from the first of what we would hope to be two trips to Wembley between now and May - trouble is we have to beat United to do this even once...

Few would 'expect' us to win but I guess the positive we must now take from this is if we really do want to win it we have to beat the best - I just wish we could have avoided United and definitely at Old Trafford!

Remember though, positive thinking fellas on our day - even though there have not been that many in the past few months in all honesty - we can beat anyone...

I just pray that 'if' we do go out we do not get another United v Chelsea final!


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Writer: pompeyrug Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday February 18 2008

Time: 1:39PM

Your Comments

We never have any luck in Cup draws only games so lets hope that is true again. It is a hard blow to draw United away AGAIN!! Three times in 6 seasons.
why couldn't it be united and chelsea.We always get the hard one while chelsea have a easy one.
stfc ballboy
Fck it. FCK IT. The worst fckin draw. I'm livid. What a let down.
we'll do 'em!
3rd time lucky...
look on the bright side guys, we are back to full strength and Ronny can't possibly score that same goal again.... can he?
we will pick up where we left of in the league game.
***** sake, that stupid man who drew the ball *****ed me off, laughed as he said 'portsmouth' the dick, why couldnt we of got anyone, ANYONE but united away!
totally agree with you chrisw
stfc ballboy
We'll get a draw, take 'em to penalties at our place; Ronaldo will put a kick over the bar and Jamo will save the decisive kick to send us through.
I hope Harry doesn't go for the draw at Old Trafford as it won't work. We need to go out there and give them a real game!
true, playing for a draw spells disaster - let's hope that HR gets 'em in the right frame of mind, I don't like it when he plays us down before we play the big boys...
It's the worst draw you could think about....
United play Lyon in the Champs league the Tuesday before they play us...
Lets hope Lyon knock em around then
Do you want me to call Perrin and to ask him? lol
Let's hope Cris come back for Lyon before the Champions League game and brock Rooney, Tevez, Nani, Anderson, Ronaldo and Giggs legs, then anything is possible........
What about Wes Brown?
If Wes Brown plays we might have a chance!
i pray that wes brown plays... im staying positive, go there with a defeatist attitude and we may as well not even bother turning up... agree fellas we have to go looking for the win, there are 'no precious points' up for grabs so in many ways we have nothing to lose, go for it - get at them and bloody well play with 2 up front and we can do them, 'if' utaka decides to play his pace will frighten the living day lights out of whoever - come on fellas we can do this, if we want it enough we can!
To win competitions, you have to have a bit of luck and beat the best. I don't fancy us at all anymore but I hope we give it more a try than the other week.
Might as well knock em out now play Barsley in the semi's and then Sheffield United in the final. Sounds better like that ;)
Still livid 90 minutes after the draw. If there are any positives from the draw from hell is: It will focus our minds on the league. Any hopes of Europe will lie in finishing as high as we can for a uefa cup spot. Once reality kicks in & beating MU at OT is an almost hopeless task. Absoutely gutted. I was dreaming of Wembley even for a semi. Fckin livid.
Never know matt, we have nothing to loose so lets give them a game and enjoy the next round!
im not pleased - in all honesty who can be - but as said if we feel we have no chance we have no chance... granted we need to be a hell of a lot better than we have the past couple of months but its a one off game so you never know... ive been convinced were winning the cup this season, im not changing my mind now...
Knowing pompey we will just have to do it the hard way!
UTD v CHAVSKI final then:-) Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
nope, pompey v chelski... altho even 'if' we can beat united i bet we get cheslski in the semi's...
i'd love a Chelsea-Pompey final!!
hope you guys go and kick some a** there!!
This is a really disappointing draw at this stage of the competition, but lets face it mu will be the favorites to win this one, and I do feel that pompey generally play better when they are not expected to win. PUP
pompey batswing
in fairness the gods had been kind to us against ipswich, plymouth and preston as we could have drawn far worse, and could and probably should have lost all 3, they have gained the revenge with this draw, however when your name is on the cup its on the cup no matter who you play ;-)

we have to hope that the players see the chance of being one win away from 1 wembley date as incentive enough to win... diarra is the 'not so' secret weapon tho isnt he...

Where are all you great supporters.? The fact is you would be much more positive if Pompey were playing well.
There's nothing wrong with being a bit disappointed in drawing United away but we will give anyone a game and if we can get past United then all the way we go!
oops! I guess that wasn't in your - names on the cup - script :-)
I'm going to have to place a bet on Utd winning then whatever the outcome I can't lose. It's making the most out of a bad situation. :(
you guys are giving up hope too early!!be positive!!
yep merlin not in my 'our name is on the cup script' at all but ive not given up... even if im the only one im staying positive i will do - we'll beat united and then go on and lift the cup, i'll be there with the vast majority of you from this site come may when it happens!
We can still beat United. They lost the other day at home to citeh so we can beat them! 2-1 to pompey, come on lads!
Can we get a recount on the draw? We've had so much luck I thought it was going to be our year - it seems our luck has run out! I don't beleeeeeve it!
Lets face it, we used all our luck up yesterday, now we have to do it the hard way, at least when we beat them it can't be said we had it easy. To be fair Utd won't be best pleased either, thats 11 all-Premiership ties on the trot for them
totally agree paultsmouth, quite frankly given our absolute dysmal performances recently it's about what we deserved, hopefully my gut feeling is right and our team needs big teams to make us play although recent past performances are not encouraging. There goea another 90 air fare
it'll be 90 quid well spent when the weekend of the 8th/9th of march is here russ...
When you think of all the possible combinations of teams and home/aways we get the very worstest we possibly could. They stuffed us 3 weeks ago. I suppose the theory is that they can't play as well again and we can play a billion times better so there is some hope - but not much. It's so unfair. aunts.
we need to go there and attack, we could do a city, but we are missing a certain zimbabwean ;) anywho, this year hasnt exactly gone to plan this season, else we wouldnt have only 4 prem teams left! as i said to my dad during the preston game, i can see us going to wembley as the favourites! if we get through, and have to play bristol rovers, can u imagine how little people would be there?
I knew it, I knew it I dreampt it., but why do al;l the bad dreams come true.
And in the event of a miracle we will no doubt face Chelsea in the Semi-Final.
I put a post on yesterday that said we were living on luck. Has our luck run out? This will tell.Play good football and we can win; its been done before by other clubs. Rely on luck again and we will most likely be thrashed. HR, it is up to you to get the team believing they can win and playing as if they believe it. Another way of looking at it is that if we had got an easy draw the semi would have probably been against Chelsea or Man U and we could have gone in over confident. This way if we get beat we have lost the chance of a semi at Wembley. If we win we have the right to be confident and have a 2 in 3 chance of drawing easier opposition in the semi and a berth to the final. We can't change the draw so lets get behind the team and get rid of the defeatist attitudes.
The one hope is that we have played so bad in the three cup games so far that we are due a real performance. Also, this will be the striongest side we have ever put out against the Reds. FEAR NOT!
Let's just hope we don't follow three matches we won when we played badly enough to have deserved to lose by losing one when we played well enough to have deserved to win. Unquestionably, the performances need to get much, much better or we can forget about Europe and Wembley.
Here we go again, I know a good little Travel Inn right by the city centre, went there last time we played manure in the fa cup.....vital pompey on tour?? Feeling better about this now, my one fear is with Defoe cup tied, where do the goals come from? cos we dont look like scoring with Kanu up on his own do we?
Don't worry Nugent will be fit and firing on all cylinders by then. Goals galore.
And I won't be here to see it! Anyone know what Aussie TV channel might show it?
Well sometimes you get what you deserve...... but we didn't deserve that draw .... Typical innit.... Oh well you never know.. you never really know.. It's a funny old game sometimes.... I'm (trying to) stay optimistic.. so... Que Sera sera.. Whatever will be will be.. we're going to wem-ber-ley... que sera sera ...
UKTONY. It will only be on cable on ESPN. I hope they show it as MAN U are playing. They didn't bother with PNE and PFC last weekend even though there were only 2 matches on the Sunday. If it does end up with neither Chelsea or Man U in the final, they probably wont show the final either. It is possible that Santana may have a delayed telcast as they have the rights to MUTV, Man U's tv network. If were you are staying doesn't have cable then ring around the local clubs and pubs, you will soon find one who will have it on.
Let's stop the defeatist attitude - why shouldn't we beat United? By the way, I wasn't suggesting we play for a draw. If get up and at 'em then who's to say we won't earn a draw or better? If we're going to win the Cup we don't want the snide t055ers on MOTD saying, "Ah, yes, but who did they beat on the way?". If we have to do it the hard way then so be it. Afterall, we've had more than our fair share of good fortune so far. If we're resigned to losing to United then what's the bleedin' point? Also, aren't we verging on the arrogance of United or Chelski if we even suggest that, say, WBA or Sheffield United would be easier? Those guys really would raise their games against us, just as we will against United because this really MATTERS!!!! PLAY UP POMPEY AND PLAY WITH PRIDE!
HR is at it again about strikers or lack of. I think we all agree we have four or five if you count Utaka. Defoe is out of the cup calculations but HR is now saying Nugent wont be fit by then either. Strange, he was almost included in the PNE game. He says Baros is starting to strike form but HR's maths are not good again because he say's he has only got Kanu to call on. Surely Baros and Kanu together make 2, or does he count each of them as a half. Most of us agree Utaka should be in the centre not on the wing but HR seems to have discounted him altogether. HR has me bewildered. If we are still so short why did Benji go?
The morning after the afternoon before & I'm still livid with the draw. What was wrong with us being home to Cardiff & not jammy Boro. The luck stopped at Preston.
Frattonaussie, Benjani went to in order finance HR's dream, trouble is he's now woken up and realised that Defoe as good as he may be has restricted our options considerably..
ChrisW,I disagree. I don't think HR had a lot to do with Benji going. Sure he wanted Defoe but he also wanted to keep Benji. Why did we need the money from Benji to get Defoe if the club is as financial as we are supposed to believe? A few million to buy Defoe is small change if it ensures Europe for next season. I am not a great HR fan but he doesn't control our financial fortune so this time I will defend him.
At least you don't keep drawing them in the third round. And we can't beat them at home or away.
Frattonaussie, HR, Jamie R, Storrie and Benjani all quoted the reason for Benjani's move as being the need to finance Defoe. Had Defoe not become available Benjani would still be here.. HR knew buying Defoe would mean Benjani going, he said so live on TV.
ChrisW, u missed my point. We are told we have a wealthy owner with almost unlimted funds so why did we not have the money to buy Defoe without selling Benji? Surely the few millions spent on Defoe whilst keeping Benji should not have broken the bank and wasn't it worth spending the money to increase our chances of Europe next season and reap the millions back from that. HR said yesterday that he was still short of strikers (I don't agree) so I can't see that Benji going was his prefered option. I have an opinion on why Benji had to go and why some other players will go in the summer and money and ability have nothing to do with it and HR won't be the force behind them going. Thats twice I have defended HR. I must change my brand of Bourbon or it could happen again.
Frattonaussie: Let's move the debate to the main forum, it's easier than using the front page comment section. I'll kick something off today, Rgds, Chris

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